Wellington Does Summer

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Wellington grabbed the keys to his Porsche and made his way to the elevator. He needed some pussy, or in his case, he needed some ass. Anal was his favorite and he knew if he played his cards right that he could find some young, stupid college student who would take his cock in her ass like a champion. He simply needed to find her.

He made his way down the main drag that ran through the center of campus, looking for something but not sure what exactly he was in the mood for. He had his windows rolled down and the radio turned up as he drove slowly and carefully through the small college town. Should he look for a young, stupid girl or a smart, older one? Sometimes it was fun to play with the young, stupid ones. His cock was aching for that easy release. He would toy with one of the older ones another day. They were harder to convince and Wellington’s cock needed to get wet sooner rather than later.

He first saw her walking in her cutoff shorts and her orange t-shirt as she was exiting the library. It closed early during the summer and only the die-hard students that enjoyed summer school were around for the hot, grueling months of hard work that made up summer school. Wellington found that summer was the hardest time for him to get laid but it wasn’t impossible. In fact, he’d already fucked a stupid, little slut earlier that day. Now he needed this one. He slowed down next to the girl.

“Hey there!” he called, turning down the stereo so she had a chance at hearing him.

“Hello?” she called, confused by Wellington’s attempt to talk to her.

“Get in! I’ll give you a ride?”

“I’m good. I don’t need a ride,” she laughed nervously, hoping he would go away. She wasn’t looking for anything but her way to her new dorm.

“Come on! Live a little!” Wellington said convincingly. He willed her to say yes and he could see the inner battle going on in her head.

“I don’t know…”

“What’s your name?” he asked her, attempting to make her feel a bit more comfortable. He liked that she was being a bit of a challenge. Most girls saw the Porsche and got right in. This girl seemed to have some common sense and Wellington liked that about her. When he shoved his cock in her ass it was going to feel that much sweeter.

“Summer,” she said slowly and carefully as if admitting to her name might be used against her later. Wellington’s cock stiffened as he looked over the curves of her young body. There wasn’t much to work with. She had the body of a teen rather than that of an adult but she would do.

“I’m Wellington,” he told her confidently. “Nice to meet you, Summer.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

“Want to hang out, Summer? I know a cool place you’ll absolutely love?”

“Where?” she asked.

“It’s this little spot at the penthouse in the most coveted building in this little town.”


“Yeah, you know, the top floor? Want to see it? Get in!”

“I guess it couldn’t hurt…”

“Of course not, Summer. Get in! Let’s have a blast together!”

“Okay,” she giggled and Wellington allowed himself to laugh. He didn’t tell Summer he was laughing at her and not with her. He wanted her to be shocked and amazed like all of the others. It was part of the fun. He showed off for her, driving like a bit of maniac in his expensive sports car. He parked right by the elevator and he watched her closely as they took it upstairs and it opened up right into his penthouse apartment.

“Wow! Look at this place! Look at this fish tank!” Summer was going nuts over his exotic fish tank. It was one of his most prized possessions, mostly because it lured all these stupid, vapid girls in so he could have his way with their pussies and asses. Summer güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri would be no different. He watched her gawk over his fish as his cock grew harder and harder.

“Would you like a drink, Summer?” he asked her, already pouring one for himself.

“I’m not old enough to drink.”

“How old are you?” Wellington asked her, prepared for the possibility that she might not be old enough. His cock was so horny. He wanted her body and he was going to get it. He didn’t give a fuck how old she was.

“I’m eighteen,” she said and Wellington’s mouth turned upwards into a sick, twisted smile. She was old enough and he was going to fuck her. He pounded a couple of shots before he approached her. His cock was hard and ready. She looked so sweet and innocent and it was making him lose his mind.

“Summer, can you do me a favor?” he asked her.

“Sure? What?”

“Get on your knees.”

“Why? That’s kind of a weird thing to ask.”

“Just do it,” he said menacingly.

“Are you trying to have sex with me?” Summer asked.


“But I barely know you!”

“I know. That’s what makes it so good. Haven’t you ever had a hook-up before?” he asked, attempting to disarm her by making her feel like she was missing out on something.

