Weapons of Math Instruction #2


Weapons of Math Instruction #2Professor Peter Poet ponders on the power of math instruction as an abstract tool of sexy seduction.Professor Peter Poet uses only his ruler and his binoculars to discover a new young star next door.Professor Peter Poet soon meets her yummy young mother, who appears as eager to meet his mighty meat.Professor Peter Poet teaches them his lessons in love with mathematical precision and steady progress.Professor Peter Poet is surprised one morning by his nice neighbour Jenny ringing at his door for a visit to thank the Professor for the free lessons to her tasty teen dear dod, ‘sexy Sara’ as I call her. Jenny blushes from the start. I invite her in and make her a cup of tea to relax and talk a bit.”Professor, I want to thank you for your help! Perhaps you know my situation. I was very young when I got pregnant with Sara and been on welfare ever since. I couldn’t finish school. I am glad she can!”Professor Peter Poet takes a good look at her. First time he sees her from close. He grins to himself by his thought ‘She looks like my canlı bahis doctor would prescribe me as an alternative to taking any blue pills: short blonde hair, blue eyes, fine face, tasty tiny titties I seem to see with my mental x-ray specs’ … I’d love to have the time to undress her further with my eyes experienced in stereometry.Professor Peter Poet notices a special shine in her eyes expressing some long longing for lust and a fire, which has been burning long without proper extinguishing by an erotic expert. “Professor, I want to ask you a special favour. I noticed how much Sara likes your lessons and trusts you … Unfortunately, for fam!ly matters I need to leave all weekend from Friday morning early till Monday. Can you please be so kind to host my Sara, as she needs to go to school and is too young for all those affairs anyway. I will do anything you want to thank you for your help! I promise, Professor Peter!” Jenny pouts her lips and gives him a lusty look, while she slowly spreads her legs to show her juicy pussy. “I see what you mean, juicy bahis siteleri Jenny! I’m sure we will reach an agreement about that.”Professor Peter Poet proposes an intimate inspection to see all possibilities in proper perspective. Jenny eagerly undresses and bends over, legs wide to spread her ass cheeks to fulfil his wishes. Professor Peter Poet gets his compasses and ruler. He pins the point in her tight tasty sexy sphincter to draw the ideal circle, where his ruler will colour her bottom from pale by pink to red.Professor Peter Poet notices to his satisfaction that the sexy snatch of juicy Jenny gets wetter at every smack. He can surely smell her hot pussy fluids dripping down her inner thighs, which cause a tent to form in his trousers. Jenny watches him from underneath her juicy pussy. First she looked at his eyes, but now she stares in fascination to that tent! Professor Peter Poet as an expert in math sees her reaching her limit. He continues his tasty tease till he knows that only one lick down her wet sexy snatch from her sphincter to her thick güvenilir bahis clit will send her off in orgasm. He grabs her hips. Licks her love lips. She shakes and trembles as she comes.Professor Peter Poet holds her hips firm, pulls his belt from his trousers to let them drop down. He gives her beautiful bottom a few slaps with the black leather to make her his sub before he takes her hard. Jenny screams “Please Professor, pound me as hard as you can! I haven’t been had by a man for ages. I need it now, in my days of sorrow.”Professor Peter Poet pounds juicy Jenny to two more orgasms bend over at his want. She is almost numb, so he carries her off to his bed. He lets her sit on top of him, so he finally can have a good look at her front side beauties and cuties. Tasty tiny tits, very firm for a woman of thirty-three.Professor Peter Poet probes juicy Jenny in his big bath. After another half a dozen orgasms she seems completely exhausted, so they have a sweet siesta. At their brunch she sits at his lap. She feeds him tasty bits, which she next tries to steal back from his lips.Professor Peter Poet is astonished by the similarity in looks between juicy Jenny and her sexy Sara.Suddenly their dove-love play is interrupted by a scream: “Mom, what do you do with my lover?”

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