Visiting An Old Friend Ch. 01

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I’m not sure how I came to be there, I do know why I did it. I approached the receptionist desk and asked for assistance reaching the tech support desk.

“Do you work with one of our extended branches ma’am,” she inquired. It was a perfectly logical question since it was close to quitting time and security I decided to linger a little and let his thoughts run like mice in a cage. “Actually, I wanted to say thank you in person.”

“In person, for what;” he asked, his voice cracked a little. Either he is very nervous about getting into trouble, or he was starting to think along the same lines I was hoping for.

I loosened my jacket and closed the office door behind me. I wore a see-through lacy top underneath with only a brassier under it. I walked up and leaned against his desk between him and the keyboard he just vacated. “You know what is one of the worst things of being alone? If you get a crick in your neck, there isn’t someone there to massage it for you.”

“Here, let me take a look.” I turned around and let him begin to massage my neck. The feel of his hands on me sent shivers down my spine.Lower, part of me begged,please let them go lower. Just hold me and tell me everything will be better. “I missed that. I missed other things too!” I reach behind me to feel for him, I find his leg and that leads me to his growing member. I hear that distinct little growl he always did when trying to control himself.

He held my hand back, “please don’t do that, I thought you said illegal bahis we shouldn’t.”

I turned around to face him, “I was half-hoping you’d read between the lines.” I reached up and we met in a deep kiss. His hands reached around my waist and held me to him; one of my hands reached up to his head, remembering the texture of his hair. His lips, his scent, his warmth . . .Oh, he feels so good. More, I want more.”Take me James, please take me.”

He needed no further invitation, his hands reached down and hiked up my skirt. “Why you little . . . You aren’t wearing any panties!”

“Less time on clothes, more time on more important things.” Panting, I managed to take his pants down and claim my prize. Throbbing, warm, and hard; I wrap my hands around his shaft.Should I go down on him now, take him in and beg for release?He raised my head up and kisses me deep one more time and gently lifts me to his desk. I finish taking off my jacket as he reached up and pulled the brassier down. Boldly he takes my breast into his mouth, one arm holding me in place while the other plunders between my legs.Maybe later, I gasp at the brazen interruption of my plans and let a wave of pleasure run through me.

His lips start going up my chest and up my neck, leaving a hot trail of kisses and his breath upon me in its wake. “Tell me you want me,” he whispers in my ear. “How badly do you want it?”

Oh how he knew how to push my buttons, “I want you. I want you now.”

His shaft poised at the ready, illegal bahis siteleri he paused. “Maybe we shouldn’t, I wouldn’t want to put you in a difficult position.”

I looked straight into those beautiful eyes of his, a smirk spreading through my face. “Let me tell you, I am very flexible and can get into mostly any position.” I reached over and pulled him closer, slowly easing him inside me. I could feel him filling me up, his hands tightened against my hips and pulled me deeper on to him. We began to rock, together as one as if nothing had changed in the many years.

“God, you are still as tight and warm as I remember!” His thrusts begin to increase in depth and rhythm. All worries lost in our explorations of ourselves; hands caressing, lips feeling . . . Wave after wave of pleasure looming over me, piling each other into a climactic crescendo.

“Oh my goodness,” I cried out as release grips me and he began going faster as he began to come inside me.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that,” he said as his lips claimed mine once more. We held each other like that for a few moments more, then he pulled out and slumped back on his chair.Hmm, an armless chair . . . Possibilities.

“Who said I was done,” I asked as I straddled him in his chair. I kissed him sweetly on the lips, then went down to the top of his neck and nibbled on his ear a little. His hands searched down between my legs and inserted finger by finger into me. He begins thrusting canlı bahis siteleri them faster and faster while massaging other parts of me, bringing me into another head-splitting climax.

“Better,” he asked. I can only nod my head in confirmation. “You’re so wet, maybe I should take advantage of that.”

I looked down and he was starting to get hard again. “Not so fast you, I’ve got other plans for that.” And I lowered myself off his lap, on to my knees in front of him. I wrapped my hand around his turgid shaft and took him to me. Having learned a few tricks in the past year it did not take long to have him gripping his seat. A few minutes more and I felt him throbbing close to release. “Hmm, look at the time. It’s getting late!” I started to rise and began to reach for my strewn clothing.

“Oh no you don’t missy,” he clamped one arm around my waist and pulled me down to his lap. He took my hand and placed it on his throbbing member and whispered in my ear, “you can’t leave this unfinished.”

“Oh, like you didn’t leave me unfinished a few times,” I exclaimed.

“That’s what you get for faking it.” He looked me straight in the eye with definite intent, “make sure not to do that again. Now, I suggest you finish what you started.”

“Only if you promise to come by my hotel room before I have to leave.”Proposition made, let’s see if he bites. I lowered my lips down poised at the ready, my hot breath poring over him; my hand still massaging him, keeping him pulsing and on the brink.

“Consider it done.” And with that I engulfed him, took him deep in my mouth. He was definitely on the brink, within seconds I felt his hot seed pouring forth.

“Remember your promise,” I told him as I reached up for one more kiss.

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