Subject: Welcome to Gayberry 33 Welcome to Gayberry � 33 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. His is a work of fiction and is based on no real persons, living or dead. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!! fty/ 33 The men went back over to the desk, keeping their eyes on the boy in the cell. William picked up a book and, using a voice loud enough he was sure the boy could hear, started talking to Randy. “You know, sheriff, this sure is an interesting article” he said loudly. “When we had our discussion earlier about whether a man could survive having his cock and his nuts cut off, this article says that if he doesn’t lose too much blood he can survive. All you have to do is to put something like a straw inside his penis and run it up to his bladder. Then you can amputate his cock and even take his nuts and the straw will keep the ureter open. That way, if he doesn’t lose too much blood, he can eventually survive with no cock and no nuts.” “I think it might be fun just to cut off the cock and leave them swingin’ nuts” the sheriff said. “That would be fun to watch a boy walkin around naked with no cock and just a pair of swingin’ nuts.” “Sure would” William laughed. The boy, who heard every word they said was now sobbing openly. The deputy, who had quietly returned to the room was now sitting quietly. “Deputy, go ahead and cuff the boy now while he finishes cleaning up Otis” the sheriff said. “Me and William need to walk back up the street and see how things are going at the hotel. If little Betty Jean tries to give little Charlie a hand job or even a suck job, let her go ahead. It ain’t likely Charlie’s gonna have a pecker or any balls by sunrise.” The boy let out a loud, wailing sound at hearing that and he lay in the floor of the cell, crying. “We’ll be back in a few, Charlie” the sheriff said. “Too bad your hands is cuffed behind you so you can’t beat your meat one last time for old time’s sake.” With that, the men left as Arney closed the door of the cell, locking Charlie in with Otis. The men walked the short distance up to the hotel. When they entered, things were quiet and orderly. Gerome and Greg reported they had just gotten everyone into their rooms and said Jeffrey had been very cooperative. “Ben just called” Gerome said. “He said everything is good with my son’s burn. He told me the doctor cleaned it thoroughly and had the boy shower before he applied a clean dressing. He applied some ointment and said he’ll recheck it tomorrow. That was a big relief. He’s on his way back over here. He said they were trying to leave but all the boys started begging Gerome to stay. Ben says your boys made him feel welcome like they’d known him all their lives. I finally relented. I just hope it won’t be too much on you guys. It sounds like you have a house full.” “A house full of great boys” William said. “I’m real pleased they welcomed him like that” Randy said. “I have Gerry’s bag packed. I can pull throw in some pajamas and clothes for in the morning.” “Some clothes would be a great idea” William said. “I doubt he’ll need the pajamas. None of the other boys wear them around that house. As a matter of fact, they rarely wear clothes when it’s just us boys around. Ben has a beautiful pool and we’ve all gotten used to skinnydipping.” “That sounds like fun” Greg said. “Gerome, Gerry and I do that from time to time in a little pond over in the colony. Ain’t nothin’ like swimming with friends or brothers with no clothes to bind you.” “You guys will have to join us and the boys for dinner and a swim real soon” Randy said. “We’d like that” Greg said. “Did you get suitable accommodations for everyone?” Randy asked. “Yes, sir, we did and Jeffrey has assured us the restaurant will be open in the morning for breakfast” Gerome said. “Gerry and I went up and took a look at the ballroom. I think we can use that space for the school and not miss a day of school.” At that moment, Ben walked in. “Thanks for letting Gerry stay” Ben said. “I think our boys were going to mutiny if I hadn’t been able to talk you into it. They’re already thick as they can be. The doctor was trying to get them all settled and ready to sleep which was quite a herculean task after waking up and hearing about the excitement.” “I was just telling Randy that Greg and I went upstairs and looked at the ballroom” Gerome told Ben. “I think we can move some things around and hold classes there tomorrow without missing a beat.” “I think I have a better idea, if you guys are agreeable” Ben said. “I know we were planning to close the Colony school in the fall and move all the kids into Gayberry. Why not just do it tomorrow? I think the klan idiots thought they would scare us all into canceling that plan by burning the cross. Let’s show them it backfired and bring all of your students in tomorrow morning.” “Fuck, man,” Gerome said. “I hadn’t even thought of that. Greg, what do you think?” “I think if Ben is for it, I’m down with it. I think we tell the kids at breakfast in the morning. I’ve asked all the families with children to meet for breakfast at 6″30. I know some of them were nervous about changing schools. Now they won’t have time to get nervous about it. We just rip the band-aid off and go for it.” “If you have any parents or students who object, we can work something else out” Ben said. “We can provide tutors here at the hotel for any kids who aren’t good with the plan.” “I’m one hundred per cent with it” Greg said. “Plus we can imagine how much it will piss off those klan motherfuckers when they hear the school is now integrated because of their actions” the sheriff said. “We ought to put a picture of our black children walking into Gayberry on the front page of the Gazette” William said. “We could caption it, “thank you KKK assholes!” They all enjoyed a laugh. “You guys better get upstairs and get to bed” Ben said. “Would it be all right if I joined your group for breakfast?” “By all means” Gerome said. “I think the parents and students would find that very reassuring and welcoming.” “We’ll miss our boy being with us tonight but we’ll get by” Greg said. “We’ve got to go and get our young prisoner and take him elsewhere for questioning so our night ain’t quite over yet” Randy said. “You guys be safe”Ben said as they all took off. “Aren’t you tired?” William asked Randy as they walked back to the courthouse. “Not at all” Randy said. “It must be the adrenaline. I actually feel pumped about interrogating this little dipshit. Let’s scare the piss out of him.” They walked into the courthouse and the boy was dozing on the cell floor, his hands cuffed behind him. Otis was sleeping as were Betty Jean and Peg, still in their cells. Arney was dozing, his feet up on his