Weeknight Love

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It’s a week night and I want to make it special so I pick up flowers and a bottle of your favorite wine. I walk in to our place and I smell dinner cooking and music playing. You walk out of the kitchen and smile at me with those sexy blue eyes.

“Are those for me, is it a special occasion?”

“They are for you my love, I wanted you to know every night we spend together is special to me.”

I put the wine and the flowers down and I take you in my arms. I gently kiss your lips and then slowly work my way down to that special spot on your neck that makes you purr.

“Hmmmmm, that’s nice but can we save this for after dinner?”

“Sure can, let me take a quick shower and then we can eat.”

I run upstairs, shower and return to the table where we slowly eat as we discuss our day and how business is. I ask specific questions about the players at your company and we laugh and joke because I always listen to you and I have all the players down pat.

We finish and güvenilir bahis I tell you to take your wine into the living room and I will join you as I clear the table and quickly do the dishes.

I find you on lying on our sectional couch wearing that white silk slip I love and your white heels. You know this makes me crazy and I sit on the end of the couch, reach over and remove one shoe. I take your foot in my hands and slowly knead from your ankle to the balls of your feet to your toes. I do this gently and then add pressure. I then replace this shoe and remove your other shoe and do the exact same thing, from your ankle, then the balls of your foot and your toes.

You are moaning softly, relaxed having a good idea of where this will end. I then put that shoe back on and tell you to lie on your back. As you do this I take a pillow and place it under your lower back and then I stand back from the couch..

“OMG, you are so very beautiful, you are the sexiest woman I have türkçe bahis ever known.”

I then proceed to massage your right leg from ankle, to calf, to knee, to thigh, to inner thigh, slowly kneading and caressing the front of your legs, the sides of you leg and then the part of your inner thigh that I love so much. I repeat this slow, gentle, relaxing massage on your left leg.

Your breathing is getting louder and your hips, as I caress your inner thighs, rise up to show me what you want.

I am facing you on my knees and then I lean over and open your legs wide placing my hands on your thighs just above your knees. As you look up at me I lean further in and begin to gently plant kisses on your thighs. I use my lips and then my tongue to kiss and lick from your thighs above your knees. I work my way from the outside of your thighs in until I am licking all around your hot wet center. You are moaning and moving your hips up and down. I slowly lick all around your pussy then güvenilir bahis siteleri between your asshole and pussy. I pay special attention to your asshole and slowly insert the tip of my tongue, first inside, then all around and across you.

You’re squealing with need and I know you are close. I then flatten my tongue and slide it across your wetness up and down, up and down, until finally I am licking and nibbling your clit. You are calling my name over and over and over. I lick across, back and forth, up and down taking just the tip of my tongue to slowly abuse your clit. I know how close you are.

As I begin to suck your clit I slide a finger deep into your asshole and finger that special place. You’re gone.


Your pussy squirts gush after gush of hot juices and I gladly lick and drink every last drop. I hold you down until you can’t take anymore and then you push me away.

I look up at you and see the love we share in your eyes. I climb up your body and we gently kiss.

We finally break apart and I look deep into your eyes.

“You are the love of my life, my world, my everything. Let’s go upstairs and make love, I love you.”

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