What happened in my basement part 4

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What happened in my basement part 4I had to work late today and actually I was happy about that because it meant there wouldn’t be a visitor in my basement after work. By the time I got home the boys would be there and I’d be safe. I have to admit I felt weak for thinking that, that I was being protected by the presence of my sons, but that was the reality of it. There were just three of us working late tonight, a kind of punishment from the boss, for various reasons. Our job was to string work lights on the next floor of the 30 story building that was under construction. Pretty much all of the other guys had gone home and there was probably just two or three of us working up there, sorting things out, running cables and stringing lights. I heard sounds coming from other parts of the floor but it pretty much felt like I was alone, and I was happy about that, I had a lot to think about. I’d guzzled a large coffee to keep me going and now I had to piss, bad. I dropped the heavy-duty cables I’d been carrying and headed for the bucket. The bucket was really just a bucket for pissing in. I could have walked down several flights to the porta john’s but I couldn’t wait.As I headed for the secluded back of the floor I heard whistling and as I turned the corner I almost bumped into Jake, one of the other guys assigned to the lighting chore. I wasn’t surprised to see Jake there, he’s a big guy with a big attitude, he’s constantly telling the boss to fuck off. He’s been in jail, has arms the size of my legs, is covered in tattoos and basically scares the shit out of me.He gave me a big grin and punched me in the arm and said, hey fuckwad, what’d you do to get this shit job?I shrugged, I wasn’t sure really.We started walking in the same direction and I began to get a nervous feeling in my stomach. It got a little tricky when two guys were heading for the piss bucket. Basically if two guys arrived at the same time, you both just had to use it at the same time because of you hung back and acted like you were nervous about pulling your cock out in front of another guy, you kind of got branded as being queer because you’re thinking about it and bursa escort it’s some sort of weird reverse homophobia, I don’t know. I never really gave it much thought before, but now the idea of having my cock out in front of this alpha male suddenly made me nervous as shit and now I understood how that whole thing worked. I just needed to pretend things were normal as we headed towards the bucket. When we got there and looked down, we both responded with, ah fuck. The bucket was full, right to the top. Let’s see who makes it spill first, Jake said, unzipping his pants and whipping out one of the biggest cocks I’d ever seen. He started pissing then gave me a look. I had to act quickly.I pulled out my cock but then couldn’t piss. He glanced down at my cock, wow, pee shy? I forced myself and started to piss. Jake rambled on about what a turd the foreman was as the urine ran over the side of the bucket closest to Jake and he moved so he wouldn’t get any on his boots. We were side by side. A minute or so later we were both done pissing and were shaking off our cocks.Jake had stopped talking and we both kept shaking our cocks until we weren’t shaking them anymore but instead we were stroking our erections. Why the fuck did my cock keep betraying me? I didn’t want this, did I?Jake was breathing hard and looking down at my cock, you got a nice one man.I didn’t know what to say, my cock was hard but I was terrified. You too, I responded.Jake looked around, let’s find a darker spot. He tucked his hard cock in his pants and headed off. I followed like an obedient dog.He led me into a dark narrow passage where the pipes and power lines would be going eventually. He pulled his cock out again and started stroking. Take yours out, he said.I did as I was told.Stroke it for me.I did as I was told.We stood there, breathing hard and stroking our cocks, looking each other in the eyes, then at our hard cocks. Get on your knees, he said.I did as I was told.Open your cocksucking mouth, he said, stepping forward so the big head of his cock was only inches from my mouth. I opened my mouth and he slid his cock balls deep into my mouth. He held my shoulders bursa escort bayan as he fucked my mouth. I kept jerking my own cock, trying not to cum, but feeling so close.You got a fucking hot mouth, he said as he continued to use my throat. That fuckin’ bitch of mine hasn’t sucked mine in months… I hope you’re hungry. It didn’t take long and then he was shooting his load into my mouth, a big salty-sweet load that spurted to the back of my throat. Oh yeah, he growled, nothin’ like a cock hungry faggot eager for a hot load of jizz. His cock pulsed a few more times, unloading a huge amount of hot cum in my mouth. I was about to cum as well, but then we heard the foreman calling for us, and clearly heading our way.Shit, Jake said, pulling out, sliding his still hard cock into his jeans then he disappeared into the darkness of the shaft. I heard his boots grinding on the cement as he hurried away.Jesus H Christ, what the fuck are you doing? It was the foreman. He stood there, hands on his hips, staring at me, on my knees, my hard cock in his hands. I knew you were some kind of perv.Richard you know this is a fucking firing offense, right? You couldn’t wait till you got home to fucking jerk off? My mouth was full of Jake’s cum, for some reason I hadn’t swallowed it yet.I don’t know what the fuck you were thinking, he said, but his voice was lower. He looked around nervously. Look, I’ll give you a choice here, you can get fired or you can do something for me.I looked up at him, tasting the huge load of cum in mouth. For some reason, I didn’t want to swallow it yet. I just nodded.You can suck me off, or you can get fired. He rubbed the bulge in his work pants.What the fuck, what was one more cock. I didn’t even like this guy, but I wanted to keep my job. Blow job for my day job. I opened my mouth and he slowly undid his zipper. He looked around again nervously. I never did this shit before but you need to learn a lesson. He pulled out his cock, almost as fat as a beer can with a round head and a short thick foreskin. He also dragged out a pair of huge shaved balls. Start by licking my balls.I crawled forward on my knees escort bursa and began to lick his fat salty balls. His cock rubbed against my cheek. That’s good, lick those balls. I licked and sucked his balls. My head was turned slightly and I could see Jake was standing in the shadows, his cock was hard again and he was jerking it. I was so close to cumming I had to keep my hands away from my own cock.The boss didn’t grab my head, he just stood there and I did all the work, massaging his balls and sucking his cock, hoping to get him to cum fast so it would be over and done with. In the shadows, Jake was likely still stroking his cock.You like sucking that fat cock don’t you, the foreman whispered. You know you’re doing a really good job I think maybe you’ll have to do this a few more times before I let you off the hook. It only took about 5 minutes but then he told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. I did and he stroked himself to completion, shooting his load into my open mouth. Take that fucking load, yeah, mmmm. Four or five white warm spurts of cum landed on my tongue and in my mouth. Swallow it. I swallowed. Mmmmm, fuck ya.He put his cock away and zipped up his pants. Hope you enjoyed that, you’re going to be getting a lot more of that, whether you want it or not. Now put your fucking cock away and get back to fucking work. He turned and hurried away, looking around to make sure we hadn’t been seen.I was still on my knees when Jake came out of the shadows. Looks like your mouth is going to get a lot of use, now that I know you’re so hungry for cum. I hope you’re not full cuz I got one more load for you. Now open your fucking mouth. He pushed his cock into my mouth and as it slid across my tongue it pumped a strong shot of cum followed by two more shots. Mmmmm, that’s a good cocksucker he said as he wiped the cum covered head of his cock on my tongue. Lot’s more where that came from. He zipped up and walked away, whistling.I stood up and moved into a slightly darker spot of the shadows to stroke my cock, thinking about the two men that had just dropped their loads in my mouth. I didn’t know what was happening but suddenly all I could think about was cock and how much I wanted more, a lot more. I wanted one in my mouth and in my ass. Little did I know that later that night I would have both and more.Your friend, Richard (you can call me Dick) Manley

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