Wanna Ride?

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He always seemed to bring out the worst in her.

Leaving Ryan’s office, Taylor silently berated herself for firing back at him, thus falling into his trap yet again. It was all in good fun, she knew, but just once, she wanted to walk away the victor. Just once, she wanted to leave him fumbling and flushed, taking with her his ability to form a coherent sentence. Instead, it was always she who fumbled and flushed and tried to walk away on legs that were weak with desire. Each time, she swore, was the last… yet she always searched for a reason to seek him out again.

As frustrating as it was, Taylor craved the tension between them. She wouldn’t admit to herself that it wasn’t one-sided; wouldn’t entertain the idea that Ryan could feel even the slightest attraction toward her that she felt for him. And, oh! Did she feel it for him! So very male, he was, so incredibly sexy did she find his attitude… his seemingly daring side, as evidenced by his love of motorcycles – and more, his sensitive nature that he preferred to keep tucked away. Taylor told herself that what passed between them was mere flirting; should there ever come a day when more was offered, she knew she didn’t have the confidence to go through with it.

Only in her fantasies… Eye contact. It was an essential element of their relationship. Immediate. From the moment they were introduced, her eyes had captivated Ryan. He found himself creating excuses to seek her out. At times, he felt the attraction was on both sides, but for the most part, he guessed her teasing was nothing more than innocent flirting… until her eyes met his. Taylor revealed more with one look than he guessed she might be comfortable with… passion, confidence, humor, desire, and such strength and vulnerability at once.

Ryan wanted her. Her scent was distracting, and the way it lingered in his office each time she passed through drove him to near insanity. He’d been close to her several times, at times out of necessity, but others were well-planned. He often wondered if the heat that passed between them with one glance would also exist in the touch of her hand. Oh, how he wanted to find out.

“Wanna ride?”

Ryan was abruptly pulled from his thoughts by the husky, yet feminine, voice he’d come to recognize. “Come again? I didn’t hear you,” he said.

Again with those eyes. This time they sparkled with laughter and mischief. “That’s because I haven’t… yet. You would definitely hear if I had.” Taylor paused for only a second, to allow a small wave of feminine satisfaction to wash over her as she watched his reaction to her words. His expression never wavered, but the slight flush in his cheeks and the heat flashing in his eyes were unmistakable. Yes! Finally! “What I asked was if you wanted to ride… you know… go for a spin?” She dangled the keys from her fingers, jingling them slightly.

Ryan stared at her hand, transfixed for a moment. He glanced away, then looked back at her and said, “I shouldn’t.”

“Why not? I’m a very good driver… I’ll take it really slow…”

At that, his eyes met hers again, and he knew he didn’t want to say no. Ryan stood and rounded his desk, watching her watch him, not stopping until he was past her. He turned back, leaning close, murmuring softly, “Slow is fine… just fine… to start with.”

It took everything Taylor had not to turn into him at that moment, to not let him see how much she wanted him… craved his touch… but try as she might, she couldn’t control the soft gasp that escaped her lips. Dammit! He’d done it again. Not this time, she thought. Not this time. Turning to leave, she met his eyes, taking in the devilish grin on his face. She swayed toward him, the tips of her breasts brushing his arm. She loved watching the confident smile on his lips falter as he felt her hardened nipples pressing into his flesh. Ignoring the bolt of electricity flowing from her nipples to her stomach, she held his gaze. “Then slow it is, she said as she passed by him. Glancing back over her shoulder, she added, “To start with.”

Oh, God, Ryan thought as he watched her walk out the door… as he watched her hips sway gently with each step. What the hell had he just done? He was crazy to even think of getting into that car with her… but Heaven help him, he was powerless to say no. He followed Taylor outside, excitement igniting his blood as he took in the site of her getting behind the wheel of the red ‘Vette sitting in the lot. She had removed the tops before going into his office, and the windows were down. She turned to watch as he walked to the car; the thought crossed his mind that, quite possibly, he had never seen a site more erotic, more inviting. The look in her eyes told him in was in for one hell of a ride. He slid into the passenger seat, sinking into the rich leather. She smiled at him, asked if he was ready. “More than you could possibly guess,” Ryan replied.

