Virtually Yours Ch. 02

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It was nearing the end of the afternoon, and the cliff top path was deserted except for the woman who sat on the grass overlooking the beach at Hope Gap. The day-trippers and walkers had long since returned to their hotels and hostels, and she waited patiently in solitude, occasionally glancing hopefully up the grassy bank in the direction of the car-park. She was wearing one of those light flowing skirts that women seem to favour in the summer months, a thin strapped sun-top, and wooden wedged sandals. She sat with her legs stretched out before her with the hem of her skirt pulled up over her thighs and she enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her skin. The straps of her top had slid from her shoulders and the roundness of her breasts was clearly visible through the soft material; her full, plump nipples allowing their imprint to be seen by anyone who cared to look.

As she waited her mind wandered back to that last unforgettable meeting with him. Her idea had been born by a ‘conversation’ she’d had with him. His fantasy – to meet in a hotel bedroom at a pre-arranged time, and for her to be waiting in a bath of warm soapy water. It had worked perfectly. The hotel, the steam from the bath, that moment when she had first seen him enter the room, and then later when he had lain her on the bed, tasted her for the first time and licked her smooth pussy until she came. A smile curled on her lips at the memories, as she remembered their love making that afternoon. After she had whispered the words “fuck me”, as they lay together, he had become aroused again, and they had spent the rest of that afternoon in the heights of pleasure that she had forgotten existed. He brought her to orgasm again and again; her legs splayed wide, his shaft pumping into her, his heavy, full balls banging against her with each powerful thrust, until finally he had ejaculated inside her, their desire for each other finally spent.

The sound of a car engine pulled her thoughts back to reality; she heard the car approach before she saw it, the crunching of tyres on gravel as he pulled into the isolated car park at the top of the cliff. She saw him walking towards her in the distance, a tall figure dressed casually in jeans and shirt and lifted her hand to wave, now suddenly aware of the hardness in her nipples, which poked through the fabric of her top, and the moisture forming in her tingling pussy. She pulled her knees up towards her body, and arranged the hem of her skirt respectfully over her legs as she felt that same need for him that she had experienced before in the hotel bedroom.

He could see her now. At first she was hidden from the view of the car park, and for one moment he thought güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that she wasn’t there. But now in the distance he could see a figure sat on the long grass to the right of the foot- path. She waved to him, and he waved back. He noticed how her skirt was pulled up over her legs as she sunbathed, and how her hair moved gently with the summer breeze. He scanned further along the cliff top, and could not see any sign of other people. This pleased him and the thought also excited him, as he knew that without interruption from walkers, and knowing how hot for him she would be, anything was possible – his mind now going into overdrive. He felt that familiar stirring in his boxers, and was happy that she had this effect on him. He knew she would be aroused too.

He sat beside her on the grass at the top of the cliffs at Hope Gap, and they relaxed in the warmth of the summer sun, the sea breezes coming in with the evening tide, listening to the melancholy cries of the herring gulls. On the horizon they could see a variety of sailing craft bobbing up and down in the sea, some heading towards the shore, perhaps to moor for the night.

The breeze caught her skirt and whipped it back across her thighs providing a glimpse of flesh. She knew that he had seen, and could tell by the look in his eye, that he had hoped to see more. Perhaps he too, was visualising their last encounter. The intimacy he had felt as he had bathed her and the arousal as he had gently shaved her pubic hair, and then washed her with the lather in the bath.

The surrounding area was perfectly quiet and peaceful. She took his hand, and placed it inside her skirt on her mound, parting her legs slightly. He could feel through the material of her underwear, that once again she was shaved. The fabric slid easily across her smooth skin. His fingers began to rub her gently through the thin material of her knickers, dampening the cotton. He played with her clit, rubbing it between finger and thumb, in between long strokes the length of her slit. She felt him push the material to one side, and his soft touch slid easily into her wet pussy. She leaned her head against his shoulder, and a moan escaped from her lips. She saw that he was looking down, watching his fingers slide in and out of her, and this aroused her more. His other hand was resting on her leg, and he gently pulled her knee towards him, her pussy, opening wider at his invitation. She could feel the warm breeze circling under her skirt, and was aware of how exposed she was as the material of her skirt slid back to her hips, as his fingers probed her.

