Subject: What a dream I had – Chapter 1 – THE WET DREAM. What a dream I had — Chapter 1 — THE WET DREAM. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: www.luces-delatierra.blogspot.es or in English pot.es What a dream I had, pressed in organdy… Those are the first words of the song For Emily, whenever I may find her, by Simon and Garfunkel, and those words still echo in my mind two years after I first heard them in a bar, where a radio channel was playing that song out loud. The song always reminds me of a night in September two years ago when I never knew whether I was having a wet dream of it was pure reality, for that night I dreamt I was having sex with my brother, Wilfred Millman. My brother was employed as a photographer, and at 28 he had a large beautiful studio where he used to work in the mornings. He was better off than me, Alex Millman, three years younger, who had come to live with him in order to study French philology. And that September night I had gone to a disco to celebrate that I had just passed the last subject and finished my studies and he’d come with me. I’m not used to getting drunk; it is not often that I drink, but I was so happy that night that I got quite buzzed and there was a moment when I started dancing totally drunk. Besides, it was a very hot day and I started sweating and soon I stank. Wilfred finally decided it was better to move me away from the disco and take me home. On our journey back home in the car, I showed my brother again how drunk I was for I couldn’t help but puke, staining the car floor lightly but I felt that unaccountably my T-shirt was getting wet with what little I had vomited. He started talking to me. I was very drunk that memorable night but I refuse to write what happened to me that night in drunken words, so I will use coherent words and will write what I thought in inverted commas and after a dash, what Wilfred and I actually said to each other. -You’ve drunk too much tonight, Alex, and now you’ve puked. I cannot take you to bed in that condition. I will have to give you a thorough shower first. -I can have a shower myself. -You won’t be able in the state you are now. And soon I saw that what he was telling me was true. When we finally arrived home and he parked the car as usual in our house porch, I tried to get out of the car, but I staggered. -You see you can’t even walk, Alex. And I allowed him then to take me in and lead me straight to the bathroom. There he wanted to take my clothes off, but I rebelled. -I can do that myself, Wilfred. Still doubting that I would be able, he let me take my clothes off slowly. In the inconsistency of dreams, I dreamt that he was slowly getting hard when I removed my T-shirt. Then I took off shoes and socks and when I finally pulled down my trousers I saw him unmistakably hard as a tent pole. After I was totally nude, he sighed and told me now he would undress, hoped I didn’t mind, but he had to do it in order to jump into the bathtub with me. Wet dreams are strange. Have you never, heterosexual guys, dreamt you are having sex with a boy? Or haven’t you ever, you gay boys, dreamt you’re having sex with a girl? Well, that’s what happened to me, for I dreamt I was getting really hard when I saw Wilfred taking off his clothes and now there was no mistaking: his erection was obvious. I looked at him with drunken eyes and dreamt I was looking at him with lust. Wilfred had confessed his homosexuality to me years ago and of course I never minded and he’d always had my respect. He’d never had any boyfriend kocaeli escort though, just short affairs from time to time, some affairs that he told me just as I told him mine; we looked like twins for at 25 I had never had a girlfriend either. Only three or four girls, two of which could be considered regular fuck buddies. -And now we’re both totally hard, we can jump into the bathtub. –I dreamt I told him. I kept on dreaming that I fell to the bathtub floor and all the time of the shower I was sitting, so he first opened the taps, and then he got a sponge and started to slowly soap me up. The stupid drunken brother started to ask him stupid questions as he was washing me with such an erection that I thought he would soon cum. -Have you ever lusted for me or maybe wanked over me? -You’re my brother, you stupid Alex. You have a perfect body but of course I haven’t. -You can after now if you want –that was my stupid remark. Meanwhile the sponge was already rubbing my stinking armpits. Of course he was not touching me with lust, but he was gay and had never seen me naked; he seemed to like my body so of course he was hard. And I was hard too. He employed a long time washing my whole chest, then moved the sponge softly down my legs and feet and later it entered my crack a while, not a very long while, and in the incoherent state of dreams, I didn’t even protest. But finally I saw him carefully soaping up my balls and later I saw him lustfully soaping my dick up and I dreamt he was masturbating me. -Do anything you want, Wilfred; you can take advantage of me now. When I wake up tomorrow, I’ll remember nothing. -I wish