WHAT A MEMORYWHAT A MEMORYBy: Londebaaz ChohanLangdon; although very old and very sick, remembers and tells this to all his buddies like he won the gold medal in Aeronautical Science and that too when he was hardly 18 and had not even studied a word about this science. He admits of having no girlfriend then and being a freelancer providing the services of his cock to all needy cunts and young asses alike; just to get the relieve for his sexual tensions and truly wanting to be a known as a bull for all needy girls and boys. He was not a nerd but even then a bore; busy with his books, working out in the gym, doing all those little annoying chores all the time. Given, the subject of Sociology was proving to be too much for Langdon with a lot of assignments always waiting to be completed; some community projects as well to be run in the little time he had but this daily bus rides, changing over to the train and then another bus to his college and back; every morning and evening was wearing him off more rapidly even than the hectic sexual encounters he got favored by very often. But as he tells; this all old routine changed one afternoon as he was returning from a very long day at college, almost finishing the leg of train ride. Surrounded by the dreadful, smelly people packed like sardines in the train as he stood holding the strap for keeping the balance when he felt a fast hand brushing against his young ass bubble. Undoubtedly; this someone was not doing it by mistake as he thought in the beginning for a fellow passenger trying to grip the pole for safety, because this hand kept trying to grab and grope massage constantly. This had never happened before and also Langdon being shy and reluctant in his nature; he did not try to turn around to see who it was. He prayed that people around him did not notice what was going on. Langdon could only see part of the fingers in front of his body, resting on his thigh and guessed the hand was of a man. There was no doubt in Langdon’s mind that the hand was trying to get to his bulge which was retorting to the slow massage and getting stiff in his jeans showing its full swollen length of meat. Quickly, the man stopped and then started poking Langdon’s balls through the cloth sheathing and some of his fingers were even trying to nudge at the entrance of Langdon’s ass making him feel very good with the pleasure waves running from head to toes. Ahh! Fuck; Langdon wanted to moan loud with the pleasure exceeding in him but the crowd and the situation was not in his favor. The constant noise of the train track eased a little and Langdon heard the man whisper about getting off at the next stop and invited him to follow. It was the first of this kind of connection for Langdon; having no clear idea what to do because he had not even been successful to see the man’s face, nor he knew what awaited him. Undoubtedly the curiosity and the glut of aroused feelings had better of him and they both got off the train soon as it came to halt on the next station. As them both touched the platform; Langdon saw his face, nicely groomed but matured at the peak of no less than 50 at least with gray hair on the head and face. He introduced himself as Clyde to Langdon and suddenly grabbed his hand pulling pendik escort him to follow towards the stairs for the exit out of the train station building.No doubt; Langdon was extremely nervous to say the least having no idea what to expect as next when Clyde looked at the raging erection in his pants due to the affairs that took hold so far and he was not fully comprehending when he introduced himself to Clyde in a shivering and non-confident tone. By now Clyde had Langdon’s hand nicely gripped in his as he repeated the name “Langdon” walking on the narrow path towards the high rise tower. It was not the first hook up for Langdon but of course the first this open and public because he always met men on the net or when he felt very bold after getting under the influence of alcohol; he made some of his picks to follow him to his apartment and surely he was feeling very shy and hesitant having no clue what this man Clyde had on his mind, what was his orientation, was it safe to go with him to wherever he was taken. Suddenly, the narrow path that seemed to lead straight to the high rise tower, took a turn into an alley and Clyde held Langdon’s hand little more firmly and took the turn into the alley and then a small door took them both in to the lobby of the residential tower. Earnestly slow, Clyde opened the first door on his right and pulled Langdon inside. Inside it looked like a janitor’s or custodian’s closet or cabin meant to store the equipment for cleaning the building stairways and corridors and quickly closed the door behind him and asked Langdon to get undressed quick. Langdon still mesmerized and or excited could not comprehend the demand of getting naked for a man who was not only of his father’s age; showing him his hard erect teen cock that was almost hurting because of the boner pointing up straight. Strangely Clyde did not hesitate and almost ripped his own clothes off in less than a minute and getting stark naked; took Langdon in his arms, tightly wrapping his arms around the teen ass globes and pushed his tongues through the awed open lips and started kissing Langdon like they knew each other for years, may be even decades. Although it was not the first time or new happening for the teen boy but still the nervousness or not knowing the man and what was to happen next was almost choking him. The expert moves of Clyde was making Langdon feel in heaven and then suddenly unzipping and pushing the Langdon’s jeans down was done and Clyde went kneeling to worship the young beautiful cock. Langdon was hard as hell by then with his cock being swollen and stretched to limits with the skin pulled back and down almost like totally unbelievably exposing his glistening cock head with glossy pre cum. Clyde did not hesitate or dither and began sucking the young man’s length and licking the very low hung balls like a greedy gay man Langdon had never seen or met so far. The muffled moaning and deeper sucking the shaft along with the balls being groped and played, licked quickly made Langdon fly on the magic carpet to the land of ecstasy with his eyes closed and him leaning against the wall behind him. No wonder his hands were pushing the old man to take more of his cock and suck it with pressure to be felt in his balls. escort pendik Just by instinct or something like that, Langdon knew that the old man was also working on