Wanking into lodgers panties

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Big Tits

Wanking into lodgers pantiesMy sister used to have three lodgers, all hot girls between 22 and 25. All of them used to work regularly 9-5 so almost always there was no-one around there during the day at all. My sister lived away and had given me a key to call in and pick things up or do some odd jobs.Pantie-Wanker Heaven!One way or another I was often there. I always arrived at around 9:30 am after everyone had left for work. Usual routine: turn off the alarm (the fact it was on when I arrived meant that I knew there was no-one at home), put the snip down on the front door lock so as not to be surprised by someone coming home early, get out my cock and balls, and start pantie-work. There’s undies everywhere at my sister’s: on the radiators, on drying rails, in the washing machine, in baskets – but it’s much more fun to have to dig around for them. Have a good snoop round the girls’ rooms. I always used to cum at least once of course, but I frequently managed twice, and once a triple! kocaeli escort All 3 girls got their share!Incidentally I used to really like the thought of them out and hard at work in their secretary/ teacher clothes, all tight skirts and tiny thongs, with their cunts sweating away and pissy drips and other cunty-excretions collecting in those gussets. Meanwhile I’m back at my sister’s with my cock in one hand, and their thongs from the previous day pressed against my nose, enjoying the succulent fruits of their labours. Much appreciated!Two of the lodgers had been there for a long time, and I’d done their knicker drawers and laundry baskets many times. In fact I was quite an expert on their undies, and loved chatting to them knowing much more about them than they suspected, especially how their holes smelt. In fact once I chatted to Kari while I was wearing one of her thongs and had one of her tampons snugly up my arse!Kari was Indian and dressed like a whore. She generally wore short kocaeli escort bayan skirts and owned no panties bigger than a tiny thong. Her tits were genuinely massive – you know that Dolly Parton’s tits are 40DD? Well Kari’s were 38DD!!! (I knew, after all I’d wanked into her bras often enough). That’s Dolly Parton size tits on a smaller frame. And Kari ALWAYS wore them on a balcony type bra, like a shelf – so they were really on display and in your face. And for work she always wore a virtually transparent blouse.Sarah was the opposite. She was very thin with virtually no tits, and also wore only thongs. She always had thong showing both front and back with straps on display. Her bra was hardly worth wearing she had so little up there. In fact she had more than once leaned over in front of me in a loose blouse, sometimes without bra, with some excuse or other (searching in a cupboard or picking something up from the floor) I’m sure to give me a really good view of her very flat, izmit escort but very perky tits. And I made sure that I got a full eyeful each time. One day she came home (around 4 as she was a teacher) whilst I was in the sitting room. We had a quick chat while I admired her very visible front panty-line. Her jeans were really low down and I could see most of her belly, and the thong (what there was of it) showed front and back. She was so thin that you could see distinctly the muscle lines stretching down pussy-wards between belly and thighs. In fact it was very hard to see why I couldn’t see her clit as her jeans were so low. She obviously had no bush or I would definitely have been able to see it – what she had on public display was definitely in the bush zone. You could literally see the top of her mound.Unfortunately I was never going to get to fuck her, but I did the next best thing: she dashed up to her room for a shower because she was going out. Within 5 mins of her leaving the house I had my cock out wanking over her discarded jeans on her bedroom floor, the thong still in place. No stain unfortunately, but delicious fresh smell. And her cunt had been in them just 15 minutes earlier. Wonderful times!

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