Weird gym class


Weird gym classI live in the city and so often you will find a store that sells something very common but they will try to sell it to you differently. This gym was one of them.It was a small gym that opened in a building not too far from where i work. They basically offer private coach sessions so the gym is pretty small, about 900 square feet. There are two owners. Two men around 50 years old. One of them has a physiotherapy background while the other has a gymnastic one.I wanted more mobility when working out. More flexibility and they said they can help. I got to my first session on a Saturday afternoon. I was the only customer that day…Two very nice men. Very easy to talk to and also very competent from theway they talk. We got on the gym floor section and they asked me to go bare feet. Other than than, i was wearing a sports t-shirt and shorts with boxers under.The first session was about seeing which parts of my body would need for more flexibility work and see if there were any past injuries.One of the man, the ther****t one, was Paul and he was simply watching me do the exercises with Gary, the coach. They were both a t-shirt and shorts. Gym wear basically. We started with simple things like stading up, try to touch my feet without bending the knees, strech on one side of my body, things like that. While i was doing that, Gary was making sure he presses on my muscles being streched, making sure i was doing correctly. Then Paul asked if i could remove my t-shirt so he could see which i did’nt mind. It made sense. halkalı escort We kept doing strech work stading up until we got on the floor and try to strech my legs in the hips section. There was definitely something to work there. Gary could not feel the muscle in my hip section because of the players i was wearing. The boxers and the shorts.- Would you mind taking off the shorts too? I know its weird but since we’re all men and you’re the only one with an appointment today, it would allow us to really find the issue in your hip section, he asked.I thought this was not usual but i felt like we were really working here and, i am not shy of my body so i agreed.It felt so strange to be naked in front of two men. Almost too good actually.Stading up, he asked me to spread my legs and try to reach one foot, then the other. As i was doing it, he was slowly sliding his hand from my lower back to under the hips, between my legs and then lower. He did that a couple of times, always getting very close to my cock, or just between my anus and my balls but never touching anything.Then he asked to raise one of my legs and hang on to the gym ladder and bend forward until can’t. I had a hard time with my balance to Paul came closer to hold while Gary was doing is thing. I could feel he was working really close in between my legs. Sometimes, his hand would quickly run my ball sack. I was getting a bit hard and i was hoping nobody would notice.But he did. taksim escort I looked down in between to streches and i could see my dick half hard so i knew they would notice…Fot the last exercise, he asked me to get on my knees. He attached a rope from the gym ladder and handed me the other end. He asled me to bend my head down and pull on the rope so i could strech the upper back section. That position got me turned on. I was suck in a vulnerable position…- Good, he said. Keep you head down and keep streching for a minute.While i was streching, i could feel his hands sliding on my back, then carressing my ass. Then, i felt a finger touching my anus, not penetrating. It happended really quickly. My dick got so hard. I felt Paul was behind me and Gary on the side. Still could’nt see with my head down streching.After the minute, i felt Gary coming in front of me, i could see his naked feet in front of me. – Ok, slowly release the rope and gently raise your head, he said. So i did.As i raise my head, i start to see his legs, i keep raising my head, i see his thighs, but no shorts. I keep raising my head and then, there it is, his cock, fully erected, looking at me. He grabed his cock and started stroking gently in front of my face. Then i could feel Paul’s hands behind me carressing my ass, reaching my cock from under and massaging my balls. It felt so good. I leaned towards the cock and inserted the swollen head in my mouth. I slowly continued until my nose was buried şişli escort in his pubic hair, feeling the head way back in my mouth.Meanwhile Paul started inserting a finger up my ass while carressing me. I felt a piece of meat rubbing against my back, it was his dick. After a few minutes of streching my ass, i felt his cock going in. I moan pretty hard with Gary’s cock in my mouth. I was drooling a mix of saliva and precum all the way on the gym floor. Paul started going back and forth, holding my hips carrying me with the movement. Soon i was going back, getting a cock in my ass and then going forward, swallowing a cock. After a while they got me to lay on my back with a gym mat undernear my lower back to get my ass up. They switched position. Paul was on my side, he turned my head to his cock and made me suck it. Gary started fucking me while holding both of my feet in the air. Gary had the bigger cock. Good thing i got fucked my Paul first. Gary got a few of my toes in his mouth and started stroking my cock.Paul came first, he did’nt warn me so he started cuming in my mouth and then got it out to spill cum all over my face. I was completely covered. Gary was so excited by this he also came, inside of me. Gary took his cock out and quickly raised my legs up. My cock was in my face while my ass filled with cum. He started stroking my cock while sucking on my balls. Paul was holding my feet while having his cock not too far from my face. He started sucking on my toes too.- Time for you to come boy, Gary saidI had gary’s cum that started dripping out of my ass and drooling down on my ball and cock to end in droplets on my face. Not too long after i started cuming. Gary took my cock and pointed it direclty in my face and mouth so nothing would be wasted. I was completely covered in cum.I was laying on the gym floor, all wet thinking, that was a good workout.

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