Rather than embarrass herself by hurtling canlı bahis over the console and making him hers right then and there, Taylor turned her attention to the key in the ignition, gripping it in the hopes that her trembling fingers wouldn’t be noticed. She turned the key, and the engine turned over smoothly. Her fingers curled around the gearshift, and she shifted into reverse. At this point, Ryan wasn’t sure what excited him the most… the deep rumble of the 427 engine, or the way her hand seemed to caress the gearstick as she shifted into drive. She slowly maneuvered the car through the lot, and just as carefully pulled out into the street. Traffic wasn’t heavy, but she continued to keep her speed low. Whether it was because the car was her most prized possession, or because she had every intention of making good on her slow-to-start-with promise, Ryan didn’t know. He began to relax, enjoying the breeze coming in through the windows and open roof, the sun warming his face and arms. The radio was turned down low, too low for him to make out what song was playing, but just loud enough to know that it wasn’t anything he usually listened to.

As they rode through town, they talked a bit about work, and Ryan used the opportunity to study Taylor, liking the way her face became animated as she spoke… the way she kicked off her shoes as she drove, caressing the pedals with the soles of her feet… and more importantly, the way her hand stroked the gearstick. It wasn’t a simple caress as it had been when she first shifted gears. No, it had changed to a full-fledged stroke. Ryan lost track of what she was saying as he watched her long, graceful fingers slide up and down the stick, twisting with each stroke, her thumb rubbing across the top of the knob… slowly… so slowly… as if she were completely unaware of her actions. Everything around him faded – Taylor’s voice as she spoke, the music, the world outside – nothing existed but this woman and her ought-to-be-against-every-law ability to turn him on without a single touch. His cock was painfully hard, and there was no way to adjust himself without her knowing. Finally, he noticed his surroundings as the car rolled to a stop. They were at the last traffic light before leaving town. Past that, the highway opened into four lanes. As they waited for the light to change, Ryan became aware of the music coming from the speakers around them… or rather, what sounded like cries of passion against a backdrop of soulful jazz. He glanced at her, one eyebrow raised. Taylor tossed a look his way, a vixen smile on her lips.

“What are we listening to?” he asked.

“Surely you recognize the sweet music of a woman at the height of pleasure?” she asked with an innocence that belied the mischief in her eyes. Her moment of female satisfaction lasted just as long as it took for him to lean over the console, without breaking eye contact, and say, “Surely you know enough about me to realize that when I notice the sounds of pleasure coming from a woman, it’s because I’m the one creating them.” Taylor’s mouth went dry, her tongue unconsciously slipping between her lips in an effort to moisten them, her eyes lowered to his mouth. One inch. Just one inch, and she would be able to taste him… able to slide the tip of her tongue over his lower lip, to gently draw it between her… A moan began to rise in her throat, and she quickly swallowed it. Pulling back, her eyes flickered toward his lap, the thick ridge of his obviously hard cock at once shocking and thrilling her. He does feel it! she thought. She noticed the light had changed; with a glance in his direction and a small smile on her lips, she moved the car forward. Slowly. At first. And then she reached out to the radio, turning the volume up until they were surrounded by the throbbing jazz beat and the escalating moans and sighs of pleasure. Little by little, she accelerated, until talking was no longer an option. The music, the roar of the engine, the wind whipping through the small car… it was impossible to hear anything more. Taylor liked to feel… to absorb. It was an erotic rush, a sensory overload. She looked over at Ryan; finding that he was watching her, she smiled, this time not the smile of a vixen, but of a woman who truly seemed to feel she was where she belonged at the moment, a woman completely at ease with everything around her.

