Visit to Mexico pt viii


Visit to Mexico pt viiiTerry did not sleep very much that night and neither did Rosa for thatmatter. Every so often Terry would be stirred awake by the deliciousfeeling of Rosa’s lips and tongue on her mouth and throat. Rosa wasinsatiable in her desire and it seemed that she could not get enough ofkissing and fondling Terry’s body. Terry did not complain either andallowed Rosa to have her way with her all throughout the night. Terrycould not believe how pleasurable it was to cuddle with Rosa and feel theirbare skin touching and rubbing against one another as they writhed aboutbetween the satin sheets. Terry lost count as to how many times Rosa wokeher with her incessant kisses, but the last time she had been awaken was byfar the most exhilarating.Rosa was infatuated with Terry and did not want her need for sleep to deterher from one moment of enjoying her newfound lover’s body. She couldhardly believe how easily and quickly things had progressed earlier thatevening between her and Terry, but once they had crossed over that blurredline Rosa didn’t want the night to end. After waking Terry several timesthroughout the night to just cuddle and kiss, Rosa had finally rekindledher passion and needed to satiate her building desires completely. Shebegan by kissing Terry softly until the older woman stirred tosemi-consciousness. Once she had Terry responding to her touch Rosa rolledon top of her and planted her hot lips fully onto Terry’s mouth andinitiated a much more aggressive kiss. Rosa was mashing their lipstogether and once she heard Terry whimper with her approval she thrust herlong tongue deeply into Terry’s open mouth. She could sense that Terry wasslowly regaining consciousness as the kiss heated up considerably and hertongue began to fight back with the invading appendage. Rosa loved thetaste of Terry’s lips and mouth and could not seem to get enough of it toquench her desire. She loved the feeling of their bodies as they squirmedtogether under the satin sheets as the kiss continued for several minutes.Rosa suddenly rolled their bodies over until Terry was now laying on top ofher and Rosa disengaged their lips so she could slowly begin to move lowerand taste more of Terry’s delectable skin. She dragged her lips and tongueall over Terry’s sensitive throat and neck relishing in the audible moansthey were producing from Terry. Rosa pushed up on Terry’s shoulders as sheslid down further and managed to get her to rise up onto her hands andknees to allow her easier access to her chest. Rosa maneuvered herself soher face was directly underneath Terry’s swaying tits and immediatelyreached up and began to gently squeeze the beautiful mounds. She could seehow long and hard Terry’s nipples were and knew that she was enjoying theattention. Rosa slowly began to kiss and lick every millimeter of Terry’sflushed chest while she pulled and teased her pointed nipples. She bathedthe older woman’s excited tits with her tongue until they glistened withher saliva and Terry’s audible moans of appreciation became increasinglylouder. Rosa’s soft lips and wet tongue feasted on the soft tit flesh, butcarefully avoided the straining nipples that her fingers were pulling andpinching to new levels of hardness.Terry could barely hold herself up as the incredible sensations of Rosa’stalented mouth traversed her heated breasts. They licked and sucked onevery pore and goose bump like she was a piece of sweet candy. Her skinwas alive and burning with desire as Rosa’s tongue swirled around eachglobe and then buried itself in the deep valley between them lapping at herflesh incessantly. The sensations that Rosa’s experienced fingers wereproducing in her throbbing nipples was overwhelming as the abused nubs sentcontinuous bolts of energy directly to her dripping vagina. It seemed thatwith every tug and twist her vagina twitched and spasmed becoming wetterand wetter as Rosa continued to milk her swollen breasts. Terry’s mind wasturning to mush as she was bombarded with the exquisite sensations untilshe was involuntarily humping her hips and her breathing became heavy andragged.Rosa was lost in her desire to taste and suckle from Terry’s hot tits asshe buried her face in the incredible flesh. Finally she could hold backno longer and she pulled her face out of Terry’s cleavage and firmlyattached her lips to one of the straining nipples pulling it into her warmmouth. She lapped at the hard point with the flat part of her tongue likean ice cream cone on a hot summer day. She could feel the hard nub bend asher tongue dragged across it again and again. Every bump, every pour,every taste bud on her long tongue was alive as they were rubbed acrossTerry’s stiff nipples over and over and over again. Rosa they covered theentire areola with her soft lips and sucked on the tender flesh like astarved new born. The powerful vacuum in her mouth pulled the pointed nubfurther and further into her mouth as her tongue continued to lap and playwith it. Her efforts were rewarded with a loud and prolonged moan thatemanated from deep within Terry’s throat. Rosa continued her voracioussucking for several more minutes as if she expected to draw milk from thedelicious breast. The harder she sucked the louder Terry moaned.Terry’s mind was completely wiped out at this point. As soon as she feltRosa’s mouth enclose her hot nipple, and begin to suck on the hard point,everything else was forgotten. Her nipple was exploding with her desire asshock wave after shock wave flowed through her breast and ultimately foundits way to her sopping vagina. She never realized how sensitive hernipples were and just how pleasurable it could be to have them treated solovingly. Somewhere in the back of her tortured mind she realized justwhat joy Carmen must experience every time she nursed from her hugebreasts. Terry no longer cared about her guilty feelings, but just livedto savor every second that Rosa feasted on her excited breasts. She wasn’teven concerned with the loud moans that she vaguely recognized were comingfrom her own mouth.Rosa finally managed to pull herself off of Terry’s right nipple, but onlylong enough so that she could latch onto her left nub and begin thetorturous treatment all over again. She sucked and licked and nibbled onthe new nipple like a woman possessed. Her fingers grasped Terry’s rightnipple and pulled incessantly on the swollen tip milking it expertly as shedevoured the other. Rosa’s other hand was firmly gripping the large titshe was nursing from and squeezing it as though she were trying to forcethe flesh further into her hungry mouth. It had been a several monthssince she had experienced such wonderful pleasures and she was trying tomake up for every lost second.Then suddenly both women could hear the tell tale clicking of Carmen’s highheels as they came down the hallway and stopped in front of Terry’s bedroomdoor. Both women froze instantly when they heard the tapping on Terry’sdoor in the next room. Terry lifted herself up quickly pulling her nippleout of Rosa’s sucking mouth with a ‘pop’ as she sat up and listened toCarmen knocking on her door. Rosa looked up at Terry’s tits and wasshocked at how swollen and puffy she had made the pointed nipples. Theylooked almost as swollen as when she saw them that afternoon in thetheater.”Oh my god, it’s Carmen! She’s looking for me!” gasped Terry nervously asshe looked towards her room.”So?” said Rosa matter of factly.”I’ve got to get out of here before she notices that I’m not in my room!”exclaimed Terry nervously as she quickly got off of the bed and rushedtowards the bathroom.Rosa looked up and watched the nervous woman scamper across the floor andrush into the bathroom clad in only her thong. A smile came to her face asshe saw Terry cower nervously in the bathroom as she frantically tried tothink of something to do. Just then she heard Terry’s bedroom door openand Carmen call inside, “Terry? Are you still sleeping?”Terry quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself. She thentried to gather herself together before she pulled open her bathroom doorand stepped into her bedroom where Carmen was all ready standing.”Oh, good morning Carmen,” said Terry as calmly as she could muster.”I’m sorry I slept in this morning. I didn’t get to sleep until late lastnight,” said Carmen looking like she had just woken up.”That’s okay Carmen. I just got up a little while ago myself,” repliedTerry. “I was just about to take a shower when I heard you knocking.””Good morning Mother,” said Rosa as she stepped into the room tying thesash on her silk robe.”Oh, there you are sweetie, I was just going to see if you were awake aswell,” said Carmen as she noticed Terry’s undisturbed bed. “I have been upall night tending to Theresa. She seems to have come down with somethingand kept me up all night trying to keep her comfortable.””Oh, how sad, is she feeling any better?” asked Terry concerned.”No, I’m afraid not. She still has a fever and her stomach is upset,”explained Carmen.”Poor s*s. She’s always getting sick with something,” said