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Subject: Webcamming with my brother Chapter 7 (Incest) Webcamming with my brother Chapter 7 Disclaimers: Everything you read in this story is my intellectual property and as such should be treated with utmost respect. The people described are not living, breathing human beings mind you. They exist only in the realm of pure imagination. The people described in the story do not really exist, but are rather the combination of several different people. Thus they do not exist. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO REAL PEOPLE IS ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL ON MY PART. All other disclaimers/rules/procedures apply. If you are under the legal age of viewing this material (depending upon where you live, that could be any age) please direct yourself to something else that will occupy your time. I’ve read plenty of Nifty stories over the years, and have enjoyed many of the stories that I consider good, now I’m just trying to pay it forward. It’s going to be a chapter story, so if you are looking for a quick toss-off better move onto the next story. Other than that, I sincerely hope you enjoy my story. Constructive criticism/feedback/comments are duly appreciated. Please direct them to my email at razorbald@yahoo. All are welcomed. This story is going to be around five to six chapters long. Please enjoy. Webcamming with my brother. Chapter 7 I watched as Tony licked the head of Harley’s cock. It was like he was licking a lollipop. I then remembered, I could record on skype so I hit the record. I watched as Tony worked the tip and then took about four inches of cock into his mouth. Once again I felt a pang of jealousy. I know what you are thinking, but I think you might be wrong. I wanted to be the one sucking on Harley’s hard seven inches. I know I said I don’t like him. In truth I lusted after him. I think I really hated myself and not him. He was always honest with me. He didn’t try to hide who he was at least not to me. It looked like Harley had said something to Tony. My brother then sat up and turned to the webcam and typed. “It tastes so sweet I wish you were here so you could have a taste.” He was right. I wished I was there. I then saw Tony get on his hands and knees while Harley got behind him. At first I thought Harley was going to fuck him, but I was wrong. Harley bent down and began to eat my brother’s hole. I could see both Tony and Harley were enjoying what they were doing. I sat there stroking my hard six and a half inches as I watched. Harley sat up again and turned around. This time it was my Brother’s turn to eat Harley’s ass out. If I would have known Tony would have gone that far with me last night I would have let him. It was so hot watching both Tony and Harley go at it, I lost track of time. I had been edging myself not wanting to cum right away. When I heard my dad call up to me. “Bryan suppers ready.” “Be right down.” I called back. I thought about closing the window, but decided to see what happened when I was gone. I typed I would be right back. I don’t know if they read my message because I left before I had a chance to see. I adjusted myself in the hallway. I knew if I didn’t get off soon I would get blue balls. Grandma made a pork roast with homemade mash potatoes and grilled corn on the cob. “Where is Tony?” I asked as I sat down. I knew where he was, but I had to ask. “He decided he wanted to stay at your Aunt Barb’s for the night. Harley is going to bring him home in the morning.” Dad told me. “We are all going to church in the morning.” Grandmother said. If she only knew what her two grandsons were doing right now. I wanted to get back to see what those two were doing. “Do I have to?” I asked. “Yes, you have to. It is the Sunday before Christmas and the family spends it together.” grandma said. I knew she was right. We did spend the Sunday before Christmas at the church. I finished eating and I told them I was going back upstairs to finish my homework. Grandma and Grandpa would be staying the night. It was probably a good thing Tony was staying the night at Aunt Barb’s. “Damn” I thought to myself. I needed a gift for Sean and his two brothers. Maybe I could talk dad into stopping at the mall on the way home. I still had the money left from when I bought the gift for Devon. I have bought presents for my brother and my dad. I had also bought my grandparents gift certificates. They love to eat at Applebee’s. Back in my room I looked at my computer and Tony had shut down his camera. I opened the recording and started it from where I left off. I was glad to see that they had not gone any further than exchanging blowjobs. I wanted my brothers ass all to myself. I knew the taste of Harley’s cum would be too much to pass up. I know if I was there instead of my brother, I know I would be sucking Harley off. I watched and jerked my cock as the two went at each other’s cocks. Every once in a while they would go back to eating each other. