Webcam Wife Ch. 10


Our flight home was as uneventful as our Sunday night. We were both so exhausted from the events of the previous two evenings that we slept on the plane for the entire flight and then went right to sleep when we got home.

At work on Monday, it was hard to concentrate because my mind kept drifting back to the weekend. Dee called me during the afternoon to tell me Sean had called. They arranged for her first shoot to be next Thursday morning, which meant she would fly out to LA Wednesday night and meet up with me since I would be in San Diego for work on Wednesday. Sean had given her the name of a doctor in our town that could do the blood work necessary and that we’d need to allow for 48 hours for the results, which she had to have with her next Thursday.

I was excited that I would be there for her first shoot as an adult porn actress. My excitement about that was enough, but Dee told me that she had something special planned for Tuesday night to thank me for being so understanding about her desires. I guess she had forgotten that I was the one that had actually put all of these events into motion. However, who was I to argue the point.

My excitement was tempered by the fact Dee told me that she would not have sex with me when I got home on Monday. She said that I needed to wait until my reward Tuesday night. Of course, she teased me, at least I thought it was teasing, all night on Monday by wearing a pair of tight shorts and a braless tank top and then parading the house naked for about an hour after she had showered.

I woke up Tuesday with an enormous erection, but Dee refused to help me as we both got ready for work. After she had left for work, I wanted to relieve the pressure myself, but I decided to hold out until the evening.

Tuesday crawled by as I continued to try to think what Dee had up her sleeve for the evening. She used to be rather predictable in her behavior, but recently she had become anything but predictable. I knew it had to something with sex, but what it was I had no idea.

By the time I got home Tuesday around 6:00, my mind raced with possibilities, but I had no real basis to believe any of them. The possibilities only increased when Dee met me at the door, wearing only a pink push-up bra and matching g-string panties.

“Hey baby,” she said seductively as she stepped in for a deep passionate kiss. Her hand immediately went to my cock and began stroking me to a partial erection.

“You ready for tonight,” she asked, breaking the kiss and the stroking. “Remember, tonight is about me telling me how much I love you and how thankful I am that you’re my husband that I share my life with. Are you ready?”

I simply nodded.

“Okay, then, up to the bedroom.”

She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. When I walked in, I noticed she had set up lights for filming in the room. Also, Jarrod was there fiddling with a camera at the computer. When he saw us, he awkwardly stepped toward me, not really knowing what to say to me, since he now knew that I had watched him fuck my wife over the past month or so.

“Hey, Jarrod,” I said extending my hand for a handshake. “It’s nice to finally meet you in person instead of just on the computer sticking your cock in every one of my wife’s holes. I’m sorry not every hole. I don’t remember you trying to fuck her nose.”

Even though it was a poor attempt at humor, Jarrod seemed to relax since I had brought the topic of the last month up first. I was still in the dark as to what was going to happen when Dee told me to sit on the bed in front of the camera on a mount by the bed. She was going to tape me having sex. I reached the conclusion that she was going to have Jarrod film us fucking. I was wrong.

She sat down next to me and asked Jarrod if he was ready. When got behind the mounted camera, he said he was ready.

“Good evening everyone,” my wife began speaking into the camera. “I hope you didn’t miss me last week. I had a fucking blast in Vegas last week. I did so much fucking that my ass and pussy still fucking hurt. And best of all, my husband was there to share it with me.

“In fact,” she continued. “This is my husband sitting next to me now. As you know, his name is Brad, and, you won’t fucking ankara escort believe this, he’s known about my fucking on the internet the whole time I’ve been showing off you guys out there in cyberland. During our trip to Vegas, we met some people and to make a long fucking story short, I’ve signed a contract to star in my own porn scenes.

“Brad thinks this is just as awesome as I do. So tonight I want to do something special for him. We are doing this on Tuesday so if it seems like we’ve done some editing, it’s because we have.”

I do not know why, but as Dee explained this, I seemed to get excited and nervous all at the same time. Excited because I was going to be performing on camera over the internet and nervous because I was going to be performing on camera over the internet.

“So, first, I’m going to suck his cock until he cums,” she said, bringing me out of my trance.

Without another word, Dee began to unbuckle my pants. She slid onto her knees on the floor in front of me and pulled my pants and briefs down to my ankles with one quick motion. I kicked off my shoes as Dee began to plant kisses to the tip of my growing cock.

While we got comfortable, Jarrod had switched to the hand held camera in order to get a good shot of Dee putting me in her mouth. I kicked my pants the rest of the way off and took my shirt off so Jarrod would not have to worry about any of my clothes getting in the way of his shots of my wife sucking my cock. I realized that as I thought this, I was thinking like a porn director and not like a husband getting a blowjob from his wife.

