Vegas Does Debbie Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction inspired by a woman with an open mind, among other things. She is sexy, fun, and likes to have sex. I agreed to write this fictional story for and about her (Deb) so enjoy.

Vegas, baby. My friend Laura and I had decided to spend a few days in Vegas. It was mid-May and the weather was warm, but the heat was not intense yet. We were going to drink, party, get some sun, and – oh, yeah – maybe find some guys.

We arrived in the Las Vegas airport just south of the city and made our way to the hotel by cab. It was not bad as hotels go. It was about two blocks off the strip and had all the amenities, except, well, it wasn’t on the strip and didn’t have a large casino. No matter, hopefully we wouldn’t be spending much time there.

We had decided to go cheap on the hotel so we could save our money for the expensive clubs. We knew that we could flash a little skin and get some guys to buy our drinks. We were both the curvy type with nice big tits. Flash a little cleavage and smile and the guys would give up the cash for the drinks. This was not a new thing for us.

I was the shorter one, only 5′ tall, and had D-cup tits. The rest of me was just as curvy and I thought I looked pretty damn good. Laura was 5’5″ tall and had double-D tits. She had had her tits pierced, too, and right now they sported hoops. We both loved our curves, especially our tits, and wore things to show them off when we wanted to party.

After we arrived at about 3pm, we relaxed a little in the room and took a cat nap. We woke about 8pm and got dressed for the first club. I put on my favorite short skirt with no hose and a nice button down blouse. My thong was very brief, but I put on a nice firm bra. With my tits, I felt like I had to support them and it always pushed them up just right. The blouse was a little tight across the chest and I left it unbuttoned low enough so that by turning I could give a good show from either side.

Laura looked similar, except that her skirt was a little longer. No matter, I noticed that she didn’t put on panties. Her blouse was a nice silky one and she made sure her bra was lacy and let her nipples and hoops show. She looked at herself in the mirror and I could tell that she liked what she saw. She slipped on her platforms and smiled. She was too hot for any normal guys. She turned to me.

“You ready, you horny slut.” She laughed.

I laughed, too. “Shut up. You are hornier than a 15 year old boy.” She really was.

Laura chuckled. “I don’t think that’s possible. Boys supposedly have a sexy thought go through their subconscious every 15 seconds.”

“Yeah, and you only think about it every 20 seconds, right? Whatever, let’s get going.” I grabbed my small bag and we left to make our way to one of the better clubs.

After a short cab ride we got to one of the better clubs and went inside. The sound level was almost deafening and the bass was shaking everything in the club. I could feel it vibrate my entire body.

Laura looked around and did an appraisal of the situation. She seemed to know immediately where the real talent was in the bar – meaning the bad boys, the guys with money, etc. She grabbed my hand and led us to the far end of the club, squeezing between all the other patrons. When we got to the far end, there was a large open-air patio where smoking was allowed and where you could get away from the noise a little. A second small bar was in the corner near the door.

Laura led us up to the bar and she found an opening for ordering a drink. She ordered our favorite drinks and turned to her left. There were a couple of guys standing there checking us out, or rather our tits. Men were so fucking obvious. They thought women didn’t know when they were trying sneak looks at our tits, but we knew. A good view of cleavage or a nipple slip and they were jelly in our hands. So fucking easy.

They were both tall, maybe around 6′, with brown hair, and not bad looking. The closest one leaned over and said something to Laura. She laughed and I leaned forward to try to hear what was going on, but Laura leaned close to him and said something back that I couldn’t hear over the music. This first guy grinned and then turned to the bartender. He leaned over and said something and Laura turned and winked at me. Evidently, he was buying the drinks; another easy mark.

The drinks came and Laura handed me my drink and then grabbed my hand again. She turned and the guys were leading us away from the bar towards the far end of the patio. It was a little quieter there. When we got there, the two guys managed to scrounge two stools from the high tables that were on the patio and put them near the railing. They waved their hands and Laura and I sat down. They stood on kind of in front of us so we could all talk.

“So where are you two from?” The one next to Debbie spoke loud enough for us all to be able to hear.

Laura grinned. “Does it matter? We’re here now.”

The two guys laughed and agreed. The one next to Laura casino şirketleri spoke next. “You two are the hottest in the club.” He meant the nicest two pair of tits and we knew it. I just smiled.

