What Happens in Ios… Pt. 01

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All characters are above 18 years old. This is the first part of an upcoming series. Please leave feedback so I can improve my writing. My nickname is Orion and I’ll be using it for the story. Enjoy!


My head was spinning, my mouth was dry, and I had a terrible sensation of hunger, when I realized where I was. I was sat on a small pavement not very far from the beach bar me and my friends had been for the past …many hours. I looked at my phone and the clock showed 7:52 am. I started to sober up and recalled everything. We were on vacation on a Greek island and particularly on Ios, which was well known as a place to drink like nothing else matters. I remembered that me and a friend of mine were separated from the others (I was the only boy in a company with 4 girls but that’s another subject), because we wanted to continue partying while the others returned on the studio we had rented.

I looked beside me and Marina was leaning on my shoulder half asleep and probably very drunk. The music was still going despite being early in the morning but that didn’t seem to disturb her. I tried to wake her up so we could hop in a taxi and go back to our accommodation. She opened her eyes but it was obvious how badly drunk she was so I had a hard time moving her next to the taxis. The hardest part was to find a taxi to take us, because most of the drivers didn’t allow passengers who had been swimming earlier, and besides a cover-up over my friend’s bikini we were just in our swimming suits.

On our drive to the hotel, Marina had once again fallen asleep but this time she was in a really awkward position. We were in the back seat and she was laid on my lap with her head right on top of my crotch. – Marina was actually a really good looking girl. She was same age as me at 19 and looked already as a young woman. She had sandy hair, green eyes and a beautiful smile, accompanied with a nice figure. She was not that tall but certainly not petite, while she was provided with a pair of perky B-cup tits and a really firm ass. Although we had known each other for years and I hadn’t thought of her in an erotic way so far, all that was going to change later that morning. – As I mentioned, she was only wearing her bikini and a see-through cover-up for the bottom part. The bikini didn’t do enough to cover much flesh and I caught myself roaming on her body with my eyes like I saw her for the first time. The realization of how attractive she was combined with her position made my cock hard which was only separated from her cheek by my swimming trunks.

I started to panic because in a second or two she was going to wake up by my boner’s movement and I would be in a really awkward situation. However, I was saved by the taxi driver, as we had reached our accommodation. I woke her up carefully and she stood up quickly, not seeming to notice my boner. We got off the taxi and the harsh morning sunlight woke her up violently. The bad news was that she was still tipsy and dizzy and I would have to cope with it.

“I feel sssick.” She announced as we got in our room. – We had rented two rooms which we shared with my other 3 friends. There had been no arrangement kızılay escort for who was going to sleep in which room, because we didn’t mind.- As it seemed, my other friends had already passed out in the other room so we wouldn’t wake anybody unintentionally. “If you are going to throw up, please try to do it in the toilet. I’m too tired to clean up your mess.” I told her.

“No, no I don’t need to throw up, I am j-just too dizzy. Everything is spinning.” She explained while laughing in a drunken way.

“Why don’t you get some sleep, there is no need to stay up in this state.” I tried to lay her to the queen size bed we shared.

“Are you serious? W-we just got back from the beach, I stink tequila and have sea salt all over me. I need to have a shower.”

“You can barely stand up Marina, let alone having a shower.”

“Then maybe y-you could help me, and when we finish we finally get to go to sleep.”

This suggestion was unexpected. We all in the company had been close friends without many taboos but that was a first. I already had experienced an embarrassing situation in the taxi and I didn’t want to relive it. On the other hand it might be just a favor and nothing more.

“Okay, let’s make this quick.” I said, not wanting to seem excited about it.

“You are the best!” She shouted, hugging me tightly.

I watched her stumbling across the room until she found the bathroom door. She had already taken off her cover-up leaving her only in her small bikini, and all that stumbling made her ass sway in a funny, yet rousing fashion. My eyes were glued to her buttocks as I was following her in the bathroom. Her exhaustion became prominent when she entered the shower leaning on the wall for support.

Momentarily I looked at the mirror. I had been in a good shape after many months spent at the gym. While I am quite thin, I had built toned muscles and my body looked firm. Therefore, I was pretty confident about myself, and I was subjectively considered as a fine looking guy.

“Come in.” She ordered, and I obeyed without hesitation. I was still in my swimming trunks, so I didn’t mind getting wet. At first, I had thought that I was going to hold her still while she was having her shower, but I thought wrong. The water was already running in a pretty cool temperature but Marina didn’t complain considering the high temperature outside. With a gesture she pointed the body wash bottle, which I realized I was going to use for her. I squeezed some body wash in my hand and I started applying it around her collar area. She had already closed her eyes like half sleeping, so I tried to be gentle and don’t rush it. My hands continued on her back stroking smoothly, while the bath was already flooded by a fruity fragrance. I washed her arms while standing behind her but not so close to her. Then it was her waist’s turn. I caressed her waist and her belly and then went upside under her arms but accidentally I touched the sides of her tits with my fingertips. I felt awkward but Marina either didn’t noticed or didn’t care about it.

