Weekend at Varun’s Ch. 01

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This is my first ever post; and I hope you all enjoy it 😉

To start with, I must tell you a bit about myself. I am Nikita, a 34 year old woman with a body to kill for. I’m 5’7″ tall, fair, my stats are 34c-28-35 and I weigh a perfect 62 kilos. I have beautiful straight hair that fall upto the middle of my sexy back. I am a fitness freak, and have maintained myself to perfection. I am a state level Judo player and a trained dancer and aerobic instructor. I have very long and shapely legs, and a washboard-like flat tummy, with no tell-tale signs of childbirth. My lips are full and very kissable, and my eyes are the typical Indian beauty’s eyes – almond shaped with long eyelashes and brown in colour. I have zero wrinkles on my face, and have a tiny little beauty spot on my chin. All in all, I could easily pass off as a 25 year old, and nobody can guess my age and the fact that I am a mother of one. Just like I have maintained myself outwardly, I have taken great care of my ‘privates’ as well. I have been naturally blessed with minimal body hair, and whatever little there is, I remove it regularly to keep my hands and legs absolutely smooth and shining. It was 2 years back, when I had got permanent laser hair removal done on my armpits and pubic mound, and freed myself from having to shave every now and then. Kinky that I am, I had left a very thin vertical line of hair on my mound; and all I have to do now is to keep trimming it with scissors regularly. My breasts are perfectly round and stand absolutely firm – no sag whatsoever. And they are adorned by pinkish-brown colored areolae, almost two inches in diameter. My nipples look like cherries on scoops of ice-cream; and when hard they stand up almost an inch. I don’t really need a bra to support my boobies – need it only so that my titties don’t show, when I am turned on. One hot bod, ain’t I? 😉

Just like anyone who’s been married for long enough, our sex life is nothing to talk about. My husband is a workaholic and travels frequently on business. Since we live in a well-to-do joint family, with all kinds of domestic servants, the kid is also well taken care of. Folks at home are quite liberal, and I have a fairly easy life. I work as an Executive Assistant to a very senior person in a large Advertising agency, and am quite happy with my boss and job. My boss travels very often, and that gives me a lot of free time at work too; which I utilise to hob-nob with my colleagues. An Ad agency is a nice place to work in, as the overall setting is very informal and fun. I have a lot of friends in office, and I generally have a good time at work. I have always had an above average libido, and have no inhibitions as far as sex is concerned.

One of our VPs is a very handsome guy called Varun. He is 38, but, like me, a fitness freak. He used to be a cricketer in his younger days, and now does swimming and cycling to keep himself fit. He is 6′ tall, very lean and muscular. Like me, even he looks much younger than he is. And, the best part is, he is a perfect gentleman in his behaviour. To top it, he’s a fantastic dancer. Since we advertising folks have frequent parties, I have always enjoyed his company on the dance floor at most of our office parties. We sit on the same floor, and my desk is diagonally opposite his cabin, and since we have an open office, his cabin has a transperant glass partition, and we are visible to each other all the time. Normally he keeps quite busy, but, whenever he is a bit free, I go over to his cabin and we chat for a while. Varun is a divorcee, and lives alone in his plush 16th floor sea-facing apartment. He is very well endowed too, with a 7 inch tool; and a libido that matches mine. He is a phenomenal kisser and gives great cunnilingus too. He loves experimenting with sex. Made for each other – him and me!

Now, let me get to the story directly. I will write some other time about how Varun and me got ‘intimately’ involved and how it all started; but this story is about a great weekend spent together at his house.

Varun was to fly back into town on a Saturday morning, after a 3 day official visit to our branch office. As already decided between us, I was to fetch him from the airport, and we were to go over to his house for you-know-what. At home, I had made the pretext of a weekend office conference out-of-town and said that I’d return on Sunday evening. I had generally packed some clothes just to fill a small bag, knowing fully well that I didn’t need anything from it! My clothes for the weekend were all at Varun’s place – all our favorite stuff that we had shopped for together – halter tops, hot pants, micro minis, and the sexiest lingerie that a woman can have. Since I didn’t want a scandal at home, we had decided to leave all those clothes at his place. So, I was dressed in a normal low-rise denim capri and a sleeveless tee, with my hair tied back in a ponytail. Since Varun liked minimal make-up, I had only applied some lip-gloss – his favorite, edible, chocolate-mint flavoured one.

