Wanted: One Good Man Ch. 05

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Jake grinned at her. What a little minx, he thought. Laura was sexually insatiable. He just took her, or rather, she just had her way with him moments before and she was wanting to tease him in the tub.

He reached up to run his fingers through the disarrayed mass of red curls, even more tangled after their recent romp on the sofa. Her emerald eyes danced with mischief. The water flowed into the tub, steam filled the small bathroom. It was getting warm, but not nearly as warm as what he had imagined…had hoped. The towel he had on had been lost in the heat of passion and the sheet she wore was puddled at her feet.

She watched his blue eyes deepen in colour, the corners of his mouth curve as he pulled her into a naked embrace. His hands trailed up her back as he mouth plunged into hers, his tongue finding the heat of her mouth unbearably wet and erotic. She purred, and fought with his tongue, licking it, biting it gently, probing it, then sucking him whole into her mouth. Pulling him closer to her, she mashed her breasts against his hairy chest, enjoying the feel of him hot and bare against her pointed peaks. He spanked her bottom and she rubbed her groin into his crotch, feeling his maleness stir between them.

Jake gently pushed her back, caught his breath and reached around to the medicine chest. He pulled out a plastic bottle of baby oil, fumbled with the cap and poured some into the hot water bubbling behind her.

“Thought you might like a nice oil bath,” he said.

“You read my mind…again. How sweet of you.”

Kissing her on the forehead, he opened the door and escaped, leaving her to her privacy while he went into the bedroom to dress.

“Where are you going? I thought you were going to join me,” she sang out cheerfully, as she sank into the water letting it soothe her aching muscles. It had been quite a workout since she invaded his apartment not quite 12 hours before. She smiled as the memories drifted through her mind.

Jake noticed the knapsack Laura had brought with her. She had tossed it into the corner of the bedroom. Fighting the urge to peek at her lingerie, Jake paced the floor. Should he look? Did she have sexy lingerie? Did she like bold colors or soft pastels? Were there naughty panties or barely-there briefs. He was getting hard just thinking about her pretties. Would she freak if he caught her with her panties in his hands? Dare he take a chance?

He heard her singing in the tub and smiled.

“Oh Jake? Can you wash my back?”

“Sure Luv, be right there.”

He fought down his erection, and strolled into the bathroom. He had slipped on a pair of jeans and zipped them up, but the button remained unfastened.

When he opened the door, he couldn’t help but grab on to the sink. His eyes were fixed on her. That ass…she was laying on her belly, and her ass was covered with a pair of baby blue panties…soaking wet, and her butt was sticking out of the water. She looked at him over her shoulder, eyes daring him.

“I thought it would be easier to wash my back like this,” she said, coyly.

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Get those panties on? A minute ago you were naked and now…oh my God Laura.”

“Jake, are you ok?”

He dropped to his knees beside the tub and rubbed her wet ass with one hand and his crotch with the other.

“Oh baby, I’m more than all right,” he said, and pinched her bottom through the silky, drenched fabric.

She handed him the face cloth and a bar of soap.

“Here you go…my back please.”

Jake soaped her back, rubbing it gently, caressing her shoulders, down the line of her spine to her panties, and back up again. She moaned with pleasure and moved her ass under his hand. He drenched the cloth in the hot tub water and dripped it over her muscles, rubbing the trails of soap away. His dick throbbed in his jeans. He was mesmerized by her.

He canlı bahis şirketleri handed the cloth and soap back to her and moved both his hands over her back this time. He slipped one under her panties and over her bare ass. She shivered and spread her legs, the waterline seeping over her pussy. He inserted one finger inside her pussy and wasn’t surprised to find the slickness of her overriding the wetness of the water. He rubbed down on her clit and back up to her butt.

“Spank me Jake,” she said. “I love it when you spank me.”

His cock responded with a jerk and strained to get out, but he didn’t want to cum…not here, not like this. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t make her cum. Her rounded bottom inched higher as he pulled his hand from inside her wet panties and cracked her ass with a resounding smack. She flinched, but begged him for more.

He cracked her ass again, this time a little harder. Again, harder and once again, he let out a grunt as he came down hard on her ass. Then he rubbed and massaged her, slipped his hands inside her again and proceeded to bring her to the brink of orgasm. She rolled over in the tub, her breasts were dripping with oily water, their peaks taut and ripply.

He bent over to suckle one, and pinch the other with a free hand. His other hand reached down inside her panties once again and found her center.

“Oh God Jake, I am going to cum,” she said. “Fuck my pussy, Jake…finger fuck me hard and bite my nipples…oh yes, just like that.”

