Subject: Wait Till Dark [chapter 1] for Gay/incest This is a work of fiction. No resemblance to any person, living or dead, is intended. Copyright reserved by author, 2019 AUTHOR’S NOTES: Please join me in supporting Nifty in recognition of the unique role they play in bringing readers and writers together. Even a small donation helps. To contribute, go to fty/donate Wait Till Dark -1 23-Year-old Willaim “Billy” Crawford was trying to convince his 30-year-old elder brother Robert ‘Bob”: Crawford to move in with him Bob: I am really not getting your sudden desire to play roomy-roomy with me. Billy: I am not trying to play roomy-roomy with you. You placed an ad for a room and I really don’t see why you should live someplace else when there is room available in your own home? In your ad you mentioned that you are willing to share a flat then why can’t you come and live with me? Dad and mom;s room is vacant. You can live there. Bob: My home? My home!!!. Are you really that naive or just trying to rub salt on my wound by pretending to be naive? Billy: I am not trying to do anything. You need a room to live and our house has a spare room [our parent’s bedroom ] Bob: [It seemed Robert[aka bob] would explode with anger] That is not our fucking house!! That is your house which you have inherited from dad. And he did not give anything to me! Anything!! Not a single fucking penny!!! Billy: I understand your anger. Bob: You fucking do not understand anything!! And it is not about money or home!! it is about how much they hated me. Earlier I understood their dislike and apathy towards me. I was not a good son. I got into trouble. I have a police record . Went to izmit escort prison for a few months But Dad’s will showed me how much he hated me even at the time of his death. Billy: It is not like that. Dad loved you. Mom loved you. And I love you. Bob: Don’t fucking try to pander me! And don’t try to white-wash their hatred towards me. Billy[ was trying to calm down the situation [ Okay okay. I am not trying to change how you feel. I am not trying to amend the past. I will not force you to do anything The point here is You need a room and I have a spare room. You want to find another place to live it is your wish. If you can not get that due to any reason then you can come any day. If you really think that is not your home then you can pay me rent. Full rent, subsidized rent or you can live rent-free. Do as your convenience. You can call me anytime if you change your mind and then Billy started to leave Bob: [suddenly after a long pause] Billy! Wait! is there something you are not telling me? Billy: What? What I am not telling you? Bob: There is more to it than just me needing a house. Tell me, Billy, what it is? Billy: Nothing. Don’t overthink. Don’t try to complicate simple things. Call me if you change your mind And then Billy left As soon as Billy returned home. His panic returned. The night was falling outside. Darkness was setting in and billy anxiety level was rapidly rising Billy[ to himself]: Well that did not go as I planned. Maybe I should have been more insistent. Maybe I should have told the truth to Bob about the serial killer. But will Bob believes that? Why should he? Bob hates his gut and he has every right to do. What his father did to his brother[Bob] was very unfair. yahya kaptan escort But the current problem was not about a property dispute between two brothers. It was about Billy’s life. Billy:[to himself]: Should I tell everything to Bob? Then I have to tell him my own ugly truth which I don’t want anyone to know. As night getting darker., Billy’s fear and anxiety level was going higher. Billy: What should I do? What should I do? Should I sell this house and move to a different state away from this? Or at least rent out this house and move to the town and rent an apartment in a decently populated place? But I love this house and do not want to live in any other place. Billy opened his medicine cabinet and took out pills to soothe his anxiety. billy: How long can I take these pills? Taking this pill will not solve my problems . . I will have to find some solution. Then he went to bed Next day when Billy was in his office he got a call from his big brother Bob Bob: So hey Billy, I was thinking about you know….. your offer… Look, I am not getting any decent apartment here in the town so I would like to live in your house. Billy[trying not to show his happiness] It is not only my house. It is your house too, Bob. Bob: No, it is not my house. I am only going to live there because at this moment I don’t have much choice. But I have some conditions. Billy: I am ok with all your conditions. Bob: No you listen to me first. I don’t want any arguments later. I will not live there for free. I will pay you rent. But my work has no fixed schedule. I may have to work at odd hours and not only that my many friends always like to come home from time to time. gebze escort Some of them even may stay overnight. Also, my two-year son may also visit me on some weekends. So it may affect your peaceful homely lifestyle Billy I have no problem with either of that. I would like to have my nephew visiting us. Bob: Great. I will pay you to rent in cash but can not pay you a deposit. Billy: Whatever Bob: Can I shift by the end of this month? Billy: You can shift tomorrow if you want. Bob: One more thing. I can not live in our parent’s bedroom. You will have to move there. I will move in your room Bill: Why? What is the problem with that room? In fact, that room is bigger. Besides, I will have to move my stuff there. Bob: No I can not live in that room. If you have a problem with that then… Billy: Okay Okay.Jesus!! You are so demanding. Okay, I will move my stuff. tomorrow. You can shift any day after that BobL Okay thanks a lot, Billy. I owe you one Billy: No , I owe you one/. bob: What how? What I did for you? Billy: nothing. never mind. Just come as soon as possible Billy was so happy/ Offcourse Billy: if there is really a serial killer out there who is killing closet gay men or just gay men then that killer could still kill me. But living with my macho big brother would still give me plenty of security. Besides my brother’s friends will also come to this place from time to time so there is that. Billy was feeling far less unsafe now in his home. As his therapist told him to go to the root of your fear and then try to find the solution to the problem What was the reason for Billy’s fear? Was that fear rational or just imagination of his paranoid mind.? What is the cause of friction between the two brother? All ll this and much more back story about Crawford brother [Robert “Bob” Crawford and Willaim “Billy ” Crawford]in upcoming chapters I welcome readers’ comments, for better or for worse. Please send them ail

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