Varun’s flight was to land at 10am and as pre-decided, I was waiting for him in the airport parking canlı bahis şirketleri lot in my car, the car’s engine idling and the AC and music on. I had reached there at 9:55, and my heart was really beating hard. Varun and me hadn’t made love in 2 weeks now, and I was really itching for it. I had been imagining a lot of things since the past 2 days; and frequently had found myself so wet, that I was worried about a wet patch showing up on the crotch of my pants. I had to ‘attend to’ myself a couple of times in the restroom, bang in the middle of a working day at office! Varun had called me on Friday afternoon and we’d had a very graphic conversation about what we both were going to do to each other on the weekend. Now, while waiting for him, I was lost in those erotic thoughts. My pussy had started getting moist, and my nipples had started poking through the flimsy lace of my bra, and the cotton tee. I felt a little chill run down my spine, and an automatic smile appeared on my face. And just then, I heard a knock on the car window. It was Varun! He very swiftly opened the rear door and dropped his bag on the seat, and got in next to me.

Varun (while getting into the car): Heyyyyy Niki Baby!!!

Me : Hi Jaan! I was just thinking about you!!! (Jaan – literal translation ‘Life’- is an endearing word we use for our lovers out here in India)

Varun : Hmmm … I can see … (with a devillish grin, and eyeing my hard nipples jutting out of my top)

Me (quickly looking down at my tits, and then at him in mock anger) : You naughty boy!

By the time I had just about finished saying ‘boy’, he’d leaned over and planted his lips on mine. We smooched for more than a couple of minutes after that – first him nibbling and sucking at my lips, then me doing the same to him; and then our tongues doing a passionate dance in tandem. His hands went to my waist, one slipping up into my tee and caressing my back, and the other slipping into the waistband of my capris, trying to go further down into my panties. My left hand was at the back of his neck, and my right hand was fidgeting in his hair. I was moaning softly, my arousal becoming very obvious to him. My tits were hurting and the crotch of my panty was getting very moist. We finally broke our kiss, when we realised that in my aroused state, I had jammed my foot on the accelerator and the car’s engine growled. We both laughed at this and then straightened up, finally realising that we were in a public place. I saw him lick off my lip gloss from his own lips, thoroughly enjoying it’s taste; and a smile broke out on both our faces.

He : Ummm … I just looove that lip-gloss of yours baby

Me : You’re smelling very delicious too (referring to our common favorite deo that he uses)

He : Come on baby … let’s get home quickly … unless you want me to do you right here in the car

Me : Fat chance … do me here, huh! You wanna drive, or should I drive?

He : You drive, so that I can play with you (that devillish grin again!)

Me : No Jaan … I’ll drive only if you promise to keep your hands off me … Otherwise, you drive.

He : Ok Ok … you drive and drive fast … I’ll try to be a good boy … Try … ok?

Me : Try is not good enough … I will bang the car if you distract me!

He : Ok baby … you win … hands off … now, let’s go!

I leaned over and gave him a peck on his cheek, and a quick squeeze on his erection poking out of his trousers. He mock growled at me for doing that.

He : Hey! Not fair! You also have to keep your hands off me!!

Me (winking at him) : You aren’t driving, are you?!

I wiped my messed up lip-gloss with a tissue and tried to press my tits inwards in a futile attempt of hiding them from jutting out from my tee so obviously for everyone to see, and he piped up …

He : You need help with them?

Me : You shut up, and keep your hands off!!!

And, I reversed the car out of the parking slot, and started. I was a little embarassed when I saw the parking attendant noticing my hard tits with a sly smile on his face when I handed him the parking slip at the exit. Varun was busy reading mails on his Blackberry. And, so, off we went on the 20-odd minute drive to his house.

Me : See Jaan, what a horny slut you’ve made out of me. What that guy must be thinking about me right now?

He (suddenly looking up from his phone) : Uh? What happened?

Me : My TITS!!! They are poking out!

He : Oh that! How can I help it if all you can think of is sex, baby (with a stupid grin on his face)

Me : Yeah!!! And you are a saint, eh?

He : Haha! Babe … you know what? I have been thinking of you and what all I want to do to you, all through my flight. It was becoming so difficult to hide my erection, I tell you!

Me (grinning) : Oooh!! My poor horny Jaan … hehehe

Such little banter went on throughout the drive. In between, he lit up 2 cigarettes, and gave me one. We both smoke the same brand, and it’s a pact between us that we smoke only when we are together. It’s odd, but, he finds women who smoke very canlı kaçak iddaa sexy. And I feel slutty when I smoke, it somehow pleases my wild side. He smokes to give me company. Suits both of us.

