Subject: What Goes Around Chapter 2 WHAT GOES AROUND Chapter 2 Only one other boy from my troop attended the camp. So basically I found myself among strangers. Once again I tried to make new friends and once again I failed. It didn’t upset me though. Over the years I Had learned to enjoy my own company. In addition the camp activities were well organized and there was always lots to do. I was quite happy. I had also came to terms with Mr. Stokes. I simply was not going to allow his presence to spoil my fun. I would avoid him at all cost, not a small feat by any means when you consider that the two of us were occupying the same four acre island for two weeks. My plan was put to the test the second morning. Mr Stokes announced that he was taking eight boys on a two day canoe trip at the end of the first week. Interested boys had to sign a sheet posted in the mess tent. Now understand I lived for outdoor adventure and canoe trips were at the top of the list. I debated the pros and cons of signing up before the call of the wild got the better of me. Some twenty boys signed in all. Headley decided on a contest to test our skills in order to pare the number down to eight. The first test was a one hundred yard swim race. Now I was no Mark Spitz but I could splash around pretty good. I finished in the middle somewhere and I realized I had to do better on the subsequent tests. Next we had to display our paddling skills by negotiating a short obstacle course. My partner and I excelled. Many boys floundered being unable to make their canoes behave. We on the other hand, glided around the sharp turns effortlessly. I saw only one other canoe that could match us. In the final test we had to prove we knew what to do if the canoe capsized. We deliberately filled the canoe with water and then ‘saved’ ourselves. Most boys abandoned their craft and swam the short distance to shore. We and perhaps two others got behind the canoe and kicking with our legs we pushed the boat to shore. Those who retrieved their boat were the only ones to pass this test. I was supremely confident my name would be among the selected few. I raced to the mess tent the next morning to confirm the results. Scanning the posted list I didn’t see my name. I figured I had been careless and skipped over it so I checked again. The third time through reality sunk in. I wasn’t going on the trip. That was strike three for Mr. Headley Stokes! Despite the setback I continued to enjoy myself.. I especially liked the large bonfires and the singalong that kocaeli escort bayan ended each evening Near the end of the second week Mr. Stokes announced that he would be leading an all day hike through the woods the next day. I was game for that! The hike began innocently enough. Mr. Stokes was describing in great detail as well as telling anecdotes about the flora and fauna about us. Many scouts were clinging to his every word. He was quite knowledgeable and it seemed he had created a mutual admiration society. I knew better though. The man was evil! I soon broke away from the main group and worked my way up to the very front of the pack. I was alone again and that was the way I preferred it. I was merrily hiking along at least fifty feet ahead of the nearest scouts when I heard a commotion to my right. I turned my head towards a berry patch and looked up into the face of a huge black bear. The bear was so close he could easily have reached out with that gigantic paw of his, knocked me down and had me for lunch. Thankfully I was not on his menu that day. It seemed the bear was as surprised and scared as I was. He took off! I found my voice and yelled, “BEAR!” as loud as I could. The closest scouts ran up and saw the bear now several yards away. The three of us yelled together. By the time the next scouts arrived the animal had vanished. We excitedly told our story and were met with total skepticism. We were later accused of making the bear incident up. I didn’t care. I knew what I had seen. We eventually found ourselves at a small lake deep in the woods. Mr. Stokes announced that we would all go swimming. He had ‘forgotten’ to tell us ahead of time about the swim so no one had their swim trunks. “No problem” he said, “We’ll just skinny dip”. Mr. Stokes began to strip. Like robots all but a small handful who kept their underpants on, followed his lead. Looking back now I believe the whole purpose of the trip was to allow Mr. Stokes an opportunity to do a little ‘sightseeing’ at the lake. What happened next was an event that shall stay transcribed in my mind forever. As my big wang sprang into view scouts began turning their heads and staring at me. Within minutes I felt a hundred eyes looking in my direction. They weren’t looking at my face either. It was amazing. In a matter of a few moments I had gone from a zero on the popularity charts to a ten. Some scouts wanted to get up close by coming over and talking to me. Others wanted me to join their little cliques. I preferred to freelance. I kocaeli sınırsız escort admit it. I preened walking up and down the shoreline