Weekend Plans Ch. 01

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She comes to me, my Butterfly, every fortnight’s Friday evening, and each Wednesday between. On the weekends, those weekends, Our Weekends, we often have a chaperone whose sensibilities we wish not to offend. The sunlit hours and twilight, then, become a whirl of teasing touches and seductive stares. She has beautiful legs, milady does, and I encourage her to dress to emphasize them. Short skirts are my favorite, but I’ve provided her an old pair of my gym shorts for a more casual, lazy weekend. Short and too tight for me, baggy and longer on her they are perfect for my ends. Unbeknownst to the Chaperone I do not allow My Pet to wear panties during our hours together. Butterfly is quite adept at finding creative ways to remind me of the absence of her unmentionables, occasionally subtle, occasionally vulgar. Either way I am very appreciative.

But occasionally my fortunes change and we manage a stolen moment before the sun has set.

One recent Friday evening, she arrived clad in jeans and a button-down blouse, her preferred casual attire. After a heated greeting of warm embraces, wet kisses and wandering hands we went inside. She greeted our Chaperone as I took my usual seat on the couch in my den area, the next room over. She joined me after exchanging pleasantries with our hostess and I suggested she would be more comfortable in something less restrictive. She assented and went to my bedroom to change, pushing the door nearly closed behind her. I glanced through the door-less archway separating our quarters from our hostess’ and heard our Chaperone mumbling something as she stood. She was headed to the lavatory, it seemed, with a book in hand!

Interesting. This would guarantee us a few moments without interruption. At least five minutes, probably not ten. I quickly canlı bahis şirketleri crossed the room to my door. As I peeked inside, I was instantly rewarded with the delicious sight of milady in the buff, her back to me as she stepped out of her panties. My arousal at our earlier greeting was doubled, trebled, as I took in every delectable curve available to my hungry eyes. I slipped through the door pressing it nearly closed as I attempted to remain silent. Stealthily I crept behind Butterfly and wrapped my arms around her, relishing, instantly, the feel of her bare breasts on my arms, the curve of her bottom against my pelvis. She drew a sharp, surprised breath and I kissed her lightly on the back of her neck.

“Are you trying to get us caught?” she protested as my hands slid slowly over the bare skin of her belly, down over her hips and the tops of her thighs. I allowed my hands to roam caressing the tender curve where her bottom meets her leg, the small of her back, up and over her shoulders to meet again in front under those soft, full breasts. I kissed and nuzzled her neck as my right hand cupped her breast, massaging gently and my left trailed slowly down her belly to skim the silky hair between her legs. We lingered there briefly, me luxuriating in her body, she enjoying the worship of my hands. It occurred to me that she was right; the door was still ajar behind us.

I turned and pushed the door closed and secured it with the bolt. I returned to our previous position, kissing her cheek now and her earlobe. “Oh, Master,” she whispered as my lips nuzzled the flesh behind her ear. I spun her around and looked down into those beautiful brown eyes. I could be lost for hours in those eyes. She stepped up on tiptoe and pressed her lips against mine, softly at first canlı kaçak iddaa and slightly parted, then more urgently. I pulled her closer, her breasts pressed firmly against the cotton of my t-shirt, my arms wrapped around her at the small of her back. My lips parted and our tongues found each other, themselves like long parted lovers hungry and eager for the other’s touch, long denied.

But our window of opportunity was closing and there would be time to indulge all the senses later. Again I spun her, now away from me, and guided her toward the bed. She reached the bed and crawled onto it, bottom up and inviting, legs spread slightly. She rocked back against me as I fumbled to lower my shorts.

“Please,” she groaned, the sound emanating from deep within. “Please, Master, I’ve been such a good girl.”

I stroked her bottom with my left hand then reached down and parted her moist lips with my fingers. My right hand guided my cock into the warm wetness there, but only the tip.

“Please!” she cried desperately, louder than I liked given the proximity of our Chaperone. She leaned back toward me as I thrust forward and I was suddenly surrounded by her completely, the length of my shaft buried deep inside.

“Thank you, Master, oh thank you,” she breathed. My hands moved lightly over her ass, her hips and up to her ribs as I slid slowly in and out of her. I lost the calm façade as my fingers gripped her sides and I began plunging into her hard and fast, forcing her back against me, groaning and growling with each thrust. The walls of her pussy gripped and squeezed me as I found the right angle to bring her around quickly. I slowed the pace just a bit, a little more deliberate, each thrust aimed at drawing her closer to climax.

I slid my hands down to her canlı kaçak bahis hips and gripped them firmly. Her moans were louder now and I shushed her softly even as I thrust harder. Her muscle contractions sped up and her moans deepened. She lay her face down on the mattress allowing me in deeper still, her ass slightly higher. She was changing the angle to try and slow her orgasm!

“Bad girl!” I admonished as I slapped her ass with my left hand. With my right I reached for her long brown hair. I stroked it lightly a moment before twining a handful around my fingers and tugging firmly. She lifted her head in response and my cock once again found the spot. I smacked her pretty bottom again, the sound too loud for our current circumstance, and pulled her hair harder. She lifted her torso a bit more and cried out: “I love you!”

I felt a fresh gush of moisture drench my cock and I thrust faster for just a moment, then slowed the tempo to allow her to ride the orgasm to it’s fullest. When the involuntary clenching of her sex slowed I withdrew, regretfully. There’d be time for more, much more, later, I told myself. She collapsed among the sheets and blankets and rolled to her side, grinning up at me.

“Thank you, Sire,” she said softly. I pulled my shorts to my waist reached for the door. “You’re welcome, my love,” I replied. “There will be more later, more lovemaking and more spanking. I haven’t forgotten your impertinence.”

She lowered her eyes and smiled more broadly.

“Wear the baggy shorts I’ve provided you along with that t-shirt that drapes so nicely from your breasts,” I smiled wryly. “I’ll need access to tease you a bit once you’ve recovered. Oh, and when our Chaperone retires for the night I’ll instruct you what attire will be appropriate for your late evening duties.” She nodded her assent as I left and closed the door behind me.

I returned to the couch and picked up the TV remote just as our hostess returned to her seat.

“So, what do you two have planned for the weekend?” she inquired.

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