They drove for a while, conversation forgotten, but the sexual energy continued to rise. Taylor had the fleeting thought that it had been a good idea to remove the tops and roll down the windows; she was sure spontaneous combustion could do some damage. Ryan reached out a hand to capture a strand of her hair as it whipped in the wind, and that, combined with the blatant lust in his eyes, was all it took. Taylor slowed the car, turned off the highway onto a road leading to an out-of-the-way park that few people knew of. She loved coming here; the solitude gave her opportunity to catch up on bahis siteleri her reading, and quiet to write her stories she seldom allowed others to read. There was a small pond, some benches, many flowers no matter the time of year… trees, plants… She pulled to a stop, at once setting the emergency break and shifting into park. She turned to Ryan as he turned to her; his lips found hers with no effort, as if they’d kissed a million times before… hungry… desperate. Her hands cupped his face; his sunk deep into her thick mane of hair and fisted tightly. He slid his tongue over her lips, seeking entry. Taylor parted her lips willingly and immediately caught his tongue, sucking deeply. His deep moan only encouraged her, and she pushed forward, kissing him harder, her tongue matching his stroke for stroke. Ryan bit her lower lip, causing her to cry out, then suckled it, easing the pain he’d caused. Her palms slid down his chest, her nails raking his flesh through his shirt. Reaching his waist, she tugged, pulling the hem free, her hands slipping underneath to feel his hot skin. He moaned again as her small, soft hands caressed him, sliding over his stomach, up his ribs, her fingers spread to touch as much of him at once as possible. Taylor found his nipples, lightly flicking them with her fingernails before taking them between her fingertips, gently twisting and tugging.

Another groan rumbled inside Ryan; Taylor could feel it in his chest, beneath her palms. Pulling away from his kiss, she lowered her head, her tongue hot and wet on his nipple. He tensed, the pleasure almost more than he could take. No woman had ever loved his body the way this one was doing right now. He was going to completely come unglued if he didn’t regain control. He took her face between his palms, raising her lips to his once more. He nibbled, he licked, he sucked on her lower lip as his hand found the hem of her skirt and slid underneath, seeking the heat he knew he’d find. His cock stiffened more, if possible, the moment his fingers touched her inner thighs. Damn, this woman was hot! Higher… hotter… Taylor squeezed her thighs together for a moment, trapping his hand, and then released, parting them, allowing him to reach further. He took advantage of her submission, finding the edge of her panties and sliding underneath.

Molten lava. That was all Ryan’s mind registered as his fingers sank into the hottest, wettest pussy he’d ever had the pleasure to touch. He’d heard women moan, he’d heard them whimper, he’d made more than one scream aloud at the peak of pleasure, but never before had he heard one purr. Until now. There was no other way to describe the low, feminine sound coming from her; he wanted to make her do it again. Slowly, he pulled his fingers out, working them in a circle as he did, caressing every inch of her that he could touch. Taylor purred louder, sucking his tongue between her lips as his fingers slid in and out, whimpering when he slid out completely, moaning softly when he found her clit, his thumb brushing over it several times. Grasping her lips between his forefinger and ring finger, the back of his hand toward her, he slid his middle finger through her wet folds, his knuckle relentless on her clit, thrumming it, lifting it, until her hips were thrusting uncontrollably and her purrs turned into growls low in her throat. His lips left hers, trailing kisses over her jaw to her neck, licking the hollow just below her throat. He found her pulse with his tongue and sucked, absorbing the pounding beat as he slid his long, thick finger deep inside of her. He felt her tighten around his finger, heard her gasp softly, and knew she was about to come apart in his arms.

Oh, she was so close! Taylor almost begged him not to stop, he only had to keep it up ten seconds more, and she would have what she instinctively knew would be the best orgasm of her life. Knowing this… wanting this!… she reached down and pulled his hand from her. Ryan’s head came up, the expression on his face one of surprise mixed with desire, his eyes dark with lust and full of questions. Before he could ask, she looked deep into his eyes and lifted his hand to her lips, her tongue tasting the tip of his middle finger. She nibbled, then drew it deep into her mouth, tasting herself. Ryan froze, watching her, and Taylor took the opportunity to hurl her body forward, over the console onto his lap, wedging her knees on either side of his thighs as she straddled him. Her skirt rode high on her legs, resting at the top of her thighs. She lowered her hips until she could feel the thick ridge of his cock against her pussy, his jeans and her panties the only barrier. As close as she was to the edge, it would take only a quick upward thrust, maybe two, of his hips to make her come. She held no illusions; she knew Ryan was allowing her to take control of the situation, knew that if he wanted to, he could easily have the upper hand no matter their current position. His bahis şirketleri hands rested on her hips, his fingers caressing just above her ass. Taylor leaned forward, the tip of her tongue tracing the shell of his ear. He moaned as the heat washed over him, moaning again when she took the lobe between her lips, teeth lightly grazing. She pressed her face to his neck, taking a moment to inhale his scent, knowing it would be with her forever. She slid her ass backwards, sitting on his knees as she kissed her way down his throat and chest, finding his nipples through the material of his shirt, lightly biting them.

