Wendy not her first rodeo

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Wendy not her first rodeoWendy not her first rodeo;It seems so normal for Wendy now, her husband is saying goodbye as he leaves for work, three weeks this time. Her ritual begins, a quick clean and tidy of the house, a shower to wash away any thoughts of who she pretended to be. Today she slipped on some heels and a little silkrobe. Wendy tied it tight, it felt great against her skin and came down to just about cover her pussy when she was standing. It was a fine morning and having breakfast in front of the open patio doors really felt like liberation. There was a slight breeze, Wendy turned slightly to feel the fresh air on her face. As she moved the robe loosened exposing a nipples and then her full breast.Wendy caught a glimpse of herself in a nearby mirror and noted how inviting she looked, spreading her legs, her pussy now completely exposed as sitting down the hem of the robe had sat high enough and with her movement it had risen further. Her hands moved almost without thinking one to cup her exposed breast and the other to her pussy. To Wendy’s surprise two fingers slide easily into her soaking pussy. The breeze enhances her excitement as she hits the spot every time. Wendy could already feel an orgasm welling up inside, her motion quickenedas her robe fell open. Wendy had reached the point of no return as due heard a noise from outside. She closed her eyes as she reveled in her first orgasm of the day.Wendy took her time opening her eyes. She knew a couple of the young local youths liked to watch her sometimes, she liked to put on a good show for them. As Wendy moved towards the open doors she was welcomed by two of her black lovers who had accosted two of the local white boys who had been stroking themselves in the bushes.Wendy smiled, telling them to come inside they shouldn’t be doing that outside where their parents might see. Wendy knew both of their parents from around the corner and had known that they came around while her husband was away to spy on her. Wendy really fancied one of them, she can remember flashing him at some time. No wonder they spied on her with all the encouragement she gave.Her boyfriends asked if they should take care of them. Wendy said, of course not that was her job. They know how much she likes young cock, black cock canlı bahis especially but as they were here. One of them called Wendy a slut. As she took both white cocks in her hands Wendy replied that is why you come around right! They laughed and said they’d grab a drink while she got started.Wendy was down on her knees now taking each cock in turn into her mouth, deeper each time. They were a good size and really hard, Wendy gorged herself on white cock, taking their entire shaft down to the balls and pausing there, wanting them to fuck her mouth. They were letting her keep control though. Wendy moved to a sofa straddling one of them and dragging the other to stand do she could still suck his lovely hard cock. Her pussy welcomed her other suitors cock easily, different to a girlfriend’s pussy isn’t it, Wendy announced proudly. It wants to be fucked, I need to be fucked by your young hard cocks, I want you to fuck me hard and Cum in my mouth. The guy she is straddling is quickening his action so Wendy kissing him full on the lips tells him to fuck her mouth like that. Wendy moves on her perfectly sized sofa to d**** herself across the back as the guys change points of entry. The guy now fucking Wendy’s pussy is longer and is really hitting it good as the other guy bangs Wendy’s mouth, his balls keep slapping her face as he gives Wendy every inch he has. Her saliva is now joined by his tasty load. It’s so messy, he begins to move away, Wendy draws him closer though letting her mouth and throat work every last drop from his cock. As she finally lets him withdraw Wendy gives an approving smile, I bet you’d do that again wouldn’t you…?