Weekend for a Friend


Brian raised one eyelid and stared at the alarm clock, 5:32 AM. It was Friday, the beginning of his three day weekend. The dog had thumped into his bedroom door, demanding to be taken out for relief. Brian propped up on one arm and cleared the sleep from his eyes. His wife Allison was still beside him, lying on her back, one breast exposed. He took the time to lightly blow on the exposed nipple, then licked it softly, which brought it to a point. She began to stir but the dog thumped again.

Turning over, Brian threw his legs over the edge of the bed, pulled on the pair of discarded boxers from the floor, and went to the kitchen to start the morning coffee. While the pot began to brew he took the dog outside, noticing the sky getting lighter on the edge of the horizon.

“This could be the weekend I’ve dreamed of (or feared) for a long time” he thought out loud. He took the dog in, fixed two cups of coffee, and returned to the bedroom where his wife lay, still asleep. Kissing her lightly, Brian woke her to the smell of coffee.

“Time to get ready, you don’t want to miss your flight”, he said. Allison, his beautiful wife of 14 years took her coffee drowsily, sipped it a couple of times and handed it back for him to put on the nightstand. She pulled him onto the bed for a hug, rolled him to the side, grabbing the growing bulge in the boxers as he went and gave it a playful squeeze.

She quickly got on top of him, straddling his growing erection, and kissed him deeply, then pulled off and headed for the bathroom. Once she left, Brian lazily drifted off to sleep as he heard the shower turn on. He barely awoke to her kissing him goodbye.

“Have fun, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” she grinned.

“That doesn’t leave much out,” he smiled as she closed the door behind her.

Brian woke again at 9am, feeling slightly more refreshed and took a sip of his now tepid coffee and made a face.

“Yuk!” he said, putting it back down and plodding into the shower. He relished the fact that there was nobody else there to steal the hot water. Brian took extra time to make sure everything was “squeaky” clean and did his normal shaving ritual twice, taking extra time to

make sure his balls and shaft were extra smooth.

“Wouldn’t want anyone choking on any fur balls,” he mused.

Meanwhile, across town, Amber was having breakfast, staring at the clock on the microwave, unsure of her thoughts about the weekend. She had played flirty games with Brian, sent sexy emails, swapped hot cyber stories, and one night after too much wine, she even sent a picture of her boobs to him via email. This was going to the next level, and it was going to be very different.

Amber had given him permission, no…teasingly dared him… to plan a weekend for her. She told him her darkest and dirtiest fantasies and told him to do his best. Knowing he was a happily married man made it naughtier, perhaps too naughty, but he was a good friend that she felt she could trust with her feelings, and maybe more, for at least a long weekend. She had run into enough losers in her time to allow herself to relax in his calm demeanor. She had a strange feeling of trust in him despite the twisted circumstances. The pretty brunette stabbed out her cigarette as she felt the hot ember getting uncomfortably close to her fingers, threw her plate in the sink and headed for the shower.

Undressing for her shower, Amber took a moment to stare in the mirror. Her touseled brown hair was pulled to one side of her head and she made a sexy pout for the mirror then licked her lips. She pushed her firm 36C boobs together in her hands then lightly stroked and squeezed her nipples, making them stand upright. With the shower beginning to steam the mirror, she stepped in with her gel, loufa, and razor to enjoy the pulsating beat of the shower massage.

Brian arrived at their lunch destination purposefully early. It was the “Executive Club”, an all-nude strip club in Charleston. He and Allison had been there several times, having a great night out as a daring married couple. Despite the fact that it was an all nude club, the girls were very pretty and friendly.

Alcohol could not be sold there, so you had to bring your own. They could serve it to you as long as you provided it. Topless clubs could serve alcohol, but the all-nude clubs can’t. Brian unloaded a bottle of Jim Beam and several mixers and other ingredients for just about any cocktail Amber and the other girls might want. The lunch hour wasn’t usually busy, except in the peak of tourist season, which this was not. There were no other clients in the lounge at the time, and there were three or four dancers sitting at a corner table, smoking cigarettes and chatting as the DJ was testing the lights and sound system.

The bartender poured a straight Jim Beam over ice for Brian, and one for himself (at Brian’s invitation). The lights dimmed and music began to play. As his eyes adjusted, Brian saw a short brunette came from the runway and began her performance on the pole. She was very cute. She caught Brian’s ankara escort eye and teased him with her body as the music continued.