desk. He woke up with a start when the men came in. “Get the fuck up, you little cocksucking faggot” Randy yelled at the top of his voice as he headed to the cell holding young Charlie. He began to open the cell door. Otis continued sleeping but the girls woke up and started bitching. Charlie didn’t move fast enough so Randy grabbed a handrul of the boy’s hair and yanked him off the floor. “Ow, you son of a bitch!” he said angrily. “That hurt!” Randy slammed him up against the concrete wall of the cell and went for his throat. “What did you call me you little worthless dickhead?” he screamed, his face right up against the boy’s. “You’re calling the chief law enforcement officer in this municipality a son of a bitch” he screamed even louder. He gave him a sharp knee to the crotch, landing a painful blow to the boy’s naked nut sack. “Owwww!” the boy cried. “You’re hurting my nuts.” “That won’t be a problem much longer boy!” he said. “I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna cut them out of you one at a time and feed them to you one at a time, making you swallow your own worthless balls.” It was obvious the boy was frightened. If he ever had doubts this man meant business, those doubts were fading. “Should we take young Charlie on out to the dungeon tonight or keep him here at the jail” Randy asked William as they both left the cell and headed over to the big desk. “I’d like for him to be really confused and have no idea about where he might be” William said. “I don’t think the boy’s ready to turn on his paw yet, although he’s inchin’ closer. I wonder if we might put a hood on him and ride him around all night. It’s about one in the morning now. If we just drove him around for the next five hours, I think it would wreck his brain.” “I think we have better things to do over at Ben’s than ridin’ the junior asshole around in the squad car” the sheriff said. The men had been speaking quietly so that young Charlie couldn’t hear them. Arney was again dozing at his desk, his feet crossed and resting on the top of the desk surface. A glance over at the cell made it obvious Charlie had gone to sleep on the floor of the cell beside the cot where Otis was in dreamland. “Deputy, come over here plase” the sheriff said. The deputy was startled and woke up immediately, jumping over to the sheriff’s desk. “Deputy, we have a very important assignment” the sheriff said. “Please don’t ask any questions. Just do exactly as we tell you. We are planning a very important interrogation of the young prisoner in the morning. We want him to be as confused as possible. We are going to put a dark hood over his head so that he cannot see anything. We want you to drive him around in the squad car until about six in the morning. It is imperative he not be allowed to sleep. Do not talk to him. It doesn’t matter where you drive to. Just keep him awake and make sure he don’t hear your voice. If he dozes, you can punch him or throw water on him or hold his head under water. Do not let him sleep and do not let him hear your voice. This is very important. We will meet you out at the duck pond at six thirty tomorrow morning. Got it?” “Ten four” the deputy said. “You can count on me, sheriff.” The men walked over to the cell. William had retrieved a black hood. Randy again grabbed a handrul of the boy’s soft hair and jerked him to his feet. He woke immediately and began to cry about how the sheriff was hurting him. “Shut it up, boy! Randy said quietly. “You wake them bitches in the next cell and I give you a shock like you ain’t had before.’ Charlie hushed immediately. From behind, William slipped the hood over his head and tied the string around the boy’s neck loosely so it would not fall off. “Take this mothrrfucker off me” the boy said. “I can’t see nothing.” “Shut the fuck up, boy!” the sheriff said. “One more word and you’ll get a hard shock.” The boy hushed and stopped struggling. “Boy, I hate to tell you this, but we got to take you elsewhere” the sheriff said. “The men where you’re goin’ will make us seem like the nicest guys in the world. I sure don’t envy you and what’s ahead for you.” “What are you talking about?” the boy asked with panic in his voice. “You can’t just take me away. My paw will be here lookin’ for me to get me out of here. You will regret ever messin’ with the Prints. You can’t just take me off somewhere.” “We can and we will” William said. “There will be absolutely no record of your arrest or your incarceration here. It will be as though you just disappeared into those woods. No one will ever know what happened to Charlie Print and few will even care.” They led the sobbing boy out to the squad car and put him on the front seat. Randy handed the deputy the remote control for the shock collar and told him to use it generously to keep the boy awake. The deputy took off in the dark with Charlie. The men went back inside the jail which was now quiet. “We got about five hours before we have to go at it again” William said. “I’m sure our boys are dead asleep by now. I could use a nap. How about you.” “I sure as hell could” Randy said. “We could grab a few winks in the back room” William said. “After all, we got that new bed.” “Sounds like a winner to me” Randy said. The men went into the back room and began to undress. Randy took off his shirt and hung it up, then he removed his pants and hung them also. He sat down on the bed to remove his shoes and socks. William did the same, removing his blue shirt and his khaki slacks and hanging them neatly. Both men were now just in their white cotton boxer shorts and white wife beater undershirts. Randy was the first to remove his. William watched as the sheriff raised his arms, exposing the thick, dark brown hair in his pits. His biceps were just about perfect. He folded the shirt and put it on the dresser. Lazily scratching his furry tummy he slid a couple of fingers under the elastic waistband of his boxer shorts to finger his thick bush. “There was a time not too long ago that I’da been real uncomfortable bein’ in just my underwear around another man. I’m glad I’m getting’ past that” he said as he stretched out on his back and watched William remove his undershirt. William’s body hair was lighter than Randy’s but the hair covered his chest and ran in a line down to his midsection. Randy noticed there were thick tufts of hair around each of the man’s big brown nipples. William saw the sheriff looking and gave one of his nipples a squeeze as he smiled at the sheriff. “Ready for lights out?” William asked. “Sure thing” the sheriff said. William turned off the lights and lay down on the bed beside Randy. Their mersin escort bodies were close but there was no contact between them. “Good night, buddy” William