Rosa with aslightly sarcastic tone. “Is there anything I can do?””Yes, I was going to ask if you could go into town and pick up a few thingsfor me if you’re not too busy,” asked Carmen as she looked back at Rosawarmly.”Absolutely. Just make me out a list and I’ll be glad to get you whateveryou need,” answered Rosa sweetly. “Let me just jump in the shower realquick and then I’ll be off.””Thank you sweetie,” said Carmen as she watched Rosa turn and go back intothe bathroom.”Is there anything that I could do?” asked Terry.”Not at the moment, but thank you dear,” replied Carmen.Terry hesitated for a moment until after she heard Rosa turn on the showerin the next room and then she said, “Carmen are you sure you don’t need mefor anything?””Well, actually, no sweetie. I guess I should’ve let you know yesterday,but I finally received my new breast pump and I don’t think I will have toburden you any longer with my problem,” replied Carmen as she realized whatTerry was alluding to. She knew that Rosa wanted her to back off of Terryand as much as she enjoyed their time together Carmen knew that it would befor the best if she stopped having Terry nurse from her tits.”Oh, okay. It was never a burden, though, and I really didn’t mind atall,” said Terry sadly as her eyes dropped to Carmen’s half-exposedcleavage.”You’re so sweet to say that,” said Carmen sensing the disappointment inTerry’s voice and the sad look in her eyes. “I really do appreciateeverything you’ve done for me.”Carmen took a few steps closer to Terry and put her hands on her shouldersand looked her squarely in her eyes. Carmen smiled warmly as Terry’s eyesmet her gaze and then the corners of her mouth broke into her own smile.Carmen then leaned forward and pulled Terry into her body until their hugetits were pressed firmly together and then their lips touched. Thesensuous kiss lasted only a few seconds, but the effect it had on bothwomen was extraordinary. Carmen pulled back a few inches and looked intoTerry’s fluttering eyes and felt the young woman’s nipples throb and pierceher own hot flesh, as the kiss seemed to ignite something deep inside bothwomen. Carmen then instinctively lowered her hands and untied the sash onher robe and allowed the front to fall open exposing more of her naked bodyto Terry’s eyes.Terry instinctively allowed her eyes to fall on the exposed valley ofCarmen’s beautiful breasts and gazed longingly at the flesh that she hadcome so accustomed to. She stood transfixed as Carmen slowly reached upand pulled her robe open and allowed it to fall off of her shoulders andcollect on her arms exposing her incredible breasts completely. Terrysighed audibly at the sight of the huge mounds and the juicy nipplesalready swollen and stiff.”I suppose, though, that you could help me one last time,” cooed Carmen ina hushed voice. “That is if you really wanted to.””Please?” asked Terry with pleading eyes.”Of course,” replied Carmen as she allowed her robe to fall to the floorleaving her standing there in only her skimpy panties and 4″ stilettos.Carmen gently pushed Terry and backed her up to the edge of her bed. Shelooked down and watched the fluffy towel Terry was wearing suddenly loosenand fall at her feet just as her legs bumped into the side of the bed.Carmen’s eyes were immediately drawn to the engorged nipples on Terry’slarge tits as they gentle rose and fell with every breath. Sheinstinctively knew that those delicious nubs had been teased into theirpresent state only minutes before by her daughter’s talented mouth. Carmenthen gently pushed Terry down and had her sitting on the edge of the bedand then stepped closer until she was directly in front of the young woman.She reached up and held Terry’s head with both hands and then leanedforward until her face was buried deeply in the valley of her cleavage.The older woman then gently rubbed her warm tits all around Terry’s flushedface giving her a sensuous breast massage. After several moments of theexquisite facial she pulled Terry’s face back slightly and positioned herleft nipple until it was pointed directly at Terry’s pouting lips.”Please,” was all Carmen needed to say as Terry’s glazed eyes looked up andmet her gaze.Terry was quickly overwhelmed by the situation and her already heated bodysoon succumbed to Carmen’s will as she looked into the older woman’s eyes.She could not resist her will and more to the point did not want to as sheleaned forward and covered the large nipple with her open mouth and touchedthe hot flesh with the tip of her tongue. Terry lovingly kissed and lickedall around the rigid nipple and swelling areola until it was dripping withher saliva. When she looked down at the pointed tip she saw a small dropof white milk and knew that her mouth would soon be rewarded with the sweetjuice. Terry looked up at Carmen and stared directly into her deep, browneyes as she consumed the tender nipple and began to nurse from it releasingthe warm milk. Her eyes were fixed on Carmen’s and watched as the olderwoman closed her eyes and threw her head back as Terry lovingly sucked onher full breast.”Oh, yeeeesss,” gasped Carmen as she felt her nipple being pulled deeperand deeper into Terry’s warm mouth.Terry gradually increased her suction and began to incessantly lap hertongue at the turgid nub as she continued to nurse from Carmen’s amazingbreast. She finally reached up and grasped both of Carmen’s breasts andbegan to knead them with her slender fingers. One hand squeezed the breastshe was nursing from while the other pinched and pulled on the engorgednipple and milked the flesh of Carmen’s right breast. After severalminutes Terry released her vacuum tight mouth and switched to Carmen’sother breast where she quickly attached herself to the waiting nipple.Carmen’s tits could never get enough attention and her highly sensitivenipples were buzzing with electricity as Terry made love to them. Shecould allow the young woman to nurse from her flesh all day and night ifgiven the opportunity. Carmen looked down at her heaving chest and watchedwith awe as Terry frantically devoured her engorged nipples and milked hertits with her firm hands. Theresa had already drained her tits earlierthis morning and Carmen was sure that her milk supply ran out severalminutes ago, but she was in no hurry to tell Terry to stop what she wasdoing. She was sure that her new friend was enjoying her part as much asCarmen was. Carmen gently ran her fingers through Terry’s hair and heldher against her breast as she continued to feast on her tits. She couldsee her tits slowly swell again from her excitement as Terry continued tosuck and nibble and lick and squeeze her huge mounds. Carmen’s arousal wasgetting higher as her pussy began to flow and her panties became soakedwith her juices. Just as her climax was building nicely Carmen heard theshower turn off next door and knew that she had to end the sessionimmediately for fear that Rosa would walk in on them and see that she wasnot keeping true to her promise. It was with great will power andreluctance that Carmen firmly grasped Terry’s head and pulled her off ofher tit. Terry whimpered her disappointment and looked up at Carmen sadly.”Thank you, sweetie, you’re wonderful,” whispered Carmen as she bent downand kissed Terry fully on the lips. “I have to go and check on Theresa.”Carmen kissed Terry again and then turned and picked up her robe andscurried out of the room before putting it back on.Terry looked on and watched the beautiful woman as her taught bottom flexedas she quickly left the room. She could never seem to get enough ofCarmen’s breasts it seemed and she was always disappointed when theirsessions ended regardless of how much time they spent together. Terry justsat there frozen in place for several minutes as she basked in thewonderful feelings that were coursing through her body. She didn’t evenrealize that she was no longer covered by the towel and didn’t flinch whenRosa popped her head in the room and saw her sitting there naked as ajaybird.”I’m finished in here if you wanted to take a shower,” said Rosa as shetook notice of Terry’s flushed face and hardened nipples.”Alright,” answered Terry meekly as she was still lost in a daze.”Is everything alright?” asked Rosa”Uh huh, yes, I’m fine thank you. I’ll be right in to take my shower,”replied Terry as she cleared her throat and snapped out of her trance.Rosa couldn’t help but notice the way Terry’s tits swayed and jiggled asshe stood up and paced back and forth briefly while she was trying tofigure out what to do next. Her smooth, alabaster skin was flawless andfrom the state of her nipples it looked as though she was still highlyaroused from their morning make out session. Rosa had thoroughly enjoyedspending time suckling and kissing Terry’s fabulous tits. She swore thatthey tasted like honey. The one thing that Rosa had never realized untiljust then was that she was very aroused by every detail of Terry’s tits.She had never developed a real fixation on other women’s breasts, albeitshe liked them larger as opposed to smaller, bursa