Her bikini top was already soaking wet and the cool water had already its effect kolej escort making her nipples poking in the thin material of her suit. This view combined with the stroking at her body aroused me making a tent in my swimming trunks. My hands kept working on her lower belly, but my circular movement was getting lower and lower until I reached her bikini bottom material causing her leave a quiet moan bending her head backwards. The atmosphere was getting a little heated, but I proceeded to her smooth legs. The sensation of touching her firm hips was great, but I had to duck so I could continue lower. In that way though, my head was ass-high and even pretty close to it. I had considered her ass as a forbidden territory and didn’t touch it, because after all she was just my close friend and nothing more. However, I spent much time washing her inner thighs giving her goose bumps in the process. I noticed the effect that my hands had on her body but I assumed that it was part of the tipsy status she was in, and I was not going to take any advantage of it. I stood up preparing to rinse her body with water when she stopped me.

“Orion, my whole body is sore. Could you give me some massage, pretty please?” Marina begged me.

“Yeah, I guess.” I said, not knowing how was this going to end up.

I paid much attention to her neck and shoulders, and she seemed to surrender in my hands. No, literally, she gave in and lost her balance, before I caught her in my arms stopping the fall.

“Gotcha.” I said, holding her close to my body, and making her smile. The bad news was that her ass was now glued to my crotch area where my hard-on never calmed. My dick was buried in her butt’s crevice, making me extremely embarrassed.

“Sorry for that, I… I…” I started apologizing to her, bending her forward towards the wall so she could support herself.

“Hey don’t be sorry, it’s only natural, no big deal. By the way I need my hair be done also, but this time I’m going to pay you for your services.” She told me in a playful tone.

“I don’t think I understand…”

Without speaking she took the shampoo bottle in her hand and squeezed some in my hands. She then kneeled in a tipsy-clumsy way with her head at the same height as my boner was. Using my hands as theirs, she started soaping her scalp letting me continue that way. After that she surprised me, and with a quick motion she lowered my trunks freeing my throbbing cock from its earlier prison. I was stunned but unconsciously I kept up soaping her hair.

“Oh my, look at what we’ve got here.” She commented about my 7 inch pole, in a more vivid tone than before. It looked like the recent actions woke her up.

She firstly spat on the tip of my cock and then started teasing me with her tongue. I moaned loudly showing her my enjoyment. Even her look was changed in a very lusty and promising one. She engulfed my cock with her mouth slowly giving me an astonishing blowjob, making me wonder how many times had she done it before. I was still massaging her scalp while she was taking me deeper and deeper in her throat. My whole body was now in great tension and after a couple of minutes ankara escort I felt close to cuming.

“Marina, I am about to…” I tried to warn her but instead of letting me out she grabbed my ass with her hands, digging her nails in my soft flesh and pressing my lower body towards her mouth in a back and forth motion. I was now mouth fucking her, letting myself go and spraying the insides of her mouth with my cream. She kept blowing me, not letting a single drop without swallowing it. What a sexy sight it was!

“Wow, Marina I didn’t know you had that in you.” I said showing my amazement.

“Well neither did I knew you had this in your pants.” She told me showing how turned on she was.

Some thoughts came across my mind about whether the many drinks had their effect or was it her actual desire. I instantly repelled them, because I was really horny and it was all that mattered at that time.

“Orion, I think you forgot to wash some parts.” She said biting her lip in a hot way.

I immediately got the message turning her body around, in a less gently way than before, and pressing her against the wall. Next, I dropped some soap in my hands and grabbed her tits, squeezing them together, until they popped out of the bikini top. She took it off completely and then I continued playing with her poking nipples making her breathing deeper. I was hard again and my cock was now pressing against her ass making its way inside the bikini bottom. She was already wet and not because of the pouring water. My hands let her breast and got around her pubic area. I rubbed her pussy lips outside her suit to tease her and after a while I take her suit off leaving her stark naked like me. I inserted two fingers and started sliding in her tight pussy. She was leaning on the wall moaning and pressing her ass backwards, against my crotch. This movement made my cock slide inside between her thighs, until I touched my cock while fingering her. We were already worked up by then, so she lifted one leg, making it easier for my prick to invade her pussy. Slowly, I got my whole length inside her making her bang her hands at the wall. She was really tight and I loved this sensation.

“Oh, fuck! I want this so bad” She exclaimed. “Make my cunt sore Orion.”

My left hand was holding her lifted leg and my other one was playing with her clit, while I was thrusting more violently inside her. After several minutes she was moaning loudly informing me that she was climaxing.

“I am close, ooohh so close…” Marina shouted driving me crazy as well.

My cock was aching and felt ready to explode when her vaginal walls clenched around it. She let out a sigh, recovering from her orgasm but I hadn’t cum yet. I was really close so I tried to withdraw, but she forced me back in.

“No worries, I am on the pill. I want you to cum inside me so bad. I want to feel your sperm in my pussy.”

And that did it. I came hard, filling her with my hot sperm, panting. We rinsed ourselves with cold water and crashed into bed naked, holding each other tight.

I felt, that things had already changed for the better between us but before making more thoughts of it, I succumbed to my dreams. It was only the second morning of a five-day vacation.

To be continued…

If you liked the first part of my new series please rate it and leave a comment. Feel free to let me know about things you didn’t like, too. Thank you for reading.

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