said. “Good night, friend” the sheriff said. The men lay there in the dark, each listening to the other’s breathing. Randy had been sure he would go straight to sleep, but he couldn’t seem to doze. William was experiencing the same thing as he listened to Randy’s breathing. William was thinking about the two boys who had been waiting in his bed for him just as Randy was remembering the sight of Kurt, naked to the waist, ready for Randy to join him in the bed. William reached his hand into the fly of his shorts and began to feel his hardening cock. He quietly stroked his cock, pulling his foreskin back and forth over his cock head as his dick got harder and harder. Randy wasn’t aware of what William was doing and had almost dozed off when he felt William’s hand on his thigh, just at the very lower edge of his boxer shorts. The hand felt hot as fire and Randy was instantly awake. He felt momentary panic as the idea of doing things with men was so new to him. But he trusted William so he lay motionless, enjoying the warm hand on his hairy thigh. Then he felt William’s fingers very slowly creep up into the leg of the sheriff’s boxers, inching near his hairy ball sac. Randy had never felt anything as warm as his friend’s hand as his fingers neared his nuts. He didn’t move a muscle, unsure how to react. This went against everything he had been taught all his life. Men didn’t do this with other men. But he wanted William’s hands on his cock, which was slowly beginning to rise. Then he realized that he really trusted William. He knew he could stop this at any time so he decided to relax and enjoy it. William was uncertain. He knew his friend’s experience was limited and he wasn’t sure Randy was ready. Almost imperceptibly, Randy moved his leg toward William. Their legs now touching. This was a sign to William that Randy was okay with what was happening. William moved his fingers up farther into the leg opening of Randy’s boxer shorts. The tips of his fingers could now feel the coarse hairs of the sheriff’s nut sack. He trembled at the feeling. He then moved his hand up more and began to weigh the sheriff’s full nuts in his hot hand. A very soft moan escaped Randy’s lips as William began to gently massage the full nuts. Both men were completely silent as William shifted and moved to his knees, straddling Randy’s legs. He took the waistband of Randy’s boxers in his hands and pulled them down. His eyes still closed, Randy lifted his hips to allow William to remove the boxers completely so that he was now completely accessible to William. He felt the man’s hot hand rubbing his hairy belly and the other hand touch his now hard cock. He felt William pull the foreskin back, exposing his cockhead. He felt the tip of William’s hot, wet tongue lightly lick his cockhead and then suddenly his cock was completely engulfed in his friend’s hot mouth. Randy gasped softly and grabbed William’s head in both his hands, holding the man down on his hard, thick cock. William allowed Randy control until his grip eased and Randy began to gently rub William’s shoulders. William began to make long strokes on Randy’s cock. Taking it in his mouth to the base and then moving his head off, leaving his tongue on the very tip before plunging again until his nose was in the man’s thick, bushy pubes. Randy smelled faintly of Old Spice after shave. William realized that Randy’s was one of the larger cocks he had sucked, very thick and a damned decent length. He didn’t gag even once as he made love to his friend’s cock, tasting the pre-cum Randy was now releasing. Randy was just enjoying the sensations of the hot mouth on his hard cock. It felt somehow different than when Homer sucked him off at the service station glory hole. He thought maybe it was different because he had a real emotional connection with William but he didn’t really focus on that. He just enjoyed the sensations. Then he felt William gently using his hands to spread Randy’s legs. Randy panicked for a moment as he thought William might be planning to fuck him. William felt his legs stiffen and patted his tummy as if to reassure the man that he was in control. Randy then let William spread his legs. Randy then felt a slick finger headed for his hole. He decided to give in and just enjoy whatever William wanted to do to him. He spread his legs and released them completely as William’s finger teased the man’s virgin hole. Randy was surprised at the pleasurable sensations he felt as William teased his hole with his finger. He lifted his hips slightly to give easier access and he felt the man’s slick finger ease gently inside him. As it went in, Randy gasped softly as he experienced something like a mild jolt he had never felt before. It caused his dick to feed William even more of his sweet pre-cum. William got his entire finger into the sheriff and then pulled it out to the very edge so that only the tip was in contact. William felt Randy trying to reach for his hand as if he wanted the man to reinsert the finger. William obliged and reinserted the finger. Randy again felt the jolt of pleasure as William grazed his prostate on the way in and out. He began to rhythmically insert his finger, now concentrating on the sheriff’s sensitive fucknut. William knew how good it felt to a man to have his sensitive spot massaged while a wet mouth was working on his dick. He began to massage the spot more aggressively and felt it began to harden. He knew Randy was getting ready to shoot his load and he continued to try to give the man his best climax of his life. Randy was softly moaning now without even realizing a sound was coming out of him. William intensified his efforts, coordinating his mouth strokes with the rhythm on the man’s prostate gland. He felt the gland swiftly begin to harden now as it felt like a little stone was inside the sheriff’s hole. At the same time, Randy moaned and grabbed for William’s head, moving it back and forth on his swollen cock even faster and then gripping his head tightly, holding it to his pubes and refusing to let the mouth move on his sensitive cock. Randy had experienced a strong, intense climax and William had a mouthful of his friend’s sweet cream. When Will felt Randy’s grip began to ease on his head, he knew the sheriff was beginning to desensitize. He carefully removed his mouth from the sheriff’s tumescent cock and moved on his knees to where his cock was now on the sheriff’s belly. He began to beat his meat furiously even as he felt Randy’s thick cock brushing his ass. His own cock was slick with his pre-cum and he beat it fast and furiously. In no time, he was feeling his climax start in his nuts and move up as he began to spew his load onto Randy’s belly and his chest. Some even went on