Wedding Trip

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Wedding TripBecause this site has trouble handling and displaying the longer titles, I decided to continue my story in under this title. Who knows, maybe I will go back and rename the whole series!Originally named, “Son’s wife Mallory rides with me to a wedding,” this is installment 5. It is Saturday morning and the wife of my son (her name is Mallory) awake and head toward the wedding in New York….~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I felt Mallory get out of bed and I looked at the clock and thought I would rest just a little longer. The next thing I knew, I heard the door to the room open and close. I got out of bed and looked around but there were no notes, no messages. Then my phone chimed the arrival of a message. It said, “Gone for a run and work out. Get cleaned up and some breakfast. I will be back in a bit.”“So much for a continuation of last night’s fun.” I mumbled to myself. Grabbing my shorts and a shirt, I headed toward the shower. When I got out, she was still not anywhere to be found, so I got dressed, grabbed my phone and the card for the room and headed down to the hotel breakfast.While I ate, I called the car repair shop and they said they had the car up on the rack and that it had indeed been a bad brake cylinder. He said with luck he would have the car to us within an hour. I thanked him and he laughed and told me I would be getting his bill. So far the day was not starting well. I texted Mallory and she said she was just getting in the shower. She asked me to bring up a banana and some yogurt. I texted her that I had her banana … and I got no return message.Just my luck.I finished watching the news and looking through the newspaper before making another pass by the breakfast foods and grabbing a banana and some yogurt and heading back up to the room.Mallory was dressed in shorts and a lightweight powder blue tank top that looked incredible against her tanned, toned skin. Her hair was still wet, but combed and she was just packing some things away into the suitcase when she turned and smiled at me in the doorway. I brought the food over to her and put it on the desk. She turned from her bag and smiled up at me. “Thanks for bringing me some food, you’re the best!” and then she raised up on her toes, kissed me light and quick on the cheek and then turned back to her bag to close it.I turned and walked over to the bed and sat down wondering if I was losing my mind. We had had some incredible sex the night before hadn’t we? It had not just all been a product of my drunken mind? Mallory picked up the cup of yogurt, pulled the top off of it and licked the fruity contents from the top before throwing in in the trash can and leaning back on the desk. She picked up the spoon and scooped a mouthful into her mouth before looking up at me. She smiled at me.After she swallowed she began. “Okay, last night was fan fucking tastic, I am not going to lie to you. But that was last night. It was a one night stand and it can’t be anything more. Today we are going to travel on up to New York and we are going to forget it ever happened.”“Forget?! Maybe at your age you can forget, but for a guy my age to have last night happen… that canlı bahis memory is going to the grave with me!!” I laughed, but while she smiled, Mallory did not laugh and she waited for me to settle down before continuing.“Jacob and Tracey cannot find out about that, period. Never. I mean, what would you say if when we pulled in up there in a few hours, Tracey told you that she had been screwing Jacob all night? What would you say?”I smiled and said, “Oh that would be easy. I’d look at Jacob and apologize!” I then laughed and even Mallory chuckled before she threw the spoon at me.“Now stop! See, that’s just the kind of thing that is going to happen. You are going to slip and say something you think is funny and they are going to know that something is up. And while last night was really good, it was last night and if Jacob finds out, not only will I lose him as my husband, you will lose me as an in-law and probably lose your wife, so you have to promise me you will just forget about it. Promise me?”“I promise,” I said. “I promise not to tell them a damn thing as long as when we are alone we can still be more than just what we were before yesterday.”Mallory’s smile faded and she looked sad. “I wish we could. In fact, I don’t know if we can go back to the way we were before, even if we both try. You were not the only one to have a night they will never forget last night! But, Bryan….”“I know how to be discreet and I will be. I know when to turn it on and turn it off. I will behave whenever there is even the most remote chance of someone we know catching us. But don’t tell me this will never happen again. That just is not fair!”Mallory smiled finally and said, “Damn you are a handsome man! I’m not certain I would resist you if I could, so I will agree to not close the door completely. But you promise to behave, right?”I got up off of the bed and walked right over in front of Mallory. She lowered her hands to the desk behind her and set the half-eaten yogurt on the desk. “I promise.” I whisper softly as I lean down and I feel her lips part in greeting to mine as they touch and I taste the sweetness of her mouth. We were just really starting to kiss and my mind was already surrendering its blood flow to my lower head when my phone rang loudly and we both jumped.Cursing, I dug into my pocket for my phone and at the same moment Mallory ducked past me toward the bathroom. It was the guy from the repair place saying he would personally be over in 15 minutes to drop off the car… and collect his payment. I thanked him and turned as Mallory came out of the bathroom carrying all of our toiletries from the bath. “My guess is we had better get packed up and head down,” she said with a half-smile. I nodded and took my things from her and tucked it into an outer pocket of my bag. Ten minutes later, we were all paid at the front desk and just exiting the front door as my car pulled into the lot followed closely by a service pickup truck. The bill was about $75 higher than I thought it would have cost at home, but it was worth it, so I paid the man, threw our stuff in the car and five minutes later we were on the road again.To be honest, the bahis siteleri radio did a nice job of filling the quiet of the car as we sped along the highway. I guess we were both working things out in our own minds, so there was not a whole lot of chit chat.About 30 minutes into the drive, as we were passing an 18-wheeler I glanced over at Mallory and she was smiling up at the driver who had suddenly increased his speed to match ours. Without thinking I said, “Well if you are going to give the man a show, give him a show!”She looked over her shoulder at me and simply said, “Okay,” and without further ado, she pulled the bottom of her shirt up, caught the bottom of her bra and pulled it all up and then turned and pressed her small breasts against the glass!! Almost immediately, there was couple horn blasts from our new friend and I hit the gas and sped on around the very pleased driver as Mallory fell back into her seat laughing.