(Asking him his name) Dan, it’s Dan and yes he slowly managed a response. It’s the second guys turn now, Wendy lies him where she had been and begins to suck on his cock. She can work it with one hand and her mouth as she looks him straight in the eye. Telling him that she loves sucking his cock. She wants to taste his Cum inher mouth. Suddenly he erupts without warning, cumming in Wendy’s mouth, she now takes him all the way in. Still looking at him in the eyes as he bucks his hips.At this point Wendy can feel a hand over her pussy, rubbing at her clit. She rolls over to sit onthe sofa spreading her legs wide, Reg is the one bahis siteleri expertly massaging her to orgasm. Ben has his black cock out for her to play with. He says, you like to work it don’t you, you cock loving slut. Wendy enthusiastically begins to lick, suck and massage Ben’s flaccid cock. Wendy moans loudly as she feels Reg skilfully insert two of his big fingers into her now soaking, glisteninghole. Wendy has barely recovered from the clitoral orgasm when Reg sends her over the edge again.Ben’s big black cock is now fully erect and covered in Wendy’s saliva, she wants to feel his member inside her now. Ben sits down on the sofa with Wendy straddling him reverse cowgirl, he reaches up grabbing at her now sensitive breasts. Wendy slides her pussy lips over the length of his cock several times, teasing herself so badly. Gently Ben’s hands slide down to her hips lifting them as Wendy grabs his cock, sliding the thick head between her slightly gaping lips. Every extra inch he gave with each slow purposeful stroke filled Wendy with pleasure. Reg now stood beside Wendy guiding his cock into her waiting mouth. The two white boys stoodthere mesmerised, their young virulent cocks twitching back from flaccid to semi erect now. Reg turned his head to them saying, don’t be nervous feed her your cock, feel her tits this slut wants all the attention you can give her. They move over to Wendy slowly, they each take a firm breast and squeeze it pulling at Wendy’s nipples, she moans her approval arching her back to showher enthusiasm for their attention. Wendy lets a hand run up one of the white guys legs pulling him up onto the sofa, do she now has two cocks to take into her mouth.Ben is lifting Wendy’s hips as his rhythm increases to a frenzy, his big black cock almostpopping out with each extended thrust. Wendy is trembling with orgasm again as Ben shoots his load inside her. She loves the feeling, his huge load being fed into her depths. Like clockwork Reg changes places with Ben, Wendy spreads her lips to accommodate his thicker cock.Wendy grinds down hard taking his full length all the way on the first stroke. She is short of breath now but her lust drives Wendy on to fuck that young big black cock hard. Ben then took control moving Wendy to her feet and bahis şirketleri bending her over the back of the sofa. He commented on great her ass looked, she always looked ripe for fucking in platforms he tells her. Wendy grabs a nice white cock to suck on as Ben drives her to another orgasm. He isn’t finished with her yet though, only slowing his action while Wendy climaxed, then hitting her hard as her contracting subsided. Wendy was riding a wave of pleasure now, in that zone where she only thought of the pleasure, lost in the moment but fully in it. Ben was nearing his climax and as was his desire he withdrew and masterbated his cock with his huge helmet forced into Wendy’s mouth. He cums hard and in a huge amount, so much that Wendy can’t help letting it fall from her mouth andover her breasts and body.Wendy turns to Dan and asks would you and your friend like to fuck me? His friend says, it’s John, can I go first this time. Wendy says, let’s not argue over who goes first I want to fuck you both. Wendy lies John on the sofa back and straddles him telling Dan not to be shy, he shouldn’t be surprised she was such a slut after all he’s seen through her windows. Wendy can feel his cock sliding across her ass, I want you to fuck my pussy Dan. She can feel the tip of his cock at her lips now, Wendy is so wet now he slides in. Dan is pulling her hips towards him with each stroke allowing Wendy feel the two young cocks fuck her in tandem. Wendy looks across to a mirror, seeing herself getting treated like a complete fuck toy. She is riding a crest of mini climaxes as the two youths are taking longer to cum the second time around. It is when a large orgasm floods Wendy’s body that their cocks begin to pump her pussy full of their Cum.Wendy takes her time to release them from her grasp, rising to her feet her legs feel weak and uneasy. You boys can use the downstairs bathrooms to shower, take your time. I normally leave a light on and the curtains open in the corner bedroom as an open invitation for visiting. If you play me right I might even put you into my phone like Reg and Ben as my go to guys. Wendy made her way to her own bedroom, she sat in front of her favourite mirror to play with her Cum laden pussy. Her pussy was swollen and gaping from all the attention, Wendy slipped three fingers in no problem tasting the cocktail of juices. Then four fingers, only a slight squeeze as she ponders being able to take Reg and Ben’s cocks at the same time. Hmmmm threeweeks is a long time.

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