We didn’t stop anywhere on the way, and managed to reach his apartment complex quite soon. The moment I parked and switched off the engine, I leaned over and gave him a wet slobbery kiss on his lips. He was a bit surprised, but, obviously enjoyed it. And before he could grab me, I scooted out of the car, giggling. We very quickly picked up our bags and almost ran to the lift, hand-in-hand. Now, our patience was waning, and we both desperately wanted to make out. The liftman now knows us quite well, and immediately understood that he’d rather leave us alone in the lift, so he stepped out with a silly smile on his face. Good for us! 16 floors is enough time for a nice smoochie-woochie! But, in our state of excitement, we did a lot more. Of course, we kissed. But, our hands were all over each other – him squeezing my boobs, squeezing my buttocks, sliding his fingers into my panty and cupping my pussy – all at once. And I’d already unbuttoned his shirt, and squeezed his dick, pinched his nipple. All this while kissing as if it was our last kiss on earth. And then, “TING” … we’d reached the 16th floor. I shuddered for a second, worried if anyone would see us like this. Thankfully, nobody was around. While Varun was rummaging in his bag looking for the keys, I dunno what came over me and I removed my tee from over my head in a flash. When Varun raised his head with the key in his hand, he was pleasantly shocked to see me in my lacy maroon bra, my breasts heaving in anticipation, a bead of sweat glistening on my cleavage. A whistle escaped him, and he stopped for a second, when I signalled him with my eyes to open the door quickly.

Snap – door opens … Shuffle – we enter … Thud – bags thrown aside … Slam – door shut … Smooch – there we go again!!! We must have broken some record for undressing each other so quickly – and all the while our lips were glued to each other! His belt, trousers, briefs, shirt, shoes and socks … my capris, panty, bra and slippers … all gone in a matter of seconds! We were still in the foyer of the house, but, stark naked and smooching! He lifted one of my legs to his side. I immediately lifted the other, and locked them behind his back. I got lifted into his strong arms completely. My boobs were pressed onto his chest; and his 7 inch boner was standing up fully erect between our tummies. His hands were on my waist, and mine around his neck. He started walking towards the living room, carrying me. I broke the kiss and was giving wet kisses all over his face, ears, earlobes, and his neck and shoulder blades. “Oooowww”, he shouted, when I bit him on his shoulder.

He gently dropped me on top of the thick back of the single seater sofa in his living room, such that my ass rested on it. I automatically put both my arms besides me for balance. Varun started kissing me all over, starting from my forehead and gave me teasing kisses and licks on and behind my ears, on my neck, and on my shoulders. One of his hands was mauling my breasts one-by-one; while another was roaming my back. I wasn’t being able to handle all this stimulation, and was writhing sitting there, arching my back, and in turn lifting my breasts further up into his face. He slowly moved his mouth towards my breasts, and the first touch of his wet tongue on my already hard left nipple sent a shiver down my spine.

I was moaning softly, and my breath was becoming heavier. Varun was teasing one nipple with his mouth, and doing the same thing with his fingers on the other – sucking, pinching, licking in a circular motion. That’s when I put my hand into his hair, and pulled his head towards the other tit saying “Don’t do injustice to this one Jaan”. He looked up at me and smiled, and got down to business on the right tit now, his hand reaching up to the left one, prompting a loud moan from me … “Ummmmm … Aaaaaah”. As if on cue, he simultaneously bit me and pinched me hard on both my tits, making me holler out “Ouchhhh!!! Oh Jaan – go easy, not so hard!” He looked up at me and winked, and went back to my boobies, this time, going very slowly and gently, kissing-licking and caressing-fondling them. “Hmmmm … I love this baby”, I said to him, pressing his head firmly onto my breast.

His other hand that was so far on my back, now I could feel it slowly move over my side and get in front, slowly sliding up and down my thigh. The tickling sensation was now making me more and more excited, and he seemed to be sensing it. He started teasing my inner thigh, just about an inch or so away from my treasure, with his fingers making little circles on the sensitive skin there. I was getting very wet down there, and I could feel my juices slowly trickling out of my pussy onto the back of the sofa. I said to him “Jaan, don’t tease me like this. Aren’t you going to fuck me yet?”. He released my nipple from his mouth and said “You horny slut! Getting impatient, huh”. And with that he bit me hard canlı kaçak bahis on my nipple. I let out a big moan “Ooooooooooh Jaaaaaaaaaaan”. He started spreading my pussy lips with his thumb and middle finger now, and digging his forefinger slightly into my hot cunt. “Whoa baby! Your cunt is hot and wet”, he said, dipping his finger a bit further inside, and twirling it around.