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. So, I fast forward to the part where both Tony and Harley shot their cum into each other’s mouths. Again I felt a pang of jealousy as I watched my brother kocaeli escort swallow Harley’s cum straight from the source, wishing it was me swallowing his cum. I knew I could have my brothers cum anytime I wanted it. I cleaned myself up and decided to take a shower. When I finished I slipped into a pair of terry cloth shorts and a wife beater tee-shirt and sat down at my computer once more. This time I sent a message to Adian. I wanted to tell him I have decided to come out. He said if I ever need to talk to anybody about anything, he would be happy to lend an ear. I always figured he knew I was gay, he said his gaydar was really good. I thought I would message him on Facebook first to see if he would answer first. I noticed the time on my computer and figured he must be with his boyfriend. They had talked about going to a movie. I think they said they were going to see the new Avengers movie. I decided to see if I could figure out if I could do the math homework we were assigned. I worked on it at my desk, I think I had figured it out. I finished the math and started working on the English assignment. I love English so I normally didn’t have any problem doing the work. While I was reading I heard a ping on my computer I looked over at my computer. At first I thought it was a message from Adian getting back to me. To my surprise it was a message from Devon. It was a web address. I clicked on it and there on my screen was Erin and he had a hard cock in his mouth. Then in the next picture Erin was on his back and someone was sucking on his cute little three inches. The person who was sucking his cock had his face blurred. In the next picture was of Erin with his legs pushed over his head and from what I could figure, the person who had been sucking Erin’s cock was now eating out Erin’s cute little butt. It looked like Erin was really enjoying what was happening to him. I couldn’t help but get excited by looking at the photos. In the next photo Erin was sucking on someone else’s penis while the other person continued to go at Erin’s cute little butt. Whoever the two were they knew what they were doing. The penis Erin was sucking on looked to be older than the one that was eating Erin’s but. His penis looked to be bigger than mine. Erin looked to be having a little trouble taking the cock into his mouth. Then something hit me, who was taking the pictures. It never occurred that it would be someone else taking them. I would love to see a video of the three of them having sex. Maybe the camera they were using could only take pictures. In the next picture, Erin was on his hands and knees with one penis in his mouth and the other in between his but cheeks. It appeared that whoever it was, didn’t have plans to fuck Erin. Whoever it was his penis was just as big as mine and I know there was no way Erin would have been able to take that without hurting him. In the next picture both boys were gone and Devan was now kneeling in front of his brother with his four inches inside Erin’s mouth. I could see cum dripping from his mouth. But there was no way that Devan could cum that much, if at all. So, I figured that whoever Erin had been sucking off before must have cum inside Erin’s mouth. I couldn’t help but to shoot my load at that photo. I also noticed it was the last photo. It had to have been Devan who had been taking the photos. I am not sure why he was doing it, but they were hot photos. I wondered who the two older boys were in the photos because they had nice cocks, it would be nice to get to know them. “What am I thinking. I have a boyfriend now.” I thought to myself. I wouldn’t have been even thinking about such a thing a week ago. Like I said before I wasn’t even sure I was even gay. If it had not been my little brother and webcamming with me, I would never have found my true self. I heard movement in the hall so I hurried and put my shorts back on. I am glad I no longer had a hard-on because my grandmother opened my door. “Bryan, you need to open a window.” She said. I must have turned red because my grandmother laughed. She was right though my room did smell. Again I blushed red, I went over to my window and opened it. “Sorry about that.” I said once again embarrassed. “Oh, don’t worry, your father’s room usually smelled the same way. Teenage boys have tons of hormones ravaging their bodies. Here is a suggestion for you. Get yourself a bottle of Febreze or one of those that plug into the wall. That way your room won’t smell like, well you know.” Grandmother told me. She turned and was about to leave, when I stopped her. “What did you need grandma?” I asked. “Oh, I just wanted to tell you I would see you in the morning. Your grandfather and I are leaving.” She told me. I must have looked sad. “You’re not staying the night.” I asked. “No, we have a hotel room, but we will be back in the morning.” she told me. I went over and gave my grandmother a hug. I was just about ready to close my computer when Adian answered my message. “Hey, what’s up.” Adian wrote. Then turned on his webcam. I wasn’t surprised to see Adian naked. darıca escort We have studied