“Yeah, right.” Laura looked closely at him. “And stop staring at my tits.”

“Sorry.” He actually looked uncomfortable and a little sorry.

Laura laughed and let him off the hook, letting him know that we were well aware of what we were doing. “Don’t worry about it. We didn’t dress up like this to hide our assets.”

He grinned now. “Well, you two come equipped with great assets.”

The other three laughed and I just smiled. I wasn’t sure about these two, but we could always move on after a couple of drinks. Saps.

I couldn’t get a word in as the two guys, prompted by Laura, discussed the sale of their startup company, about which I understood nothing, but which netted them a very tidy sum. The name of the guy next to Laura was Bill and the one ogling my tits was Dave. I could see Laura turn from a tease into a seductress at the mention of them being well off. Holy shit! She was going to take the first two that came along. Well, at least they could treat us well while they were in Vegas.

I was thinking about this when Laura leaned over and said something to Dave. I realized they were talking about me and I looked up as Dave turned and stared directly at my tits. “What?”

Dave just grinned and shrugged. Laura turned to me and whispered in my ear. “I just told him you love to be tit fucked.”

“What?!?” I was shocked. We just met them about 25 minutes ago and Laura was already telling them what I liked for sex. Fucking skank!

I leaned over to Dave. “Wait until you see the hoops in her big fucking nipples.”

Dave grinned and stared at Laura’s tits then, trying to make out the outline of her nipples and piercings. She paid him no mind at all and was talking to Bill. Dave started to say something else, but Laura turned back to me.

“Hey, I’m horny, I want to get fucked, and these two have a nice hotel room with a hot tub. So we’re going to fuck them.”

I glanced up at them. “I don’t know, Laura, that’s a little quick.”

Laura grinned rudely at me and whispered again. “Shut up and follow me to their hotel, my little tit-fucking slut.”

I trembled. Laura had found out that I had a bit of a submissive/humiliation streak in me. I started to hesitate, but she had just kicked my libido into high gear so I nodded and got up to follow.

The four of us piled into a cab and the sexual tension grew since we all knew why we were going to the guy’s room. I watched as Laura teased and flirted with Bill until he had to be getting a boner. She was shamelessly flaunting her tits now, her blouse somehow having become unbuttoned down to right between her voluminous breasts. Bill was flirting back and touching her legs and getting close to coming right out and grabbing her closest tit.

Meanwhile, I just tried to small talk with Dave until I felt a little more comfortable with these two, but he just smiled and kept glancing down at my tits. Sure, I wanted to have some sex, but this was a little fast. What was Laura thinking?

When we got to their hotel, we took the elevator up to their room, laughing and flirting all the way. Dave actually seemed a little more reserved than Bill, so I flirted with him and while in the elevator snuggled up against him and rubbed my right tit on his arm. He just grinned.

The hotel room was a very nice one. I guess they had decided to splurge with some of their newfound wealth. That was fine with me and Laura. They spend a little money, they get a little pussy – or in Laura’s case, a big pussy. Ha! I should make that joke out loud to her face.

As soon as we got there Laura walked over toward a small raised area that had windows facing the strip. This is where the hot tub was. The windows were floor to ceiling and had large curtains on them, but the position of this room meant that it was a long way to somewhere where anyone could see into that area so all the curtains were open. She scanned the area through the windows and while she did Bill put on some music. Dave walked over to the bar.

“Anyone want anything to drink?” He pulled out a bottle of champagne and held it up.

“Definitely!” Laura answered.

“Sure.” I never turned down champagne.

Dave poured four glasses and Bill walked over to get two while Dave carried the other two. They each brought a glass to me and Laura and we took them.

“To new found friends.” Bill made the toast and we all held our glasses up.

Right after we all took a drink, Laura held up her glass. “To hot, fucking sex.”

I almost choked on that. She always spoke her mind, but sometimes she was too fucking direct and dirty. Bill and Dave just grinned and toasted with her. They were getting more than lucky. They had hit the fucking jackpot with me and Laura.

Laura then put her glass down and started swaying and dancing in front of casino firmalari Bill. Dave grabbed my hips and started doing the same, in time to the music. I just let him and I could feel the warmth of this hands. After about two minutes I looked down and his hard cock was obvious through the light dress pants he was wearing. I looked over at Laura and she had her blouse open and her bra pulled down below one tit. She was showing Bill her left tit and the piercing with the hoop.

