Subject: West By Southwest ch 4 This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males and females older and younger than 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not allowed to read this story by law. This story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person’s living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental. The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by the web sites to which it has been posted, without the consent of the author. In addition, do not forget to donate to Nifty. Help keep these stories free and available! Support Nifty! Please understand this is a work of fiction. The actions described in the story are not real, encouraged, or condoned in real life. Its just a story kids. I hope you enjoy it. West By Southwest � Chapter 4 Previously: “So all the boys… and men I’ve seen…?” “We are all part of a… group. There’s a big gathering happening in Los Angeles, sort of like a convention. But way more sexy. But I’m not sure if its your scene. I can tell you and Logan have something special going on,” Sam winked. “What do you mean?” My brain wasn’t comprehending what he was saying. He smiled coyly,”You’ll figure out.” ************************************************************************** Movement from Logan drew our attention back to the bed. He had moved up on to his knees over Olly, with the younger boy’s legs resting on his shoulders, giving Me and Sam had a clear view of Logan’s leaky boy hole. We saw Olly’s little hand reach between their bodies and grab Logan’s cock, aiming it at his puffy red boy pussy. Logan nudging the tip against Olly’s leaking hole. I heard Olly whimper,”Push it in,” over the low rumble of the train. Logan slowly pushed in, his butt cheeks clenching as his tween cock started to slip inside the nine-year-old’s puffy asshole. Olly wrapped his skinny arms and legs around Logan’s body and pulled the older boy down on him. Both boys moaned in unison as Logan’s shaft easily sunk completely into Olly’s boy hole in one smooth motion. Me amd Sam’s cum oozed out around Logan’s cock as the boys held still, staring into each others eyes, enjoying the feeling of being coupled for the first time. izmit sınırsız escort bayan I heard Olly whimper,”Fuck me…” Logan leaned down and gently kissed the boy as he started to methodically pump his tween cock in and out of Olly’s loose boy hole. Wet sucking and slurping sounds began as the two boys started to fuck. Surprisingly, Logan didn’t get carried away, and kept his fucking at a slow and steady pace. Me and Sam watched Logan’s sphincter clinch and relax as he fucked Olly. Sam grinned,”That hole is a thing of beauty,” as he started to stroke his cock. “Yeah, it is,” I mumbled as I also started stroking. The whole scene, along with everything I had taken, was making me extremely horny. Finally, my lust got the better of me. I mumbled,”Fuck it,” as I stood up and positioned myself on the bed behind Logan. Logan looked over his shoulder with a bemused look, not sure what I was doing. I draped myself over Logan and aimed my cock at his puffy boy hole. I grumbled lustfully into his ear,”I need your ass,” as I pushed into him. Logan’s closed his eyes, his mouth dropped open, releasing a long soft moan as my entire 8 shaft slid easily into him. Damn, Logan was so much looser after getting fucked by Sam! Both boys were now pinned beneath me as I began to fuck into Logan, which caused Logan’s cock to fuck into Olly. After a few clumsy thrusts, we started to get into a rhythm. “Oooooohhh… Oooooohhh… Oooooohhh…” I suddenly felt Sam position himself behind me. Sam whispered into my ear, “You’ll need this,” as he held an open popper bottle under my nose. Then I felt him nudging his thick cock against the entrance of my asshole. I quickly took several deep hits off the bottle, sending a huge rush through my head. Just as the poppers were hitting Sam thrust his thick cock into my ass. “AGH! FUCK!” I groaned as Sam pushed his thick shaft inside me. I slumped forward as I felt Sam press his body down on me. Sam groaned,”Yeeeaah, now you know what your boy felt earlier,” as he immediately started fucking me. I’d been fucked many times, but Sam’s cock was definitely one of the thickest I’d ever taken. Now I knew why Logan’s ass felt so loose! Sam groaned,”Feel my pervy cock inside your tight jock ass,” as he worked my hole with slow deliberate thrusts. I could feel every centimeter evinde görüşen escort of his hefty man-sized cock with every