like this many times. Adian and I have been doing it like this since his two brothers left for college. I stripped out of my shorts and turned on my webcam. It was a good thing I had cum twice in the last couple of hours or I might have got hard again. “I don’t know if I should tell you this yet but Sean asked me to be his boyfriend.” I told him. “It is about fucking time.” He said. I was confused by what Adian had just told me and I could see it on his face. “What do you mean?” I asked. Adian laughed then said. “It was obvious. Sean is always looking at and watching you. Aaron would bump me in the dugout and then point to Sean. He was always looking at you and watching you. Its been like that the past five years. I am surprised you did not notice it.” Adian told me. He was right. I didn’t notice, because I was too busy looking at him. “Really?” I said. “Are you thinking about him now?” Adian asked. I was thinking about him. “Yeah, why?” I asked. Not realizing, I had an erection. “Well because you are as hard as a rock and now I am.” he said as he moved his camera so I could see his hard thick nine inches. I have seen him in the locker room naked since the seventh grade and I knew it was big but not that big. “I can see that. How can Aaron, uhm, you know…” Adian interrupted me. “You should ask him yourself.” he said then moved the camera and there stood Aaron. Who was just as naked as Adian. “What does he want to know?” Aaron asked. “I think he wants to know how you can take my cock.” Adian said to Aaron. Aaron smiled and went down on Adian engulfing his penis all at once. I was amazed he could take such a big cock. “Just like that.” Aaron said as he came up for air. I broke out laughing. Aaron had spit running down his chin and Adian’s cock was dripping with spit. “I wish I could try a cock like yours.” I said without thinking. Both Adian and Aaron smiled and invited me to join them anytime. Aaron sat up next to Adian revealing his own hard cock. Without measuring it I would say it was close to seven inches. I had never thought about either of them in a sexual way, but if I was ever given the chance I would join them. “Hey, since we are hard, why don’t we jerk off together?” Aaron asked. Adian agreed and the two began to jerk off without letting me agree. I really didn’t care, I was just enjoying the sight of my two best friends slowly working their beautiful cocks. Even though I had cum twice already today I stroked my hard cock along with them. We had been going at it for a good ten minutes grunting and groaning when Aaron announced he was going to cum. Adian did not waste a second and went down on Aaron’s hard seven inches. I knew the moment Adian took his boyfriends cock into his mouth Aaron released his cum by the look on his face. I counted at least six times Aaron grunted. When Adian lifted his head I could see the cum drip from the edge of his mouth. “Wow, that was so cool.” I said as I stroked my hard six and a half inches. “You haven’t seen anything yet.” Aaron said then leaned in to give Adian a deep French kiss. Aaron then went back down on Adian’s hard nine inches. When Adian started to cum, I could see Aaron swallow and as he did I began to cum. I just couldn’t take my eyes off from the two of them. If I would have been smart I would have recorded them and would have a video of the two of them trading blowjobs. It would have been great to be able watch it over and over while jerking off. “Hey, thanks guys, but I have to go. I have church in the morning. Don’t stay up to long.” I said as a joke. I closed my computer and set my alarm for seven in the morning, then crawled in bed. I must have been tired because I was out in only a few minutes. I usually don’t remember my dreams, but this dream was hot and erotic, Sean was there along with his two brothers, I was sucking his brothers off as Sean fucked me hard and deep. In the dream I woke up to I was sucking on Harley’s cock while my brother pounded my ass with his six inch cock. I was hard with a morning piss hard-on and the thoughts of my little brother and my cousin in my dreams definitely was a turn on. I got up and went to the bathroom and took a piss. Then jumped in the shower. Once I took my shower and went to my room and put on my Sunday best. Dad was awake and had already started breakfast. “Morning sunshine.” dad said as I entered the kitchen. “Morning dad. Did you sleep well last night?” I asked. “Slept like a baby, how about you?” he asked in return. “Yeah, it got kind of cold in my room, I forgot to close my window.” I told him. I wasn’t really lying. I did forget to close my window after I crawled in bed. “What did you have your window opened for?” dad asked. I knew I fucked up when I said I left my window open. So, I told him the truth. “I ah, had been, ah, masturbating, and ah, when grandma came into my room she told me to open a window.” I know my face was red and dad was laughing. “Yeah, she used to come in my room and tell gölcük escort me the same thing.” he said. I started to laugh after he told me that. We then sat down for breakfast. Dad went on to tell me more about when he was a