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Alexandra Daddario

I just recently returned from a business trip to Spain. I’m exhausted after a long, grueling flight home. I expect to get home, take a hot shower, and just crash into bed. Little did I know you had something else in mind.

As I open the front door I call your name. No answer. I call out again. Still no answer. I walk through the house looking for you.

I approach our bedroom and gaze upon the bed. A soft lamp is illuminating the room. I see you wearing my favourite outfit – black boy shorts with a black baby doll tee accentuated by a pair of black stockings. I can feel my cock straining at my jeans.

My mouth is watering. My cock is aching. After I plant a long, lingering kiss on your lips I push you back on the bed.

I kiss the top of your forehead, the tip of your nose, and each of your cheeks. I reach down and hook my fingers underneath your black baby doll tee and slowly lift it up, exposing your big, beautiful breasts.

I reach underneath you and grab the waistband of your boy shorts and pull them down over your ass as you lift it off the bed batıkent escort for me. You stand in front of me and I slowly peel off each of your black stockings.

After I have all your clothes off I have you lie face down on the bed. I kiss the back of your neck all the way down your back to that sensitive little spot above your beautiful ass. I linger there before moving down your legs to your gorgeous red-painted little toes, sucking hungrily on each one.

After turning you over I softly kiss your mouth while my hard cock grazes your wetness. I kiss your neck, take a nipple in my mouth and feel it become aroused. I do the same with the other one. Slowly I plant wet kisses over the front of your body. I spread your legs and kiss the insides of your thighs, first slipping one finger inside you, then two. You’re soaking wet.

You use your middle and index fingers to spread yourself open for me. I kiss your beautiful pussy all over and take your clit into my mouth and slowly swirl my tongue around it. I can hear you gasp. Soon you’re beşevler escort wriggling on the bed. I have to wrap my arms underneath your thighs and grab your hips to stop you from bucking. Your breath quickens. I slide one finger inside you to lubricate it. I pull it out and carefully push inside your beautiful ass. You moan when I do that and I can see a smile on your face as I look up. Not for a second have I removed my tongue from your aroused hood.

It only takes a couple of minutes before I notice you stop breathing for a second. Then a loud moan escapes from you. You feel an orgasm ripping through your body. You lie there, spent, but totally happy.

Then as a special surprise for me, you get up and put on your stockings as well as your formfitting baby T. You leave your ass-hugging black panties on the floor. You walk towards the bathroom, looking over your shoulder towards me as you go. You grab a warm wet cloth, a razor, and shaving gel and hand them to me. You sit on the edge of the tub and put one leg up. I place the warm, ankara escort wet cloth over your warm, wet pussy to soothe the skin and soften the hair around it.

I liberally apply shaving gel and begin shaving your pussy totally bald. The slight pulling sensation on your skin from the razor and feeling the cool air on your bald pussy arouses you again. When I’m finished I reapply the warm wet cloth to soothe your skin.

We walk back into the room and you push me on the bed. You unzip my jeans and my cock is released for the first time. You reach for it and slowly begin sliding your mouth up and down. A moan escapes my lips. I pull your baby T off again and let your breasts hang free. I put a pillow beneath my head and ask you to lower yourself above my mouth. My tongue reaches for your now-hairless pussy.

In a 69 position, I begin to taste you again as you continue sucking me. I wet a finger and again slide it in your ass. As I lick faster you begin sucking my cock more hungrily. I can feel my orgasm building. Just as you explode with your second orgasm of the night you pull my cock out of your mouth. Spurts of cum splash over your breasts and stomach as you use your hand to milk my cock of it’s juices. You spin around, cum still on your body, and lie on top of me, kissing me, and sighing contentedly.

Content, we both drift off to sleep.

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