“Feel it.” Laura loved having her pierced nipples played with. Bill didn’t seem to mind and immediately latched on. Dave could see me looking over there and his eyes followed mine to see what Laura was doing. He was mesmerized by her big tit and pierced nipple.

I put my hand on his face and pulled it back to face me. “Hey, I have tits, too.” I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it apart. Dave smiled and reached up to feel them. I let him. We were going to fuck eventually and I was getting hornier by the second.

Dave leaned in to kiss me and I let him. I could feel his hands go directly to my ass and he rubbed his hard cock up against me. He ran his hands up under my skirt and I could tell he loved the feel of my ass cheeks. He was a good kisser at least. I was getting very hot and my pussy was wet. It didn’t take me long to get started.

We were still kissing when I felt some other hands unhook my bra. I broke the kiss and looked to see Laura standing behind me. Fuck it! I went back to kissing Dave and let Laura strip me. While we were kissing, she took his hands away and stripped off my skirt and then eased my thong down. Dave stepped back to check me out. I posed for him, shaking my hips and letting my tits jiggle.

“Wow! You are fucking gorgeous.”

“Thanks.” I turned and smiled at Laura, but she wasn’t going to let me enjoy this for long.

I could see her nasty grin as Bill stood behind her, cupping her right tit in one hand with his other under her skirt, probably fingering her pussy. She put out her hand and I took it. She pushed away from Bill and led me to the bed. “Lie down on your back, my little cum slut.” I wasn’t sure where this was going, but she patted the bed and I lay down, my submissive streak not even letting me question what was going to happen. I looked over to see that Dave and Bill were both stripping. As soon as some of the ladies clothes hit the floor, you could count on the men stripping.

I saw Dave and Bill talk to each other as Laura ran her hands over my tits. They went to the bar and took something. Laura saw it, too.

“What’s that? Ecstasy or something?”

They grinned shyly. “No, Viagra. It’s been a while for us since we’ve been working so hard, so we wanted to be prepared to enjoy it for a while.”

Laura grinned. “Great idea. Now bring those hard cocks over here.”

They didn’t need prompting for that. As they walked over with their hard dicks swinging back and forth and pointing at us, Laura pulled me so that my feet were towards the headboard and my head was right at the bottom of the bed. She climbed up over me in the 69 position and flipped her skirt up. She hadn’t even taken it off. “Somebody put a cock in me.” And they did.

I couldn’t see much, so I didn’t know if it was Bill or Dave. Probably Bill. But as I watched up close, Laura positioned her pussy right over my face and the hard cock found its mark. It was a nice cock; probably about 6 to 6-1/2 inches and decent girth. She’d be satisfied with that. But she had me pinned down with my arms along my sides and all I could do was watch. She was not doing anything to my pussy and I was ready for some fucking, too. I watched up close as the owner embedded his cock in my friend’s pussy. He started slowly fucking her and she moaned. Shit! I wanted to get fucked, too.

Laura was rubbing her tits back and forth on me while she was being fucked and then I felt her slap my pussy. Fuck! It was a light slap, right over where my clit was and I fucking loved it. Please, please, please, somebody pay attention to my pussy. But it didn’t happen again. Instead, I had to watch as the hard cock slid into and out of Laura’s pussy. She did have a nice pussy and the cock was just the right size. Her inner lips clung to it as he moved in and out and I could see them clinging to his dick, like they didn’t want it to leave as he pulled back, and then sucking him in as he pushed in. Laura had left her pussy up in the air, just out of my reach without raising my head with effort, so I did that, licking her and him both. I licked from her bald mound, up past her clit, over the guys dick, and all the way to his balls when he buried it in her. That earned me another light slap, so I did it again. Laura started patting/slapping my pussy each time I licked her and him. I reached up and pulled on her hips, pulling her down closer so I didn’t have to hold my head up so high and she spread her legs and settled on my face. God, the smell was wonderful; wet pussy and hard cock. Yum. I started licking güvenilir casino her in earnest now and she was patting my pussy, but it wasn’t enough. I needed more. I started squirming.