kid and said that if the wind blew in his direction he would get hard. I told him I was the same way. We laughed and had a really good breakfast for the first time in a long time. I help my father wash the dishes and clean up and then we headed out to meet grandma and grandpa at the church. Aunt Barb was there along with Tony and Harley. Looking at Harley pissed me off and made me jealous. I was pissed because Harley was wearing some worn out pair of jeans and a wrinkled tee-shirt. The jeans had a tear just below his junk. Yes, I was looking and I know a lot of other people were looking, and that is what was making me jealous. All through the church service all I could think about was Tony sucking Harley’s cock all the way through the church service. I couldn’t help but look at his crotch and wonder what it would be like to suck his hard cock and taste his cum. I wasn’t positive but I could swear that he had got hard and the tip of his cock peeked out of the hole every once in a while. When the church service was over the whole family met back at our house. Grandma, grandpa, dad and aunt Barb sat down in the living room while Tony, Harley and I went downstairs to the basement and played video games on the PS2 on the big screen tv until we were called upstairs for lunch. Grandma had made Hot turkey sandwiches with cheese and a bowl of hot tomato soup. At the table the family talked about what the plans for Christmas. Grandma and grandpa were flying out on Tuesday to her sisters in Nevada. I really wasn’t listening; my attention was more on my brother and Harley; they were whispering and laughing amongst themselves. I really felt left out from both conversations. In truth I hated Christmas, we never really got the gifts we wanted. I knew this year would be the same. After lunch grandpa went out to their car and came back with gifts for dad, aunt Barb, Harley, Tony and myself. Dad got cologne, aunt Barb got perfume, Harley got a cd of his favorite band but inside the case was a hundred dollar bill, I wouldn’t find that out until later. Tony got three new video games for the PS2. Both grandma and grandpa told him that he had to share them with me. I got two new shirts and socks, I was disappointed at first, because this always happens to me. I guess grandma could see the look on my face and called me over to her. “You look upset? Is there something wrong with the shirts and socks?” she asked. “No, they are fine. I needed more socks and the shirts were cool. I was just hoping for something else.” I told her. “Well, you have a birthday coming up and Herold and I have a little surprise, but I can’t tell you right now you will just have to wait till then.” she whispered to me. I have to admit I was a little excited at the possibilities. I thanked grandma and grandpa giving them both a hug. It was getting later in the afternoon and my grandparents had to leave. They had to get back to the cities and get ready for their trip. I went up to my room and put my shirts away. I was about to turn on my computer. When I heard a knock on my door. Usually if my brother or dad knock they would announce that they are outside my door. “Can I come in?” came Harley’s voice. “Yeah come on in.” I said. I was surprised to see that Harley was alone. “Where is Tony?” I asked. “He is down in the basement trying out his new games.” Harley told me as he walked over to my bed where I was sitting. I still felt a little jealous to the fact that Tony was the first to suck him off. I knew I had the chance before, but never thought Tony would do it first. “Did you like the present grandma and grandpa got you?” I asked. Harley reached into his pocket and pulled out the hundred dollar bill. “Yeah, they had tucked it inside the cd. I found it when I went to open it.” He laughed and continued. “They were careful and taped it up figuring I wouldn’t notice.” Harley told me. “Damn you’re so damn lucky. All I got was two shirts and socks.” I told him which he already knew. “Well, I haven’t given you, your Christmas present yet.” he said as he put his hand on my bare thigh. “You don’t have to give me anything.” I said. “But, what if I want to give you one and it is ok, if you don’t have to give me one.” Harley said as he moved his hand further up my thigh and I let him. I just sat there as he made his way up and under my shorts. Harley then leaned in and kissed me. I did nothing to stop him, in fact I enjoyed kissing him. Nifty is kind enough to post these stories and could use your help. Please send your donations too: Nifty Stories Archive ion. Thanks again for reading, all remarks are appreciated. Other stories on : Unexpected Relationships (Gay/ incest) completed The runaways (Adult/Youth) completed Turnhurst Manor (Adult/Youth) completed story The beauty of red (Adult/Youth) completed story Justin Brown’s Journal (Youth) complete short story The short life of Kiren Brown (Adult/Youth) complete Strike Two (Adult/Youth & Athletics) In progress (Strike Two) Freddy’s got blue balls (Incest) complete (Strike Two) Webcamming with my brother (Incest) in progress

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