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Watching Noah Grow

by Erastes
Copyright 2018 by Erastes
Chapter 3 – Let the Good Times Roll.

When I got back to the house on Sunday, I thought about what I”d done earlier in the day and realized I”d actually enjoyed my time with Noah.  I also had an idea about what we could do the next weekend as well, although this time it didn”t have anything to do with the park.  I had something else up my sleeve instead. 

I went to the park to have lunch with Noah every afternoon that week and we talked about the things we”d done the previous weekend, as well as other things he might like to do in the future.  When Friday rolled around, I asked him to wear something nice when he came to meet me the next day, because we weren”t going to stay at the park. 

“Why?  What are we gonna do?” 

“It”s a surprise.  You”ll just have to wait and see.”  He didn”t pester me further about this, although I could tell he was dying to know what I”d planned. 

As I took my jog that evening, I was looking ahead to spending both days of the weekend with my new best friend.  Yes, I”m finally willing to admit that I”m hooked on the kid, but not in a sexual way.  I just want to spend time with him and enjoy his company, because he gave me someone to care about and he”d opened my eyes to a part of my life that I”d forgotten. 

I”d been so focused on my career and getting ahead that I”d nearly forgotten how important it was to spend time with others.  I hate to admit it, but I”d nearly become a recluse.  I went to work and threw myself into the job, and then I”d return home and spend my off-hours jogging, working out, or thinking about something dealing with work.  For the first time in ages, I was looking forward to the weekend, now that I had something to do and someone to do it with. 

After I got back from my jog, I cleaned up quickly, and daydreamed about how Noah was going to react tomorrow when I told him what we were going to do.  I went to bed early that night, and even though I was excited, I fell asleep fairly quickly and slept extremely well. 

I woke up earlier than normal the next morning, completely refreshed, and headed out to the kitchen to fix myself something to eat.  After I finished my breakfast, I dressed in a pair of shorts, a polo shirt, and a pair of sandals, and then I drove over to the park.  I pulled up along the curb at a spot between where he lived and the park and waited for him to walk by. 

I tooted the horn when I saw him, which gave the poor kid quite a fright, but when he saw who was behind the wheel his body began to relax and he flashed me one of his special smiles.  I signaled him over to the car, but I was a little disappointed by what he had on.  Even though they were better than the other clothes I”d seen him in, they still weren”t in very good condition. 

“Why do you want me to get in the car, cuz the park”s right there?” 

“It”s because we”re going somewhere else and not staying at the park today.” 

“Where we goin”?” 

“You”ll see,” I answered as I started the car and pulled away from the curb. 

Noah was looking out the window and attempting to figure out where we were going by studying the landmarks, but I had a feeling he didn”t get out very often.  I noticed the startled look on his face when I pulled into the parking lot and he realized where we were.

“Why did you bring me to Walmart?” 

“It”s because I want to buy you a few things so you”ll look really good when you go places with me.” 

“Don”t I look good now?” 

“Yes, you always look good, but I think being in new clothes will make you look even better.” 

“But if I take that stuff home with me, my mom is gonna want to know where it came from.” 

“Then I”ll tell you what.  We”ll keep these things at my house, and I”ll take you there to change whenever we”re going somewhere else.  I”ll also take you back to my house afterward, so you can change back into your other clothes before I take you home.” 

“Yeah, that would work, but it seems silly to buy stuff that I”ll only wear when I”m with you.” 

“I know, but I”m hoping that eventually we”ll find a way to convince your mom to let you bring these things home with you.” 

“Maybe, but I don”t want her to get mad at me.” 

“If she gets mad, it will be at me, not you.” 

I then urged him to get out of the car so we could go inside and do some shopping.  I led him directly to the boys” department and let him pick out the items he liked, although I made numerous suggestions about what I thought would look good on him.  I know I could have taken him to a better store to do this, but for the time being I thought this would be best.  If his mother found out and complained about what I”d done, she”d probably be more vociferous if the clothes were more expensive.  Besides, for now he”d only be wearing izmit escort them when he was with me, and kids outgrow clothes quickly so it”s better not to spend too much on them. 