escort but she never really foundherself drawn to them as much as she was to Terry’s all of a sudden. Iwonder what they would be like, she thought to herself, if they werelactating and producing milk? What would her breast milk taste like?Terry has never been pregnant before or produced milk, but then there wereways to induce milk production without the bother of giving birth. Rosafound herself thinking devious thoughts about Terry’s tits and knew that itwould be easy enough to find out answers to all of her questions. Rosathen retreated back into her room and began to get dressed as she slowlyformulated her new plan.Terry gathered herself together and finally cleared her thoughtssufficiently to figure out what she needed to do. Find some clean panties.Take a shower. Cool down. She went to her dresser and pulled out a cleanthong, picked up the discarded towel and went into the bathroom. Terryturned on the shower spray and peeled off her soiled panties. She wasamazed at how soaked they were with her secretions as she brought them upto her face and smelled them briefly before tossing them into the hamper.She stepped under the cool spray of the water and stood there for severalminutes just allowing the cold water to cascade down her body and cool heroverheated flesh.Rosa was just finishing dressing when the phone rang.”Hello?” answered Rosa into the phone.”Hi, this is Dr. Cuevas. Is Terry Nichols available?” asked Dr. LupitaCuevas.”Oh, hello doctor, this is Rosa,” said Rosa cheerfully.”Hello, Rosa. How have you been?” asked Lupita.”Good, I’ve been keeping busy. Terry isn’t here right now. Can I give hera message or have her call you?” replied Rosa.”Hmmmm, is your mother available?” asked Lupita.”No, I’m sorry,” said Rosa.”Oh, well, hmmmmmm, could you just relay a message to Terry when you seeher?” asked Lupita.”Sure. What is it?” replied Rosa.”Just let her know that all of her tests came back fine and she doesn’thave anything to worry about, physically that is,” explained Lupita. “Justtell her that I think she just needs to rest and relax for a while andclear her head. I’m sure she will be feeling much better in a few days.””That’s wonderful! I’m sure she will be so relieved to hear that doctor,”answered Rosa.”Tell her that if she has any more questions or problems that she can callme any time,” continued Lupita.”I will give her the message, thank you!” said Rosa.”Take care Rosa and say hello to your mother for me,” said Lupita.”I will. Goodbye!” said Rosa as she hung up the phone and her eyes lit upwith a brilliant idea. She thought for a moment before hearing the showerturn off and then smiled to herself, as her plan seemed to come togetherafter talking to the doctor. Terry finally finished her shower and was inthe process of drying herself off when Rosa peeked her head into thebathroom.”I’m going to be taking off now to run a few errands for mother,” said Rosaas she watched Terry fumble to cover herself. “Oh, and Dr. Cuevas calledfor you while you were in the shower.””Really? What did she say? Should I call her?” asked Terry nervously.”No, that won’t be necessary,” explained Rosa. “She just wanted you toknow that all of the tests came back and that there was nothing physicallywrong with you. She just suggested that you relax and get some rest andhopefully in a week or two you should be feeling much better.””That’s it?” asked Terry somewhat disappointed at the simplistic remedy.”She also prescribed some medication that should help your nerves and letyou relax better,” continued Rosa. “I’ll go by the pharmacy and pick it upfor you while I’m out if you’d like.””Yes, please do, thank you!” said Terry.”Okay then, I will see you a little later,” said Rosa as she stepped backand left the room.I hope this medication works, thought Terry, because I definitely need alittle help relaxing with everything that’s been going on. She finisheddrying herself and then stepped in front of the large mirror and began toexamine her reflection carefully. Terry turned from side to side lookingat her profile as well as her backside until she was satisfied that therewere no visible blemishes. She was generally pleased with what she saw andwas becoming more and more intrigued by her own body than she ever wasbefore. She paid close attention to the swell of her breasts, whether ornot they were losing their shape and firmness, the color of her nipples andareola, her rounded hips and the firm cheeks of her bottom. Happy thatnothing appeared out of place she quickly went about her usual morningroutine and then got dressed.Rosa spent the next couple of hours running the list of errands that Carmenhad given her as she drove all around town to several different locations.Once she was finished with her mother’s list, she then began to concentrateon her own needs. First on her list were several items that she neededfrom a specialty sex shop that catered specifically to women. Rosa hadspoken to Raven the day before and she highly recommended one particularshop and told her that the owner would set her up with whatever she needed.Rosa pulled up to the front of the small shop and peeked into the largeglass display window. It appeared from the outside to be just an ordinarycurio shop, but when she walked through the front door she quickly saw thelarge displays of sexual paraphernalia s**ttered all over the place. Oneside of the shop seemed to be dedicated to lingerie and relatedaccessories, while the other side was filled with several glass displaycases brimming with every kind of battery operated sexual device known towomankind. There was also a large assortment of lotions and creams andoils that filled many of the shelves behind the counter. As Rosa steppedfurther into the shop she began to take notice of the lovely incense thatwas permeating the shop. She decided to check out the toys and made herway over to one of the display cases that was lined with dildos andvibrators of every size and shape imaginable. Just as she stepped up tothe case she heard a noise and looked up to see a tall, exotic black womanappear from behind some thick beads covering a doorway leading to the rearof the shop.”Good afternoon. May I help you with anything?” asked the woman in a Cajunaccent.”Um, yes, I’m just looking to pick up a few…things,” replied Rosa.”Things? Hmmmm, well, we have quite a large selection of ‘things’.Anything in particular you are interested in?” asked the woman as shestepped behind the case and looked Rosa squarely in the face with her darkeyes. “My name is Eve. I’m the owner. Where did you hear about my shop,if you don’t mind me asking?””Oh, I’m friends with Raven. She highly recommended your shop,” answeredRosa. “My name is Rosa.”Rosa took a moment to fully appreciate the 6′ tall, beautiful owner of theshop. She was an older woman, possibly older than her mother she guessed,but certainly not really looking like it. Her dark ebony skin was darkerthan anything she had ever seen before and it shone under the soft lightingof the shop. There did not appear to be any air conditioning in the shopand there was a thin sheen of perspiration covering Eve’s exposed skin.Her long, black tresses were pulled together into a large ponytail and thencascaded down her back to stop just short of her waist. Eve’s eyes weredark, deep pools of pure black and the contrast with the extremely brightwhites surrounding them gave them the appearance that they could piercethrough to your very soul. Her wide mouth was framed by the most lusciousset of plump lips imaginable and they were expertly displayed with a thickcoating of ruby red lipstick and gloss. The older woman’s figure wassomewhat hidden from her view by the loose-fitting silk body wrap that wasd****d around her. The only real clues to Rosa as to Eve’s age were theobvious crows feet around her eyes.”You know Raven? Hmmmm, well then, I guess I am going to have to make sureyou are very well taken care of. I would not want to disappoint a friendof one of my best customers,” beamed Eve as her eyes sparkled and a smileformed on her thick lips. “What are you interested in my dear?””I have a friend that I am going to fuck and I want her first time to besomething special,” said Rosa boldly.”Hmmmm, I see…Then I’m sure that you would like something that would putyou in total control of everything you do to her, am I right?” asked Eve asshe carefully eyed Rosa from head to toe.Rosa smiled knowingly and nodded her head.”And a young girl, such as yourself, should have plenty of stamina toprolong the event for as long as necessary,” continued Eve as she began tolook through the various dildos and vibrators in the case beneath her. “Idon’t think a vibrator is what you want. They are clumsy and bulky and arealways running out of batteries at the most inopportune times. No, whatyou want is a good, solid dildo that can be attached to one of our specialharnesses. That way you can provide whatever stimulation you deemnecessary during your encounter. How does that sound?””Oh, yes! I love the power and control of wearing a strap-on,” exclaimedRosa excitedly.”Excellent! First