What Happens in the Hot Tub… Ch. 02


Author’s Note: This is part two in this series. I strongly encourage you to read Chapter 1 first as this chapter and subsequent chapters make references to the game of truth or dare and do not contain detailed descriptions of characters.

Jesse couldn’t believe what had happened. She’d been talked into a game of truth or dare with her best friend Miranda and Miranda’s newest crush, Brett. As most things did when Miranda and alcohol were involved the game quickly became sexual. Jesse was a virgin, and the two didn’t try and change that. She did find herself touching Miranda between her legs and let Miranda do the same to her. To her surprise, Jesse had enjoyed it. She loved the feel of Miranda’s fingers inside of her while Brett’s cock had been in her mouth.

Standing in the shower at Brett’s house afterwards the thought of the game was getting her hot. Jesse let the warm water wash over her breasts. It trailed down her stomach, between her legs and over her neatly trimmed mound. She let her fingers follow the water from her neck, down to her 34B chest. Her hands cupped her breasts and tugged at her nipples. She let one hand glide down her stomach and between her thighs. She pressed a finger to her slit and moved it back and forth between her folds. Her eyes closed and her breathing deepened. Soft moans of pleasure began to escape from her mouth. She fingered herself harder and faster imagining the feelings from the hot tub. She imagined the feeling of Brett’s mouth on her clit, of his fingers insider her, of Miranda’s breasts against hers, the kisses they had shared.

Outside the shower, Miranda and Brett hadn’t bothered getting dressed. She had laid him down on the bed and took him into her pussy hard and fast. She wanted him badly, but the game earlier had brought something out in her she didn’t know beylikdüzü anal yapan escort was there. As she impaled herself on Brett’s cock all she could think about was the neatly trimmed bush between Jesse’s legs. She laid down on Brett and whispered in his ear.

“Do you want her as badly as I do?” Miranda asked.

“Yes,” Brett said.

“Come with me,” Miranda said. She stood up and guided Brett to the bathroom door. They checked the handle and found it was unlocked. Miranda quietly opened it. They could hear Jesse moaning. As quietly as possible they slid back the curtain and stepped inside.

Jesse was lost in her own pleasure. It wasn’t until she felt another set of hands on her that she snapped out of her trance. Her eyes opened in shock, but the view in front of her was amazing. Brett was standing there with his fully erect cock in his hand. Jesse was completely overcome by lust. She bent over and took him into her mouth. Unlike the hot tub earlier, where she had taken her time, this time she let her lust control her.

While Jesse fucked her face with Brett’s cock, Miranda moved between her legs. She spread them as wide as she could and positioned her so the water from the shower was being sprayed directly onto Jesse’s pussy and clit. She knelt between Jesse’s legs and slid a finger into her. The sight of her finger disappearing into her best friend’s opening got her hot. She took a chance. Miranda pressed her mouth to Jesse’s clit. The hot water running down her slit carried the taste of Jesse’s cum into her mouth.

Jesse felt the lips on her clit and part of her wanted to resist. The problem was everything felt so good she found herself wanting more. She stroked and sucked Brett’s cock deeper into her mouth. She felt his tip beylikdüzü balıketli escort against the back of her throat and fought the urge to gag.

Miranda saw Jesse wasn’t resisting and became even bolder. She removed her finger from Jesse’s twat and replaced it with her tongue. She licked up and down the folds of her friend’s pussy using her tongue the way she liked to be licked herself. It wasn’t long before Jesse started to convulse with orgasm.

Brett saw what was happening. He felt the vibrations of Jesse’s mouth caused by the moans of pleasure trying to escape her lips. He put his hands on her head and started to fuck her mouth. She took him all the way inside of her and he held her there with his cock down her throat. It sent him over the edge when she finally gagged. He released a spray of cum down her throat and quickly pulled himself out. More jets of cum hit Jesse’s face.

Miranda stopped her licking and stood up. She turned Jesse around and pressed her up against the shower wall. She started by licking Jesse’s face clean of cum. Miranda had discovered she loved the taste of it when they performed their final dare in the hot tub earlier. When Jesse was clean, Miranda leaned over and kissed Brett. She moved the cum she had gathered into his mouth and kept kissing him until she felt him swallow it.

The girls continued to kiss and caress each other while Brett watched. When they felt the water get cold the group moved to the bed. Miranda laid down first and Brett curled up next to her on one side and Jesse did the same on the other. She and Miranda shared a passionate kiss. Her hand stroked Miranda’s breast and pinched her nipple. Miranda felt something press against her leg and her hand found Brett’s recovering erection when she reached beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş out to see what had touched her.

Jesse moved her mouth to the breast she had been caressing. Miranda turned her head and pressed her lips to Brett’s. His tongue was all that kept her from moaning as Jesse sucked and caressed her breasts. She stroked him gently as Jesse’s hands and mouth continued to wander. Jesse moved down Miranda’s stomach until her head rested between Miranda’s thighs. To her own surprise, Jesse’s tongue began to massage Miranda’s clit and work its way into the folds of her pussy. She enjoyed the taste and wanted even more.

Miranda began moving her hips and grinding her pussy into Jesse’s face. Her hand stroked Brett even harder. She was about to cum all over Jesse’s face. Her lips broke away from Brett. Her backed arched and her body shook with pleasure. As her orgasm washed over her she gripped Jesse’s head with one hand and forced her deeper into her. Her other hand gripped Brett’s cock even tighter.

“That was amazing,” Miranda said when she regained some of her composure. “Can I try something with you?”

“Yes,” Jesse said.

“Brett, lay down on your back,” Miranda said. Brett did as he was told. Miranda directed Jesse to lie down on Brett’s left, stomach facing up, with her legs draped acrossed his. She positioned his cock between Jesse’s legs and pressed it against her pussy lips. Then she sat down on Brett’s right in the same way as Jesse. His shaft was sticking up between them. He felt their wetness press against his flesh. Miranda started to grind against him and Jesse quickly followed suit.

The girls took turns massaging his exposed head with their hands as they pressed their cltis against it. Miranda started to cum first. She was still sensitive from her previous orgasm. Jesse moved her hips harder and faster as she watched her friend lose control. Miranda tried to keep up. The increased pressure and speed sent Btt over the edge. His cum shot straight up in the air and landed on the girls’ stomachs and the outer lips of their pussies. The kept grinding until they both went over the edge one final time.

They curled up again and fell asleep.

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