Jake could feel her pussy clench his fingers as she rocked on him and came with a gasp. Water splashed up onto him and drenched his chest as he fought for control inside his own briefs. As the last of her spasms passed, he pulled his fingers out of her, and kissed her deeply, then inserted those fingers into her mouth. She sucked them like she did his cock only moments ago.

She reached for his torso as he stood to leave.

“No Luv, not here…I’ll wait for you.”

He kissed her again and left her to her bathe. She was falling so hard for him.

Jake’s cock was dripping pre-cum when he walked out of the bathroom. He could feel it in his briefs. He went back into the bedroom and his heart hammered in his chest. He wanted to cum. He wanted to cum all over her panties, right there in the tub. All he had to do was watch that ass wiggle in those soaking wet panties and he was putty in her hands.

He couldn’t help it. He opened her knapsack and stared at the lingerie inside. Carefully, he pulled out a little pink satin thing. Upon further inspection, he saw it was a teddy. Silky satin fabric, spaghetti straps, lace at the bodice, and very sheer. His prick leaped its approval. He felt the material with his fingers and brought it to his lips. A groan sounded as he breathed in her scent. A floral mixture with a hint of fire and ice, her perfume. He closed his eyes and saw her in this pink teddy, splayed out on his bed, smiling that wicked grin and eating him alive. Inside her knapsack, he found the matching patch of material that passed for panties. Not quite a thong, but not briefs either. More like a bikini. He bunched up the teddy and rubbed it over his chest. The panties were dripping from his fingers and his fantasy played out in his head. He wanted to try on her panties. He loved how that silk felt against his skin. His nipples were hard under the material and his cock was alive in his pants.

Quickly, he dropped his jeans around his ankles and rubbed the fabric of the teddy against his growing member. Moaning, he rubbed his cock with the silk and then slipped it over his head. He pulled the panties on, they fit snugly over his ass. He looked at himself in the mirror. Pink, his favorite colour, at least it was Jeannie’s favorite colour. His hair hung over his shoulders, framed his face and his nipples were outlined against the fabric. Jeannie, you’re a canlı kaçak iddaa bad little girl, he told his reflection. His cockhead peaked out over the top of Laura’s bikini briefs. He rubbed himself as he watched in the mirror. He turned and looked at his ass, spanked it and shivered. Jeannie wanted her little ass-pussy fucked. Jake grasped his cock, forced it down between his legs. As his erection hardened, it was tougher to do that. He managed though, and pranced around the bedroom in Laura’s pretties. Under the dresser, he pulled out a pair of size 10 spiked heels. He slipped them on and felt his feminine slut side emerge.

He heard the water draining from the tub and stood there frozen. It was do or die, he thought. She was about to see him in her lingerie and she was either going to freak on his ass or fuck it…he was hoping for a fuck.

Laura emerged from the bath, wrapped in a terry cloth robe she found behind the door. She felt great, relaxed, refreshed and still incredibly horny. What was it about this man that had her so god-damned horny all the time. It must be all those years of going without, she thought, then laughed.

Jake heard the laughter and fought the demons in his head that told him to go hide in the closet until she got dressed. She would find out anyway, it might as well be now. He stood there, in her pink lingerie, as she poked her head into the bedroom.

“Jake, I’ve got to tell you, I think you…”

He’d stunned her to silence. Oh my God, now I’ve done it. He held his breath and couldn’t move. Although, his hardon was threatening to escape again.

“Well, well, well…who have we got here?” she asked, staring at Jake from head to toe. “I see you found my lingerie.”

He wasn’t sure if she was pissed or not. He remained standing, still not breathing.

“Answer me bitch. Who the fuck do you think you are?”

His cock twitched. He was being treated like a little whore…and he was loving it.

“Jean…J…Jea..Jeannie,” he stammered, red-faced.

“Jeannie is it? And you were in my knapsack. Looking for something?”

“Um, yes, I was looking for something,” he said.

“And I see you found it.”

“This is all I found,” he said.

“So you didn’t find any of Luke’s stuff?”

Luke? Who the hell was Luke? But he shook his head, no.

She flew over to the bed, dumped the contents of her knapsack. Hand cuffs, a tube of K-Y, a paddle and a giant strap-on dildo littered the bed. Jake almost came in his…in HER briefs.

“This is Luke’s stuff,” she said, holding up the strap-on cock. “This is Luke! How would you like it if Luke fucked that little girl ass-pussy of yours?”

Her rage was a blinding fury, eyes shimmering with need and domination. She was going to teach this little bitch a thing or two.

She cleared the bed in one swift move of the top quilt, dropped the terry-cloth robe to the floor and strapped on her cock. She was now Luke, and he started rubbing the big dick, jerking it off.