of all let’s fit you with one of our custom-madeharnesses,” said Eve as she reached into the case and pulled out whatlooked like a leather thong. “These harnesses are all hand-made from someof the most exquisite leather available. They are durable, while at thesame time very soft to the touch, and feel like a second skin when you havethem on. See? Feel how supple the material is.””Mmmmmm, yes that is delicious! I just love the way leather feels againstmy skin, too,” said Rosa as she rubbed the material with her slenderfingers. “It doesn’t even look like a harness, though, it looks more likea thong.””That’s because it is a thong. The front pouch here is reinforced and thishidden clip is where the dildo would attach. See it here?” demonstratedEve as she showed the garment to Rosa. “This harness is designed to beworn just like a normal thong. That way you can always be ready to use itwhenever the moment strikes you and you don’t have to worry about fussingwith all of the straps and such like you would with a conventional strap-onharness. The clip here is the key. It is specifically designed to attachonly to dildos that we have customized to fit it, and even though itdoesn’t look like much it is guaranteed not to disengage under the mostsevere pressure.””Really? But you can only use attachments that you sell here? You can’tuse just any dildo you can buy off the street or out of some catalog?”asked Rosa.”That is true,” answered Eve.”Well, I guess that’s one way to ensure return business,” remarked Rosasarcastically.”Oh, believe me young lady, our dildos are some of the finest produced inthe world and I stand behind every last one of them,” smirked Eve with aknowing grin. “And trust me when I tell you that once you have purchasedand used one of our harnesses and dildos, you will not be interested inusing any other product.””And just how much is one of these harnesses?” asked Rosa as she held theleather garment up for a closer inspection.”They are not cheap, mind you, and you get what you pay for. Quality andperformance. This harness here costs no less than $100,” replied Eveproudly.”$100?!” gasped Rosa. “Just for this?! And I still have to buy the dildo,too?!””Yes, that is correct, but let me explain that every harness is guaranteedfor up to 5 full years and if it ever fails or otherwise wears out we willreplace it for free,” explained Eve. “Now if you can find someone else’sproduct that performs as well as ours and is backed with as strong of aguarantee then I suggest you buy it, but I’m confident that you won’t everfind it.””Well, that is a pretty good guarantee I must admit,” mumbled Rosa as sheconsidered the product. “Hmmmm…Okay, I’ll take it. Can you box this oneup for me?””I knew you’d agree, but no, I want to ensure that you get something thatfits you perfectly. Let me take a few measurements first,” said Eve as sheopened a drawer and pulled out a cloth measuring tape and walked around theglass case. “We’ll have to remove these first so I can get a propermeasurement,” continued Eve as she reached for the front button on Rosa’sdenim shorts and deftly unsnapped it and pulled down the zipper in onequick move.Rosa was shocked at first when Eve unbuttoned her shorts and just stoodthere motionless while the older woman pulled them open. Her shorts wereskintight and Eve was having some difficulty pulling them down so she gotdown on her knees and began to pull on the shorts from behind. Rosa leanedforward slightly and braced herself against the case as Eve tugged at thematerial. After several hard tugs the waist of the shorts finally passedover her wide hips and then slid over the swell of her taught ass cheeks.Eve continued to pull the shorts down Rosa’s thighs and down to her feet.She then gently lifted one foot at a time and pulled the shorts over eachof her 4″ stilettos. Rosa felt a sudden coolness on her pussy and thenlooked down to see her white cotton thong twisted around her knees. Theshorts had been so tight that they dragged her thong partially down herlegs. At almost the same time Eve looked up and noticed the twistedpanties and reached up and pulled them all the way off as well. Now Rosastood in front of Eve half naked, wearing only her tank top and high heels,in the middle of a shop where anyone could walk in on them at any time.Eve picked up the measuring tape and looked up at the beautiful sight ofRosa’s lean legs and perfectly shaped ass. She smiled briefly as sheallowed herself to drink in the incredible accomplishment of stripping theyoung girl right in the middle of her shop. Eve did not hesitate from hertask too long before she reached around Rosa’s waist with the tape and tooka measurement.”23 inches,” murmured Eve as she then lowered the tape and measured aroundRosa’s hips and buttocks. “38 inches.”Eve stood up quickly and walked around to the other side of the case whereshe began looking through a large selection of harnesses. She carefullychecked each tag until she found one that was the correct size. Eve heldit up in front of her briefly before proclaiming, “Here we are. Thisshould fit you perfectly.”Eve then casually walked back around the counter and knelt down behind Rosawho had not moved an inch. She gently lifted each of Rosa’s feet and hadher step through the leggings of the harness. Then Eve grasped the leatherwaistband and slid it up Rosa’s legs. The harness was a tight fit, but theleather material was so soft and pliable that it easily stretched overRosa’s hips and fit snugly around her waist. Eve made sure to pull up onthe front and the back so the pouch and thin strip of leather were firmlyimbedded in Rosa’s crotch and the crease of her ass. She then remained inher kneeling position checking the fit of the harness while she allowedherself to lean forward so that her face was mere millimeters away fromtouching the smooth, bronze flesh of Rosa’s exposed ass cheeks. Eveinhaled deeply and reveled in the intoxicating perfume of Rosa’s skin.Rosa remained calm as she stood there motionless and let Eve’s skilledhands flutter across her firm ass and thighs as she fitted her with theleather thong. She just loved the way the supple leather molded to herbody like a second skin. The leather strip was wedged so securely anddeeply in the crevice of her firm cheeks that she could feel it slidingacross her puckered anus and all along the sensitive valley of her ass.”There. Now how does that feel?” asked Eve as she stood up and rested thepalms of her hands on the swell of Rosa’s ass.”Extraordinary,” breathed Rosa as she relished in both the feel of theharness and Eve’s gentle touch.”Good. Now let’s pick out the perfect dildo,” suggested Eve as she walkedbehind the counter and motioned for Rosa to follow her towards the far endof the case. “Do any of these pique your interest?”Rosa looked into the display and saw more than a dozen artificial cockslying side by side. All of them were shaped differently in some way. Somewere totally life-like representations, including bulging veins and bumps,while others represented varying cylindrical forms. There were fat ones,thin ones, long ones, short ones and some were so oddly shaped that shedidn’t know what to think of them. There were black ones, white ones, blueones, red ones and pink ones. Rosa just stood there for the next fewmoments trying to decide what to make of all the different versions of aman’s penis.”Having trouble deciding?” asked Eve after watching Rosa’s eyes dart acrossthe many selections.”I, uh, I don’t, know what would, um, you know, be the best choice,”answered Rosa sounding confused by her choices.”Then let me make a suggestion,” replied Eve as she turned around andpulled open a drawer and removed a large case. She placed the velvet caseon the glass counter top and looked Rosa in the eye. “This is by far themost exquisite sexual device ever created for a woman.”Rosa blinked her eyes in astonishment of the remark and then looked down atthe case as Eve slowly opened it. The dildo inside was an enormous, glossyblack, life-like representation of the most beautiful cock she had everlaid eyes on. The plump head was perfectly shaped and looked to be thesize of a plumb. It was attached to an incredibly thick shaft that waslaced with bulging veins all the way up and down its full length.”Oh my god…” whispered Rosa as her eyes roamed over the impressive dildo.”It’s, it’s, incredible…and it’s huge!””Breath taking isn’t it?” asked Eve with a devilish grin showing herperfectly white teeth.”Yes! It’s beautiful, but, but it’s so, so huge!” exclaimed Rosabreathlessly. “Just how big is it?!””12 glorious inches long and a full 5″ thick,” answered Eve proudly. “Doyou want to touch it? Go ahead and pick it up, feel it come alive in yourhands.”Rosa tentatively reached for the huge dildo like she was afraid that itwould jump up and bite her if she made any sudden move. Once herfingertips reached it she let them lightly graze along the smooth shaftfeeling every bursa escort bayan ridge and bulge. Then she encircled it with her slenderfingers and lifted it out of the case and