What Am I Doing Here? Ch. 12

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MaryJane Huffman walked out of the arrivals terminal toward the luggage carrel. She saw him right away, Not shabby at all. A real stud. He was maybe 6’2″, blond, clean cut, buff. A sign board he held in his hand was printed in a professionally done script she recognized as Copperplate Gothic. It read, “Mrs. M. Huffman.” But before she could respond to the sign, the very sexy looking guy looked at her and smiled, “Mrs. Huffman, I presume.”

She smiled back and nodded. So far so good. Very good.

Walking towards the carrel which was now clanking its way around, he asked, “Was the trip comfortable?”

“It certainly was,” she replied, smiling broadly back at him.

With a practiced ease, he retrieved the bag she pointed out to him as being hers, and they began walking towards the parking area. “My name is Ray Massey. Your picture was faxed to us so that I was able to recognize you easily.” They stood at a white LandRover with the initials, L.L.L.tastefully lettered on its door, done in the same gothic script as her name had been written out. He put her luggage in the back of the car and ushered MaryJane into the passenger seat. She noticed that he car was spotless. It smelled brand- new-car clean.

Well, here she was, on her way to Landon’s Lady Lavorotica.

The ride, as was everything about her trip so far, was lovely. The road they were on was smooth and not heavily travelled. The other cars on the road all seemed new and freshly waxed. The landscape she saw through the window was clean, tasteful and well tended.

She looked over at the driver, at Ray Massey who was driving carefully, an easy smile on his face. “L.L.L.’s motto, ‘WHENEVER, WHEREEVER, HOWEVER, WITH WHOMEVER,’ she asked him, “does it mean what it says?”

“Exactly,” Ray replied, still smiling. He kept his eyes on the road, didn’t glance at her, but his smile never diminished.

The motto referred, of course, to sex. That’s what she was here for, for sex, to get fucked, to have her body pleasured, to have her libido satisfied, whenever, wherever, however and with whomever she desired. That was why Landon’s Lady Lavorotica existed.


MaryJane Huffman had learned about Landon’s in a whispered conversation with the mother of one of her students.

Clarissa Rivere had invited MaryJane to tea one day after a PTA meeting at Our Lady of Sweet Tidings where MaryJane taught and Mrs. Rivere’s Anna Marie was a student. Mrs. Rivere had been blunt. “I am sure,” she told MaryJane as she held her tea emek escort cup, pinky extended as etiquette required, “that you are one of us, a person with an especially active libido.” Mrs. Rivere, continuing her explanation, had never come close to using the word “slut,” but MaryJane understood immediately that Mrs. Rivere had recognized a confrere, a fellow slut. She listened attentively as Mrs. Rivere told her about Landon’s, a resort that was unique, built for and existing for one purpose, to pleasure sluts.

But, it wasn’t until MaryJane had won the Diocesan raffle which was held every six months as a means of providing a bonus to at least one its lucky teachers that she investigated Landon’s further and met with the Landon spokesperson to whom MaryJane had been recommended by Mrs. Rivere.

MaryJane followed the raffle win and the meeting by cashing in her retirement account from Holy Mother, her previous employer. She then added a bit of money from a trust fund left to her by an aunt. All together, the Landon’s enrollment had cost quite a bit of money, but, MaryJane thought, it would be worth every cent if the visit turned out to be as good as promised.


“We’ll be there in a few minutes,” Ray said.

A minute or so after Ray’s statement, MaryJane Huffman was able to see the beautifully landscaped Landon facility. Far in the background, at the end of a long and winding road, she saw several cabins, each a different color, each gleaming, each surrounded by a garden,

“Will you be able to help me unpack and get settled when we arrive?” MaryJane asked.

“Most certainly,” he replied a big smile on his face.

The cabin she was shown into was gorgeous. Beautifully arranged flowers filled vases around the room. Restful art adorned the walls. It featured a large closet and two dressers. The king sized bed looked comfortable.

“Anything else? Would you like a tour of the Lavorotica?” Ray asked.

“Tell me, Ray,” MaryJane said, “is this room included in ‘WHEREEVER?”

Ray nodded yes. His smile remained.

MaryJane continued, “Is now contained in WHENEVER?”

Ray nodded yes again. His smile, if anything, grew wider.

MaryJane returned the smile. “And are you among the WHOMEVER?”

He nodded yes once again.

MaryJane moved closer.