reveling in the attention. I felt a new power I never knew I had. I never did go in the water. Mr. Stokes called me over too and spoke to me. Mr. Stokes, a man who hadn’t spoken a single word to me in over four years, began to treat me like a long lost friend. The subjects he touched on weren’t earth shattering for I can’t remember a single word of what he said. He probably asked if I was enjoying the hike, blah blah blah. He called me over twice more before the swim session ended. As we walked back to camp I held my head a little higher. Now had I been a little older or perhaps more mature I would have sat down with Mr. Stokes and tried to ease the turmoil in my head over his perceived misdeeds. After all the strappings were now ancient history. Unfortunately I didn’t and he remained a pariah in my books. That night one of the strangest events of my young life occurred. It began innocently enough. With my new found popularity established one of my tent mates asked if he could share my sleeping bag. I knew what to expect and I welcomed it. I was such a slut! We both got naked and sure enough he began to play with my cock. We were so tired from the hike that it didn’t last long. We fell asleep entangled in each others arms. I would have slept that way all night if a soft hand had not shaken my shoulder. “Wake up,” a male voice demanded. I awoke to a blinding light in my eyes. I could see nothing but I didn’t have to. The voice was unmistakeable. It was Mr. Headley Stokes and he had just caught me naked in bed with another scout! Still talking softly he added, “Come with me.” I quickly put on some shorts, my t shirt and some shoes and followed him meekly through the woods. My heart was pounding and I assumed the worst. He was heading for a strap or its equivalent. Of that I was certain. I resolved at that moment that it wasn’t going to happen even if I had to scream blue murder and wake up the whole camp. I wasn’t scared any more. I was mad. We silently entered the mess tent and Mr. Stokes lit a large Coleman lamp above our heads. He pointed to a table and said, “Sit down.” Almost magically a deck of cards and a cribbage board appeared. I had no idea where they came from. “Cut the cards,” he directed. I did and we began to play. Understand readers he never said one word regarding the purpose izmit anal yapan escort of this get together. He never asked if I wanted to play nor did he even ask if I knew the game of cribbage. So we played, and played …………..and played. It was all so strange. There was no conversation save that associated with the game itself. The only other noise was the constant hum of the Coleman lamp. The area was completely deserted except for us and I had no idea what time it was. The only real conversation occurred when I spotted a live skunk wander into the tent. I urgently whispered a warning to Headley. “It’s your deal,” he said stoically. I kept nervously looking around trying to keep track of the animal half expecting it to spray as at any moment. Headley finally realized how agitated I was and addressed the matter . “Don”t worry about the skunk. He’s just looking around for scraps. If he goes under our table just don’t move your feet too quickly”. Of course I promptly lost sight of the animal and in my mind there was no doubt it was under our table. Believe me I didn’t even twitch a muscle. Eventually though without mishap I spotted the skunk wandering away. The game continued. I don’t know how long we played in the end. It was probably a couple of hours. Only the excitement of the situation kept me awake and alert. Then without warning he announced, “Time to go to bed.” We packed up without fanfare and he walked me back to my tent. I remember him asking if I needed to pee before going back to bed. Since we had seen each other naked earlier that day I thought nothing of us standing side by side emptying our bladders. I don’t know if he looked me over again. I assume he did. I also can’t tell you if he had an erection. I didn’t care to look. Reaching the tent he said a simple goodnight and was gone. I was left totally perplexed wondering to myself what the hell had just happened? Looking back now as I often do in this tale, and based too on facts that I haven’t related to you yet, I eventually concluded the following. Headley Stokes was a lonely man who was inept at socializing with others, even young boys. By playing cards with me he was allowing me to enter his private world. It was a way of showing me that he liked me and he wanted me to like him. He genuinely wanted me as a friend. Never was there even a hint of anything sexual in his approach, not even an innuendo. Stupidly I kept my grudge. Sadly camp ended the next day. I could have stayed another month. We rolled back into the city and I reconnected with Josh. The summer rolled on. I reckoned I wouldn’t see Mr. Stokes again until school reconvened in September. How wrong I was! to be continued …………… If you are enjoying this story show your gratitude by donating to Nifty.

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