I could barely make out what she was saying to the guy, but I could see him speed up and suddenly he was pounding her, his balls bouncing off my forehead, so I stopped licking and watched as he fucked her inches from my face. I thought I was going to see him fill her up, but he suddenly pulled out and jacked it off at her pussy. Fuck! He was going to cum on her pussy right over my face. I closed my eyes to small slits and tried to watch without getting an eyeful of cum. He spurted and spurted up against her pussy. She had leaned forward a little, so I didn’t get any splashes in my eyes, but it did drip down over my face. When he was finally done, he told Laura and she said something so he backed away. I was waiting for her to get off me, but that’s not what she did. She sat up and settled herself on my face!

Oh, shit, here it comes. Laura sat on my face and didn’t let me do anything. She just sat there, smashing her cum-covered pussy and ass on my face and rubbed it all over my face. Now I was fucking hornier than hell and was going to be covered in spunk. She suddenly got off me and I could breathe normally again.

I started to reach up and wipe some of the thicker stuff off my face, but Laura slapped my hand away. “Leave it. You’re a cum slut anyway.” I put my hand back down. Then I started to reach for my pussy, which was hot, wet, and lonely. She slapped my hand again. “Not yet.” Shit, I needed to cum.

Laura turned to the guys, one of whom was still hard as a rock and the other who was just slightly wilted. Slightly wilted was Bill. Okay, so that’s who fucked Laura and whose cum I had all over my face. I started to sit up, but Laura put a hand on my shoulder. “You look so hot with my pussy juice and Bill’s cum all over your face. Don’t you think so guys?” Of course, they both answered in the affirmative. Laura looked at me closely “Stay there, bitch. Dave needs a good titty fuck and he’s never had one.” I started to say something, but Dave was already moving up over me and laid his dick between my tits.

This was moving fast and I needed to cum, too, but that was going to have to wait. Dave was already leaking pre-cum and I could tell it wouldn’t take long.

Laura broke me out of my thinking. “Well, cum face, push your tits together and let him fuck them.” She then spoke to Dave. “When you are ready to cum, feed her your cock and let her swallow it. She loves to swallow cum.”

Well, okay, so I don’t mind a titty fucking; and I like sucking cock; and I didn’t mind swallowing cum, but it was a bit much to say I loved it. Well, maybe not that much of a stretch.

I pushed my tits up and Dave stared down at his dick moving back and forth between my tits. He was close to cumming already. Shit, everybody was getting off but me.

“Lightly pinch and pull on her nipples.” Laura told Dave one of the things I really like, so he did it. Now I was really squirming, hoping for someone to put something in my pussy. “Didn’t I tell you she was a good titty fuck? It’s too bad they’re not as big as mine. Now get that cum ready and fill up my girlfriend’s pretty little mouth. She’s a good cock-sucker. I’m better, but this little whore will get you off.” I saw her reach behind him and I think she was running her finger over his asshole. “Fill her up, Dave. Fuck those tits and then her slutty little mouth and get your nut, baby. C’mon, Dave. Fill her with spunk.” He started speeding up and then groaned. He leaned forward, but I had to tilt my head up to get the head of his cock in my mouth. He thrust and spurted, the first one hitting the back of my throat, then again, and again. Finally, after about five spurts he pulled out of my mouth and jacked off a few small streams onto my tits. I swallowed his cum. Not bad.

“Fuck, she’s awesome.” He was speaking to Laura. Hey, what about me? I’m right here.

Dave crawled off and I put my hands down to my pussy. Laura grabbed them. “Not yet, my little fuck slut. You can get yours in a second. Now sit up against the headboard.” I scrambled up against the headboard. “Spread those fucking legs and show us your cunt.” I spread my legs and put my right hand down there to spread my lips open. Laura grinned and crawled between my legs. “Is that Viagra working, Bill? You ready to fuck me again?”


“Well, if you’re not ready yet, come stick your dick into cumslut’s face and let her suck you hard.”

Bill stood on the bed and walked up, pointing his pretty hard dick at my face. I don’t think he really needed to be sucked to be any harder, but I could tell he wanted to try my mouth. As soon as he got close, I shoved my face down on his cock and started licking and sucking. He was hard in like 10 seconds.

Bill backed away and went behind Laura. She wiggled her ass. “Fuck me, Bill, Fuck my pussy and make me cum this time.” She looked up towards me and made sure her face was right over my pussy. It was screaming for attention. “You’d better hope he gets me off, because if I cum, you cum. Got it? Ugh!” The last part obviously coincided with Bill shoving his cock into her pussy.

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