weekend with little sister pt 1

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weekend with little sister pt 1This is based on a true event. Little about us before I get into the story. I recently discovered that I had a little sister on my father side in one the northern districts. As an Agent for a business company I travel around the country a lot and on one of these occasions I decided to meet “my little sister” Angie. That was two years ago and from since then we have gotten along quite well. I am now 24 yrs and she is now 18. I also have a sister at home from both my parents’ side. Her name is Andrea, she is 20 and quite open minded. They look so alike. I knew my little sister Angie eighteenth birthday was this Wednesday and so I decided I would stop by and drop off a gift for her. I was heading for a weekend off to a nearby Mexican city. I was met by her mother at the door, a nice modest woman in her late thirties, lovely pale skin, petite, sexy body. Could see why my father felt for her. I asked for my sister and was told she was feeling down due to an incident with her boyfriend. She invited me in and escorted me to my sister’s room and she left. I saw my little sister sad and as she saw me she faked a lovely little smile. She looked so sexy yet innocent hugging a teddy bear with her teary eyes. She had on a very short little blue pants and a thin pink blouse, I could see the outline of her nipples but tried my best not to stare. She left off her bed and came to me and gave me a warm nice hug. She felt so good in my arms. She hugged me tightly while I inhaled her aroma. Angie smelt so great, so fresh. Couldn’t deny I was sexually attracted to her but did my best not to give that away. After explaining to me that she had caught her boyfriend kissing one of her friends in her backyard for a Bar B Q they had for her birthday last night I could only suggest to take her with me to the Mexican City to spend the weekend to celebrate her birthday and hoping she could get that loser off her mind. She was not too excited about the idea but after some convincing from her mother she accepted and hurriedly got her stuff and we were on our way.I drove but couldn’t help to stare at how lovely she was. She had a lovely well toned little body, her breast were 32C, nice size breast, flat stomach, her legs were well shaped, flawless, no scars or bites. She had lovely wavy light brown hair. She had well formed pink lips; she had no need for makeup. She was simply adorable. She wasn’t saying much at first so I stopped at a gas station and bought snacks and a few beers for the road. After her first beer she opened up to me and we commenced talking, one thing leading to the other. I tried not to mention her boyfriend and I think it was helping. She opened up more, smiled more and she thanked me for taking her on this trip. We left my work vehicle at the Border and caught a taxi to the city, just a few miles away, we went to have something to eat, more beers again. When in Mexico do like the Mexicans. This was about midday. We went to a Hotel and I was about to order two rooms but my sister said she had no plans of staying in, so one room with two beds would be enough for two of us. The only room available had only a queen size bed but still she did had no objection to it. After inviting her I had to readjust my plans so I asked her if she wanted to go shopping or to the beach.“I’m already tipsy, wouldn’t be a good idea to go shopping let’s just go to the beach and relax” Angie said. Little after going through her stuff she noticed she hadn’t brought any swim suit. We went downstairs to the hotel gift shop and karşıyaka escort bought the first one she set her eyes on. We went back up to the room and she went to the bathroom to shower and change into her new swim suit. She called to me to pass her my shaving kit, trying to explain why she hadn’t shaved earlier. So I got her a fresh shaver and cream and opened the bathroom door. The curtain was not fully closed and was amazed by what I saw, water running through her hair, down her back and unto her amazing butt. She has this flawless skin tone, pale and smooth. She had a nicely curved and well formed ass. She put out her hand and I gave her the items and left. I had to glance one more but hurried before she had washed off the soap lather from her face. I changed into my beach wear and slippers and waited for her sitting on the bed. Her Shampoo or conditioner she brought with her scented the room. It fragrance was incredible. Little later she came out, wearing just the one piece swimsuit she has purchased. I was in heaven, luckily I was seated so she couldn’t see my hard on I got from looking at her. I guessed we purchased a size smaller, so her breasts were popping out, she had a lovely camel toe and I could swear I saw