The second song of her set began and she immediately removed her top and G-string, and moved to the edge of the stage closest to the bar. She turned her back to him and slowly bent over, touching her toes and exposing her swollen pussy lips and perky ass to him. Brian went to the edge of the bar and slipped a five between her knees from behind, stroking the back of her knees lightly with his fingertips, pushing the rule that the girls can touch you, but you can’t touch them. She rewarded him by pulling her right cheek apart with her free hand, exposing her pink pussy and puckered butthole. She held that pose for a painfully long time, then turned and slowly worked her way up his torso, pausing to bite his nipples through his shirt, stopping at his ear where she blew lightly into the opening, making his senses jump to life, and causing him to clear his throat and return to the bar for a large sip of his drink.

As Amber was driving to the club, she started becoming a bit apprehensive. She had thought about the possibilities of what might happen but this was becoming “real” too quickly. She considered briefly turning the car around, but her reputation of boldness and fearlessness

wouldn’t allow it. Brian wasn’t like the other married guys she knew anyway, he had never overtly came on to her, never touched her inappropriately, and there was no reason to think he would do anything to make her uncomfortable. Up to this point, they had been simply good friends who had made out “a little” and were open and uninhibited in their conversations. This would mark a clear shift in their relationship. Change could be scary but Amber resolved to continue what she had set in motion.

She pulled into the club’s parking lot, adjusted her impossibly short miniskirt, and pulled her loose tank top down at the front to maximize the impact of her cleavage. Amber put her Mountain Dew in the cupholder of her Honda and went inside, her car cheerfully chirping as she pushed the lock button on her remote.

Amber’s eyes strained to adjust to the light (or lack thereof) and the bouncer quickly checked her ID then showed her to the bar. Brian was sitting there with a grin on his face, a pretty blonde to his left was lightly stroking his arm.

“Hey Babe,” he said, rising to hug her and kiss her lightly on the lips, a sensation she still wasn’t used to.

“This is Taylor,” he introduced the blonde, who was not shy about slowly looking Amber up and down, seeming to undress her with her eyes. Amber extended her hand, and it seemed that Taylor took a longer than usual time in letting it go, and she seemed to slowly stroke her hand and fingers as she let go.

“Have a drink,” Brian said, sliding a Long Island iced tea across the bar to her.

Amber sat uncomfortably on the bar stool, wrestling slightly with her skirt, and surveyed the bar. She had never been to this particular club. She was used to going to topless clubs with her other male friends, mostly on a dare, and she always had fun. There was a redhead on the stage, completely nude, pumping her hips in the air as she laid on her back, one arm curled on the pole, lost in the music. It was unusual to see a naked vagina so well lit in a strip club, but Amber was open to whatever experience Brian had planned. He promised her a good time, and she was excited about the potential, the moisture beginning to form between her legs affirming her increasing interest.

As she stared at the stage, Amber felt fingers lightly running up her back and turned.

“Nice tattoo,” a very pretty brunette cooed…”can I see more?”

Amber nodded and the dancer slowly pulled her shirt slowly up her back, exposing the rest of the artwork.

“A Libra, huh?” she said. “I’m a Gemini. Here are my twins.”

The brunette opened her shirt and everyone laughed in appreciation. The bartender poured her a rum and coke, remembering her favorite drink from countless previous conversations such as this.

Everyone made small talk while having a drink or two, the bartender kept the drinks and snacks well stocked. People were loosening up and becoming a bit more friendly. Amber and one of the girls were talking about shoes as the available dancers took turns squeezing Brian’s arms and

taking him up on his offers for drinks. He would have the girls tip whoever was on the stage, taking in the sight of the dancers kissing each other in appreciation.

Brian was beginning to feel a slight buzz and his cock was swollen slightly against his leg, signaling that it was time to proceed with the plan.

“Let’s take this party into the VIP room,” he announced. The dancers nodded and picked up their drinks, holding out their hands for Amber and Brian. They were given a very personal escort behind the mirrored door into the hidden room behind the stage.

The VIP room was very spacious, and well laid out. There was a horseshoe shaped overstuffed leather couch on the back escort ankara wall of the room, where the girls escorted the couple. There were four sections in each leg of the couch, with plenty of room for 12-15 people. The bartender came in, bringing fresh drinks for all, and set up the mixers and snacks at the empty bar in the corner.

