Virginal Thesis


The steam was covering the second story window. The smell of his body wash was lingering in the room. Was this real she thought? Had she really spent the night with Chad Davidson, the hottie from the university lacrosse team? Me? Beth? Quiet, un-noticed, too caught up in her books… Beth?

The library had just closed for the night and it was still early. Beth was still trying to gather the information for her senior thesis, but the haggard, old librarian wanted to close early since only Beth and one other person were in the building. Although she didn’t want to, Beth obliged as she always does, gathered her things, and headed toward the door.

Chad Davidson, top player on the lacrosse team for the university, was also looking for info for his senior thesis. Chad just had no idea what he was going to base it on. When the librarian asked him to leave so she could close early, he had no problem agreeing. It didn’t take him long to grab his jacket and head to the door.

Beth was standing in front of the library doors contemplating what to do with the rest of her evening when Chad came out the door. She glanced up, smiled, and turned her head, gazing across the way still thinking of what to do next. Chad knew of Beth, he had seen her around campus. She was the quiet bookworm-type, most likely at the top of her class, and had the sweetest ass he had ever seen!

“Beth, right?” he asked walking up beside Beth. “I’m Chad Davidson.”

Beth was a little caught off guard by the Chad Davidson saying hello to her. “Hi, yes, Beth,” was all she could manage to say.

“Wanna go grab a bite at The Shamrock. I was suppose to be researching for my thesis, but guess not anymore!” he chuckled looking at Beth and noticing that not only did she have a nice ass but had a good rack on her too; had to be 36DD on her small frame.

“Uh, me? You are asking me.” Beth was really nervous now. Chad Davidson was standing next to her, looking at her smiling for some reason, and just asked her to dinner! “Yeah, sure!” she quickly replied, smiling, before he had a chance to rethink.

The two of them walked two blocks to the small restaurant/pub. They carried on some small talk about themselves and their studies and possible plans after college. Beth’s mind was racing the entire time, still trying to get a handle on the fact that she was walking down the sidewalk escort kocaeli with the hottest guy on campus. She could smell him with every small breeze and it gave her butterflies. Chad ‘s mind was full of thoughts as well. He was wondering to himself why he had never really talked to this girl! How could he have missed this petite, red-headed, green-eyed, beauty? Once inside, they found a corner table and ordered a few appetizers instead of dinner, and two drink specials. Before either of them realized, three hours had passed, they had downed quite a few drinks, and they were sitting in the corner booth practically tearing each others clothes off with their eyes.

They walked the short distance to Chad’s upscale condo. Beth had no idea what she was doing, but she knew she didn’t want to turn back now! Chad led Beth up the stairs into his apartment. Once inside, he took Beth’s hands and led her directly into his bedroom. Without turning on any lights, he stood her at the foot of his bed and slowly began undressing her. Removing her shirt, button-by-button, kissing her neck ask he went down with his hands. He wrapped his arms around her back and undid her bra; letting it fall to the floor exposing her round, supple breasts as Beth let out a short gasp. Their eyes met, the passion was igniting, and the force of his tongue entering her mouth was proof enough that he wanted her and she wanted him. He left her mouth, lingering down her neck with his tongue and then down her breasts giving each nipple a lick and tug with his teeth before moving even lower with his mouth down her belly until he could go no further without removing her shorts. He began working his way back up her belly and breasts while his hands worked at the button and zipper, eventually releasing her shorts to the floor. Once his mouth again met hers, he lowered her to his bed with ease, straddling over her body, and began running his tongue along her breast, down her side, across her stomach, and then removing her panties, he found himself in front of her smoothly shaven, sweet smelling pussy.