quickly gripped it with her otherhand surprised at the weight of the thing. The texture of it wasincredibly life-like to real flesh as she hefted it and involuntarilystroked it.”My god, it feels like the real thing. What is it made of?” asked Rosa ina whisper.”It’s a new kind of rubber. It has all of the same qualities of humanflesh. Feels pretty incredible, doesn’t it?” explained Eve.”Yes, amazing. It’s so soft and smooth, but at the same time it’s sorigid, too,” answered Rosa. “But it would just be impossible, wouldn’tit?””On the contrary, it is very possible, and let me tell you something. Ihave used many different dildos and other devices and this is the only one,by far, that can keep me cumming all night long,” explained Eve with a hintof lust in her voice. “It may look foreboding, but when used properly itcan bring unimaginable pleasure to your lover. And keep in mind that youdo not have to use the full length of this amazing phallus in order toenjoy it, but then again it is always there and available. Most dildos aredesigned to smaller proportions and few reach more than 9″-10″ in length.It’s those extra few inches, however, that will make your lover submit toyou completely and do your bidding all in hopes for the next chance to getfucked with it.””I just don’t know,” mumbled Rosa as she continued to stroke the hugedildo.”Ask Raven. She’s purchased no less than 4 of them,” continued Eve. “2 ofthem for her own collection and 2 others as gifts for very specialfriends.””But, I, I don’t…” muttered Rosa.”Try it on,” said Eve cutting her off.Eve walked around the counter and took the dildo from Rosa and knelt downin front of her. She lifted the huge dildo up to Rosa’s crotch and thenslipped one hand under the pouch of her harness and then pressed the endonto the clip securing it to the leather. Eve then removed her hand fromRosa’s crotch and scooted back so she could get a good look at it.Rosa just looked down in amazement at the enormous appendage that was nowfirmly secured to her pelvis. It looked surreal, but at the same time itwas not uncomfortable at all as it pointed straight out from her crotch asa perfect 90 degrees. She lowered one hand and gently grasped the dildoand hefted it slightly.”Would you like to see how sexy you look?” asked Eve as she stood up.Eve took Rosa by her free hand and led her behind the counter and into therear of the shop where there was a large dressing mirror. Eve stood behindRosa and grabbed her by her shoulders and slowly turned her from side toside as both women watched in the reflection of the mirror. Eve thenlowered her hands and gripped the bottom of Rosa’s tank top and began toslowly pull it up exposing more and more of her bronze skin.”We need to take this off so you can see just how sexy you look with yournew cock,” whispered Eve into Rosa’s ear as she pulled the top up and overher head and tossed it aside revealing her braless tits.Rosa’s eyes were transfixed on her new appendage as it stuck out so lewdlyfrom her feminine body. She didn’t even notice how hard and pointed hernipples had become, long and thick nubs forming perfect tips on her perfecttits, as they pointed back at her. Rosa barely noticed as Eve gentlycaresses her arms with her dark fingers. She could see them in thereflection, but was powerless to stop them as they dropped lower and endedup on her hips. One hand reached around and encircled the base of thedildo while the other flattened over her abdomen and then slid up until itwas cupping one of her heaving tits. Rosa was beginning to lose her fightwith her building desire as she became hypnotized by the erotic image ofEve stroking her cock and squeezing her tit with her coal-black hands.”Would you like an in-house demonstration, hmmmm, little girl?” whisperedEve seductively into Rosa’s ear.Rosa’s eyes widened slightly, but all she could do was nod her head ‘yes’to the suggestion. She watched Eve’s mouth form a wide, tooth-filled smileas she acquiesced to her suggestion. Rosa continued to stare into themirror and watched as Eve maneuvered her over to the side of a large,overstuffed sofa. She then watched Eve reach up and remove several clipsthat held her silk body wrap up and then suddenly she was standing theretotally naked as the fabric fluttered to their feet. Her eyes drank inEve’s beautiful form as it was revealed for the first time to her hungryeyes. Her statuesque frame was slender, but was rippled with muscles thatshowed that it was very well taken care of over the years. The olderwoman’s long legs reached up and melted into a hard, chiseled ass thatflexed with every slight movement. Eve’s breasts were medium-sized andraised off of her chest like two large chocolate kisses. Rosa guessed thatthey had to be B-cups and the incredibly thick nipples stuck out from thewide areolas like thimbles. Her dark skin was glistening with a thin filmof perspiration as she moved around gracefully behind her. It was onlythen that Rosa realized that Eve was already wearing one of her harnesses.Eve then turned Rosa so they were facing each other and she knelt down infront of her and deftly removed the huge dildo from her harness.”We won’t be kneading these for this particular demonstration,” whisperedEve as she firmly tugged down on Rosa’s leather harness and pulled it overher hips and down her legs.”But, I thought…” muttered Rosa slightly confused with what Eve wasdoing.”If this is going to be a proper demonstration, you will need to know howwell the product performs for your lover,” explained Eve as she stood upand turned Rosa away from her and pushed her up against the cushioned armof the sofa. “After you experience the incredible pleasure firsthand, Iwould hardly think you would not agree that your lover wouldn’t enjoy it aswell.”Eve then abruptly pushed Rosa until she fell forward and was bent over thearm of the sofa with her feet raised off of the floor and her ass stickingup in the air. Swift as a cat Eve knelt down behind Rosa’s upturned assand placed her hands on both of her quivering thighs and began to strokeher hands up and down her flanks as she leaned forward and smelled Rosa’sgrowing arousal.Rosa had managed to prop herself up onto her elbows as she looked back intothe mirror and watched everything that was happening to her in the surrealreflection. She watched as Eve’s ebony hands rubbed up and down hercaramel thighs and squeezed her plump ass cheeks. The older woman had hereyes closed as her face hovered in front of her exposed pussy and upturnedass. She could feel her breath on her nether parts and squirmed slightlyin anticipation of actual contact as her pussy moistened noticeably. Herhands would slide up to palm the mounds of her ass and squeeze them andpull them apart with every up stroke of her dark hands. Then after whatseemed like hours of waiting Rosa watched as Eve pressed her face fullyinto her bottom. Her open mouth kissed her swelling labia, her chinnudging into her clit, her nose poking into her sensitive perineum and herentire face enveloped by her hot cheeks as Eve’s hands pulled them tightlyinto her face.”Ooooooohhhh!” moaned Rosa as the visual image was intensified by theswirling of Eve’s long tongue inside her pulsating vagina.Eve loved to seduce young girls and this one was one of the most beautifulgirls she had ever had the opportunity to have in such a deliciousposition. She savored Rosa’s nectar like a sweet wine as she lapped at herspasming pussy with her long and talented tongue. Dipping into the hotcavern inside and then lapping along the entire length of her drippingslit, with the flat part of her tongue, was slowly producing the desiredeffect as Rosa’s moans became louder and more frequent and the flow of herjuice became heavier and smeared all over her chin and cheeks. Afterseveral minutes she began to skewer Rosa’s pussy with her pointed tongue asshe stabbed into the hot flesh incessantly. Eve was thoroughly enjoyingthis conquest as the young girl was slowly being reduced to a quiveringmass of jelly writhing under her talented tongue. As she looked up shecould see Rosa’s tight sphincter puckering involuntarily as her body wasbeing wracked by convulsions. She removed her tongue from Rosa’s throbbingpussy and licked up along the entire length of her ass crevice startingfrom her perineum all the way to the top of her crease. Eve suppressed agiggle as she heard Rosa squeal from the new sensations bombarding her sexand then she continued to drag her long tongue up and down that sensitivepathway until it was slick with her saliva. She then pulled apart Rosa’squivering cheeks and focused her efforts on the puckering ring in between.Eve poked and prodded the tight muscle with the pointed tip of her tongue,and then alternately flattened her tongue and lapped at it like a dog inheat.Rosa’s eyes were glazing over as the incredible things that Eve’s skilledtongue was doing to her highly sensitive ass overwhelmed her body. Shecould still see Eve’s face buried deeply in between her spread ass cheeksas it moved up and down with the exquisite motion of her