Brian and Amber sat next to each other on the couch, slightly nervous about the scenario, as one of the dancers stood up on the table in the middle of the couches and began a slow grind to the music. Prince’s “Nikki” was slowly, methodically, pumping from the speakers as the dancer ran her hand up one side of her body and down the other, pushing her breasts together as Brian was stared…mesmerized…at the scene.

Amber was beginning to feel a slight buzz, and leaned into his ear, nuzzled his neck, and purred into his ear…”you’d like to suck those, huh?” Brian gulped, nodded quickly, and took a sip of his drink. He settled back in the couch and put his arm around Amber’s waist, happy and shocked to find Taylor’s hand on her side, lightly stroking Amber’s left breast.

Amber leaned into Taylor and began lightly kissing on her ear, whispering that she wanted to

give Brian a thrill.

“He likes to watch other women,” Amber said.

“Don’t they all?” The two women began a slow sensual kiss, sucking each others lips, gently touching each other’s tongues, taking the time to play out a very sexy and erotic performance.

Mesmerized, Brian took in the sight, recalling what it was like when his wife got her first lap dance. Seeing her swapping tongues with a stripper had nearly made him come in his pants right there. The next dancer they had invited between them had pulled Allison’s sweater up, and

her bra cup down, licking hungrily on her breast and sucking her nipple, with his face right there, watching, taking it all in. The memory caused Brian’s cock to fill with blood and begin to leak precum from its tip, dampening his boxers.

The girls’ kiss temporarily broke and everyone went back to their drinks as the song changed.. “Lady Cab Driver” came on this time. A new dancer took the miniature stage/ table under the lights in front of the couch. Amber held out a ten dollar bill for the dancer stepping

down, who got down on her knees in front of her and captured the bill with her breasts. She kissed Amber in thanks, slowly exploring Amber’s mouth with her tongue.

Three of the other dancers had entered the room, obviously not getting any customers in the main room. They began playing Naked Twister on an illuminated disco-style floor in the corner. It was surreal and added to the feeling of sex in the air. Brian looked around quickly, taking in the layout of the room, noticing a lit glass shower in the corner also.

Brian checked his watch and asked Amber if she was having a good time. Amber nodded. She was beginning to get a good buzz and a warm feeling between her legs.

“Its fun seeing you taking in all the girls” she replied. “You men are so predictable.” She teased him, running her hand up his leg, quickly squeezing the obviously swollen addition to the

inside of his thigh. On the inside, though, Amber was slightly disappointed. She loved beautiful women as much as anyone, but this was becoming an all too familiar scenario to her.

Her first attempt at flirting with Brian and one of his friends, she recalled, had been walking up to them during a smoke break during a boring corporate function. She managed to twist the innocent conversation they were having into a lighthearted complaint about how every man’s fantasy was to have a threesome with two women. She had a glint in her eye that was more than innocent conversation when she said it, and she knew that the sentence had made an impact on the guys by the way they sort of stopped what they were saying. Something in the air changed ever so slightly and that had begun the dance that led to today.

She never would have guessed that it would end up here, in a strip club, with beautiful

women like bookends on each end of their bodies. Amber felt slightly lightheaded. Was it the drinks? The scenery? Or the tingling sensation between her legs? Or a combination of all of the above?

Brian excused himself, breaking the trance, seeming to read the look on her face.

“This is great and all, Amber, but this is your surprise.” Brian went back out the entrance of the room. One of the dancers took his seat, leaning into Amber to lightly lick and bite her neck as she slowly stroked up and down Ambers chest, tracing down to the front of her skirt, down to her inner knee. There, she stopped and slowly retraced her way back up Amber’s thigh, tickling her leg…until the manicured nail slowly stroked up to her very moist slit, barely covered by her wet panties, bringing a gasp and a purr from Amber. The dancer held her hand in place and slowly pinched Amber’s clit at the top of her opening, pressing against her mound. Amber grabbed the dancer’s face and pulled her in for a passionate tongue ankara escort bayan twisting kiss.

Brian returned from the room next door, but sat opposite of Amber on her right.