“No. I haven’t.”

“Have you ever had sex?” he asked her.

“Yes. A few times.”

“Let’s try it.”

“I don’t know.” He moved to her quickly, kissing her mouth with a passion that would get him what he wanted. He was used to getting what he wanted, even if he had to take it by force.

“Wait. What are you trying to do?” Summer asked, pushing him away.

“I’m just trying to make you feel good. Is it working?” he kissed her again and he could feel her weakening. She melted into him, sighing softly into his mouth. He began to work her t-shirt off and she allowed it to happen, now under his spell the way he intended. He didn’t know why these stupid girls always gave in to him. All he knew was that they did and his dick was very thankful. He couldn’t wait to get his cock inside of Summer. He was sure she felt as hot as her name sounded. He could just sense it.

“Come with me,” he led her by the hand back to his bedroom and she gasped when she saw the contemporary decor of his bedroom, the large king sized bed draped in bold, black and white linen.

“I love your bedroom,” she gushed.

“Thank you, Summer.”

“I forgot your name,” she said with worry.

“It’s Wellington.”

“I’m not normally like this. I haven’t ever slept with someone I barely know and I don’t know if I can do it I’m scared and this is all new to me but you seem nice and I like you, it’s just I’m not sure of how I will handle this-” she was going on and on and Wellington knew that she was nervous. He also knew how to strike like a snake at just the right moment.

He kissed her again, shutting her up as his hand unhooked her bra and removed it so he could get his hands on her tits. He pinched her nipples gently, continuing to kiss her so she couldn’t get a word in. He unzipped her tight shorts and helped her wriggle out of them. All that remained were her panties and Wellington waited to take them off, teasing and rubbing her pussy through the cotton fabric until she was practically begging him to take them off.

She was horny now and he could see it in the way she was moving her body, writhing against him with the intent of a woman and not a young girl. Summer knew what she wanted and her hand reached out for his cock. He took off his own shirt, shorts, and even his boxers, baring his cock for her. She grabbed it greedily and he could see by the way she stroked him that she hadn’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri been lying. She wasn’t a virgin and she knew her way around a cock.

“Suck my dick, baby,” he begged her and he sounded like he really needed it. Summer had no way of knowing how long it had been since he’d had his cock sucked. There was no way she could know that he had shot his load down some slut’s throat only hours before this. He wanted to dump his load into Summer too, but he wanted it in a different hole. He wanted her ass more than he wanted anything and he was going to get it.

“Okay…” Summer didn’t sound too sure of herself but she sat on the bed and let Wellington push his cock into her mouth and down her throat. He could tell she wasn’t used to having a dick that far down her throat but he didn’t go easy on her. He gripped her by the hair and fucked her face until she was choking, sputtering, and pushing him away.

“Jeez! Stop! I’m not that advanced at blowjobs!” she protested.

“Put your hands down. Let me teach you. Okay? Trust me. Just relax your throat. Don’t think about what you’re doing. Just relax and think about something else. Give me your throat,” he coached her and she did as he asked obediently. He knew he was going to be able to easily fuck her ass and his cock was so excited as he pushed it down her throat and fucked her face slowly and carefully. He wanted her to see that she could suck his cock all the way down her throat without choking. “You’re doing it, you hot, little slut!” he hissed at her. He could see that she was proud of herself, but she choked as she thought about what she was doing.

“Wow! I did it!” she cried when she had regained her composure.

“Yeah. You did. I’m proud of you. Now let’s see what your other holes can take.”

“My other holes?” she asked as if she had never considered that she had two more. Wellington felt that it was his duty to show her. She was such a naive girl and she needed every bit of experience that was available to her. He was doing her a favor, he told himself. He was teaching her things that she would need to know to be successful in college.

“That’s right, baby,” he laughed, grabbing her and throwing her face-down onto the bed. He got on top of her, forcing his cock into her tight, little pussy. She was so much tighter than most of the girls he lured back to his apartment. He felt fortunate to have found such a tight, little slut during the summer like this and he silently thanked God for the opportunity. She was cumming underneath him and he loved how easily he could take her there. It was like she had never been fucked hard and fast before. He could see the revelation in her eyes as she looked back over her shoulder at him. He grabbed her by the hair and roughly pulled her back, manhandling her in ways no other man ever had.

