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Welcome HomeHi, I’m Brian, a 25 year old in the Army, and this is a story about how my mother became my lover.My mother is 47 years old, 5’8, 140lbs, auburn hair, b-cup tits, and an ass perfect for grabbing. She had me young, at 22, and I was the oldest of four. My parents have been happily married for 27 years, but I knew their sex life was floundering from their interaction with one another and overhearing their conversations.I went home to visit my parents last summer while on leave from the Army. Like every other visit home, it was a time of relaxing and having mom wait on me hand and foot. I hadn’t gotten laid in months and have resorted to porn to satisfy my needs, but while visiting my parents, I didn’t have any private time to relieve myself.On a Tuesday morning, my dad went off to work, so it was just me and my mom at home. I told mom that I was going out for a run and she said “that’s fine, I’m going to get a shower.” I went on my run, but it got cut short due to pain from tendonitis in my foot. I decided to head back and get a shower. As I was walking to the bathroom, I pass my parents room. As I pass, I see mom just getting out of the shower. She has a towel wrapped around her head, but that’s it. She was letting everything else just hang out. I guess mom didn’t expect me back at the house until later. We both startle each other, and pause…me cause I’m shocked that my mom is naked and mom because she didn’t expect anyone in the house. But what I saw mesmerized me. My mom had pale, saggy tits, empty from years of breast feeding, and a thick dark bush. I never saw a bush to thick…you could barely see her pussy lips through it.Now, I never saw my mom as a sexual object, but the lack of sex and the taboo of seeing my mom naked turned me on like no other. I couldn’t help but stare at her naked form. I felt a lust build staring at her elongated nipples and saggy gaziantep escort tummy. Within an instant, I felt a growth in my running shorts. Mom must of noticed because she started staring at my crouch. We both came to our senses as she covered herself, and I said “sorry mom” and quickly ran to the bathroom.I couldn’t get the picture of my naked mom out of my head. Why didn’t I ever realize how sexy she was? I had a raging boner that wouldn’t go down, even after a cold shower. There was no way I could leave the bathroom with a raging erection. Luckily, I found a pair of mom’s used panties in the hamper in the bathroom. She must have just taken them off, prior to her shower, since they were still warm. I couldn’t resist the temptation of pulling them out of the hamper and smelling them. The crotch of her panties had a patch of white crust, probably her dried pussy juice. The smell was intoxicating. I sniffed the used panties as I jerked off. The orgasm was one of the best I had in years. Finally, I was able to leave the bathroom.After my shower and jerking off, I avoided my mom and went out for the afternoon, hanging with friends. At dinner, both mom and I avoided eye contact and sat silently listening to dad ranting about his day. That night, dad went to bed early, so it was just mom and me sitting in the living room watching TV. Neither of us spoke, I was watching the news and mom was reading her book. As mom changed her position on the couch to get more comfortable, I noticed she had a hole in the crotch of her pajamas. I saw some of her pubic hair poking through the hole. I couldn’t concentrate on the TV anymore and had flashbacks to seeing her naked.I wanted to explore her body, but there was no one that she would let her son do that.I guess she must of noticed me staring at her crotch, because she looked up from her book and asked giresun escort me what I was looking at. I said, “nothing mom, you just have a hole in your PJs.” She looks down and says, “oops, guess I do. But I’m sure there’s nothing there you’ve never seen before.” I mumble a response and turn my attention back to the TV. On the TV, as luck would have it, was a commercial for a diabetes medication. This caught mom’s attention since dad had Type 2 diabetes. Mom said, “Oh, that’s the medicine dad’s on. It does a good job at keeping his blood sugar in check, but it has side effects.” To try and get a conversation going, I said, “side effects, like what?” Mom totally takes me by surprise when she says, “oh it makes him impotent.” What!!! Did my mom just say that??? “Dad hasn’t fucked me in over a year because of that supid medicine.” I reply, “A year, mom, holy shit! If I was dad I’d be all over you all day.” “why’s that son?” “Cause you’re beautiful…” “So did you like what you saw earlier?” “ummm, yeah, mom, you have an arousing body, but its weird cause your my mom.” “I guess it wasn’t too weird, because you stared at me like a dog in heat and got hard within seconds.” “you noticed?” “Of course I did. I couldn’t miss your dick buldging out of your shorts.I haven’t seen an erection that strong for a long time. I was mesmerized.” “Well mom, I guess we are in a conundrum. You haven’t had sex in over a year and I’m horny as fuck, but we can’t fuck each other.” “Well, son, I won’t tell if you don’t.” Did she really just say that? Was she serious? I guess she was because she slipped off her PJ bottoms. “Come eat my pussy babe” She didn’t have to tell me twice. I dove right in and spread her legs apart. I had a little trouble finding her pussy through the dense bush. Finally, I located her fleshy mound and spread her lips about. Her sent was intoxicating, escort bayan just like her panties. I licked her from the base of her pussy all the way up to her clit. I have never been so hard in my life! “Lick mom’s asshole son, get in there.” OMG mom is a freak, but I listened to her like a good son does. I tongue fucked her asshole as I fingered her pussy. I knew she was getting close to orgasm, from the juices leaking from her pussy, her heavy breathing, and the clamping of her pussy on my fingers. Within a minute, she was cumming. She let out a large moan,which was followed by a flow of wetness from her hairy cunt. As she was coming down from her orgasm, I lapped up her pussy juice. “Son, that was amazing! You have no idea how bad I needed that. But your still hard. Come here and let mom take care of that.” I sat on the coach as mom straddled me. She rubbed the tip of my cock, along her slit. “I see you take after your dad…in fact, I’d say you’re dick is bigger.” She then inserted my six inch, uncut cock in her love tunnel. God, it was so wet! I knew I wouldn’t last long. She was so tight too, since she hadn’t been fucked in so long. She begins riding my hard cock and I take one of her saggy tits in my mouth, sucking on the elongated nipple. I cup her flabby ass with both hands, spreading the cheeks apart. I begin probing her asshole with the tips of my finger, with no resistance. Before I know it, I have my two middle fingers deep in her asshole. I was in heaven…the smell of sex filled the air. “Mom, I’m gonna cum.” “Me too son.” “Where should I cum?” “Cum inside me; its fine, I’m on the pill.” She didn’t need to tell me twice! I let loose five ropes of cum deep in her womb. It felt like mom sucked my soul from my cock through her pussy. Shooting my load in her, must of set her off, because I felt her contracting her pussy walls on my cock and a flow of juice coming out of her. We both collapsed on a heap on the couch. As I catch my breath, I notice my cum leaking out of her pussy. Mom says “wow…it’s been so long…I feel like a new woman. You know, dad is going out of town for a week starting tomorrow for work….”More to follow….

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