you’d told me that before –I dreamt that he answered- for I loved the way you smelled before I took that dirt off your body. I knew that if he continued soaping my dick up or actually jacking me off, I would soon shoot a load and as I believed I was dreaming, in the morning I would have to go to the bathroom to clean my briefs, which no doubt would be wet with the semen I would have shot when I was asleep. My dick was oozing pre-cum as he continued massaging it with the sponge. In reality I didn’t believe my brother would be able to jack me off, taking advantage of me for being drunk. But I though what the fuck? This is only a dream and despite the fact that I am dreaming I’m having sex with a boy, my own brother, I like what I am dreaming. In fact I am about to cum. I was enjoying the dream, so much so that I thought for the first time that night: “oh, if only one could programme his dreams, I’d like to have the same dream tomorrow night. I like so much the fact that here I am having sex with my brother”. I liked so much this dream that at last there came a moment when I dreamt I was cumming, “now I would really have to clean my briefs tomorrow morning”, and my brother looked at me and said. -I really hope you remember nothing tomorrow, Alex. -I’d love to have the same dream tomorrow. I like to see you jacking me off. -That’s what I meant you’d better remember nothing tomorrow. I haven’t jacked you off, you stupid boy. I was just cleaning your cock. But I was enjoying the dream so much, the surprise factor being something that had always aroused me so much, that I wanted to go a bit further. I had already cum, but Wilfred hadn’t and I wanted, I really wanted my brother to cum too in that erotic dream. So I dreamt I bent my body then and in a treacherous way, I suddenly stuck Wilfred’s sexy cock in my mouth. That’s one other thing I would never have done if I had been awake and conscious: sucking a cock, let alone my own brother’s dick, but I was doing it, or I dreamt I was doing it. -Stop, you stupid Alex, you don’t know what you’re doing. -You’ve just made me cum, Wilfred, and now it’s your turn. What the fuck? Since tomorrow I will remember nothing, I can suck your cock. Only hope you tell me I’m doing a good job. -You’re the dumbest boy darıca escort I’ve ever known, Alex, and you should never drink again. Oh please stop, I beg you. -A dick tastes much better than I thought. Never before had I desired to suck a dick, but now I find it so scrumptious that I think I will suck more. I tell you again that I won’t stop. -Oh, do whatever you want. I know it will be impossible to convince you. I sincerely hope tomorrow you remember nothing. If ever you remember you sucked your brother’s cock, you will have a shock. But if you’re so stupid that you’re giving me a blowjob, I will remind you I am gay and have sucked many cocks and if you don’t stop, I’ll have to suck your cock later. -Very good, bro –I dreamt I told him with a smile, a totally drunken voice and completely inebriated eyes. I also wanted my cock sucked, but so far I was gonna enjoy the only blowjob I thought I would ever give, and in a dream. I really wanted to have this dream every night. Oh, if I could really have it again. Nothing had turned me on that much in my sexual life. I kept on dreaming and in my dream I noticed that Wilfred could really hold it for a long time and meanwhile I was rehearsing movements with my tongue, pushing his cock deeper in my mouth and swallowing it as if I had given many blowjobs before. I dreamt he repeatedly moaned and those erotic groans helped me learn how to give my brother a perfect blowjob, or that’s what I thought. I felt him at last trying to withdraw his sexy dick from my mouth so that I would not swallow his semen but the dream I was having was making me so horny that I really wanted to taste my brother’s jism. And he was spilling his white liquid of male pleasure in my mouth for a couple of minutes, so I supposed I had driven him crazy. And the taste was so perfect, that I blasted a new load and later with quite drunken eyes I looked at my brother and told him. -So now, Wilfred, it is your turn if you really want to suck your brother’s cock now. -Of course I want. You’ve even drunk my semen. Hope you don’t remember either that your brother once sucked your cock, but you’ve sucked mine and now it’s my turn. You will see now what good blowjobs boys can give. He started by licking my balls, taking fire to my whole body, but he did not spend a long time there. Soon I noticed him securely going up my shaft and swallowing my dick with expertise and showing me he was used to sucking cocks and now it would be just one more dick that he would suck, that’s all. The moment I felt how skilled he was and how affectionately he was returning me the pleasure I had given him previously, I hoped, I had to close my eyes in order to focus better on the intense fun he was giving me. My God! I’d never been given such a good blowjob! Many girls had sucked my cock, that was true, I had been fortunate in my sexual life, but nothing could compare with my brother’s tongue