He slipped his thumb deep into her warm, wet güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hole, and she breathed in deeply, enjoying the sensations that he was making course through her body. His fingers were concentrating on her clit, rubbing firmly in a circular motion exciting her more. She opened her legs wider to him, her breaths now deep and meaningful, by now beyond the point of caring if anyone should see. In fact maybe she was hoping that someone could see them. She wanted someone to witness the effect his touch had on her. She wanted someone to see how aroused he made her.

He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her underwear, and gently eased them down over her knees, tossing them onto the grass beside her. She lay back into the grass, as he continued to stroke up and down her sweet cunt. Her hands moved to her sun-top and she lifted it up over her breasts, her hands now drawn to her hard nipples. She rubbed the palm of her hands over them as he watched her. The tips of his fingers were now dipping into her hole, spreading her juice along the length of her pussy and coating her smooth lips, finally circling her sensitive clit. With each stroke his fingers pushed deeper inside her, her breathing becoming a deep moan with each penetration. Her fingers were now kneading roughly at her breasts, as she pulled and tugged on her nipples.

As she lay in the grass, her moans became deeper, as he anticipated the orgasm that was building inside her. His touch becoming faster and harder. His fingers now soaked from her wet cunt, rubbing against her clit, and pushing deep inside her, stroking the walls, feeling for her g-spot. The sensation was too much and her orgasm hit her like the waves that were now crashing down on the beach below. A deep guttural moan escaped from her lips and was caught by the breeze and carried away. She pushed her body hard against his hand prolonging the ecstasy for as long as possible as she came against him. He reached across and squeezed and stroked her nipple as her orgasm subsided.

She sat up and moved her hand across to his trousers, and was not surprised to feel the familiar bulge – the bulge that she had grown to need so much. She had realised long ago during their online love-making, how excited and aroused it made her to know that she had the ability to make him hard – to make him want her. Her fingers unzipped his trousers, and she pulled his boxers over his rigid cock. He tensed momentarily as he felt the salty summer breeze brushing over his hardness, a drop of moisture already forming at his slit. The attention she was now paying to him made him rock hard and more precum oozed before her eyes. güvenilir bahis şirketleri She pulled his foreskin back, revealing the soft red glans, now coated and shiny with clear precum. She rubbed her thumb across the liquid and then slipped her thumb into her mouth, savouring the taste of him as he watched her, the image of her wet pussy, and the power of her climax still fresh in his mind. She circled his shaft with her hand and began pumping him – slow, deliberate movements, her hand sliding from the base of his shaft to the tip of his glans coating him with the lubrication of his juices. His head tilted back as he succumbed to her touch.

If someone had appeared along the cliff top path at that moment, neither would have been able to desist what was happening, both so involved in the moment. Her giving pleasure, him gratefully receiving.

She leaned her head towards his mouth and felt his tongue move deep inside her, his tongue finding hers. They kissed with hungry abandon, sharing their desire through their mouths. Her hand milked his cock, and then sank lower to massage his balls, stroking around his heaviness, cupping them, squeezing gently, playing with him. He could feel the long grass brushing against him, and the breeze that came up from the sea. The lust they felt for each other eating them up. Her kiss hard against his.

She moved her hand back to his rigid shaft and increased her grip and the speed of her rhythm. Long deliberate strokes, from the base of his cock to his glans, each one milking more precum from him, each one bringing him closer, and closer. She felt his cock tense beneath her grasp, heard him breathe in deeply, his face contorted in pleasure and then watched as he came. His delicious white cum spurting forwards, a torrent of thick liquid which gushed as it landed on the grass in front of him. His head tilted back, he uttered a deep moan as the spasm overtook him. She watched the intensity on his face and imagined his orgasm flooding his body as it rushed through his cock. Her hand continuing to pump him slowly, allowing him to enjoy every last drop of his climax.

She pulled away from his lips, and they smiled, their faces nuzzled together both enjoying the intimacy of the moment. Her skirt was still up around her hips, her knickers on the grass beside her, her legs still open. His cock still exposed through the opening of his trousers and his boxers pulled down below his balls. Suddenly, aware of their surroundings they hurriedly composed their clothing. As their passion faded they were now painfully aware that someone could come by. Of course no-one did but the thought had certainly increased their excitement. But then, in the distance, across the beach below them something caught his eye. Just off the edge of the shore, beyond the waves, a small boat bobbed up and down and wasn’t that the glint of sunlight as it flashed against a lens? Binoculars maybe and she was sure that it was clearly pointing in their direction.

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