tonguing. ThenRosa felt another invader and noticed that Eve was now slowly pumping twofingers in and out of her swollen labia. After several minutes shesuddenly felt Eve press her face fully into her spread ass and enclose herthick lips around her ass ring in a powerful kiss. A second later she felther muscle give way and allow Eve’s tongue to spear her and slide into thedepths of her bowels in the most outrageous French kiss she had everexperienced.Eve was thrusting her long tongue in and out of the young girl’s clutchingass ring matching the rhythm that her fingers were now pumping into herspasming pussy. After a few minutes she added another finger and then afourth as she was nearly fisting Rosa’s pussy with four fingers at the sametime she was still fucking her ass with her pointed tongue. She could tellthat Rosa was nearly peaking and knew that she was ready to be fucked bythe huge dildo. Eve abruptly and reluctantly removed her face and fingersfrom Rosa’s ass and pussy and looked longingly at the amount of juice thatwas smeared all over the girl’s ass and dripping down her thighs. Shereached over and picked up the dildo and then stood up and began to snap itinto place on her harness. Then Eve stepped forward and pushed the lengthof the dildo up and down Rosa’s dripping slit and ass coating it thoroughlyuntil it was dripping with her honey.Rosa looked up and her eyes widened when she felt and saw the dildo rubbingall over her sex. She could see the entire dildo glistening with hersecretions as it hung obscenely from Eve’s pelvis. Her pussy had neverbeen so thoroughly lubricated, as she knew that Eve’s careful preparationwas carried out expertly. She could feel the walls of her vagina yawningand clutching in anticipation of the coming invader. The sight of theblack Amazon towering over her and thrusting her hips and the dildo overher backside was enough to put her close to the edge.Eve then pulled back and gripped the hard phallus with one hand and pointedthe tip directly at the gaping pussy in front of her. She leaned forwardsplitting Rosa’s swollen labia and pressed the head against her opening.Eve could see Rosa tense up slightly and then pushed forward swiftly inorder to prevent the girl from tightening up too much. She watched as thewide head pushed forward and then suddenly popped inside the Rosa’s hungrypussy. Eve stopped pushing after another inch or so of the shaft slippedinside the flesh and allowed Rosa to get used to the incredible girth.”Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!” groaned Rosa from deep down in her throat.”Relax lover girl, you’re going to love every inch of this fucker,” cooedEve as she pulled her hips back until just the crown of the dildo wasinside. “Here we go!”Eve then pressed forward again and sank almost half of the behemoth insideRosa’s quivering vagina. She hesitated again for a moment before slowlyretracting the dildo and then pressing forward to the same depth again.Eve maintained this depth for several more strokes, content to ease theyoung girl into the pleasure of her cock. She reveled on how Rosa’s vaginastretched and held onto the thick shaft every time she pulled it out. Itwas gripping the thick spear like a vise and appeared to have no intentionof allowing it to completely disengage itself from Rosa’s insides.Rosa’s body was being wracked with both pain and pleasure from the massiveintruder, but she was slowly growing accustomed to it and the pain was soonswept away and replaced by only pleasure. She looked at the erotic imagein the mirror, of her being skewered from behind by the enormous dildo, andwas amazed to see that Eve was only fucking her with what appeared to behalf of the long shaft. Her moans were increasing with every thrust as sherelished in the sight of her being fucked so thoroughly by the ebonygoddess. Eve’s sinewy muscles were rippling up and down her lean legs andculminated into the hard mounds of her firm ass as it clenched with everythrust. Her pert tits were jiggling to and fro against her chest as eachthrust was punctuated with a quick jolt from her hips. The dark skin wasnow covered from head to toe with her sweat as she began to exert more andmore energy into the fucking. Slowly she could see more and more of thethick shaft disappear into her tight pussy until she could only see acouple of inches when Eve bottomed out on her in-stroke. She could see herback arch and her hips thrust back with each stroke, but she was completelyunaware that she was initiating the movement as she continued to watch thescene as though she was a voyeur watching someone else. As her eyesfocused on the slick, black shaft sawing in and out of her she realizedjust how much of the dildo she was consuming and her body suddenly joltedand her back arched as she climaxed all over the black cock.”That’s it, honey, cum all over my beautiful cock! Ride my cock and keepcumming!” said Eve as she could see that Rosa was climaxing.Eve could feel Rosa’s pussy loosen up slightly as her climax consumed herand her inner walls spasmed wildly as they gripped the hard shaft. Shecould see the shaft was dripping with her cum as it spewed from herinsides, but the majority of it remained trapped by the thick stalk thatcontinued to churn Rosa’s insides. Eve continued to slowly fuck the younggirl as she maintain her even pace of pulling out almost all of the waybefore slowly pushing forward until all but 2″ remained. The deep, longstrokes were torturous to maintain a steady rhythm, but she knew that thelonger she could keep up her pace the more orgasms she could induce fromthe young girl. And sure enough Rosa seemed to be cumming almostconstantly now on every fifth stroke or so. Several minutes after Rosa’slast orgasm subsided Eve pulled the dildo back, but held it there for amoment with just the bulbous head plugged in her gripping vagina. Evestood motionless and watched as Rosa involuntarily wiggled her hips as bestshe could in an attempt to pull the dildo back into now empty vagina.”Do you like my cock, honey? Do you agree that I was not exaggerating whenI was boasting about its performance earlier? Should I end thedemonstration?” asked Eve confidently as she began to rise up onto theballs of her feet and then lower herself again over and over levering thestiff dildo up and down, as it remained hinged in Rosa’s clutching pussy.”Unnngghh! Yeeeesss…I mean no don’t…stop, please don’t stop!” babbledRosa almost incoherently as she was consumed by her lust to continuecumming.”Or do you want me to show you what the last 2″ of this cock can do foryour lover?” asked Eve as she continued to lever the huge dildo up anddown.”I…want…please fuck me! I need to cum again, PPPLLEEEEEAASSSEE!”moaned Rosa as she longed to be filled again by the huge dildo.”As you wish, my dear, but be forewarned if I give you the last 2″ of mycock you will become like so many of my other lovers and demand to befucked by me again and again,” cooed Eve as she leaned forward and strokedRosa’s ass several times.Rosa could only moan her urgency to be fucked and barely comprehended whatthe older woman was telling her. Then without any further hesitation shefelt the dildo slide inside her another inch and then stop. Another inchand stop. Pull out. Back in an inch and stop. Another inch and stop.Pull out. Slowly pushing in and in one inch, two inches, three, four, fiveinches and stop. Pull out. Five inches again slowly, steadily, stop.Pull out. Slow and steady pressure until five then six inches, seven,eight, nine, ten inches and stop. Pull out. Slow, steady, torturous teninches as Eve renewed her deep long strokes. In and out. Back and forth.Rosa’s body was being bullied into another climax as her ass writhed aboutwhen her body shook violently with another orgasm. The sloshing noisesemanating from behind her were growing louder as she came all over the hugedildo pistoning in and out of her abused pussy.”Now you’re ready for the last 2″ inches!” exclaimed Eve as she pulled backand readied herself to fully impale the young girl. “Here you cum again!”Eve firmly gripped Rosa’s wide hips, stood up on the balls of her feet andthrust her pelvis forward with as much weight as she could muster. Shewatched as the black shaft slid into Rosa’s vagina and quickly disappearedinch after inch until finally it disappeared completely and her pelvisslapped against the young girl’s meaty ass cheeks. Eve held Rosa’s hipsfirmly and leaned into the girl’s ass burying the dildo as deep as it wouldgo and then held it there as Rosa squealed and began to undulate her hipsas another even more powerful orgasm exploded from deep inside her bowels.”That’s it, honey, take it! Take it all and cum like never before!” criedEve as she held her ground and rode Rosa’s gyrating hips.Rosa’s mouth hung open, but no sound came out as she felt her body explodeas Eve thrust the full length escort bursa of the enormous dildo into her spasmingpussy. She could distinctly feel the blunt end of the dildo bump into andthen push past her cervix as it plowed into her belly. Rosa expected