Randy’s chin and the sheriff, without thinking, wiped it up with his finger and put it in his mouth. William collapsed, his dick spent, on top of the sheriff. He then turned onto his back beside Randy as the sheriff extended one of his strong arms around him and pulled him close. The men were asleep within minutes, holding each other in the dark night. Randy woke suddenly with light streaming into the room. He instantly remembered what had had happened just hours ago and he smiled. It had been the hardest climax of his life. He reached for William but his side of the bed was empty. Then he heard the shower running. He rose from the bed and went over to the shower where William was busy soaping his body. “Mind if someone joins you?” the sheriff asked. “Not if it’s a friend” William answered. “I assure you it’s a friend, he said, stepping into the large shower. “Want me to soap your back?” the sheriff asked. “Sure thing” William said, handing him the soap. “That was the strongest cum I ever had in my life” the sheriff said. “I’m surprised you’re willing to talk about it” William said. I’m pleased but surprised. A lot of men enjoy doing things in the dark but they don’t want to talk about them when the sun comes up.” “I understand that” Randy said. “And that’s how sex has always been for me. “But nothing’s off limits with you. It’s kind of a feeling I ain’t had before. I can’t believe how good it felt with you havin’ your finger up inside me. I kinda always thought that would hurt.” “It can hurt unless there’s plenty of lube’ William said. “And spit is actually the best lube in the world. I taught both of my sons how good a prostate massage feels when we first started playing around. Actually both my boys are very good at it. If you like that, I’ll have to show you how good it can feel to have a hard dick in your hole.” “That’s gotta hurt” Randy said. “I heard Coach Thomas screamin when the warden fucked him. That can’t feel good. And coach is still recuperatin from the fucking he got in prison.” “That’s rough sex, Randy” William said. “Just having a hard, dry dick shoved up in you can be one of the most painful things in the world for a man or a woman. It’s completely different when a hole is prepared and a dick is thoroughly lubricated and eased up intot he hole. The feeling of a hard cock stimulating that p-spot is even better than a finger doing it and you’ve felt that now.” “I never thought I’d say it but I’d be willing to let you try to fuck me if it’s something you’d like to do.” “Randy, I’d love to fuck your hole, buddy” he said. “I felt that tightness last night and my dick would love it. But you are tight. We might want to start you out letting one of the boys fuck you.” “I don’t know about that, William,” the sheriff said. “It just feels funny the thought of a young boy puttin’ his dick inside of me.” “It may seem strange at first but when you feel one of those little hard spikes bumping up against that gland, you’ll understand.” “You ain’t lied to me yet, William” the sheriff said. “I’ll try anything you suggest.” The men finished their shower and dried and dressed quickly. “We got a busy day” the sheriff said. “We’re meetin’ up with Ben and all the guests at the hotel for breakfast at 6:30. Before that, we meet Arney with little Charlie at the duck pond at six. At some point we need to get Charlie over to the dungeon. And I’d like for us to be close to the school pretty much all day in case there’s a problem. I know that assistant principal barrow ain’t gonna be happy about Ben coming back and taking his job and his office back. And the dress rehearsal for the pageant is tonight. I’m afraid this town could blow sky high if we don’t watch things real careful. Especially with them men that did the cross burnin’ running around free.” “True, Randy” William said. “We need to tighten things up here before the governor arrives tomorrow. We have a lot of work to do.” “The first thing we have to do is meet Arney at the duck pond in about fifteen minutes” Randy said. “We’ll have to tell him to just keep driving Charlie around till we can get to that breakfast and get that out of the way. I know he’s bound to be tired by now but he’ll just have to suck it up and carry on.” The men took off for the duck pond where they met up with a bleary-eyed deputy. They instructed to him to continue what he was doing. Arney said he’d thrown three buckets of water on the boy and had shocked him four times to keep him awake. They were standing some distance from the squad car and they could see the boy’s head was sagging, indicating he might be dozing. “Go shock his ass again and wake him up, deputy. We’ll meet you back here at nine o’clock then you can go home and get some rest.” “Ten four” the deputy said. “I won’t let you down.” The men then headed to the hotel and were pleased to find Gerome and Greg in the lobby. “Good morning, gentlemen” Gerome said brightly. “I hope you two got a little sleep. Greg and I slept really well, even if it was a short night. I feel wide awake and ready to take on the world.” “My brother and I spoke with Jeffrey after you all left last night” Greg said. “He has been most accommodating and helpful in every way. He suggested that we gather our entire group for breakfast in the ballroom this morning. He called staff in early to set up everything and the food is prepared. He’s done a wonderful job for us and I think you’ll be impressed. We’ve notified everyone to meet in the ball room at seven which is only about just a short time from now. I also spoke again with Ben and he is bringing all the boys to breakfast to begin getting acquainted with the new students. I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds but Ben said I should take the bull by the horns.” “I couldn’t agree more” the sheriff said. “Your organizational skills are impressive. I can see why Ben is so high on you” At that moment the mayor huffed into the lobby , headed for Randy. “Sheriff, I just heard on the morning news about what happened last night. I headed straight over to see what I could do to help.” Randy introduced the mayor to Greg and Gerome, who greeted him effusively, behavior the mayor loved. “I hope you will join us for breakfast, Mr. Mayor” Gerome said. “These new residents are very active voters and I know you won’t mind meeting some potential new fans.” “I would love to join the group for breakfast” he said. “My darling daughter is in the car as we had planned to have breakfast together before she heads to school. Will it be all right if she joins us?” “Absolutely” Greg said. “We didn’t have a definite escort mersin number so we had Jeffrey set twelve extra seats above the number we knew was definite. We ended up relocating thirty folks from