“You are a great friend and I enjoy your company immensely. I’d like to think you can trust me with your feelings as much as I feel I can trust you with mine” Amber took a sip of her drink

and nodded, apprehensive of what he was going to say next.

“You told me some time ago of your favorite fantasies, do you remember?” She nodded, swallowing a little loudly.

“Well, I hope we’re going to blow your mind tonight, but I don’t want you to be at all uncomfortable, so if anything happens that you aren’t comfortable with, I want you to let me know and I will stop it immediately.”

Amber, now thoroughly excited, nodded. Brian squeezed the dancer next to his backside and she left the room. Amber looked at the open door, wondering what was about to happen. The beautiful blonde returned, topless, with not one, not two, but five of the largest men in tow that Amber had ever seen. She held her breath briefly, her heart pounding in her chest, as the couch to her left filled with the men, all deeply tanned, with very short hair, two with crew cuts, obviously military men judging by the muscles and their demeanor. Two of them were wearing tan and brown camouflage pants. Introductions were made all around, but Amber couldn’t really focus on their names. The smell of cologne hung in the air, wafting in her direction, and more girls arrived seemingly from nowhere, taking turns rubbing the backs and shoulders of the new arrivals.

None of the girls had clothes on anymore, and Amber was beginning to feel like she was floating a foot off the couch, her pussy now beginning to get very warm, and wet, with the scents and sounds and sights in the air. Brian had a girl on each side of him, he was forced all the way back in the couch, with the girls blocking her view of his eyes temporarily. The brunette sitting

next to Amber whispered in her ear.

“Your friend has set you up for quite an. Are you ready for it to begin?” she cooed. Amber could only nod and stare at the guys flirting with the girls as she slowly reconciled what she was causing the tingling and dripping between her legs. The brunette took Amber’s empty drink, sat it down, and put a leg over Amber’s thigh. She gently pushed Amber back into the leather of

the couch. Amber eagerly sucked the breast that was thrust into her face, closing her eyes as she felt the weight of the brunette settling onto her lap. She could feel the couch tilting as people sat on either side of her, squeaking on the couch.

The brunette’s hands traveled up and down Amber’s side, then closed in on her breasts, ending

up at the knot tying her top together. The brunette moved downward, engaging her in a deep kiss, sucking her tongue into her mouth. Amber was lost in the smell of the brunettes hair, her perfume, and her expert way of working her tongue. Ambers nipples ached and her pussy got wetter and wetter with excitement. Amber’s top now untied, the dancer broke her kiss long enough to pull Amber forward enough to remove her shirt. Then she traveled downward; sucking, kissing, and lightly biting her nipples. Each time the dancer’s tongue or tooth touched Amber’s bright red nipples, a jolt of electricity traveled straight to Amber’s pussy. It was causing more moisture to escape her folds and her clit to stick further and further from under its hood, aching for attention.

As the dancer got off her lap, kissing Amber one last time, she kneeled in front of her and put her hand behind Amber’s skirt, loosing the zipper, and removed it from her hips, taking her pale blue thong off with the skirt in one fluid movement. The dancer held up the panties, further positioning them to show the large wet spot where the crotch had been. She inhaled them deeply, dipping the tip of her tongue in the moisture, drawing a string from the panties into her mouth.

“Mmm…you are having a good time… but it hasn’t even begun yet,” she said. “I wish I had a friend like yours.”

Amber hadn’t noticed what the men on each side of her were doing for the last few minutes. She had been otherwise occupied. Now, she saw the two guys in camouflage pants had taken stations at her sides. Each took a turn kissing Amber on the mouth, twirling tongues, their five o’clock shadows rough on her pretty face. She thought for a millisecond about stopping this scenario and leaving, running out the door. It was all so overwhelming. But her lust was stronger than her fear and these men were so strong and manly. Her pussy was as curious as the rest of her as to what was on the menu.

The brunette returned to the back of the couch and released a latch on the overstuffed leather headrest. The back of the couch reclined flat behind Amber and two of the guys, making a larger than king sized leather bed. The brunette repositioned herself squatting over Amber’s face as the men began sucking Amber’s nipples, each of them expertly biting and pulling on her nubs as a third soldier approached between her legs. He kneeled and tormented her by blowing on her pussy’s swollen lips with his hot breath. Amber took out her frustration on the pussy of the brunette pressed against her mouth.

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