pain,but only felt pleasure as her body immediately responded to the intrusionwith the most powerful climax of them all. She had now lost total controlover her mind and body, as all she could concentrate on were the intenseand continuous waves of pleasure as they quickly rose up and washed overher. Rosa had buried her face into the cushion of the sofa, as she couldno longer concentrate of watching the images of her being so thoroughlyfucked in the mirror.Eve lifted herself up and pulled her hips back slowly, steadily until allbut the head of the dildo remained in grip of Rosa’s clutching vagina.Then Eve leaned forward again, never releasing Rosa’s bucking hips, andplunged the dildo all the way in again slapping her pelvis into the girl’sass. She remained there for another moment as she again kept grinding herpelvis against Rosa’s sex in an attempt to bury every millimeter insideher. Eve then began to fuck Rosa with long, steady strokes again, but thistime she would make sure her hips slammed into the younger girl’s upturnedass pounding her into the soft cushion with each powerful thrust.Rosa had lost count of the orgasms, they all seemed to blur together as Evecontinued her relentless assault on her pussy. She felt every inch, everybulging vein and ridge, as the shaft sawed through her slick opening overand over and over again. Rosa finally managed to turn her head backtowards the mirror and watched in awe as the statuesque, black beautypounded her with the enormous dildo. Her eyes started to roll back intoher head when she saw Eve lean forward and lift her hips up so she couldnow skewer her from a slightly sharper angle. When her eyes rolled forwardagain she saw the ebony Amazon jabbing the last half of the dildo into herpussy with short quick thrusts. Eve’s ass was a blur as it drove forwardrepeatedly and slapped into Rosa’s quivering ass pistoning the phallus intoher like a jackhammer. The older woman’s stamina was only surpassed by herenthusiasm as she continued her frenetic thrusts for the next severalminutes until the sweat was rolling down her lithe body. Then just whenRosa thought her body would be torn in half Eve slowed her pace and beganto pound the full length of the cock into bowels again in long, leisurelystrokes. After another few minutes Rosa lost consciousness completely andlay limply underneath the powerful thrusts as Eve continued to pound theenormous cock into her belly.Eve soon realized that Rosa had blacked out and she slowly came to a haltand buried the dildo all the way into Rosa and then lay across her sweatyback to rest. She then looked over and smiled as she saw the eroticreflection of their two bodies joined so thoroughly at the hip and both ofthem dripping with sweat. Eve allowed herself several minutes to catch herbreath before she lifted herself up and then pulled the huge dildo out ofRosa completely. She watched as the young girl’s vagina remained gapingopen an inch or more as it twitched occasionally recovering from theincredible workout it just received. Eve reached down and pulled thedripping dildo off of her harness and brought it up to her nose where sheinhaled the lovely scent before she began to work her mouth and tongue allover the gleaming shaft to lap up every drop of Rosa’s residue.Rosa finally stirred awake after sleeping almost a full hour. She was nolonger bent over the arm of the sofa, but was now stretched out comfortablylaying across the seat. Rosa took another minute or two to clear thecobwebs from her head before she sat up and looked at the tired lookingreflection in the mirror. She saw a girl that was the picture perfectexample of someone being ridden hard and put away wet. Her hair was allmatted and her body was still glistening with her sweat although most of ithad dried dulling her once lustrous skin. She looked down at her sorevagina and was surprised to see that it was fully closed and not gappingwide open like a telephone pole had just been pulled out of it, which ishow, it felt. Rosa looked around the room and then noticed a smallbathroom so she struggled to her feet and made her way inside. She found asmall shower stall and her eyes lit up as she turned on the water andstepped inside and just stood there for the next few minutes and allowedthe water to wash over her tired body. Rosa then grabbed the soap and bodyscrub and cleaned every inch of her skin until she felt fresh andrevitalized. She washed her hair and then rinsed off before turning thewater off and grabbing a nearby towel and drying off.Rosa wrapped herself in the towel and then walked back into the room whereshe began the desperate search for her clothes. She stopped momentarilywhen she heard several voices coming from the front part of the shop. Shecouldn’t quite understand what they were saying, but she did recognize Evetalking to what sounded like at least one other woman. From what she couldtell they were somewhere over in the far part of the shop so she felt safe,for the moment, to be walking around wearing only a towel. As she turnedher attention back to her search she came across her clothes, neatly foldedon a table next to several bags. She discarded the towel and quicklypulled on her denim shorts and tank top. Her thong was nowhere to befound. She slipped on her shoes and then looked in one of the bags on thetable and found a small handwritten note. It read:I am taking for granted that you were pleased with the productdemonstration and have boxed up one(1) leather harness and one(1) slightlyused specialty dildo (washed and cleaned of course!). I also took theliberty of putting together several other items that I thought you might beinterested in trying. Raven also suggested several lotions, oils andpowders that I’m sure you will find useful and delicious. There is onespecialty cream included, Raven swears by it and uses it on all of her morediscerning clients, which I threw in at no charge. You will know it whenyou see it. I took the liberty of charging the purchases to your creditcard and I put the receipt in the bag. Don’t be alarmed about the price.I gave you a special ‘first time buyer’ discount that should lessen theblow somewhat. I know I will be seeing you again, soon. Enjoy!EveRosa found the receipt and pulled it out to examine her purchases and wasnot shocked by the high total. She then quickly looked through the bagsand was excited by all of the wonderful items that Eve had picked out forher and she couldn’t wait to get home and try them all out with Terry.Rosa then picked up the bags and made her way over to the doorway leadingout into the shop and hesitated before walking through the beads. Shelistened for a moment and didn’t hear any voices, but just as she was aboutto step through the doorway she heard a woman’s moan. She stood motionlessand waited for another sound to be sure of what she just thought she heard.Sure enough a few moments later there was the distinct sound a womanmoaning, now even louder. It sounded as though it was coming from the farside of the shop so she quietly split the hanging beads and softly walkedthrough the shop towards the door. When she got to the door she lookedback and saw something that almost made her drop her bags right there andmoan out loud herself. On the far side of the shop she saw young girl, notmuch older than herself, laying back on a tabletop with her legs spreadwide open. She was wearing a skirt that was now bunched up around herwaist and her underwear was lying on the table next to her. Her nakedpussy was fully exposed and Eve was leaning over the table, in between hersplayed legs, pushing something into her. Rosa looked closer and saw thatEve was slowly fucking the young girl with a dildo, not quite as large asthe one she just purchased, but a fairly good sized one. The girl’s headwas tossing back and forth, and Rosa could see her pussy was shiny with herjuices as she was obviously enjoying another one of Eve’s ‘productdemonstrations’. Rosa smiled knowingly as she turned back to the door andquietly opened it and made her escape without disturbing the two women.Rosa could not believe how late it was and quickly went about finishing herown errands. The last item on her list was at the pharmacy and she easilymanaged to procure the necessary medications even without the properlysigned prescription note from a doctor. She knew the pharmacist very well,and considering the medications were nothing out of the ordinary for whatshe normally came in for, there were no questions. She asked thepharmacist to renew several prescriptions that her mother was using: onewas a medication that increased your libido (viagra for women), one was asleeping pill, and the other was a medication that induced milk productionin women that weren’t nursing naturally. All three pills would soon becomedaily medication for Terry once Rosa explained to her the bogus therapythat Dr. Cuevas had allegedly outlined for her recovery. If everythingworked out well, Terry would soon be on the receiving end of her newlypurchased dildo and Rosa was going to be the one in control.When Rosa