I knew he probably wouldn”t have any idea about what size he wore, seeing nothing seemed to fit him particularly well, so I carried a tape measure in my pocket.  After I measured his waist and looked at the size charts, I figured out what he would need.  We then picked out two pairs of shorts, one pair of jeans, three shirts, and a package of underwear with various characters on them.  I also chose a loose pair of underwear that he could try on without opening the package, just to make sure they fit.  As soon as we had everything, I led him over to the dressing room so he could try on the various items. 

I was somewhat surprised when I discovered he wasn”t wearing anything underneath his shorts, so I had him try on the loose pair of underwear first.  Those fit quite well, so I had him leave them on as he tried on the other garments.  They all looked good on him, so I had him get back into the clothes he wore earlier and we took the items out and put them in the cart.  I also grabbed a packet of socks, and then we went back to the shoe department. 

Once there, I picked out a pair of sandals and had him try them on, and then I let him choose a pair of athletic shoes.  Once we had everything, we took the cart to the checkout so I could pay for it.  His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw how much everything cost, but actually it wasn”t very much, although it was a fortune to a kid.  He didn”t say anything, though, until we loaded everything in the car and hopped inside. 

“Wow!  You spent a lot of money on me.” 

“That”s because I want you to have those things, and now I”ll take you back to my place so you can clean up and change.” 

He didn”t say anything as we drove to the house, and he helped me carry the packages inside.  Once I”d set them on my bed, because I would find a place to keep them later, I asked him a question.  “Do you want to take a bath or a shower?” 

“I take showers at home.” 

“And I take it you can wash yourself?” 

“Yeah, my mom doesn”t wash me no more.” 

“Ok, but I”ll check you over when you”re done, just to make sure you do a good job.  Do you want to adjust the water, or do you want me to do it for you.” 

“You can do it, cuz it might be different than our shower.” 

“Ok, I”ll go do that first, and then you can come into the bathroom as soon as I”m done.” 

I went in and adjusted the water, diverted it to the showerhead, and closed the curtain.  When I turned around, Noah was standing there completely naked. 

“I thought you”d wait and get undressed in here after I had the shower ready.” 

“Why?  You saw my dick at the park when we peed together, and today when I tried on the clothes, so it”s no big deal.” 

“Ok, but I want you to call me when you”re done so I can check you over.  I”ve already set the bathmat down for you, and I”ll put a towel out on the sink for you to use.  You”ll be able to reach it from the bathmat, but I still want to make sure you”re totally clean.” 

“Just stay in here with me.” 

“You don”t want me to leave?” 

“Nah, I like havin” you here.  I don”t care if you see me with nuttin on.” 

“Ok, if you say so.” 

I pointed out where everything was, which included the body wash and shampoo, and then I handed him a washcloth so he could get started.  He began to sing as he was washing up, and he actually had a decent voice, but I didn”t recognize the songs he was singing.  Then again, I don”t get a chance to listen to much music, other than some classical music and songs from when I was growing up.  When he finished, he asked me a question before he turned off the water. 

“Do you want to check me now?”

“Yes, I just want to make sure you did a good job.” 

He pulled back the curtain at the opposite end from the showerhead, and I looked him over quickly.  I took the washcloth and rewashed a couple of areas that he couldn”t see, or where he hadn”t done a very good job, such as the back of his neck, his back, and a couple of spots on his arms and legs.  I then had him rinse off again before he turned off the water, and then I helped him step out of the tub.  Once he was on the bathmat, I handed him the towel so he could use it to dry off. 

“Can you do that for me?” 

“I can, but don”t you do it at home?” 

“Yeah, I do, cuz I don”t want my mom to see me with nuttin” on.  I don”t care if you do, cuz we”re both boys and I”ve seen your dick too.”

“Yes, you have, but please don”t tell anyone else about that.” 

“Ok, I won”t.” 

I took the towel and used it to wipe the water off his body, and I was amazed that he wanted me to dry his boy parts and cute little butt as well.  As soon as I finished, I swatted his behind and spoke.  “Go to my bedroom and pick out an outfit to wear.” 

“Hey!  Why did you spank my hiney?” 

“I didn”t spank it, I just gave it a little pat.” 

“It stung.” 

“I”m sorry.  I didn”t mean to hurt you.” 