part of her pussy mound. It didn’t cover her pussy well. I wasn’t going to tell her it didn’t fit. I heard she called my name twice before I could answer, asking how it fitted her. I was speechless, she smiled and did ballerina spin, little did I know it was like a thong at the back disappearing between her tantalizing butt cheeks. She put on a long blouse over her suit, packed our towel and stuff and headed out. I decided to take her to a more secluded beach; I didn’t want too many guys staring at her in that outfit. We ordered drinks and relaxed on the beach, not much people were there, mostly American female tourists enjoying their sun tan. We then decided to enter the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea where she admitted that she was a non swimmer. I told her I would show her how to float. I held her from under and she attempted to float. I kept staring at her oversized tits in that swim suit and got a glimpse of that camel toe. After several attempts, her ears were underwater as I held her and her eyes were closed. She was in another world at ease. I released her and saw she could float so I slowly spun her so now I was only holding her by the ankles. I would submerge almost all the way and open her legs a little. She was still in a trance. Or did she know I was staring between her legs and simply left me? Her bikini bottom could not cover her entire pussy mound, so the freshly shaven pink flesh of her mound on one side was visible. I had a huge, throbbing hard on. I bent her legs and placed them over my shoulders. Her pussy was just inches away from my face. I was really tempted to go in little farther and kiss it. At the same time I was losing my mind a wave came crashing and pushed us away. She immediately broke off and stood up accidentally touching my hard on in the process. She said she had started to doze off. We went out of the water, under a shade and continued having some drinks. About three hours later we headed back to the Hotel. My mind was now spaced out. That image of that packed little pussy with the outline of her pussy lips, the view of her shaven mound, I wanted to hold her but I did the best I could no to. In the taxi, she leaned on me gave me a kiss on my cheek and thanked me once again; I turned and gave her a brotherly kiss on her forehead and escort karşıyaka held her in my arm. At the hotel she gave me the option to shower first and I took it, came out in my boxers only and sat on my side of the bed, she then went in and showered, I was imagining that lovely piece of ass I had seen earlier, how amazing she must look nude under that shower. Again I smelt her fragrance. I couldn’t bare it. I was horny as hell. She made me horny.Angie came out wrapped in just a towel. She was complaining of the sun burnt and asked me if I could lotion her back. I wanted to jump with joy but acted calmly, retrieved the lotion from her bag and pointed her to the bed to lie on. She went ahead and I slowly started from her neck back, slowly I massaged her with the lotion enjoying every second I was touching her. She relaxed and I went down to her shoulders, she moaned softly stating how good it felt. She slid down her towel to her waist line and now I was doing her lower back. Her body felt great, so soft, so smooth, and so perfect. After I was done with her back, she asked me to do her legs. I did slowly, starting from her feet, her toes, her ankles, I parted her legs a little while massaging them and I could see between her legs, she had on a light pink thong, It was a see through one and I could clearly see her pussy lips, it was a little wet. Was it an effect of the massage or from the shower? I continued to massage behind her calves, knees and inner thighs. Once again I heard her moan. I open her legs a little more; I now had full view of her wet thong and pussy. I placed more lotion in my hand and went as close to her pussy as possible, I felt her heat and heard her moaned again. She liked it. I pushed up the towel over her ass and lotion her butt cheeks. To my surprise she only shifted her head to the other side so I continued. I lotion my hands again and placed them on her butt but now more in her butt crack, I saw her lovely little pink butt hole for the first time. I touched it and my indexed finger intentionally slipped in a little, she clenched but said nothing. I now went for her pussy mound. I didn’t make direct contact with her pussy but I massaged her mound indirectly rubbing her clits within in the process. I heard her moan more and she shifted a little but no word, I asked her to turn around. She turned and her towel was now completely gone, only her little thong which barely hid anything from view. I massaged her nipples, they were small and pink in color, hard. Her areolas were small. I lotion her neck her shoulders, her