now and it was only a wet dream, wasn’t it? Oh, if I could dream every night that Wilfred is sucking my cock! I’d also suck his in every dream in order to have him always there driving my cock crazy. I opened my eyes a while and looked at him with tipsy eyes, eyes that wanted to pretend I did not know what we were doing, and I supposed I was addressing him with constant repetitions of a drunkard’s tomfoolery. -Yeah, Wilfred, suck your brother’s cock. You’re so good. We should suck each other’s dicks every day. -I’m sucking your cock because you’ve previously sucked mine, you stupid Alex. Hope tomorrow you remember nothing or if you do, hope you categorize it just as a wet dream, no more. -But I wish I could remember this. You’re so good! -When I finally put you in bed, you’ll sleep like a good boy and will forget everything that’s happening now. During all this dialogue, he never stopped sucking my cock; he was talking with it deep in his mouth. And I don’t know why, this was gölcük escort such an arousing experience that I could not help but cum in my brother’s mouth soon. “Third cum in your sleep, Alex Millman. No doubt when you wake up tomorrow, you’ll have to be particular cleaning your briefs, which unambiguously will be a swimming-pool of sticky cum.” -Your dick is leaking so much now that I’ll have to sponge it again before taking you to bed. So I saw him sponging my cock again but I did not want to go to bed and abandon forever this extraordinary wet dream that I was having. Wilfred was still hard, and I unexpectedly stood up just a bit so I could do what now I really desired to do, and thinking one more time “tomorrow I will remember nothing, so I can also do this”, I suddenly impaled myself on Wilfred’s cock and told him. -And now fuck me, brother; I also want to be fucked by you. -Please, Alex, recover your common sense now. Take your ass from my cock. -If only one could programme his own dreams, Wilfred, I would try and have this dream every night. And since it is a dream, I can do anything in it that I would not do in my conscious life, so keep on fucking me, bro. I guess, since you are gay, that you must be enjoying my ass now, isn’t it? So have fun, my wonderful brother. Only one question: do I have a good ass? -Your ass is great; you have an extraordinarily sexy ass. But if you don’t take it away from my dick, I’ll have to go on pushing it in. I cannot help it. But I don’t wanna rape you, Alex. -Rape me? It’s my ass that’s fucking itself on your dick. And I want you to continue. I suppose the first time you were fucked, it hurt you, isn’t it Wilfred? -The first time it hurts. That’s why I shouldn’t be fucking you, Alex. -I’m so plastered right now that I don’t even feel any pain. Oh, it’s so good to be fucked by your own brother and feel no pain! I never thought one day I would desire a dick up my ass, but I’m feeling so damn good… -I’ve been fucked many times, Alex. Since you’re so stupid that you’re asking your own brother to fuck you, you too should fuck me next. -Wilfred, if you really ask me again in tomorrow’s dream, I will certainly fuck you, but not tonight. -That’s what I really hope: hope you always think of what has happened tonight only as a dream. Or better, I hope you forget it. -But I wish I could remember it, brother. I dreamt we had all this dialogue all the time my brother’s dick was in my ass, but finally he had to tell me he was so stoked that he had to cum. And now I felt my brother filling my now non virgin ass with semen for the first time in my life. Incredibly I still had more semen inside me and I came again. I couldn’t remember I had ever cum so much as tonight and again I thought that tomorrow I would really have to spend a long time cleaning my wet briefs. -C’etait une nuit parfaite. -What did you say? -It’s been a perfect night, Wilfred. You should learn some French. But thanks for giving me this fantasy. It’s been the most perfect dream of my life. He was so concerned about taking me to bed soon, so I could not wake up suddenly and discover I was naked next to my naked brother, still hard despite the many loads I had shot, that he forgot now to wipe his semen from my ass. -Now get out of the bathtub, Alex. And you can put your clothes back on. -I’ll only put on my briefs. I always sleep with only them on. -Ok, do it. I’ll take the rest of your clothes to your room. Both of us left the bathtub then and he started to get dressed and I waited for him just in my briefs and curiously still hard. When he had everything on again, he told me now he would take me to my room. The shower had made me recover some lucidity but even so, I still staggered to my room. He pulled down my sheets and told me. -Now sleep quietly like a baby, you stupid boy. Take any image you can still have off your mind. You’ll wake up again being the heterosexual guy you’ve always been. Good night, Alex. And finally he left and I was soon fast asleep but in my memory the wet dream still lingered, and I think I kept on dreaming, now dreaming that I wanted to repeat what I had dreamt.

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