Colony, including myself and my brother. Principal Whatley is on his way with all of the boys at his house so that they may begin getting acquainted. We have plenty of room and plenty of food.” The mayor went out to the car and returned with Jenny on his arm. She really was a very pretty young girl and she looked especially nice this morning, dressed in a frilly blue dress with her blonde hair perfectly coiffed. It was very clear in her attitude that she was planning to be crowned Miss Gayberry on Saturday evening and that she felt nothing could stop her. After all, the judges for the pageant were the sheriff and William who, her father had assured her, were in his pocket. Ben then arrived with all the boys in tow, accompanied by the doctor. The young ones and the older boys were glad to see Randy and William. They had been concerned when they learned what had happened and continued to be uneasy although Ben and the doctor had reassured them the men were fine. The group headed up the fancy curved staircase to the second floor where the ballroom was located. This room had been the site of some of Gayberry’s grandest events through the years. It was the location for weddings and receptions since Gayberry still didn’t have a country club. It had been kept in good repair as Mr. Print made more money one renting the ballroom and catering for events than he did on rental of individual guest rooms. The men were glad to see young Gerry taking all his new white friends around the room, introducing them to his black friends. Everyone seemed to get along well. As it turned out, of the Colony people moved into the hotel, sixteen were students who would be attending Gayberry school. Of the remaining group, twelve were parents and two were grandparents who had lived with their children. That number included Miss Ella Brown who appeared to be a sort of matriarchal figure to the group and who was treated with great respect by all of them. Of the students, ten were boys and six were girls. They were a handsome group, especially the boys, who ranged in age from seven to sixteen. The girls seemed a bit on the shy side and there was one stunning girl who looked to be about fifteen. William pointed her out to Randy. She was absolutely beautiful. They asked Gerome about here and he said she was Shakira Stuart, daughter of the man who had run the general store burned in the fire. Randy said he would like to speak to the man about taking over the gift shop there in the hotel if he was interested. The older boys were handsome and the two oldest, extremely well-built like young Gerry. As the people took their seats, Gerome, Greg, Randy and William all found it pleasing that every table was a mixture of black and white folks. That had been unexpected but was surely a good sign for how things would go. There was good conversation at every table as people began to learn about their new friends. As they began to eat, Gerome and Ben went to the podium which had been set up in the front of the room. Gerome began. “We are so thankful to Almighty God that there was no loss of life in the events of last evening.” Several `amens’ were heard around the room. “We are grateful to new friends as we love our old friends we have known for most of our lives” he continued. “We are grateful that young lives were spared and we are grateful that our respected elders were spared. While we have lost a lot of things, let us all remember that what we lost was just `stuff’. Stuff can be replaced. Our precious brothers and sisters and our precious children could never have been replaced at any price.” The group applauded these words. All of the adults seemed moved by the words of this handsome black ma, who was very clearly respected by everyone in the room. “Let us then be not disturbed by the awful events of last evening” Gerome continued, `but let us be encouraged by the response of our community and the greater Gayberry community in its response. Last evening we told you that we would be using this room today to continue classes for our children. We have also discussed at length the fact that Colony school would be closing next fall and all our children bussed into Gayberry schools. Principal Whaley and I have decided that as of today, the children who formerly attended the Colony school will be enrolled at Gayberry. This very day we are taking a giant step for all of us.” The room erupted in applause. When things settled down, Gerome introduced Ben to the group. “I know this is very sudden news to all of you just as it is to all of us” the young principal began. I want you to know that if you are a parent or a student who is uncomfortable with this, please come and talk to Gerome or me when we finish. We want you and your children to feel safe and secure with this change. If you have doubts or fears, we will arrange for your child to be tutored here at the hotel until such time as you and the child are comfortable attending the school. Our sheriff, Randy Gaylor, his assistant, William Walker, and the Deputy, Arney Littleflute will be in attendance with us this morning as we join our students as one and Gayberry school and every one of us will do our very best to ensure the safety of everyone. From the looks of this breakfast, I do not anticipate a problem with the students. Look around you. Our children are already becoming friends. There is not a single table in this room with all black or all white folks. We didn’t plan it this way. It just happened. We all know there are some mean nasty people in this town and this world. There likely always will be. But we believe we can triumph and good can overcome the kind of evil we all witnessed last night. I can’t say much about this but I am allowed to tell you that people involved in the incidents of last evening are in custody. There are thought to be at least two others and the sheriff is hot on their trail. Please know that we will do everything in our power to ensure a safe learning environment for all of our children from this day forward.” Gerome then took the microphone again. “I have been speaking with Mr. Walker and the sheriff this morning. As you all know, Gayberry is celebrating Founders’ Day this weekend. There are track and field events for the boys and the Miss Gayberry Pageant for the girls and women of the town. Any students who wish to participate are heartily welcomed to do so. If any boys are interested, please see the sheriff or Mr. Walker after this breakfast. Any girls interested in the pageant may speak to me or my brother, Greg. We hope we will have some participation.” “That is all for the speeches for now” Ben announced. “The buses will load at the front door at ten till eight. Let us all never forget that this is a