We Can’t


I had come back to my girlfriend’s for winter break between semesters. We were 22 and living together off campus and had mingled with her family a couple of times already but going to school so far away we hardly saw them. Her brother, a freshman at the local community college, and her didn’t get along though so it didn’t take long before they were at each other’s throats. Their mom decided it was time for an impromptu family meeting and that left her brother’s gf, Chanel, and I on the couch watching the movie we had all started together.

Chanel and I had a spark as soon as we meet and I just hoped my gf and her brother didn’t notice. Chanel had been with her bf for a year and she was still in high school despite being 18, but planned to matriculate to a university in the fall. She was 5’2″ with large D’s that were covered by her black midriff sweatshirt. Her black pleated skirt came up high on her thighs.

After our significant others had stormed out, we laughed about how crazy it was. She asked if I wanted anything to drink and went to get us a couple of sodas. When she came back she sat back down on the couch we were all sharing but much closer than before. She pulled her legs up on the couch with her knees toward me, within easy reach.

Sitting back from placing my drink on the table I sat closer to her and placed a hand on her knee looking at the TV. She ankara eryaman escort didn’t move. After listening to her breathing become more ragged while I moved my thumb in a circle, I stretched and put my arm behind her with my hand on her far shoulder. I was waiting for Chanel to say something or react but she didn’t. I glanced to the side and I saw she was biting her lip. I leaned over and began to kiss her neck.

“We can’t,” she said but didn’t move away.

My other hand moved to her leg and massaged her thigh.

“We can’t,” she said but didn’t move away.

I kissed my way to her lips and she kissed back. Our soft lips pressed together. She sucked my tongue as I slipped it between her lips. My hand continued to move up her thigh sliding under her skirt.

“We can’t,” she said breaking our kiss and putting her hands on mine to stop me from moving further up her skirt.

We resumed kissing as I moved my hand to her flat stomach and began to massage there instead of her thigh. I slowly moved my hand upward until I was lightly stroking the bottom of her lace covered breast.

“We can’t,” she said but made no move to stop me.

I moved my hand further up her breasts, cupping her lush mound as we continued to kiss. My thumb found its way to her hard nipple as I felt it force its way against the thin material of her bra.

“We can’t,” escort elvankent she said putting her hand on mine over her sweatshirt.

I took my hand from under her shirt and took her hands in mine, moving them to my crotch, letting her feel my hard cock. A moan escaped her lips.

“We can’t,” she said as she rubbed my erection thru my sweat pants.

As she massaged my stiff cock through my sweatpants I pulled her closer and pulled her sweatshirt up allowing me to fondle her breast with my free hand, sliding it between her bra and her warm breast. She moaned as we kissed, our mutual caressing driving each of us up the wall. I decided it was time and pulled my sweats down with my free hand. She whimpered as her hands came off but it was quickly followed by a loud moan.

“We can’t,” she said biting her lips as I put her hands on my bare cock.

She began to stroke my cock and couldn’t focus on our kissing any longer. I continued to massage her breast as I enjoyed the feel of her hands on me. I let my head rollback on the couch as I enjoyed the warmth from her hands. After letting her dry rub me for a while it was time to get my cock wet.

“We can’t,” she said as I nudged her head down with the hand that had just released her breast.

She readjusted herself, lying down as her mouth got closer and closer to my erect cock. Her skirt etimesgut escort bayan rode up allowing me to see her bare ass.

“We can’t,” she said again just before her lips touched my twitching dick.

She gently kissed down my cock before licking back up to the tip. I moaned appreciatively as she hungrily made out with my cock. After lathering me with kisses, she begin to kiss and lick the tip. I nudged her head downward but she didn’t go.

“We can’t,” she said and giggled.

I chuckled and nudged again. She moaned as my cock entered her mouth. She began to bob, slowly at first but then with increasing speed. As I lay my head back, enjoying this thing ‘we can’t’ do, I slid my hand down her back and squeezed her ass. She expertly moved between sucking and licking. Each time she took me in her mouth, she took more of my cock. She was quite the expert as she drew me closer and closer to orgasm. Not sure when someone would return to watch the movie with us I let her draw the cum out of me.

“I’m gonna cum. Don’t make a mess,” I said thru grunts.

“We can’t,” she said, giggling again.

I came with my cock in her mouth feeling spurt after spurt empty into her hot, wet mouth. Once my balls were emptied she sat up and fixed my pants. I looked at her, with a satisfied smile. She returned the look as she pushed the semen from the corner of her mouth between her lips and licked her finger clean. She sat back up, putting her legs under her again, straitening her skirt, and giving me the appropriate space again.

“We should do this again,” I said.

“We can’t,” she said with a wink as we heard someone approaching.

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