his cock as he sucked and licked Langdon to a steady built of joy and pleasure in his body and soul. Again just like the second nature; he let his eyes open and looked down. “What the mother fucking”; he could not resist and control himself as these words spilled out of his mouth seeing may be no more than hardly 4—5 inches’ shaft in Clyde’s hands but the thickness was an absolutely unheard, un foreseen, no less than easy 12” or more. Even the cock head was elongated taking an extra inch away from the shaft that just could measure no more than 3 inches at the most but the girth of a true horrendous size literally scared Langdon. He wanted to touch and feel the mammoth size cock in front of him but no, the fear, the nervousness was at its extreme. Clyde swallowed and Langdon had a real feeling of getting being sucked. Suddenly Langdon’s thoughts were no more focused on Clyde’s girth but on saving his own cock getting into Clyde’s stomach; if he swallowed one more time this sudden and this harsh. Young Langdon was now scared and very uncertain if his cock could detach and fall into Clyde’s stomach but God damn!! Clyde was sucking with utmost technique and skill and Langdon was once again lost in the bliss of such needed cock sucking of his as his precum and Clyde’s saliva made loud slurping chirping noise. More they moaned, more they both enjoyed the activity. “Fuck you Langdon”! Clyde took the young cock out of his mouth and said, “I gave you my best and now it is your turn, babe. Show me when else can you do with this big cock of yours”. Clyde took hold of the wall and got bent for the youngster, showing him his nicely rounded ass globes, pushed out, so as to show the enough pink meat inside and wrinkles outside slightly dusted with hair. AAAAAHHH! What a nice fuck hole, he had even after getting fucked for who knows how many years. Langdon almost drooled and it did not take his dominant rough top nature to jump out in a flash. He wanted to prevail like he had never been before. He was silent, scared and startled for the enough long time only to know that Clyde was a faggot born for fucking by the young men like him.“On your knees and shoulders; you mother fucking bastard slut; I am going to fuck your dilapidated ass like it might never had been before”. Langdon’s roar was heard loud inside and might be outside of the little cabin like room as well. Langdon slapped the old man’s butt making Clyde hurry up as he spread the wetness layer on his firm cock and quickly pushing couple fingers in the ass presented to him, feeling the tight stretch ready to take his sex deep inside. Clyde squeezed his hole muscles resisting the activity as pain hit him and Clyde resorted to moaning and massaging his heavy, hefty, cumbersome cock. Langdon wiped the precum from his cock onto Clyde’s balloon knotted ass hole; rubbing it on the crack and then pushed almost half the length in the waiting greedy hole making the old man hurt and produce loud sobbing and lamenting. Langdon wanted to console and comfort but then with a better thought, pulled out with same fluidity; rubbed pendik escort bayan some spit on the red eye and slammed right back in crushing the balls on the dirt hole.It was not even a minute that Clyde was on his 4’s like a dog and feeling a huge, healthy, young meat dong entering and stretching his poor ass to the limits and beyond. He wanted to scream in pain as Langdon forced himself even deeper and then rapidly withdrawing till his helmet was grabbed by the impaled muscles, giving him the amazing feeling of being nailed in red ass meat territory. Once again without any warning the fleshy weapon of Ass Terror was shoved all the way back inside the faggot Clyde ass. With this brutality raging, Clyde had no choice but to focus his mind on his own cock which was needing massage for sure. Langdon was getting his pleasure boosted by asserting his ass fucking skills and getting into rapid sawing the meat with meat pole. His heavy balls were bouncing repeatedly on the faggot Clyde’s sac as the thrusting force got brutal and cruel rapidly. Getting into a sweet rhythm; Langdon could not resist and wrapped himself over the bottom man’s body as his hands dropped down to hold and feel his massive cock. No doubt, the wonder jumbo girth was a dead piece of meat for showing and an eyesore instead of being an eye candy. Getting sure that Clyde was one of those men, born to be servicing the other men who need the meat tunnel to fuck with their meat pistons; Langdon once again concentrated of screwing the old man’s ass with his luscious meat bone. His cock dipping drowning IN and Out, his convincing balls swinging like the church bells, his waist thrashing forward and back, his thighs hard pushing; he fucked and fucked and fucked for the satisfaction of his sex. An ass is an ass and always a great alternative to a fucked up pussy; Langdon always believed but somehow; so far every time got into an ass that was not up to his personal liking and always preferred a pussy better for his cock joy. Revenge feelings were added and Langdon whammed, slammed, rammed in the ass, pumped, plowed, plundered in the ass, his balls were sweating, his teeth were sweating, his nipples were sweating; he truly never had fucked any hole this ardently ever before. With beads of sweat trickling down the Clyde’s back, he was responding to each hard thrashing by pressing his hot ass back to Langdon’s clean shaved pubic bone. Naked meat grinding was building up the orgasm inside the swollen metal balls of Langdon as he had a quick glance at his wrist watch. Fucking 40 minutes late, but happily he was delivering his DNA deep inside the man, so needy and deserving of it.With repeated sighs, gasping and shivering Langdon filled Clyde’s hole with his warm fresh brewed cum juices. Clyde also seemed to be at the verge of spilling his cum as he enjoyed his personal orgasm causing a rapid flexing and relaxing of his hole and to fall in the puddle; causing a sudden release of Langdon’s still hard as steel cock from the slushy ass. Back in all senses, he was happy that Clyde did not move much as his fingers reached back and gathered some of the outflowing young nectar and going to the lips for the sampling of the taste. Langdon smiled and with the speed of light got himself dressed up, grabbing his Nikes and slammed the door behind him, with only a hope to repeat the affair, soon; with a younger age matched faggot boy. The End. Your comments please. Londebaaz Chohan, Sept. 9/2018

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