Dee was bobbing up and down on my cock as fast as she could and since I had been hard off and on since Monday afternoon, I could feel an orgasm already starting to build. Add the fact I was being filmed and I was ready to blow.

Dee sensed my impending orgasm and stopped sucking me. She continued to stroke my as she stuck out her tongue just inches away from the tip of my cock as I started to shoot cum. The first shot missed her tongue completely and landed on her forehead and nose. The second shot hit the skin between the two nostrils and her upper lip. Shots three and four found her tongue, but the fifth, and final shot, hit her upper check and crept into her left eye. As she allowed the cum on her tongue to drip out onto her chin, I had done a good job of covering her face with my seed.

“That was fucking awesome baby,” she whispered in my ear. “Now let me show how thankful I really am. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy.”

“Wow, what a fucking facial my hubby just gave me,” she said taking a seat next to me and Jarrod again behind the mounted camera. “However, that was just his warm-up. His real surprise for being so fucking wonderful to his slutbag, nympho wife is next.

“I’d like to introduce to my internet audience a few friends of mine,” she continued. “Tina, Beth and Dawn come on in here. I’ve arranged for my friends to fuck the shit out of my husband while Jarrod and I film the whole thing for you guys out there.”

Tina, Dee’s best friend, Beth, another friend, and Dawn, Dee’s little sister, all came into the room at the same time. However, to my surprise they entered the room completely naked. I was stunned. Dee had arranged for me not to just experience two girls for the first time in my life, but three girls at the same time.

“This is Tina,” Dee said standing up, walking to them as they entered the room and Jarrod turning the camera to get the introductions to the audience on film. “This is her first time actually being introduced to you, but she filmed my last time with you when Jarrod and his friend doubled me up.”

Tina was a year younger than me, which made her a year older than Dee. She had kept herself in great shape. While the years were noticeable on her body in a few spots, she still had firm b-cup tits, a flat stomach and a tight little ass. I noticed she had shaven herself, except for a little patch above her pussy, which is exactly how I had always imagined she looked.

“And everyone, this is Beth,” Dee said with my cum still dripping down her face and moving in between Tina and Beth. “I guess the only way to introduce her properly is to say she is probably just as big escort ankara of a fucking slut as I am. If sex is what you want, Beth is an expert at it.”

Beth smiled at Dee, but she knew what Dee had said was true. Her and her husband were swingers and made no attempts to hide the fact. She was a few years older than me and looked a few years older than that still. However, she was still attractive. She was few pounds heavy, but was very proportionate. I had always wondered what she looked like naked since I found out that her and Steven were swingers and now I was not disappointed.

“And this is my little sis Dawn,” Dee said continuing the introductions. “When I asked her if she was willing to be part of my little filming session for my husband, the whore said yes before I could finish my question. She’s always wanted to fuck Brad, so I’m going to let her.

Dawn was the biggest surprise. Sure we had always innocently flirted at family get-togethers, but nothing real serious. She was eight years younger than Dee, which made her 23, and very fucking hot. She had perfect b-cup tits, long blonde hair, tight ass, flat stomach, defined legs and a completely shaven pussy, which I had never seen up to this point in knowing her. Fucking Dawn was something I could really get used to doing regularly.

“So ladies,” Dee continued. “I’ve already primed his pump once so he won’t be shooting too quickly. He’s all yours.”

The three of them came toward me. Dawn and Tina seemed a little tentative, but Beth moved with confidence. She was the one that pushed back onto the bed. Knowing exactly what she wanted, she straddled her legs over my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Instinctively, I began to lick away while I felt two naked bodies on my legs and two tongues licking the sides of my shaft, which reversed its refraction time and began to harden again.

It was not long before I felt a mouth start taking the top of my cock into it, while another mouth, or tongue, started to stimulate my balls, especially on the right side. I continued to lick away at Beth’s pussy directly overhead and even though I could not see what was happening down below, I was in stimulus heaven.

Before long, I felt a switch happen. Now, the left side of my ball sack was being given attention, while another mouth took over sucking my cock. Dawn and Tina had obviously switched roles down there. After another minute or so, they switched again.

Meanwhile, Beth was pushing down on my face harder and rotating her hips as it seemed she was ready to have an orgasm, which began a moment later as I felt her body spasm. As she came, juices filled her pussy, which trickled into my mouth and onto my face. As her final spasm pushed her pussy completely onto my mouth, I felt her body relax as the pleasure subsided.

When she rolled off my face, I looked down and saw my wife’s sister with her mouth wrapped around my cock and Tina licking my balls. Dawn’s eyes looked up and seemed to smile as she met my gaze of bewilderment as I was looking at my sister-in-law suck my cock. I noticed Dee was into the actions as well, because she was the one filming the close-up of her sister sucking her husband’s cock.