“Ya didn”t, it just stung a little,” he said as he raced out of the bathroom. 

He put on the pair of underwear yahya kaptan escort he”d tried on at the store, along with a pair of shorts and nice shirt.  He then asked if he should wear the sandals or athletic shoes, and I told him either one would be fine.  He looked at my feet first, to see what I was wearing, and then he chose to wear the sandals, because that”s what I had on.  Once he finished getting dressed, I grabbed my brush and started to run it through his hair. 

“Ouch!  That pulled a little and hurt.” 

“I”m sorry, but you”ve got quite a rat”s nest here.  Next time let me shampoo your hair for you.” 

“K.  We can just shower together and then you can wash all of me.” 

His comment surprised me, but I didn”t respond and merely continued to brush his hair.  When I finished, I grabbed the bottle of mouthwash and rinsed out my mouth, and when he saw me do that, he asked if he could try it too.  I didn”t have a problem with it, so I explained that he should just swish the liquid around in his mouth without swallowing it, and then spit it out in the sink.  Once he”d done that, he looked up at me and grinned. 

“That tickled my mouth, but I liked doin” it.” 

“That”s good, but now it”s time to get in the car so we can go do what I”ve planned next.” 

“Where we goin”?” 

“You”ll see.” 

“You always say that,” he responded, giving me a dirty look. 

“Don”t worry.  We”ll be there soon.” 

I then drove us to a miniature golf course that I knew was nearby, although I”d never been there before.  I just knew where it was from passing it at various times as I drove to different places.  When I pulled in and parked, he looked over at me, slightly panicked. 

“I ain”t never done this b”fore!” 

“That”s ok.  I”ll teach you everything you”ll need to know.” 

He smiled weakly, and then began to relax.  I led him up to the cashier and paid the required fee, and then I picked out two putters appropriate for our sizes, two golf balls, a pencil, and a scorecard.  Once we had everything, I led him to the first hole. 

“Watch what I do first, because you”ll have to use the putter to hit the ball so it goes in the hole at the other end.”  I then lined up my putt and used the club to strike the ball.  It came close to the cup, but didn”t go in. 

“Do you want me to help you?” 

“Nah, you didn”t get it in the hole, so I”ll do it myself.” 

Wow!  I guess he told me, so I watched as he set the ball down.  I tried to explain how to hold the putter, but he was intent on doing it his way, so I backed off.  Like most beginners, he hit the ball too hard, and not very straight, so it bounced off the side board first, and then the board behind the hole before it rolled about a third of the way back to where we started.  I didn”t realize such a little guy could put so much force behind his putt. 

“You can help me now, cuz you did better than me,” he offered as he casually rescinded his previous stance.

“Are you sure, because you can keep trying it alone.” 

“Nah, I want you to help me now.” 

This time I stood behind him, made sure he was holding the putter correctly, and then I put my hands over his.  I also tried to explain how to line up the shot, and warned him not to hit it too hard, before I helped him putt.  To his complete and utter joy, it rolled into the cup. 

“We did it!  You helped me get it in the hole.” 

“Yes, you did much better this time.” 

After I sank my putt, I led Noah over to the next hole.  Once there, I asked if he wanted to go first this time.  “Yeah, but I want you to help me again.” 

I did, and we came close to sinking the putt, but the ball just missed going in.  I then lined up my putt and made a hole-in-one.  “Hey, how come you didn”t do that for me?” 

“I tried, and we came close, but I can”t do it every time.  I guess helping you was good practice for my turn.” 

“Then you go first from now on,” he snapped back.

He was still pouting as I helped him sink his next putt, and then we moved over to the next hole.  Since he wanted me to go first this time, I placed the ball down and got ready to putt.  Seeing I didn”t want to make him mad by having another hole-in-one, I made sure my putt went slightly to the right.  When I looked back at him, I wasn”t sure if he wanted my help this time or not. 

“Do you want me to do it with you again?” 

“Yeah, you can help me.” 

This time I tried my best and we watched as the ball rolled down the green carpet.  I thought it was going to stop short, but it had just enough on it to make it to the hole and drop in.  “We did it!  We got it in the hole!” he shouted jumping up and down. 

“Yes, you did it,” I agreed, as I went down to take my next putt. 

