What Gets Me There


When I’m lying in bed, and horny as hell, and the terrible videos of people pretending to have sex don’t cut it, I begin to imagine.

I start by rubbing a finger over my prick, up and down my pussy lips until I’m nice and wet. I imagine my finger is the head of large cock, stimulating and teasing, causing so much wetness it leaks down into the crack of my ass. I dip my finger into my juice and rub it all over my asshole. Once I’m good and lubed I slide a finger into my hole. It’s so wet and ready the finger slides in and out easily. I imagine the cock has been replaced by a large mans fingers and he is teasing, drilling my ass with his fingers as he rubs my prick with his thumb. Who’s a good little boy slut, the man asks. You want a real cock inside you little boy? Want your boy holes filled up? Yes, I moan, fill my holes.

As I finger my ass and rub my prick I imagine the man gets impatient. He sets the head of his cock at my pussy and shoves his thick meat inside. He’s so big, long and thick, that I cry out. But soon he’s fucking me so hard and fast that it feels too good despite the pain. Eventually there is no pain, just slopping sounds as my dripping pussy is fucked hard.

Now I hear casino siteleri the man growl, he buries himself in my pussy and leans down to nibble on my stiff sensitive nipples. I moan, desperate for him to keep fucking me. His hands roam all over my body as he licks and sucks and bites my chest. I am rocking hard against his cock, trying to grind my throbbing prick against his pelvis. The man laughs and pulls away.

I whimper, reach out a hand to pull him back. Instead I’m met with his rough hands jerking my arms above my head. A rope is wrapped around my wrists, my hands tied together tightly, and then the rope is attached to the bed frame. A ball gag is shoved in my mouth. I’m flipped over onto my stomach. My ankles are pulled far apart and tied down as well. I’m positioned so that my knees are bent just slightly. I feel the giant cock return to my pussy and shoved back inside. The man growls again, and moans. Now that he is lubed up, he pulls out and positions himself against my asshole.

Slowly, steadily, he pushes himself inside. I whine against the gag, moan in pain and pleasure. My hole is being stretched more than it ever has before. The man feels so big I don’t know if I can canlı casino take it, but despite my grunts and groans he never stops pushing. Finally I feel his pelvis against my cheeks. He reaches down and rubs his balls against my pussy. I moan, trying to push back against them as they tease my prick. I hear a chuckle. The man asks if the little slut likes it. I nod and say yes against my gag. He laughs, says I’m such a good little slut, the dirty whore he always knew I was. Now he’s pulling his cock out, slowly.

It’s agonizing as he fucks me slow. All the way in, all the way out. Precise movements, never too fast. He’s so long it seems to take hours for him to perform a single thrust. I’m moaning and begging and he’s laughing. Does the slut want me to fuck him? Yes, I beg, please fuck me hard! Good slut, he says, and his thrusts speed up. In and out, harder, faster. His balls begin slapping against me, the room is filled with slapping sounds. My pussy is dripping, my desire building.

I hear a click, a loud hum, and a vibrator is pushed against my prick. I cry out as it seems to fill my gut with flutters. The man is leaning over me now, fucking my ass hard and fast, and holding the vibrator kaçak casino hard against my prick. I’m going to cum, I moan out. I hear the man laugh and grunt. I’m cumming! The man pulls his cock completely out and I do my own grunting. Put it back in, please, keep fucking me! The man laughs, and the vibrator is turned to high. I can’t hold it back, my orgasm shakes me to my core. The vibrator doesn’t stop, though, and I can feel something else building. Suddenly my pussy begins gushing, my juices spraying all over the bed and the man behind me. I hear a deep growl, good little slut, cum for me.

And then my ass is filled again. It was gaping, but his cock is just so big it still stretches me. I scream, my pussy spasming, my ass contracting, the vibrator is now stimulating an oversensitive prick. My whole body is shaking and jerking. While the man fucks me he reaches around and fondles stiff nipples. I’m beginning to go black, my whole world is pleasure and pain and that brain tingling sensation that comes with over-stimulation. Just as I think it’s too much the man cries out that he is cumming and his cock swells inside of me. And again my pussy is gushing and I’m overcome by orgasm.

Finally spent, I remove my hand from my twitching prick and wish desperately my ass was filled with more cum than it can handle. I wish the bed was soaked with more than just my juices, and that the man was still deep inside my ass, ready for more.

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