hands and came to her breasts, her little nipples we so small but so stiff. I played with them for a while with both breasts in my hands. She had her eyes closed, and her lips were partly open. I could hear a change in her breathing, She was enjoying it. I climbed on the bed and positioned myself kneeling between her legs, I placed the cold lotion on her flat stomach and loved her reaction, it was teasing her, I now held her thongs from her hips and she lifted her butt. As I slowly rolled off her panties I was amazed at her beauty. She had a lovely pussy, pretty little pink puffy lips, and fat little reddish pussy mound. I could see her sticky love juice as I pulled off her panties, I knew now it wasn’t from the shower she wet, she was horny as well. She lifted her long legs for me to pull off her thongs, and as I did, I slowly kissed her knees, her inner thighs and finally her pussy. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and in one swipe licked off karşıyaka escort bayan her pussy juice. She was wet and it was so sweet. She smelled amazing. She tasted great. I went down again and pleasured her, Concentrating on her clits and as her pussy juice overflowed my tongue went from bottom to top. I went all the way down from her little butt hole to her clits, could feel her tensed up when I did that. I took my time I was making love to her pussy. And she loved it. She started to buckle and grind her hips as she wrapped her long legs around me. With one hand she held my head towards her pussy and she started to groan louder and grind harder. She was Cumming. It was incredible. I could feel the rush of sweetness in my mouth from her pussy. She came over and over again, trembling under me pulling my hair. Finally pushing me away, she was getting sensitive. I crawled up to her and started kissing her, letting her taste her own love juice from my mouth. We kissed passionately, hungrily, I had one breast in my hand and with the other I pulled her in closer for that kiss. She was grinding under me once again. I immediately pulled off my boxers and resumed kissing her. I was rock hard and with her grinding under me it was like she was trying to find my cock with her pussy. She did. I could feel her warmness, her wetness then her tightness. I was slowly penetrating Angie. I felt no guilt, I wanted more. I went as far in as physically possible. We were still locked kissing, grinding. And she had her hands all over me, she was out of control. In a matter of seconds she screamed out again, she held me tightly digging her nails in my back, she was Cumming once again. I wanted to feel her wetness so while still in her I slid my hand between her butt cheeks, she was wet. The sheet under her was soaking wet. I continued to penetrate her, now harder but with my leg cross over one of her leg I was stimulating her as well. I told her I was about to come and before I knew it she hugged me tightly once again and started to come. I couldn’t hold it any longer and we both came. I shot my hot load in her, getting harder whilst I did. She was breathless and wet with sweat. We were both sweating in an air conditioned room. I kissed her more and remained in that positioned till I slid out of her. I went by her side she put her head on my chest and tried to calm down, we both dozed off into the evening. This was an amazing experience; I woke up hours later into the evening, Angie by my side nude. I wandered if it was the alcohol? Would she remember or be mad with me? I just stared at her and now a level of guilt came over me. She was lying sleeping innocently beside me, her bare beautiful body exposed; I started to get hard again. I slowly started to kiss her flat stomach, her little nipples, and her neck. She started waking up and smiled shyly. I lay back on the bed waiting to see her reaction. She came close to me and kissed me on my lips and one hand went to my hard on. She said you up already? She climbed over me, straddled me and slowly guided herself onto my cock and sat straight up. She rode me slowly, looking directly into my eyes, biting her lips, her hair was a mess but she looked so beautiful. I held her from her hips and she moved so gracefully. Her pussy was so tight; her pussy walls were contracting pulling my cock. It felt so great. Little by little she increased her tempo and started her sexy moans and groans once again. She tilted her head back and just started to quiver over me. I knew she was coming once again. Her pussy muscles pulled my cock tighter and I couldn’t help it. I came with her once again. She collapsed on me and kissed me, weak. She stayed there on me for a while and asked if I wanted to shower with her. We both knew what we were doing but none of us brought up the topic. We simply accepted it.

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