I was constantly moaning now, sometimes quite loudly. I was already floating in the clouds by now, with all his ministrations. He suddenly lifted the little hood on my clit with his fingers and pinched my erect clit softly, and started toying with it. Now, he started moving his mouth downwards, kissing the underside of my boobs, and then slowly moving towards my belly button. He lingered over it for a minute or so, licking it, and trying to dig into it with his tongue. He knelt down on the floor now. I moved my hand from his head onto my tits, fondling the hard buttons one by one. My titties were already smarting from all the biting and pinching he’d subjected them to. He started fingering my clit at a rapid pace, rubbing it and circling it with his fingers. His other hand left my tit, and moved towards my ass, and started squeezing my soft ass cheeks.

I was now completely out of control, moaning and my head thrashing from side to side with all the pleasure I was getting. I could feel my orgasm build. I was going to cum soon, the first of many times this weekend. I heard myself say “Jaan, don’t tease me anymore. I can’t take it. Pleeeeease fuck me. FUCK ME!!!”. His reaction to this was to lower his mouth to very to close to my pussy and clit, and blow air at it. A big moan escaped me – “Ummmmmmm” and I darted my hand on to his head, and forced it closer to my pussy. “Eat me you rascal. Suck me. Lick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”. The “me” got stretched out because, by that time, he flicked his wet tongue on my clit once, and then, a few times in rapid succession. I was on the brink by now, about to go over the edge. His breathing was getting harder and erratic, and I could feel his hot breath right on my pussy. He blurted out “Spread yourself”, and I quickly moved my hand from his head to my pussy, and parted the outer lips open with my fingers. No sooner I did that, he darted his tongue into my cunny and with a big slurp, lapped up my juices which were glistening out there. With a very loud “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargghhhhhhhhhhhhh”, I came. And came. And came some more.

All this while my loverboy was lapping up my wet pussy hungrily, holding me firm at my waist. I was trembling as if many little explosions were going on inside me. I bit my lip hard, and I could taste blood. And I found myself whimpering, losing my voice completely. My breath had become ragged, and my head was swimming by now. If it wouldn’t have been for Varun holding me firmly, I am sure I would have lost balance and tipped over onto the sofa. My legs had involuntarily tightened around his head, which was being squeezed between my quivering thighs. He didn’t mind it. He stopped lapping my cunt, and waited for my orgasm to subside. Subside it did, but after a good 3-4 minutes, which to me felt like hours.

Slowly, I relaxed, and his head got released from my thighs, and I could hear him laughing loudly. I also burst out laughing. He relaxed his grip on my waist, and started getting up. On his way up, he again kissed both my nipples once each, and licked between my boobies – his favourite place. I was still recovering from my big O, so didn’t react much. He gave me a little hickie there, before moving up and kissing me hard, holding my face in both his hands. I could taste my juices on his lips and tongue, and could feel the stickiness all around his face. His tongue was darting around my mouth, to which I responded with equal vigour. Our tongues were warring inside our mouths for a while, till I purposely bit his lower lip hard. This made him break the kiss, and in mock anger, he slapped my bum a few times.

We had both gotten a bit sweaty with all the heat that we had been generating. I saw a droplet of sweat run down from his forehead to his nose, and hang on its tip. I immediately kissed it and even gave him a light bite. I know that he is very sensitive about his nose, and I have always teased him by kissing it or biting its tip lightly sometimes. It winds him up, and he normally lands up doing something naughty in response. Sure enough, this time too, he pinched my bum hard, making me cry out loudly – “Ufffff!!! You brute!!!”. To which he responded “Uffff! You bitch!!!” with an expression of mock anger. Now, I smiled lovingly at him and winked. My one hand had started wandering all over his manly chest, ruffling the furry hair, teasing and twirling his nipples one by one, and slowly inching southwards to where his shaft was hanging semi-erect. I purposely slowed down when I reached his pubic hair, and started playing with the tuft of dense hair out there. Now it was his turn to be teased, and he had sort of anticipated this. He stood there, stoically looking at me, acting as if he was feeling nothing. But, his pecker was signalling something else! It had already started twitching a bit. I said to him “Jaan, nothing’s happening to you?”. He replied with a grunt, looking down towards his dick, and then mock growling at me. I laughed, and leaned in to kiss him.

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