“I’m gonna make you take this little girl. I’m going to make you suck it.”

Jake couldn’t believe what was happening. It was like a dream come true. She loved to dominate the little bitch in him. He was going to enjoy this, or rather, Jeannie was going to.

“Come here bitch,” Luke said, the voice barely above a whisper. “On your knees and suck this dick.”

Jeannie dropped to her knees, whimpered and sucked on the tip of the dick.

Luke grabbed her hair, pulled it, and shoved the cock down her throat. “Take it all, suck this thing down your throat!”

He pumped his cock into Jeannie’s throat, making her choke and gag. “Do you want this big cock in your ass? If you do, you better suck me good, hard and long baby. Be a good little bitch and suck Luke’s cock!”

Moaning over the big dick in his mouth, Jake almost came in Laura’s underwear. The silk against his ass was making canlı kaçak bahis his pussy-hole wet and the cock filling his mouth was making him choke.

“Ok, that’s it bitch, on your feet.”

Luke grabbed Jeannie by the hair and yanked her to her feet. She tripped slightly because of the heels she strutted in, but Luke caught her and slammed her down on the bed, trapping her arms above her head. Luke reached for the cuffs and quickly clicked them into place and snapped them onto the brass headboard. Face down, ass in the air, Jeannie was ready for a spanking. The paddle in Luke’s hand came down with a crack to her ass and she let out a startled cry.

“No, not my ass…don’t spank my ass,” she cried.

Smack, Luke whipped the paddle through the air again and gave it to her good. “You like to do the spanking on Laura’s ass, don’t you? But what about Laura? Do you think she might like to get you back once in a while?”

Crack! Luke smacked her ass again and again til it was red and raw. Luke tossed the paddle aside and leaned into Jeannie’s back, rubbing the cock between her ass cheeks. Slowly, Luke pulled down her panties and saw how red her ass was. He licked it, long and hard with the point of his tongue and Jeannie wiggled herself onto it, moaning.

Pulling her cheeks apart, Luke reached for the K-Y lube and dripped some on her anus. He worked his fingers along her butt hole, rimming her, probing her for the cock fuck he was about to give the little whore.

“Do you want my cock, Jeannie? Do you slut?”

“Yes, give me me your cock in my ass Luke, I need to be fucked.”

Luke positioned the cock on her ass and rubbed in the lube. The cock head sat there, her ass puckered in pleasure. She humped the bed as she felt the head of the dick slice through her. She shoved back on him, begging him to hurry and fuck her.

“Not so fast you little bitch,” Luke scolded. “You’ve been bad…into Laura’s lingerie, wearing her panties. I bet they’re almost soaking wet with precum, aren’t they?”

He poked her hole then back out again. Jeannie cried in tortured agony.

“Yes, Luke, they’re damp with precum.”

“I bet you want to cum in her panties, don’t you?”

“Yes, I want to cum in her panties…please, let me cum.”

“Oh I think you would like that too much,” Luke said, sinking his cock into the slippery and tight hole of Jeannie’s ass. She opened to him like a flower, and gasping, told Luke how much she loved getting fucked.

“Yes Luke, fuck me like that. I want to be your little bitch.”

Pumping the cock into Jake’s ass, Laura was wet with precum herself. Her soaking pussy was quivering as the clit vibe of the strap-on buzzed up against her pussy. She couldn’t believe Jake was letting her fuck his ass. She was so turned on by seeing him in her underwear that she almost came on the spot. To have him like this was her best fantasy coming true. He was absolutely amazing.

As his ass was being pumped fiercely, Jake was almost on the brink himself. She wasn’t pissed at all…she was totally cool, and took the lead so well it made his cock sizzle in her panties just thinking about it. As his orgasm built Laura unlocked the cuffs, and pulled him onto all fours. She stripped him of her panties and stroked his shaft as she pumped his ass.

“Jake, I’m gonna cum soon,” she told him as she pulled on his cock. “Jerk off for me. Jerk off Jake…cum with me.”

With the dildo buried in his ass, Jake felt his orgasm building from his prostate. Laura continued to fuck him, her own pussy was saturated with wetness.

With his cock in hand, Jake felt the first spurts of cum gushing from his shaft and cried out her name as he released himself all over the bed, her panties, her silky teddy top.

She pulled her strap-on cock from his ass and sank down on the bed and watched as he shot a stream of cum across her naked torso. With her fingers, she brought herself to the brink of her own orgasm, just as Jake fell on her and buried himself inside her. He was just fast enough to feel her orgasmic spasms milk the remaining cum from his cock and they fell into a blissful slumber.

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