Beth could feel the warmth of his breath between her legs. Her stomach was full of butterflies. She never had this overwhelming feeling before. She felt hot all over and she wanted this man! Just then, she felt his mouth encompass her bud between her legs and she shuddered. Chad began suckling and lapping kocaeli anal yapan escort at her clit. She felt her nipples immediately get erect and her body start relaxing and tensing up at the same time. She could hear the small moans from Chad, she could hear the sounds of his mouth and the wetness and she could smell the sweet smell of sex in the air. Her breathing was becoming more intense and she suddenly felt anxious and was unsure why. Chad knew the signs, Beth was about to orgasm already and all he had done was lick her pussy. She was quiet, but she was wet, so she must be enjoying it. Her nipples were getting harder, she was getting wetter, so he sucked onto her clit a little harder and pushed two fingers inside her wet slit, amazed at its tightness. Beth was startled, his fingers had entered her without warning, but she did not have time to think about it, because at that very same moment, that anxious feeling overcame her again, and this time it did not subside. It instead erupted with his mouth tightly wrapped around her clit and his fingers inside of her, sweet juices started flowing from between her legs like they had never flowed before.

Rising from his position between Beth’s legs, Chad arose, undid his clothing, and slowly positioned himself above Beth on the bed. She was so quiet, and so beautiful. Her juices tasted like honey, sweet and raw. The taste was lingering on his lips. Beth was now nervous; the man, of whom she really did not know, had just made her body flow with such emotions. She was scared, looking at him above her in his nakedness. She could see the outlines of his muscles in his arms as he lingered above her. She could feel the heat emanating from his body. He was getting closer, diminishing the gap between their bodies. She could feel his member start to press against the already swollen skin of her pussy. Slowly, she released the tension in her legs; letting him get in closer… closer, she felt the beginning of his head start to enter her.

His eyes were locked on hers, but neither were making a sound. Slowly, Chad began to enter her warmth. Her pussy was so tight; he couldn’t remember ever feeling one as soft and tight as Beth’s was that night. Chad’s cock was hot; Beth could feel the heat as he entered her. She was not sure how far in he was, but it was tight, and she knew izmit yabancı escort that with every soft thrust he was getting deeper. “Ohh!” she exclaimed with his next movement, he had entered her to that point of no return. It was deep; it was tight, searing and hot. Her eyes closed tightly and her fingers clenched the cotton sheets beneath her. Chad began to move faster and get deeper. Her pussy had tightened and he wanted to loosen it up and make it wet. Beth knew she needed to relax; she opened her eyes to watch Chad’s body and began to meet his movements with her own. Her insides were a mixture of pleasure and pain, but getting wetter as he moved in deeper into her. He rose a little higher on her, giving his cock more room to enter inside. Beginning to move faster, she could hear and smell the juices flowing from inside her. Chad’s skin was glistening from sweat. He was breathing harder, moaning slightly as he rode her rhythmically and as her body answered every motion.

Chad looked Beth in the eyes and started to move more steadily, thrusting deeply, filling her entirely, lingering at the top just long enough to feel her muscles clench around his shaft. He was starting to get more engorged and more excited with every movement and he could tell that Beth was as well. Her body was clenching his rod tighter and tighter now as he went in deeply touching the walls of her insides. Her pink nipples were again becoming erect and her fingers were searching for the sheets upon his bed. He was almost there…so was she…her back began to arch…her eyes no longer were locked on his; instead they were beginning to roll. As she began to clutch at the sheets, he thrust inside her harder, and deeper…her body began to release its sweet nectar down his member, filling her with warmth and clenching down on him. Chad could withhold no longer. “Oh God” he gasped as he thrust his cock in one last time inside her clenching walls and exploded his warm jizz inside of her, mixing with her sweetness.

As the moment subsided, Chad met Beth’s lips with a moist, soft, lingering kiss before removing himself from atop her and taking his place beside her on the bed. Without a word and within moments, they had both drifted off to sleep.

Before Chad immersed from his hot shower, Beth took one final glance around the room one final smell of his body wash. She smiled to herself remembering the smell of him from the night before, the taste of him, his touch. Beth looked around, had she forgotten anything? Me, simple Beth; I lost my virginity to Chad Davidson! That was the only thought going through her mind as she snuck out the door into the warm morning sun…

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