Victor takes me to a sex shop

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Victor takes me to a sex shopOne Friday night I was starting to feel bored at home; then I decided to ask Victor if he wanted to go with me to a sex shop…My dear hubby was delighted and he asked me to dress sexy.I decided to not wear any bra or panties. I just slipped on a cotton shirt and a sexy black mini skirt I often use when I am horny.My hard nipples were just visible through the material and the skirt could barely cover my ass cheeks. I looked like a real slut.Victor could not resist coming up and hugging me from behind. He slipped his hand under the mini skirt and I felt two of his naughty fingers entering my wet pussy lips…Then he drove me to the sex shop.As we walked in, the guy behind the counter asked if we were going to the theatre; because I was dressed to be fucked. Victor asked if there were many men inside. The guy answered at least was a dozen of single men there inside.Then I would be the only slut for all of them…As we walked to our seats in the front row, I noticed most of the men were watching me. We sat down and almost immediately two guys came and sat either side of us. Victor gave his seat to one of them and he sat down on the second row.That guy put his hand on my thigh and ran it up my leg to my bald pussy. When he felt no bursa escort panties, he slowly slid his fingers between my wet pussy lips; as I opened my legs wider. The second guy on my left took it as a signal and he started to fondle and squeeze my tits, pinching my nipples with his fingers.A third man stood in front of me and just ripped my shirt off and then roughly dragged my mini skirt off my hips and down my legs, leaving me sitting there completely naked but for my high heels. By now all the men had gathered around me and had their cocks out, wanking as the two first guys were feeling my tits and my cunt.The third man put his hand on the back of my neck, pulling me forward, until his hard thick cock was touching my slutty red lips. I opened my mouth and he just roughly shoved his cock forward, filling my mouth with that warm and hard piece of meat.Other guys were now standing behind my seat and I could feel their hands snaking around me; mauling my tits. My cunt was being explored by several fingers.Then a huge black man came and pushed them all aside. He grabbed my arms and pulled me to my feet. He turned me around and made me bend over the seat back.He stepped up behind me and roughly started to poke his huge dick into my now wet cunt. As he felt bursa escort bayan the head hit the tight entrance, he just rammed it hard into my cunt, making me scream in pain.He started to fuck my willing wet cunt hard and with each stroke, his cock went deeper and deeper, now causing me pleasure.Slowly he insisted, until his hard black dick filled my womb. He started to cum; pumping a huge amount of warm seed into me.It pushed me over the top with a huge orgasm and I squirted all over his cock. As I came down, the black dick was replaced with a long and thick Latino cock that just slid easily into my filled cunt. I looked over at my hubby and saw him watching at me as he jerked his own hard dick.I pushed back and forth on the Latino cock and he started to ram his hardness into me. Just a couple of minutes later, he filled my cunt again with a huge wad of his cum. As he pulled out, I turned around and sat own on my seat, to lick and suck his sticky hard dick.The guy at the counter appeared there and pulled a small sofa from the wall side. He made me lay on it and spread my legs for him…As I lay on my back, some of the men pushed Victor down between my legs and ordered him to clean his slut wife’s mess…My loving husband started to lick my wet filled escort bursa cunt and my clit. I was starting to feel another orgasm build in my belly as Victor lapped eagerly at my well fucked pussy. Another guy came up and put his cock between my red lips. I started to suck on that nice hard shaft, as he filled my mouth with his meaty cock.Another guy pushed Victor away from my spread thighs and he just roughly shoved his rock hard cock into my gaping cunt. In one thrust that bastard went deep into my womb.He pumped me furiously and very quickly another load of warm semen was blasted straight into my womb. I was in ecstasy.Finally, one of the guys announced Victor that he was going to fuck me in the ass. My hubby nodded a yes and that guy flipped me on the sofa. Soon I felt his hard cock invading my tight rosebud. After he came in my anus, several men tried my asshole too…It went on like this for over two hours; with cock after cock using my slutty holes. I was determined to let them fuck me in any manner they wanted.As the night wore on, I was just used as a sex doll to be fucked.The men finally started to get done and they left the place.Victor helped me to dress again and we came back home. My cunt and ass were very sore. My hubby told me I had received at least two dozen of dicks inside both orifices.I had been well fucked by a horny bunch of hungry men. But it seemed to me that I needed more and more…I told Victor that next time I would go alone to that sex shop…

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