Watching Leeza

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Leeza was a friend of mine for years. We were co-workers, and both married when we met. We’d chat sometimes, smile at each other when we passed in the halls, and would spend most company functions talking to each other. We had so much in common, but neither of us wanted to screw up our marriages, so we stayed good friends. We’d talk about everything, from music to movies, sports to politics, and of course, sex. Some of these conversations would get pretty detailed, and I’d spend half the night with a raging hard-on, trying to act naturally. I know Leeza knew the effect she had on me, and she loved it. Time passed, and eventually we both divorced. Shortly after Leeza’s divorce was final, she invited me over for dinner. Of course, I happily accepted.

Dinner was all my favorites, and Leeza was a wonderful cook. We ate and talked, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. After dinner was cleaned up, Leeza got up, took my hand, and smiled at me. She led me to the bedroom and told me to have a seat in the chair she had set up. I went inside and sat down like she told me to. The chair faced the bed, and I was trying to figure out what Leeza had in mind for me. Relaxing, I waited for her to return. After a minute or so, she was back, wearing a beautiful blue camisole. Her full breasts strained against the lacy top, the high-cut panties pulled tight against her pussy. Her long, blond hair flowed over her shoulders as she walked towards me. I reached out for her as she rested her hands on my shoulders and whispered to me, “I know one of your fantasies is to watch someone masturbate.” I couldn’t believe my luck. For years I’d wanted to watch a woman masturbate for me, but nobody would ever do it. Now Leeza was going to let my dream come true. “You have to sit in the chair quietly,” she said, “and if you’re a good boy and don’t move, you’ll be very satisfied when I’m finished.”

I smiled at her, barely able to control myself looking at her in her sexy outfit. I had no idea how I was going to keep still watching her bring herself off. Leeza kissed me softly, and went to the bed, and for the first time illegal bahis I saw the vibrator she called her Purple Flash. I watched as she slowly rubbed her pussy through the silky material of her panties. I could hear them rubbing against her as I sat there, transfixed. Her right hand moved up to her breasts as she pinched her nipples, teasing them, making them erect. I watched as she methodically pulled her nipples, moaning softly, her other hand slipping inside her panties to her cunt. After a minute or two of fingering herself, she lifted her hips, pulled her panties off and tossed them to the floor. Ohhhh how badly I wanted to take them, to bring them to my face and inhale her sweet scent. I came back to my senses as I heard the click of her vibrator turning on. As I looked up, I noticed she had also taken off her top, leaving her naked in front of me, as she pleasured herself. Leeza’s pussy was shaved completely bare, and I could see her juices starting to glisten on her pink flesh.

I watched as she rubbed the vibrator against her clit, arching her back with delight. Back and forth she went, spreading her wetness all over the Purple Flash. As she massaged her nipples, she plunged the vibrator deep inside of her, making me gasp in excitement. I closed my eyes briefly, imagining my cock plunging in and out of her. Her moans grew louder as the fucked herself hard and deep with her vibrator. I watched as she pulled it out and rubbed it against her clit, holding it there as the vibrations coursed through her body. Her orgasm was building quickly as she squeezed her breasts, rolling her nipples between her fingers. As she got closer and closer to cumming, her breathing changed to short, hard gasps. I watched her bite her lip as she kept moaning loudly. All she could manage to say was “OH GOD…OH GOD…OH GOD…” I’d never seen someone in such throes of ecstasy. As her orgasm hit her she screamed out and slammed the vibrator deep inside her wet pussy. Driving her plastic cock in her as hard and deep as she could she came over and over. My dick was rock hard now, watching my beautiful friend cum for me. illegal bahis siteleri I had to unbutton my pants to release the tension, giving my cock some breathing room. I couldn’t help squeezing it a few times, as I watched Leeza have the biggest orgasm I’d ever seen. As she slowly recovered, she looked at me and smiled as much as she could. “Well?” was all she could manage to say. I stood up and undressed, letting her see my rock hard shaft bouncing in front of her. “What do you think?” she asked. “That was incredible,” I said.

I moved next to her on the bed, and lay there for a few moments, until I broke the silence. “You know,” I reminded her. “You said if I was good and behaved myself, I’d be very satisfied when you finished.” Leeza looked in my eyes and smiled. “Yes, I did say that.” She looked down at my cock, sticking straight up, perpendicular to my stomach. Slowly she started rubbing it up and down. “And what do you want,” she asked. I moaned softly. “Mmmmmmm you could just keep doing that,” I said. She kept stroking me, rolling my cock in her hands. “That’s all you want?” she asked. “Well…” I laughed nervously…

As Leeza moved down the bed, never letting go of me, I closed my eyes, enjoying her soft caresses. Suddenly, I felt her slide her hand all the way down my shaft as she drove her mouth down on me. I gasped loudly as she engulfed the full length of my cock, sucking me hard and deep. Just as I was getting into it, she stopped. I opened my eyes, looking at her with a surprised look, just in time to see her swing her legs over my body, straddling me. With one easy motion, she held my cock in her hand, positioned me right under her sweet pussy and sank down. We both called out in passion as I filled her tight cunt with my seven-and-a-half inch cock. I moved my hands to her hips, as she worked herself up and down, fucking me hard. She was using me like her vibrator and I loved it. I watched her as she pulled herself up and down, my cock disappearing inside of her over and over. I whispered to her, “Ohhhhh yesssss Leezzaaaaaa….fuck meeeeeee….make me your fuck toy….I canlı bahis siteleri was watching you, wishing that was my cock pounding in and out of you baby…Ohhhhhhhh Ggggggddddddd Leeeeezzzzaaaaaaaaaaa…..FUCCCCK MEEEEEEEEEEE……” She slammed up and down on my cock fast and furious. My hands reached out to squeeze her firm tits, rubbing and squeezing them in my hands, sending her closer to the edge. I knew Leeza loved it when someone treated her tits roughly and I pulled her nipples, rubbing and pinching them between my fingers. Her breaths started coming in short, shallow gasps as I brought her closer and closer to orgasm. She leaned over me, grabbing onto the top of the headboard as she pulled herself up and down. I put my hands on the bed and pushed myself up, and sucked her nipples hard into my mouth. Leeza groaned loudly as I bit and sucked on her hard pink nipples. I would pull one with my teeth, sucking on it hard, and then let it pop out, before engulfing the other one the same way.

Leeza pushed me back on the bed as she rode my shaft. We were both close to cumming; she was barely lifting up now before slamming back onto my cock. All she could say was “OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD,” over and over. I reached between us and found her clit with my index finger, rubbing it in hard, fast circles. That was all it took to send Leeza over the edge as she sank down on my cock, filling her glorious pussy with my shaft as she exploded in orgasm. I could feel her cumming, her pussy squeezing my cock over and over as she came hard. I kept thrusting my hips at her as she came, thrusting as deep and hard as I could. Watching Leeza cum was too much for me, as I grabbed her hips, calling out “OHHHHHH GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD” as I felt my cock pulse, shooting load after load of my warm cum deep inside of her. Leeza squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles, milking my cum from deep inside of me. As our orgasms subsided, we collapsed back on the bed. Leeza rolled off of me, and smiled. “Well? Was it as good as your fantasies,” she asked. I smiled back at her. “Even better.” Leeza moaned softly as she leaned her head on my chest. I bent down, and kissed the top of her head. She looked at me and said, “I wonder what we could do after breakfast to top this?” I laughed, and as I drifted off to sleep, thought of what I could do to her with some butter and syrup…

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