We Meet At Last

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Absolutely beautiful, I thought to myself, as I walked toward the table where she was sitting.

Over the last few months, we had talked online, but due to the distance between us, we had never met. Our talks had progressed from friendly chit-chat, to outright flirting and fantasy sharing. I had finally decided that enough was enough, and made a trip out to finally meet. When I told her what I was planning, she was happy to hear I was coming out, and made arrangements to meet at a quiet coffee shop downtown.

I recognized her as soon as I walked in. Her photos did not do justice to the beauty I saw before me. As we sat and talked, and gazed somewhat nervously into one another’s eyes, I felt that familiar twitch in my cock as I recalled some of the fantasies that she had shared.

Soon, her eyes began to take on a mischievous look, and her nipples began to harden enticingly, beneath her blouse. She smiled sexily, and shifted in her chair. Suddenly, I felt her foot touch the inside of my leg, and begin to slowly travel upward. It continued its travel, and only stopped once it was pressed firmly against my now erect cock.

“Shall we get out of here, and continue this conversation elsewhere?” she asked. As we got up from the table, I told her where I had rented a hotel for the night and the decision was made to go there.

Once we were inside, and the door was locked behind us, most any self-control we had left went right out the window. As we met in the middle of the room, our lips met. Tentatively, at first, but then with a growing urgency as our desires grew. Our tongues wrestled playfully, as our bodies pressed together and our hands began to roam one another.

We began to undress one another slowly, driving the passion that we felt to an even higher level. Soon, we were down to nothing but our underwear, which was soon to follow. Taking the lead, I reached around and released the clasp that held her bra. As it slowly dropped to the floor, I slowly began kissing my way down. A low moan escaped her lips, as I gently nipped at the tender skin of her neck. As I kissed, and licked my way down her chest, I could feel her fingers entwine themselves in my hair. Bringing one hand around, I gently cupped one full breast, toying with the hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

As I cupped her breast, I lowered my head and took the nipple into my mouth, slowly running circles around it with my tongue. Adjusting the way I was standing, I turned so that I directly facing her. Both hands joined my mouth illegal bahis in paying full attention to them. Licking, squeezing, and sucking…..each one increasing the passion that was now very evident. I explored every inch of her tits, from the sensitive nipples, to the tender areas underneath and on the sides.

Beginning my journey downward, I let myself sink to my knees in front of her. Kissing my way down her stomach, I let my hands roam down her sides and down her legs with feather light touches. I could smell her arousal, and feel the heat radiating from her pussy.

Reaching back up, I grasped the elastic of her panties, and slowly began tugging them downward. Leaving a trail of kisses behind, I traced my way down her legs, and then back up again. I ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh, up across the top of her mound, and then back down the other leg again. Finally, I could hold off no longer, and dipped my head further down. Sticking out my tongue, I traced the outline of her now wet pussy. The feel of her shaved skin was soft as silk against my face.

Her legs began to shake as my tongue made its way up the center of her pussy, parting the lips to access the juices that were flowing. As I made contact with her hard clit, she gasped, and wrapped her fingers deeper into my hair, pulling me harder against her. Reaching up, I moistened my middle finger, and slowly slid it deep inside her warmth. “Ohhhh God…..” she moaned as my tongue danced across her clit, and my finger began to massage her G-spot. Soon, I felt her legs begin to shake even harder, and her pussy began to tighten around my finger. I took her clit between my lips, and began quickly flicking it faster and faster, driving her toward orgasm. I was soon rewarded with a flood of juices from her pussy, as she cried out as her orgasm overtook her.

Her hands pulled me even tighter against her, as she rode out wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. Her pussy clenched tight around my finger, and flooded my face with her sweet nectar.

As her climax subsided, I slowly removed my finger, and began to stand up. She kissed me passionately, tasting herself on my lips.

Soon, I felt her hands find my rock hard cock. She looked at me through passion glazed eyes, and smiled. “My turn…” she said, as she began to sink down to the floor. Her hands played across my chest, and played with my nipples as her mouth kissed the outline of my cock. Sliding her hands downward, she slid my underwear over my throbbing cock and down to the floor. illegal bahis siteleri Once my cock was free, she wasted no time in taking it into her hands, slowly stroking its length. A drop of pre cum had already formed at the tip, which she cleaned off with the tip of her tongue.