historic day for Gayberry and a historic day in the State of North Carolina as we will be the first school in the state to integrate. I know our governor, who is visiting us for the weekend, will be thrilled as am I!” The group gave a large and enthusiastic round of applause as they continued their conversation and breakfast. Ben and Gerome came over to Randy’s table. “That went better than I could ever have hoped for” he said. “As tragic as the events of last night were, this may turn out to be a blessing.” Gerry walked up with two older black male students who expressed interest in the track and field events. He introduced the boys as Coley and Corey, both of whom had great smiles and seemed very friendly youngsters. “That’s great, guys” the sheriff said. “You three will need brief physical exams and a fitting which we can do this morning once we are all at the school. At the first break, we’ll have Mark and Jimmy get you to the field house and take care of that. We’re glad you guys are participating.’ He then motioned Jimmy over and gave him instructions on hanging close to the boys and at first break bringing them to the field house for their physicals. The boys introduced themselves and went back to the table with Jimmy and Gerry to further talk about the track events. Greg then brought Mr. Stuart over and introduced him to William and the sheriff. He joined their table. “Mr. Stuart, William began, “it is our understanding you ran the general store which was burned down last night.” “Yes, sir, I been running that store since my daddy died. I worked there while a boy myself and kind of thought I’d be doing it till I died. But things have a way of changing. I’ll be all right. I’m a healthy able-bodied male and I can find some kind of work in this town. I’m grateful me and my wife and our daughter survived. We barely got out of our house before it went up in flames.” “I’m so sorry about that and so glad you all survived. We would like for you to consider opening a store in the gift shop space of the hotel. If you are interested” the sheriff said. “You can stock anything you like and we can extend a line of credit to help you out as you file the insurance claim on your old place. Would you be interested?” “Absolutely interested!” the man said enthusiastically. “I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity.” “I think Gerome told us that Shakira is your daughter” William said. “She is such a beautiful girl. We have some of the new students participating in the track and field events. Do you think she might be interested in participating in the Miss Gayberry Pageant?” he asked. “Thank you for the compliments” he said. “Of course her mother and I think she is beautiful. She is not the most confident girl in the world. I will get her and bring her to speak to you. We would be thrilled if she chose to do so but we wouldn’t put pressure on her.” The man went over to the table and brought back his daughter. He introduced her to Randy and William. “Shakira, have you heard anything about the pageant?’ Randy asked. “Yes, I have” she answered. “We have never attended one but my friends and I are planning to go to the pageant Saturday evening. We were discussing it at breakfast and my mother very much wants to go. Our people have not been permitted to attend in the past.” “We would love to have you attend but we would like for you to do more if you are willing” William said. “What is that, sir?” she asked. “You are simply a beautiful young woman, Shakira” William said. “We would love it if you would consider being the first black contestant ever in a Miss Gayberry Pageant.” “Oh, sir,” she said. “I am honored beyond belief but I have never been in a pageant. I wouldn’t know what to do. And I’m not nearly pretty enough. Nonetheless I am flattered that you would even consider asking me.” Her mother had walked up and she introduced her very attractive mother to the two men. “Mother,” she said. “the sheriff and Mr. Walker have asked me to participate in the pageant.” “Why, I think that is a wonderful idea” Mrs. Stuart said. I love the idea that you would be the first black woman ever to compete.” “I just couldn’t” the girl said shyly. “In the first place I’m not nearly pretty enough. Besides that, I only got a couple of dresses and a few other casual clothes out of the house before it went up in flames.” “Please don’t worry about that” William said. “If we could make those things happen, would you consider it?” “Well, the girl said hesitantly, “if my mother and my dad want me to I would do it for them.” “Oh yes,daughter, your dad and I would be so very proud if you chose to do it” Mrs. Stuart said. “You could represent out community. Winning or losing isn’t important. It is all about representing.” “Okay, I’ll be happy to do it” the girl said. “I will start shopping this morning” her mother said. “I love an opportunity to shop. And her father won’t mind a bit knowing what this is for. We are so proud for you to ask our daughter.” “Don’t jump the gun here, Mrs. Stuart,” William said. “I’m not great at guessing women’s sizes and all, but we have had a contestant drop out of the pageant whom I am thinking is about Shakira’s size. She has compiled an extensive and expensive wardrobe which she will not be able to use. What if I put you in touch with a former Miss Gayberry and she could meet you at the school? I know that all of the girl’s wardrobes for the pageant are locked in the dressing room. I could have her meet you and Shakira later and see if the things fit and if they are pleasing to you. I happen to know that the girl and her mother bought the entire wardrobe at very nice shops in Raleigh and not a single item has ever been worn.” “Would your really do that?” the mother asked. “I am thrilled.” She wrote down her room number and asked that William have Velma Sue call her so that they could arrange to meet. “There’s not a sweeter, kinder person in this town than Velma Sue” he assured her. “I know that she’ll be happy to give your daughter a crash course in pageantry.” William winked at Randy. “You are one devious man, Mr. Walker” the sheriff whispered. “Now that little whore Betty Jean’s expensive pageant wardrobe won’t go to waste while that little bitch is locked up in her cell.” They shared a hearty laugh as they headed to the lobby to see if they could assist with boarding the buses. Kurt walked up to Randy in the lobby. “I just called Mr. Lee and he said we aren’t working at your house today” the boy said. “Mr. Lee will be there patching up mersin escort bayan the damage from the shotgun blasts but I don’t want you anywhere near there, son. I would prefer to have you beside me and in my line of vision at every moment but unfortunately that isn’t