After I tapped it in, we headed over to the next hole.  Noah had me continue helping him through the remaining holes of the front nine, but then I encouraged him to try it on his own again. 

“Why?  So you can beat me?” 

“No, so you can learn how to do it without my help, in case you get a chance to do this with someone else sometime, like maybe your class at school.” 

“Oh, ok.” 

This time he did a lot better, and on hole gebze escort thirteen he managed a hole-in-one all by himself, although it was due to a lucky bounce.  It didn”t matter, though, because he did a little victory dance as soon as the ball fell into the cup.  “I did it!  I did it!” he squealed in delight. 

“Yes, you did, and I knew you could.” 

He had a lot more confidence on the next few holes and actually did quite well, although he never had another hole-in-one.  However, I could still tell he had a great time. 

“Do ya think we could do this again sometime?” 

“Sure, but there are other things we can do too.  I”m glad you enjoyed this, but I”m eager to try doing some other things with you.”

On the way back to my place, I asked Noah another question.  “Noah, do you know how to swim?” 

“Nuht uh.  I ain”t never done that before.” 

“Maybe I can teach you sometime then.” 

“Ok.  I”ll try, if you promise that nuttin bad will happen to me.” 

“Of course.  I”ll be there to keep you safe.” 

When we arrived at the house, I fixed cheeseburgers and French fries for lunch, since I”d picked up what I needed on Friday night, on the way home from work.  “These are good.  You”re a good cook,” Noah gushed as he was eating. 

“They”re not difficult to make, but I”m glad you like them.  What do you want to do after we”re done eating?”

“Can we watch a movie on TV?” 

“Of course.  We can see what”s on and I”ll let you choose what you want to see.” 

As luck would have it, one of the channels was showing the Harry Potter films, but the first one was just about over.  We watched the last few minutes of that, and then we got ready to watch the second movie, “The Chamber of Secrets”.  I got drinks for each of us before the movie started again, so we wouldn”t have to keep getting up. 

I was shocked to learn that Noah had never seen any of the Harry Potter films before, but I guess that”s what happens when you don”t have cable and can”t afford to go to the movies.  He sat fascinated throughout the entire first part, and then he got super excited during the scene with spiders in the forest. 

“That”s like when we fought the spiders at the park.  Is that where you got the idea from?” 

“Yes, from this and The Hobbit.  They both have scenes dealing with giant spiders.” 


When the movie ended it was getting close to the time for me to take him home, so I had him change back into the clothes he was wearing when I picked him up.  “I”ll wash these and put them away for another time.” 

“K.  I liked wearin” them.  They fit good.” 

“And you looked great in them.” 

After we got in the car, I drove him back and dropped him off at the end of the road leading into the trailer park, but I had something to tell him before he got out.  “I”ll see you at the park tomorrow, and I”ll be parked in the same place, so look for my car.” 

“We”re not going to stay at the park again?” 

“No, I have something else in mind, so look for me.” 

“Ok,” he said as he got out, and then he waved as I drove away. 

I went home and got ready to jog next, and my mind was whirling as I thought about the day while making my way around the route I”d been using.  It had been an amazing afternoon, and I probably enjoyed it more than Noah.  The boy certainly wasn”t shy when it came to being naked in front of me, although I didn”t look at him in a sexual light.  It had, however, proved how much he trusted me, so I wasn”t about to do anything to betray his trust.  Even when he got older I wouldn”t do anything sexual with him unless it was something he wanted to do, but I hoped he would want me to guide him through that period of his life as well. 

When I got back to the house, I cleaned up, and fixed something to eat, but I couldn”t get Noah out of my mind.  He was in my thoughts the entire time, and I was already looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow. 

After I finished eating dinner, I turned on the TV and made myself comfortable on the sofa, but I don”t recall what I watched.  It seemed that I was totally oblivious to what was taking place on the screen, because I spent the entire time thinking about Noah.  I was recalling all of the things we”d done, both today and the other times we”d been together, and I was also looking ahead to what we”d be doing tomorrow.  After a couple of hours I finally gave up and went to bed, figuring I”d probably dream about him too, and that would be more enjoyable than what I”d been doing.  I fell asleep thinking ahead to the following day.

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