returned to the house she found Terry preparing dinner in thekitchen. When she asked her where her mother was Terry told her that shewas tending to her ill sister. Rosa nodded her head and then proceeded tomake her way back to Theresa’s room with several of the items that hermother had requested. She paused at the door for a moment and listened,but could not hear anything so she lightly knocked.”Who is it?” called Carmen from inside the room.”It’s me, Rosa. I have your things,” replied Rosa.A few moments later the door opened and Carmen peered through the openingcarefully and made sure that Rosa was alone. She smiled at her daughterand motioned for her to come inside, and then closed the door behind her.Rosa looked at Theresa’s naked form as she lay on her bed bound securely tothe bedposts. Her chest was heaving slightly and her swollen tits werejoined together by a heavy chain firmly attached to protruding nipples byrubber clamps. Theresa’s arms were outstretched and her wrists weresecured to the bedposts by Velcro straps.”Mother, what is going on in here?” asked Rosa more angry than shocked bythe sight of seeing her sister in such a state.”Theresa has been a very bad sister I’m afraid and I am teaching her alittle self control,” answered Carmen matter of factly.”What did she do now?” asked Rosa like this wasn’t the first time hersister had been in trouble with her mother.”Well, first of all she has the manners of a common slut by seducing ourhouse guest before she’s even known her for more than 24 hours,” explainedCarmen. “And secondly, I told her specifically to steer clear of Terrybecause I know how you feel about her and I didn’t want to take a chance ofher possibly ruining the friendship that you were building.””She seduced Terry?! When?! How?!” asked Rosa getting upset.”Yesterday afternoon when we were inside preparing dinner. Right outsidein the back yard of all places,” replied Carmen annoyed at the brazennessof the act.”Theresa! You’re always doing that!” complained Rosa vehemently.”I found out later that she was even planning on fucking Terry last nightand she probably would’ve succeeded had I not discovered what she wasdoing,” continued Carmen coldly as she rubbed Rosa’s shoulders and tried tocalm her down.”Every time I find someone that I like Theresa always seems to show up andflaunt herself all over the place. I swear! I mean, I can’t even have anyof my friends over whenever she’s around, because I’m afraid that if Ileave them alone for two minutes she’ll find some way to get their pantiesoff and her fingers in their pussy’s,” cried Rosa angrily.”I know, I know, sweetie. She’s a selfish girl and doesn’t have any regardfor other people’s feelings,” agreed Carmen as she shook her head indisappointment. “And that is why I’ve decided to teach her a lesson inmanners once and for all.””Well, it’s about time that’s all I have to say,” said Rosa.”So don’t you worry your little head any more, okay? I’m going tostraighten her out one way or another. Now go on and leave us alone,”instructed Carmen. “Just tell Terry that Theresa is very sick, and I amgoing to be taking good care of her for the next few days. Tell her that Idon’t want anyone coming in here because she may be contagious. I wouldn’twant Terry to accidentally walk in here and see something that might upsether.””I will and thank you, mother,” replied Rosa as she hugged Carmen beforeshe turned and left the room.”Do you see how upset your baby sister was?” asked Carmen pointedly as shescolded Theresa. “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Don’t you think thatyou deserve to be punished?””Yes, mother, I’m sorry, but…Aaaaaahhhhhh!” began Theresa before she wascut off in mid-sentence by the extreme jolt of pain that just shot throughher chest.”No excuses!” spat Carmen angrily as she tugged firmly on the chainattached to Theresa’s nipples stretching them obscenely. “I will have noneof that! You will remain here, in this room, until you have learned somedamn manners and account for your indiscretions!”Theresa’s eyes filled with water instantly and she began to sob at thethought of what her mother was going to do to her over the next few days.She had always avoided Carmen’s ire before, but now she feared she wasgoing to be receiving the full brunt of her anger and she wasn’t lookingforward to it.Rosa returned to the kitchen just as Terry was finishing setting up theplace settings and getting ready to serve dinner. She noticed that therewere four settings at the table and figured that now was as good a time asany to inform her that Theresa and her mother would not be joining them fordinner.”Dinner’s ready. Are Theresa and your mother hungry?” asked Terry.”No, I don’t think so. Theresa is very sick apparently and mother is goingto be staying with her tonight,” explained Rosa.”Oh really? That’s too bad. Well, maybe I can put together a couple ofplates and take them to Theresa’s room later,” suggested Terry innocently.”No, that’s okay, I’ll do that. Mother isn’t sure what kind of virusTheresa may and it may be contagious so she doesn’t want anyone else goingback there and risk the whole house becoming infected,” explained Rosa.”Oh, okay, I guess that would be for the best,” agreed Terry. “Well, Ihope you’re hungry at least.””Yes, very. Something smells delicious! What did you make?” asked Rosa asshe breathed in the wonderful smell coming from the oven.”Chicken pot pie. It’s one of my mother’s recipes,” said Terry as sheremoved several small casserole dishes from the oven. “I hope you likeit.””Mmmmmm, I’m sure I will!” beamed Rosa as the wonderful smell waftedthrough the air.Rosa and Terry ate dinner and talked about nothing in particular over thenext hour. After they cleaned all of the dishes Rosa told Terry that shewould meet her upstairs right after she took some dinner for her sister andmother back to Theresa’s room. Terry went upstairs to her room while Rosabrought her mother some dinner. She didn’t bother to bring any for Theresabecause she didn’t think her mother was going to allow her to eat any solidfood for a few days anyway. Rosa then went upstairs and found Terrywaiting for her in her room.”I picked up the medication that the doctor prescribed,” said Rosa as shebrought out the pills and held them up for Terry to see. “Now you’resupposed to take one of each of these every morning after breakfast,” Rosainstructed as she handed Terry the viagra supplement and the breast milkinducer, “and then one of these every night before you go to sleep,” shecontinued as she handed Terry the sleeping pills.Terry looked at the pills carefully and then made a mental note as to howthe pills were to be taken.”The doctor also said that you should refrain from any sexual activity forthe next few weeks,” continued Rosa. “So you’ll have to call up yourboyfriend and call things off for a while.”Rosa giggled, but Terry did not quite get the joke and merely smiled.”I didn’t think that would be too much of a problem. Unless of course youfound some nice Mexican boy that you haven’t told anyone about, have you?”asked Rosa sarcastically.”No,” replied Terry meekly now that she understood Rosa’s sarcastic tone.”Is that it?””Well, she did say to just try to relax and take it easy for a while andhopefully you will be feeling much better in a few weeks,” explained Rosa.”She did ask me to help you out if you needed anything and made a fewsuggestions of things that I could do for you if you became uptight oragitated.””You are so sweet to pick this medicine up for me,” thanked Terry as sheleaned over and hugged Rosa warmly.”Don’t think twice about it. I was glad to and besides what are friendsfor?” replied Rosa. “I know it’s early, but I’m so worn out from thisafternoon that I think I’m going to go to bed early tonight. I’ll see youin the morning. Goodnight.””Goodnight,” said Terry as Rosa leaned over and quickly kissed her on thelips.Terry was a little surprised at the brevity of Rosa’s kiss, and wasexpecting something a little more intense, especially after the way the twoof them were kissing last night. She just stared blankly ahead and watchedas Rosa stood up and walked out of her room. Terry then lay back on herbed and thought about how she was finally going to be able to get controlover herself again once the medication had a chance to take affect. Sheknew Rosa was joking about her having a boyfriend, but the one sexualactivity that she did not want to admit to was her incessant masturbating,and Terry had no idea how she was going to stop doing that if themedication didn’t start doing something for her right away. After thinkingfor a moment Terry decided not to wait a moment longer and then promptlyremoved a pill from each bottle and swallowed them with the small glass ofwater she had on her nightstand. At least she had hope now for a recoveryand not a second too soon before things between her and Rosa got too out ofhand. Terry then closed her eyes and smiled as she thought about howwonderful it was going to be when she was ‘normal’ again.

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