She clung to the sheets, screaming as she came, unable to believe that this guy she had just met was making her feel so good. Wellington felt good about himself as he watched her body respond to his cock. He was definitely making an impression and yet he knew that he had better get out of her pussy and into her ass as soon as possible. He didn’t want to cum yet but her pussy was so tight he was threatening to lose his composure and ready to dump his load in her cunt.

He pulled his cock from her pussy and made sure he lubed up his cock before he tried to put it in her butt. If her ass was tighter than her pussy then he needed lube, even though a part of him wanted to go without it and see how badly he could tear her virgin ass up. His cock struggled to push past her sphincter and he leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Relax your ass, Summer. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Let me in. Let my cock in. Relax that asshole, baby.”

“I’m trying!” she cried and he could tell that she was trying. He could feel her ass muscles as they strained to relax and he was happy that she was trying to be a good girl for him. His cock made it past her tight ring and he could feel her loosen up inside with every thrust. She let out a few pain cries and began to crawl away from him. He followed her as she threw herself over the side of his bed. He continued to fuck her ass, no matter how far she wriggled away from him.

She made it all the way onto the floor, but Wellington followed her right onto the floor so he could have his way with her. There was nowhere left for her to go and he pounded her asshole with his hard, hungry cock. He loved the noises she was making. She sounded like a wounded animal, crying out in pain with every thrust. God, he loved fucking a virgin asshole roughly. He loved making these stupid, little girls take his cock this way. He loved making them love it, forcing them to take the pleasure and pain so his cock could cum.

He was fucking her bareback and he planned to cum as far up her asshole as he could get his jizz. He looked down at her and was pleased to see that she had completely checked out. Her asshole went limp and it was open and easy for him to fuck how he wanted to. He knew that she wasn’t planning on cumming but he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her whole head back toward her body as he absolutely pummeled her asshole with his big, fat cock. She came hard, her screams loud and piercing. She bucked against the hand that held her by the hair.

“Please! I can’t take anymore!” she screamed.

“Take my cum, you stupid slut!” he screamed, his cum pumping into her ass and his bliss growing exponentially with each squirt.

“Are you done now?” she asked.

“Yes, I am. Give me a moment and I’ll pull my cock out of your ass.”


“Was that your first time doing anal?” he asked her.

“Yeah. It was.”

“What do you think?” he asked.

“Anal is weird. I didn’t think it would feel good.”

“So it felt good?”

“Yeah, once we got going it did. It hurt a bit at first.”

“We can try it again if you like,” Wellington offered and he didn’t know why he had offered that. He really wanted to get rid of Summer so he could pick up the next little slut. He didn’t like fucking the same slut over and over again. That was why he lived in a college town.

“Maybe some other time. I need to go,” Summer stood up and began to gather her belongings.

“I can drive you wherever you need to go,” Wellington offered.

“I can just call a ride,” she retorted.

“Or you can just ride my dick.” This girl wanted to leave and that made Wellington angry. He wanted to make her stay. He was used to girls that wanted to stay, ones who fell in love with him after one fuck. He was used to being the one who rejected them and not the other way around. She was dressed and looking for her purse as Wellington chased after her. She fished her phone from her purse and began to call a ride.

“Yes, I need a ride from – what’s your address?” she asked him.

“I’m not telling…” he laughed. She hung up.

“Wellington, come on! You have to let me go home.”

“You have to let me fuck your ass again.”

“If I do will you let me go home?”

“Of course, baby,” he lied. This bitch was going to get fucked all fucking night the way she was going.

“Okay, fine…” she sighed. She crawled back to his bed and got on all fours, sticking her ass in the air. “Go ahead and get it over with.”

“Fucking idiot,” he laughed to himself, this time pushing his cock into her asshole with no lube.

“What did you say?” she asked. “It sounded like you called me an idiot!” She sounded mad.

“I would never do such a thing,” he lied. “Now stick your asshole out for me, baby. That’s a good girl. That’s a good, good girl.”

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