pump. I had to admit that I DID like the feeling of it inside me. I could also tell this guy really knew how to fuck. Sam set the pace as his thrusts caused me to fuck harder into Logan as Logan fucked harder into Olly. Sam grunted,”You like my cock Garret?” “Fuck yeah!” I groaned. Sam huffed into my ear,”This cock has claimed many boy pussies, and now it’s in you,” I looked down at Logan and Olly, and thought about how the cock that was fucking me had pleasured both of them. Sam kept slamming his beer can sized cock deep into me, pushing me into the two boys below, causing all three of us to moan out. He flexed it a couple times, causing me to groan again. He chuckled softly, knowing he was stimulating all three of our asses as he resumed his thrusts. This pervy daddy was in control of us as he started to fuck even harder. Sam started mumbling into my ear,”My fat cock was in all of Olly’s little friends… during his last birthday sleepover… and a couple boys from Olly’s cub scout pack… and my co-worker’s son who stayed with us for a week last summer… most of them were younger than Olly…” As Sam talked dirty to me, I thought about how good it felt to fuck nine year old Olly. My cock throbbed in Logan’s hole as I remembered the young boy’s tightness, the smoothness of his tender body, his boyish moans. I found myself envying Sam, wanting the ability to fuck all those boys Sam had fucked. My growing lust was turning to a darkness I’d never felt before… and it was a powerful lust. A lust I was starting to welcome into my mind. I wondered if Logan was feeling that same lust. Sam continued,”I even had to fuck a pair of 15 year old twins… to get to their little brother. After I broke them all in… I’m sure they’ve been fucking their little brother senseless… ever since.” I was shocked by the number of boys Sam had fucked with the fat cock he was sharing with Logan and me tonight. A part of me worried, “Will I become this much of a boy perv too?” But then a lusty reply came from somewhere deep inside me, “I hope so!” I held the popper bottled up to the boys noses. They both inhaled two large hits, then I took two myself. Then we really started fucking. I could feel kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan Logan fucking Olly underneath as I licked and kissed the back of Logan’s smooth neck. My raging cock pumping in and out of Logan’ss young body while fucking myself back on Sam’s thick cock. Every thrust I made into Logan drew a deep groan from inside him. My groans grew louder as Sam’s assault on my ass increased. His forceful thrust caused a chain-reaction as I was slammed deeper into Logan and Logan was thrust deep into Olly, bringing more groans of pleasure from the boys beneath us. Our bodies were now reduced to wild frenzied thrusts between the four of us. Or sweaty bodies slapping and sliding against each other. “Uuugghh! Oooohh! Harder! Aaaahh! Ohhh God! Yyyesss!” The private compartment was now flooded once again with yips, moans, and groans, as the four of us fucked like wild animals. The majority of moans and groans were coming from the boys as the sensations of the fuck coursed through their young tender bodies. I could feel Olly’s legs trying to wrap themselves around our humping bodies as his hands clawed wildly at us. The sweaty boy had a distant, glazed look in his eyes as Logan sucked on his neck. Our hips were now slamming down hard into the nine-year-old, pushing the air out of him with each fuck. Olly started making sharp boyish exhales,”HUUGH! HUUGH! HUUGH!” Sam grunted to Logan,”Yeah… fill my son up with your seed…” as the three of us pumped harder and harder into the prepubescent boy. I moaned encouragingly into Logan’s ear,”Yeah, cum in him…” as I felt our orgasms getting closer. Our fucking became more pointed as the three of us timed our thrusts together. “OOOH! I THINK… I’M GONNA… CUM!” Logan gasped. I suddenly felt Logan’s colon grip my cock hard, squeezing it as if it were his hand. Logan cried out, “UUUUUGGGHHHHH!!!” as he started cumming inside Olly. Hearing Logan moan like that pushed me over the edge as I pushed balls deep into Logan, injecting my seed once again inside him. Sam made one more thrust, pushing us down as I felt his cock erupt into my guts. There was a cacophony of boyish and manly moans and groans as the four of us climaxed together. We all collapsed in a heap as we were released from our orgasms. To be box * Please Donate to Support Nifty! 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