I was soon engulfed if the warmth of her mouth, as she took my cock deep inside. She slid her mouth up and down, teasing the head with her tongue, and gently stroking the shaft at the same time. I placed my hands on the back of her head, and reveled in the feel of her mouth working its magic on me. As she took my cock as far as it would go, I felt her gag a little as it hit the back of her throat. Releasing her grip on my cock, she placed her hands on my hips, and fucked my cock with her mouth.

The sensations were overwhelming. She would release my cock from her mouth and reach under to play with my balls, taking them into her mouth one by one, gently sucking on each one before taking my cock back into her mouth. The sight of her on her knees, with my throbbing cock in her mouth was almost enough to send me over the edge. As soon as I felt the familiar tightening in my balls, I pulled back. She looked at me questioningly, as I helped her up. “That felt fantastic, but there’s somewhere else I want to cum.” I told her.

As she lay back onto the bed, I crawled up to join her. I eased myself between her long legs, reveling in the sight of this delicious beauty beneath me. Reaching down, she took my throbbing cock in her hand, and began rubbing it up and down the length of her swollen lips. I could already feel the heat and moisture, seeping from her pussy.

Leaning forward, I allowed the head of my cock to slide past her outer lips. Looking into her eyes, I slowly slid the rest of my length deep inside, inch by inch, enjoying the sensation of being swallowed by her pussy. Stopping only when our bodies were fully joined, I watched as her eyes rolled back in her head, and she let out a groan as the first waves of ecstasy washed over her.

Slowly, I began to pull out until the head of my cock was almost all the way out, and then slowly slide all the way back in. Leaning down, I let my mouth tease, and taste her erect nipples. As her groans increased, I could feel her arms and legs tighten around me. As I began to thrust faster into her burning core, I felt her body begin to shake, as the first orgasm overtook her.

Slowing my pace, I rolled over on the bed and carried her with me. Now, it was her looking down at me canlı bahis siteleri as she was impaled on my hardness. Once again, I looked at her as her eyes alternated between looking at me, and rolling back in her head. Reaching up, I cupped her tits in my hands as she rode me. Pulling her forward, I took one, then the other nipple into my mouth, sucking and gently biting her hardened nipples. As she straightened up once again, I could see a light sheen of sweat covering her chest and a rosy hue begin to form as her pleasure increased. Before I knew it, she was driving herself down onto my cock for all she was worth.

“Oh my God……I’m going to cum again!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, yes, yes…” she chanted over and over as waves of orgasm tore through her, as she slammed herself up and down, driving me as deep as she could.

As her orgasm subsided, I could feel the muscles of her pussy milking my cock. Slowly rolling her over, I positioned her on her hands and knees. Caressing her smooth, beautiful ass, I moved into position. Quickly, I leaned down and gave her pussy a quick lick. Tasting her juices, I trailed my tongue from her clit, up the length of her lips, and up across her quivering, puckered ass. She groaned once more, and gripped the sheets in her fists.

Moving up behind her, I slid my cock back inside her dripping pussy, filling her with one thrust. As I began fucking her harder, she pushed her face into the pillow and screamed in ecstasy as yet another orgasm tore through her. Gripping the sheets tightly, she pushed her ass back at me, meeting my thrusts in unison. I began slamming in and out with increasing speed as I felt my orgasm building. I began to feel her internal muscles gripping me once again, trying to coax my orgasm right out of me. Suddenly, she buried her face into the pillow, and screamed once again.

“Ohmygod…….I’m cumming again!!! Come with me!”

As she let loose with a string of obscenities, begging me to come with her, it was enough to push me over the edge. I began to see stars as I felt my orgasm explode.

“Yes, yes, yes!!!” she shouted.

“I’m cumming……here it is!” I shouted, as I thrust into her one last time. I felt the first blast of cum erupt from my cock, and held deep inside as spurt after spurt painted her inner walls. Her pussy gripped me tightly, milking the last drops of cum from my shaft.

We collapsed on the bed, my cock still inside her. Slowly, my spent cock slipped out of her, as we lay there, trying to regain our breath.

After we had calmed down a bit, we took a shower to clean up and refresh a bit. Drinking in the sight of her while in the shower was more than enough to bring life back to my cock.

This, as it seemed, was going to be a very interesting visit…

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