possible. I would like for you to stay with Mark and Jimmy. They are going to the school to work with Mr. Churchill and Mr. Blount. I know they would not let anyone harm a hair on your sweet head.” They were standing in the large lobby with no one in earshot. “I’m sorry you had to leave last night” the boy said. “I was ready for you.” “I’m sorry too, son” the sheriff said quietly. “But maybe it’s for the best. I think I may have been pressuring you into something you really didn’t want.” “No sir, not at all” the boy said. “I do want it. More than anything. But I’m fine. I can wait for as long as it takes.” He squeezed the boy’s hand. “If you’re sure” the sheriff said. “I’m completely sure” the boy answered. Mark and Jimmy walked up to retrieve Kurt. “Hey, guy, we’re your keepers today” Jimmy said as they tugged the boy out where the buses were loading. All of the students both black and white were loaded on the buses and headed to the school, Gerome driving one bus and Greg the other. People cheered as the buses left for the school house. “Lets’ pray nothing awful happens” Randy said as they waved at the buses. Dr. Foster was walking toward them with Ben as Jeffrey came running up. “It’s Mr. Print!” he said excitedly. “The cook just told me he came through the kitchen headed up t he back way to his office.” “Thanks, Jeffrey!” the men said as they took off, accompanied by Dr. Foster and Ben. They took the grand staircase up to the second floor and down the hallway to the office of Mr. Print. They were very quiet and as the sheriff opened the door, they saw Mr. Print kneeling before a large safe, the door of which was open. They crept up silently as Mr. Print was still unaware of their presence. He was pulling large stacks of cash out of the safe and stuffing them into a large black bag. “Hold it right there, asshole, the sheriff said, holding an ashtray he had picked up from a table as though it were a gun nudged into the man’s back. “Mr. Print was totally surprised and assumed the object poking into his back was a gun. He dropped the cash and raised his hands into the air. “This is my fucking office and I have not granted you permission to enter” the man said arrogantly. “If you will be so kind as to leave I will appreciate it.” “That is not going to happen, you fucking asshole!” the sheriff said. The man turned around and saw the four men. He knew he couldn’t outrun all of them. “I am merely conducting the normal business of running this establishment of which I happen to be the owner” the man said. “Not anymore, asshole” the sheriff said. “Charles Print, you are under arrest for suspicion of arson, endangering lives and attempted murder.” As he had no handcuffs, he searched through the man’s large desk and found a roll of black electrical tape. He tightly bound the man’s hands behind him. “You can’t just walk in here and arrest me like this” the man said “I most certainly can” the sheriff said with a chuckle. “And I just did.” “Your precious little son has spilled his guts, Mr. Print” William lied, hoping to get more information from the man. “That little dipshit coward” the man spat. “I never believe that little asshole was of my seed. I knew his mama fucked somebody else to birth that sniveling little shit. If he hadn’t run the car into the ditch, none of this would have happened. We’d have got on to burn the other cross we had in the principal’s yard.” “Oh yes, the sheriff said. “Charlie told us all about how you were headed to burn a cross in Principal Whaley’s yard. That’s why Ben Whaley is right here with us.” Mr. Print turned to see the tall principal standing behind him. “You tall ass faggot homo cocksucking piece of dogshit, this is all your fault” the man said. “You and your nigger-lovin’ friends brought all of this on. You was planning to close the nigger school and let all them mongrels come to our school o mix with our white children. It weren’t Christian and we had to stop it. You took the job that was rightfully my friend Will’s. You stole it as sure as the world right out from under him. He’d never have let this happen.” “Where is Will Barrow right now, Mr. Print?” the sheriff asked. “Why he’s at school doing the job of principal which that tall, worthless fuck ain’t been doin” Mr. Print explained. Will said we ought to go about our normal business. He was sure the Smith brothers and my son wouldn’t give us up. He just didn’t know what a weak little shit Charlie was. I tried to warn him, especially after the Thomas brothers just vanished. And I tried to tell Will that shootin’ up your house was a bad idea, sheriff. But after that Bedford bitch called and told him that little Thomas faggot kid was there, he just had to have it his way.” The pieces had fallen into place for the sheriff and William and pretty much for Ben and Dr. Foster. “Dr. Foster, do you have your black bag with you?” William asked. “It’s out in Ben’s car. I can get it in a second” the doctor said. “That won’t be necessary” the sheriff said. “I know Ben needs to get on to school. But if you guys can accompany William and me to the jailhouse real quick, we can drop our prisoner and then all get over to the schoolhouse. They started down the stairs, Charles Print’s hands still taped behind him. As they came down the stairs, Mr. Print saw all the black folks still milling around the lobby of the hotel and he was enraged. “What are all these niggers doing in my hotel” he shouted. “Get the fuck out of here, every one of you! I’ll come back here with a gun and shoot the whole fucking lot of them.” William grabbed a doily off one of the lobby tables and stuffed it in his mouth. “These lovely people are your guests here at the hotel” William said with a smile. “Ladies and gentlemen, please meet one of the men who burned the cross last night and burned down your community last evening. Rest assured you have nothing further to fear from him of his accomplices.” The crowd broke into applause as the men took their prisoner out the front door, stopping briefly at Ben’s car to retrieve the doctor’s bag. When they walked into the courthouse, Peg Thomas started in immediately. “Why if it ain’t our old fiend Charles Print!” Peggy said. “What have they nabbed you for, Charles? She asked. “Did they catch you lettin’ girls use your room for a free piece of puss or a blow job? Good old Charles. He’d trade a room for a little fun any day of the week. And then he’d stand up in church and testify to what a good, God-fearing Christian man he was. Bet them folks at church didn’t know how he loved a finger or two stuck up his bumhole while he’s fuckin’! He’d squeal louder than a girl with something jammed in his hole.” The prisoner was silent as Peggy ranted, just glaring at her in dead