Ryan hissed. Taylor smiled. Her hands slid under his shirt, caressing his stomach, his chest. Lower, to his belt… she unbuckled it, unbuttoned his jeans, tugged down the zipper, pulled back the waistband of his black briefs, and took his cock into her hot little hand. She held him there, not moving, just feeling. It pulsed in her palm, hot and ready. She looked into his eyes and slowly… so slowly… began to stroke him. He liked it slow… to start with.

Her soft hand was almost more than Ryan could stand, and he locked his jaw for control. Eye contact. He steadily held her gaze and wondered how something so soft could be so firm and gentle at once. Her thumb rolled across the tip, spreading the wetness seeping from him. She released him long enough to bring her thumb to her tongue, tasting him. His eyes darkened more just before he closed them; an almost imperceptible smile touched her lips as she watched him. She grasped his cock again, squeezing the base gently, twisting her palm around him on the upstroke, and again on the way down. Slowly, she increased the pressure and the pace, then added her other hand, locking her fingers together, encasing him in soft velvet. Moisture seeped from the tip, and Taylor used it to coat her palms, spreading it over and around him. She watched his face, stroking faster, harder, his breathing ragged. One hand slid lower, cupping his balls, squeezing gently, scraping the sensitive skin below with the tips of her nails. His hips thrust upward once, a moan erupted from deep in his chest, and his body tensed as an orgasm started from deep within… and she released him.

His lashes lifted, his eyes glazed. “Why did you stop?”

“I wanted to push you to the edge, but not let you fall. I wanted to see how far you would let me go before you retook control.” Taylor leaned into him, her breasts pressing into his chest. “I guess now we know,” she whispered as she licked his neck, his pulse throbbing against her tongue, tasting the salty, light sheen of sweat on his skin as she reached for the doorhandle. She quickly climbed out and walked to the rear of the car, taking a moment to try and calm her racing hormones, not wanting him to know that she’d been every bit as close as he had been.

Taylor didn’t hear him get out of the car, didn’t know he was behind her until he wrapped his arms around her, hauling her back against his chest. His breath was hot against her ear, his voice low, determined. “I want you Taylor. No more pretending, no more one-upping. The games are over.” His left arm held her around the waist while his right hand stroked her stomach and hips, a gripping caress but not hurtful. He gently nipped her earlobe, sending fire through her veins; his knees parted hers from behind as his hand yanked her skirt up past her hips. His nails lightly raked her inner thighs, holding her tighter as her knees buckled slightly. “Oh, no… stay with me, Beautiful,” he breathed against her ear. “I want you right here with me, stroke for stroke, all the way.” She couldn’t contain the moan that slipped past her lips… didn’t want to. No more games, he’d said. Fine. She was beyond that now. She thrust her hips backwards, pushing against his erection as his fingers caressed her through wet panties. She pulled his other hand to her mouth, nipping the skin below his thumb, licking the center of his palm, drawing his middle finger between her lips and sucking hard. She felt his cock nestled between the cheeks of her ass, his jeans quickly becoming a hated barrier. She wanted more.

“Touch me,” she pleaded hotly, her voice breaking on a sob. “Please, touch me! I can’t stand this anymore. I want.. I need your touch on my body!” Ryan heeded her plea, tugging her panties to the side, spreading her pussy with two fingers and slowly, so maddeningly slow, caressed her clit. Taylor cried out, fueling him further; one hand cupped her breast, lightly stroking the underside, squeezing gently. Between her legs, his fingers closed, squeezing the lips together over her clit, then released. He repeated it, her nub caught between the lips, the combination of his squeezing and tugging, with her slickness, causing an almost unbearable friction. Taylor ground against him, her body screaming for release, but she didn’t want to go without him. Her thighs were soaked, her juices dripping from his hand, and she knew she couldn’t last. She reached behind her, sliding her hand between them and gripping his cock through his jeans, stroking and squeezing until she heard a hiss and knew he as close to the edge as she was.

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