It was not much more than a minute later, and they were both lying on the bed, unclothed, smiling, She was pleased to note that his cock was quite long. It was pleasingly plump, eryaman escort circumcised, clean. She held it in her hand. It felt good and firm, hefty. She felt his hand touch her breast, his fingers brush lightly against her nipples. His other hand played along the folds of her labia, slowly moving towards her clitoris. MaryJane felt her inner labia begin to open, her vagina begin to become wet. “HOWEVER?” MaryJane murmured.

“You got it,” she heard Ray say.

Not a moment later, as he responded to the slight pressure she exerted on the top of his head, she felt him lower himself on the bed until his lips were kissing her cunt lips. A few seconds later, he was kissing the tip of her clitoris. Then he was running his tongue over the shaft of her throbbing clit. She felt his hand holding the rounded globe of her ass. She wanted to say something, but all that would come from her mouth was a long oooooooou sound, a deep purr, and a growl of pleasure.

Her hands gripped at his muscled shoulders as he continued to pleasure her clit and labia with his tongue. His fingers explored her vagina. She felt her breathing quicken, her stomach muscles tense, became rigid.

She let go of his shoulder and threw her arms upward, over her head, stretching her torso and inviting him to slide his body up until they were face to face and his tongue, tasting of her cunt juice, was in her mouth.

They kissed, their foreheads rubbing. Their noses slid up and down against each the other’s

And then MaryJane Huffman felt the glory of his cock as she held it in her hand and helped slowly glide it past the lips of her vulva and deep into the wet pink of her ravenous cunt.

The fucking began!


MaryJane Huffman was someplace just an inch or so away from heaven. Her hair was in wild disarray, sweaty wet, scattered around her head, tossed this way and that way. Drool dripped from the corners of her mouth, and she didn’t care. Her neck was extended. Her tits were swollen, her nipples hard. She wrapped her tremblingly alive legs around his and they just fucked and fucked away. So far, so good.

More than good.

She gripped his shoulder as tight as she was able, pulling his body to press against hers. She felt his beautiful cock slip and slide, bounce and bound in and out of her cunt.

She told him, “Slow,” and his movements into and out of her cunt eased from six per second to a super slow motion once every two seconds.

She told him, “Push,” and ankara escort his pubic bone pushed against hers, grinding sweet pleasure to her clit and from there up through her torso.

“Good, good, good, good,” she kept on repeating as she felt heat from deep in her cunt rush out to her vulva, her mons pubis and then upwards and downwards to warm her whole body in a pink glow.

Her mind, her body, her soul, she felt, were engulfed in a world teeming with pleasure. And she and Ray continued fucking. And they fucked some more. And more. In and out, down and up, around and around his cock touched everywhere and every way in her cunt and she came and came and came.

She couldn’t stop coming. She didn’t want to stop coming until, at last, she heard him grunt and felt him discharge his cum into her cunt.

He rolled his body off of hers. MaryJane and Ray lay next to each other breathing heavily, allowing themselves to come back to earth slowly.

MaryJane Huffman felt sooooo good. She inhaled the smell of sex that filled the room, her sweat, her juice, his sweat, his semen. “Was everything my councilor told me about Landon as true as what I’ve experienced so far?” she Asked Ray.

“Yes,” he answered.

“How do you know?” she asked, “You weren’t there when she spoke to me.”

“Did your councilor say that pigs could fly?” he replied.


“Then what she told you was true.”

“Is everyone here as good as you are?” MaryJane asked.

Until now, neither had moved. Now, Ray raised himself enough to lean on his elbow. He looked down at her. “Some better, I’ve been told,” he said. He remained smiling.

Her smile back at him indicated a bit of doubt that other Landon employees could match his expertise.

“Some much better, I’ve been told,” he said.

“Can I repeat the fucking outside of this room?” MaryJane asked.

“Anywhere,” Ray answered.

“With you?”


“With you and others?”

“As many as you require,” he told her.

“Anyway?” was he next question.

“Between your toes if that is your desire,” he said.

Asking her questions seemed to have exhausted MaryJane Huffman. She just lay there, her body spread and relaxed, the sweat on her skin drying, his discharge dribbling from her cunt.

“Would you like a tour of our facility?” Ray asked MaryJane.

“Could we do what we just did again first?” she asked him.

“For sure,” he replied.

MaryJane Huffman, a serene smile of satisfaction lending a warm glow to her face, reached her hand out to touch Ray’s cock and help it to tumescence.




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