silence. They walked him to the desk. And cut his shirt off him, applying a shock collar to his neck. “What the fuck is this? he asked. “I am not a dog and I don’t expect to be treated like one” he said. “Now you stop this silly shit right this minute. I am orderin’ you boys to march back down there and clear ever’ one of them niggers out of my fuckin’ hotel and release me right now. I’m a God fearin’, tax-payin’ citizen of this fuckin’ town and I won’t forget none of this shit!” “You’ll find out later what the collar’s for if you don’t behave. You’re gonna take a quick shower to get ready for a very long trip” the sheriff said as William removed his pants. Charles began to kick at the men as they attempted to lower his rather expensive pants. A quick shock from the collar went him into a tirade. “Goddammit, are you trying to electrocute me?” he yelped. “Do that again and you’ll regret it. I’ll sue the fucking pants off you and I’ll own this fucking courthouse before all’s said and done. You just do it one more time and you’ll see!” “Okay, if you want more, I’ll give it to you” William said, pushing the button on the remote and delivering a long, powerful shock which left the man screaming in pain. “Just doing what you wanted, asshole” he said as he lowered the man’s white jockey shorts, revealing an average sized uncut cock surrounded by a thick patch of unruly, untrimmed pubic hair. He pushed him into the shower under a cold stream of water. They had turned it on warm but it had not reached the desired temperature. “You’re freezing my nuts off” he said. “You Print boys sure are concerned about your nuts” William said. “You shoulda seen your kid piss himself when we told him we were going to cut his nuts off.” The man looked shocked. “You didn’t threaten my son like that did you?” Charles ask. “I’ll have ever’ one of your asses for treatin’ my son in that manner!” “You mean your son who helped burn down a whole fucking community then drove the getaway car into a ditch? ” Randy asked. “Is that the son you’re talking about? You should have seen your son sucking off old Otis Campbell’s dick last night. You’d have enjoyed seeing your boy sucking his uncut meat and swallowing ever drop of his cumload. Why, he got down on his hands and knees and licked a few drops he’sd missed off the floor of the cell. Then he begged to be allowed to lick him clean.” “You’re a goddamned liar” Charles Print spat. “My son would never suck a cock under any circumstances. He’d rather die than suck dick.” “Maybe he can put on a show for you later.” William said. “That might be fun. He might even suck your tired old dick if you can still get it hard.” When William started to soap the man’s hairy crotch, he again went off. “Get your faggot hands off my meat” he screamed. “Ain’t no man alive ever touched me there. I’ll break both of your fucking faggot necks.” William continued to soap him, paying extra attention as he moved the man’s foreskin back and forth over the man’s cockhead. The man, despite trying not to, began to respond as his dick got fatter and longer and hardened. The man squirmed trying to get the man’s hand away from his dick until he calmed down suddenly as the hands felt too good to resist. “That feels good, doesn’t it, Charles?” William whispered in his ear. “Yeah, the man said hoarsely. “I don’t want it to happen but it does feel good. I ain’t had a chance to beat off since yesterday mornin’ and my dick’s been half hard all day.” “William continued to stroke the man off with his soapy hand and put his other soapy hand on the man’s ass, aiming a finger right between his cheeks. The man spread his legs immediately, giving William access to his now soapy hole. William went in with one finger all the way as the man groaned. Randy smiled as he watched, remembering how good William’s finger had felt in his own hole a few short hours ago. William added a second finger and set up a rhythm as he stroked the cock and fingerfucked the man. He was moaning now, his horniness completely overriding his brain and his hatred of all things gay. William was really beating the man’s meat now and jamming his fingers into the hole. Randy could tell the man was just about to shoot his load when William suddenly pulled his fingers out of the man’s asshole and removed his hand from the hard cock, landing a fist right into Mr. Print’snuts. Randy almost vomited himself just imagining how much the blow must have hurt. Mr. Print started to retch. He was trying to vomit, but apparently his stomach was empty so he continued to retch for several minutes as the men just laughed at him standing naked in the shower, doubled over in pain, his cock now soft and shrunken. “Get your ass out of that shower right now or I’m shocking your ass again” William ordered. The man jumped out of the shower. William dried him and put him in his white jockey briefs. They then led him into the main room of the jail once again. “Hey, Peggy,” William said, “Tell Mr. Print who sucked off Otis Campbell last night. He doesn’t seem to take my word for it.” “I’m pretty sure it was your skanky son, Charlie” she said, laughing. “Betty Jean and me both watched him eat that cock. It wasn’t pretty. The boy gagged and retched but he got the job done and swallowed the load. I think he liked the taste.” “You have to give me some clothes” Charles said. “I can’t go out in public like this. Please, you have to understand I’m a respected business man in this town.” “You’ll go exactly as we tell you you’re going” William said. “I assure you that receiving respect is a thing of the apst for your sorry, cross-burning ass!” “You guys head on out to William’s carr” Randy said. “I need to make one last call before we leave.” Randy called Velma Sue and explained there would be a new contestant for the pageant. Velma Sue was thrilled to hear the pageant would have its first black contestant ever. “Yeah, her house burned last night so she has no pageant wardrobe.” Randy said, making sure Peg and Betty Jean could hear him. “But as luck would have it, we have a contestant about the girl’s size who will be dropping out because her and her whorin’ mama is incarcerated. The old contestant’s ass was considerably larger than the girl who is replacing her but I think we can make things work. We’ll pay for a seamstress if you can find one and alterations are needed.” “You ain’t givin my pageant clothes to nobody” Betty Jean started screaming. She was going wild, rattling the bars. Peggy was screaming at the sheriff too and raising all manner of hell. Randy walked to within a few inches of the bars. “Tough titty, said the kitty!” With that, he gave them a broad grin and left the building.

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