“Now you’ve done it.”“Done what?” she laughed as she pulled her clothes back into place.“Every truck driver for the next 180 miles is going to be looking for you and wanting a show!” I laughed.Looking over at me she smiled and said, “Well what do you think? Should I give all of them one?”Glancing over at the sexy young woman staring at me with those big brown eyes I found myself saying, “Hell, as long as I get to watch too, you can do whatever you like!!!” And thus it began. At first she was just flashing her tits to the big rig drivers, but then she got a jacket out of the back seat and put it over her like a blanket. A moment later her top and bra fell onto the floor and as I glanced over at her she flashed me a quick peek at her naked torso and the rock hard nipples that adorned the tops of her titties as they begged for attention. I just moaned my appreciation and she laughed and told me to keep my eyes on the road and covered herself up as we drove on.For some reason all of the trucks seemed to be going below the speed limit and were driving in the right lane! And each and every one of them got a free view of my passenger playing with her tits. But soon some of them started seeing much more. She was growing bolder and would slip a hand down inside her shorts and though they only got a brief glimpse, I could hear her fingers sliding into the moistness that was between her lovely lower lips. So as we passed the next truck I reached over and grabbed one of her nipples and tugged it out from her chest! Mallory arched her back in response and threw her head back in the very picture of rapture and I thought the truck driver was going to put his rig in the ditch!!As we got around him, Mallory grabbed my hand and without a word stuffed it down inside her shorts as she fully reclined the seat. A few moments later her left foot went up on the dash as my fingers slowly alternated between penetrating her and circling her clit. I can only imagine what the next few drivers thought as we drove past them and they looked down to see the slutty pose assumed by the young nymphomaniac riding with me. In a way I was both surprised and disappointed that she did not pull her shorts off as well! But in a very real güvenilir bahis way I was glad she did not. It was difficult enough to not weave driving down the road with one hand frigging the wife of my son and my own cock straining for release!Honestly, it probably did not take ten minutes before she began thrashing and bucking her hips into my hand as she wrapped her body around my right arm and convulsed. The waves of pleasure crashed over her! The moment I felt her beginning to relax I pulled my hand out from her waistband as much to get control over the car as anything.When I brought my hand back, the scent of her sweet hot sex filled my senses and I could not help but bring my wet and slippery fingers to my mouth and taste her. “Oh my God! I open my eyes from yet another orgasm you have given to me and what do I see? You sucking my pussy juice!” she said and then I saw her shudder as another minor wave overtook her.“What can I say? The drivers of the big rigs are not the only ones who have been enjoying your little show over the last 90 minutes or so.” I said. She raised her seat and put her top on without the bra and then looked over at me. I felt her eyes moving over my body, travelling lower and then I heard her say, “Well it doesn’t seem quite fair that I should be the only one to get to have fun on this last leg of our trip together.” Before I knew what was happening she had my belt undone and was tugging on the zipper and snap of my shorts!I gave her a hand and mentally wondered whether I would be able to control the car at 75 mph with the lips of this minx wrapped around my cock. It did not take long before I got to find out! The moment it was free, Mallory hid my cock inside of her mouth as she pressed the side of her face against my belly.Soon it was apparent that this was not a very comfortable arrangement for her, however. So the seatbelt went whipping back into its storage and she got up on her knees in her seat and was face down in my lap, sucking earnestly! I decided to go for broke and I reached over her back and with some help from her, pushed her shorts down over her hips and began rubbing and pressing my finger into the tight rosebud of her ass! As we passed a car with a startled male driver in it, I could no longer control myself and I fired off my whole load into the warm and eager mouth of Mallory who missed very few drops of my cum as I did my best to remember we were still driving down a freeway!As she settled back into her seat, I steered the car into the right lane and began drifting onto an exit with a gas station and a couple of fast food places. “I think I need to get out and … umm.. stretch my legs,” I said looking over as Mallory maneuvered her bra into place beneath her top. “I thought I just did that!” she laughed and looked at me with a truly happy smile. I saw the lone string of cum on her chin and I reached over and with my thumb collected it and put it to my own lips. We were so busy watching each other I damn near rolled right through the stop sign at the bottom of the ramp, which sent us both laughing! A few minutes later we both went to our respective restrooms at one of the restaurants to, “freshen up” before meeting our spouses less than an hour away now.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I hope you have enjoyed the story to this point. The wedding is just ahead, somehow I think it could be a very interesting reception!!!

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