We Party On The Way To The Party

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“Hey baby, I’m getting ready to leave work in a few minutes. Are you going to be ready when I get home?” you ask. I frown at the phone. I don’t like your friend Kevin, and you are coming home to pick me up to go to a party for him.

“Do we have to go?” I whimper. Kevin is always leering at me like a dirty old man. Although he’s never said a word to me, he’s always looking at my cleavage like he wants to drool all over me. “If he ever said a word to you or tried anything on you I’d pound him into the ground baby. Let the man look, poor guy hasn’t had a woman in years. Can you blame him?” you respond.

“Well he likes you and respects you too much to do or say anything, but that sure doesn’t stop him from looking at me like he wants to eat me.” I growl.

You laugh, “I’m sure that’s because I told him how hot and sweet your pussy is; not to mention how much you love having those big tits of yours nibbled on. I’ll see you in about a half hour baby, be ready.” I start to protest but you’ve already hung up. I can picture the grin on your face knowing full well you didn’t tell him anything about our awesome sex life.

“Hmmmm” I think to myself, ” I know how to get you back for that, not to mention maybe even get out of going to the party.”

I finish my hair and makeup and put on the sexy new short black dress you bought me. It shows off my ample curves extremely well. The front is very low cut and my breasts swell nicely over the skimpy material. The dress clings to my hips and makes my ass look like a work of art. I debate going without panties, but opt instead for a delicate lace thong. I put on a pair of strappy black sandals to show off my pretty red toes. We woke up late bahis firmaları this morning so we had to skip making love. I know you’ll be primed to go by the time you get home. I’m sure just the sight of me and the smell of my perfume will give you a hard on.

The phone rings again. “Where are you?” I ask. “In the driveway. What are you wearing?” you ask. “The black dress you bought me” I coo in my sexiest voice. Chuckling you say “Now you know damn well that if I come into that house and see you like that we’re not going anywhere! Now come outside.”

I hate that you know me so well. “Time for a little change of plans then” I think to myself. I reach into our nightstand and pull out a vibrator and slip it into my purse. “I’ll still get you baby, ” I giggle.

I see you’re on your cell phone and not looking as I walk up to the car. I open the car door and lean into the car. You turn to look at me getting an eyeful of my voluptuous breasts. “Dayyyyyummmmm” you muttered under your breath hanging up the phone.

I lean over to kiss you deeply. When we finally break away from each other, I whisper, “I missed you today baby.”

You let out a big sigh and say, “yeah I missed you too, and damn I should have gone into the house.” You put the car in reverse. “We won’t stay long baby, I promise.” Somehow I know you mean that now.

As you begin to drive to the party I take your hand into mine. Within a few minutes I move your hand up to my mouth and begin sucking your fingers. I take one finger into my mouth at a time, alternating licking and nibbling on it with sucking it deeply into my mouth. You shift in your seat uncomfortably. I can see your hard cock straining against kaçak iddaa your jeans. “God baby you’re killing me here” you moan. I smile sweetly at you and lean over to kiss and lick on your ear.

I pull away from you and let your hand go. I slowly inch my dress up while you watch out of the corner of your eye and try to pay attention to driving. I open my legs wide so you can see my pretty lace thong. My hand moves to my tits. I start rubbing them through the dress. My nipples are getting hard and my own touch is turning me on. I pull my breasts out of the front of the dress and begin twisting and pulling on my nipples. I close my eyes and begin to really enjoy myself. I no longer have to check to see if you’re looking. I know you are giving me as much attention as you can and still keep the car on the road.

One of my hands moves to my pussy. I lightly rub it over the lace. My panties are already wet. I can’t help myself but to slip a finger under my panties. What started out as a ploy to distract you has become a real turn on for me. I gasp as my finger touches my clit. It’s so wet the touch is like electricity through my body. I start moving my finger in slow little circles across my clit. My other hand is still working over my hard nipples. I move my head down to suck on my own nipple. My body shudders under my own ministrations. I remember the toy in my purse even though I’ve completely lost track of my surroundings.

I move my hand from my pussy just long enough to get the toy. I immediately push my thong to the side and slide the pulsating toy deep into my juicy cunt. I don’t even realize that you’ve pulled over till I feel you pull me out of my car door.

“Damnit! I can’t kaçak bahis wait any more!” you yell as you bend me over the hood of the car. I feel the toy pulled out of my pussy and replaced by your hard cock in an instant. I feel the toy pushing at my ass. “Relax. Take it. You’ve already got it all lubed up,” you tell me as you push it into my tight ass. My pussy and ass are taking a pounding from your cock and the toy. You reach under me and begin squeezing my tits while you fuck me hard. My body feels like its on fire. I’m pushing back to meet your hard cock and clamping my pussy walls tight around you as you pump in and out of me. I’m panting like a bitch in heat loving every minute of the fucking you’re giving me.

“God, oh god! I’m going to cum all over your big hard cock!” I scream.

“Cum now baby! Cum right now on my cock!” you command me. My pussy spasms as I cum hard all over your throbbing cock buried deep inside me. You moan loudly and begin to spasm as well. “Here it comes baby! I’m filling your pussy with my cum.” You ram your cock deep into my pussy as your cum squirts as far into me as possible.

You are still inside me as you lay over me on the hood of the car for a minute. You kiss my neck and stroke my hair as we are both catching our breath. You move up from me and give me your hand to help me up as well. I immediately move to your cock to clean our cum off of it before you can zipper it up. I love the sweet taste of your cum with mine and I lick you clean. I put your cock back into your jeans and you help me to my feet.

You pull me close to you and kiss me. “Baby, we don’t have to go if you really don’t want to,” you tell me.

I smile at you knowing that you really want to go. “Somehow seeing Kevin won’t be so bad with a pussy full of your cum. Besides,” I wink at you; knowing that I’ve just licked up our cums; “I think I’ll kiss him when he greets me this time.”

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