Once Beth had recovered from her orgasm, she began to redirect the traffic on the bed concerning my cock, which made me feel cool since I was the center of attention of the three naked girls with me on the bed as well as the two cameras filming the events.

We repositioned ourselves with Dawn getting on her back with her head at the headboard, while Tina got onto all fours and began to lick my sister-in-law’s pussy. Beth continued her directing of traffic as she had me get behind Tina and enter her from behind.

As I began to fuck my wife’s best friend while she ate out my wife’s sister’s pussy, Beth began to lick my nipples while her hand was on my ass pushing me deeper and harder into Tina’s pussy. I sensed Jarrod filming from behind me a close up of me thrusting in and out of Tina, while I saw Dee getting some good film of Tina licking Dawn.

For the first time, the moans of the three women on the bed became apparent to me. Dawn was moaning loudly as she enjoyed the licking Tina was giving her. Tina’s licks were in intervals ankara escort bayan between licking and moaning as I was pounding away at her pussy from behind. In addition, small moans were escaping from Beth as she began to kiss me passionately as I fucked Tina, who was tongue-fucking Dawn.

I had never had the experience of fucking one woman while another woman kissed me. In addition, the woman I was fucking was eating another girl before my eyes. This was sensory overload at its highest.

After Beth broke her kiss with me, she wanted to change positions with Dawn. As Dawn got up and moved over towards me, Beth positioned herself under Tina and into a 69 position. The purpose of this became apparent to me rather quickly when I felt Beth’s tongue slide along the shaft of my cock as I continued to fuck Tina. If I thought the sensations from before were sensational, then the feeling of having my cock and balls licked while I was actually fucking another woman was even more overwhelming.

I had become completely oblivious to the fact that my wife and Jarrod were still filming all of this until I noticed Jarrod move to the side of the bed. It looked like he was getting the long shot of the bed, while I did not see Dee, which meant she was probably behind me getting on film what I was feeling down below.

Dawn started licking my nipples and chest before she moved up to my neck and ears.

“You like fucking a girl while another one licks your balls,” she whispered into my ear as her tongue flicked over my earlobe. “Tell me if you like this.”

I felt her hand move toward me ass and before I could realized what she was doing, she shoved her finger into my asshole, which went deeper as I continued to thrust into Tina.

“You fucking like that,” she said surprising me at her boldness, which I had never heard before.

I had to admit it added yet another sensation to the mixture of sensual pleasure I was feeling at that moment.

“I don’t know if my sister told you or not,” Dawn said still flicking her tongue around my ear as she whispered. “But I’m spending the night with you. There going to a strip club, but I’m staying here with you and we’re going to fuck like crazed fucking animals. How’s that fucking sound? You get to fuck your wife’s little sister…I hope your as good as Dee tells me you are.”

As she whispered this into my ear, too many thoughts to mention rushed through my head. Not the least of these thoughts was the fact the sensations of what was happening to me brought me to another orgasm.

I withdrew from Tina and shot my load on her back. The first shot came out like a cannon and landed between her shoulder blades. However, the other few shots that came out of me during my second orgasm barely made it to her lower back, but I was drained of energy by the time I was finished.

I collapsed onto the bed as the Beth and Dawn licked my cum off Tina’s back. I saw that Jarrod filmed that as Dee put her camera down.

“I hope you enjoyed the show tonight,” I saw Dee say into the camera after Tina’s back was cleaned up. “I think I’m married to the greatest guy in the world and this was to show him how much I appreciate his understanding of my newfound nymphomania. Good night everyone, I’ll see you next week.”

After she was finished, Jarrod put the camera down and began to get things picked up. Tina and Beth left the room to get dressed, while Dee slid on a skirt and tank top. Jarrod finished up and told Dee that he was heading home. She thanked him with a deep kiss. It was not long before Tina and Beth came back into the room, now fully dressed. Meanwhile, Dawn had remained on the bed with me, sitting next to me still as naked as I was.

“Tina, Beth and me are going over to the strip club,” Dee whispered into my ear. “I hope you enjoy fucking Dawn.

“Don’t you two wait up for me,” Dee continued now addressing both of us. “I’ll be having my own fun with the strippers. Have fucking fun…I mean have fun fucking.”

I whispered “I love you” to my wife, which she did likewise, before leaving the room.

“So, whose pussy’s sweeter,” I said turning to my sister-in-law. “Your pussy or your sister’s?”

“Definitely mine, it’s younger,” Dawn said with an evil smile.

“Get on your back and let me find out,” I ordered with my own evil smile.

As I pushed my tongue into my wife’s little sister’s bald pussy, I thought that I might be the luckiest man in the world to have Dee for my wife.

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