What Happens Next

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~The Extended Ending Of ‘The Halloween Party Dress’~

(N.B. This story is the extended ending to ‘The Halloween Party Dress’
and is not written to be read as a story on its own. Of course you can
read it as its own story if you want to, it won’t be very good or make
much sense, but you can. I, however, suggest that you read the
original story first. Enjoy.)

One week after the hot and lustful encounter Leah and Tommy Bryton had in Tommy’s father’s office on Halloween, and both the hot mother and young son were fucking each other hard and fast on the kitchen table. They were both completely naked, with Leah lying underneath her son, thrusting her hips up to match her son’s downward strokes and screaming and groaning in ecstasy from his big 10 ½ inch dick buried in her pussy, her big tits heaving up and down as they violently rolled around her chest.

Up until that night, Leah had tried to not give her son any chance to be alone with her, because after she had woken up the day after they had had sex, Leah felt all of her guilt reclaim her and although she couldn’t tell Carl what had happened she had decided to tell Tommy that it could and would never happen again. Tommy however didn’t seem to see things the same way as his mother, and at every possible chance he had tried to push things as far as he could with her. It all started the night after they had fucked, when she told Tommy that nothing would happen again.

Carl was on the phone to one of his buddy’s from the sports bar Downtown, when Leah spoke to Tommy in the kitchen down the hall. Tommy had tried to plead his case to begin with but Leah just put her foot down and turned around, trying to change to topic of conversation. Suddenly Tommy walked up behind her and pressed his raging hard cock against Leah’s ass and reached around to squeeze and fondle her tits roughly. Leah couldn’t help but moan as her son’s hard dick pressed against her, she was amazingly horny again tonight, even though she had had sex with Carl when he had came to bed, she had fantasized that it was her son fucking her. Besides, Carl never wanted to do anything except missionary sex and Leah had had a taste of hot, rough, wild sex, and she was hooked, but feeling guilty.

Quickly she came back to her senses and tried to push Tommy away by backing up, only to realise that she had just pressed his cock harder against her ass and she moved forward only to find that she was squashing her big tits into her sons palms, again, she moaned before she could stop herself but regained herself quickly. Turning around, Leah ignored the feel of Tommy’s hard dick pressing against her stomach and pushed him back with her hands on his muscular chest. She told him to stop and that his father was just down the hall, but Tommy didn’t seem to care and was about to carry on when she said “Please.” And then he stopped, knowing he wouldn’t force her. Although before he left Leah alone in the kitchen, he told her that he would be back inside her soon. Leah couldn’t help but feel excited even though she knew it was wrong.

And so, over the next few days Tommy would try to take advantage of his mom at every chance he found, without pushing her too far, and every day as she grew hornier and more needy for that hot sex, Leah’s willpower grew weaker and weaker. Tommy would walk up behind her and cup her tits or he would rub his dick against her ass or stomach whenever they passed each other, or pull his mother close to him and kiss her on her full lips before she pulled away and walked off. He slapped and pinched her tight ass, ran his fingers across her flat stomach as she passed him in the hallway or whistle as she bent over to pick something up, once he even reached out and grabbed her tit and squeezed as Carl was sitting reading the paper while he sat at the kitchen table. He never pushed her any farther though, and although Leah tried her hardest, she couldn’t help but be turned on by what he was doing, sometimes even secretly hoping that he would push things further, but he never did, until the next Friday, a week after the party.

They were sitting in the kitchen, around the rectangular pine table in the kitchen eating dinner. Carl sat in his usual chair at the head of the table, and Leah sat opposite him with Tommy along the side to her right. This was the table that they ate as a family as it was big enough for 4 people to eat at, but small enough to be close enough to each other to be able to have a decent conversation. Leah was wearing a black and white summer dress, heeled sandals and had her hair up in a pony tail that let her black hair fall in it’s waves halfway down he slender back. The dress was cut to just below mid thigh length and although the neckline didn’t show lots of cleavage, it still showed some and clung loosely to Leah’s curves, showing them off perfectly. She was feeling horny still, but she refused to provoke Tommy, that’s why she hadn’t worn a skimpier dress. It was wrong what had happened and she was determined not to let it happen again.

They bahis firmaları all chatted for a while, Tommy’s dad joining in the conversation completely instead of reading the paper like he usually did. The chatted about Tommy and school, Leah’s job and Carl’s job and lots of other odd things, and Leah was beginning to forget that she was horny and about Tommy and sex. As Carl spoke about work that inevitably led to talk about the raise he had just received because of the work he did last week, and suddenly, he changed the subject.

“Oh by the way, Harold spoke to me today and told me how hot you looked the other night at the party.” Carl said and smiled warmly at her.

Leah just smiled back, “Yeah, you’d left before I could show you the dress I’d bought for you to see.” She replied a touch teasingly; “I’ll show it to you later.”

Carl grinned back at his wife, “Sure.” He replied with a knowing smile, after all, he didn’t want to flirt with her too much, not when his son was in the same room.

The conversation continued and all was going smoothly, until Leah felt something touch her bare thigh. Blinking, she looked over at Carl first, thinking he was playing footsie with her, but he was looking down at his plate, and then it dawned on her and she turned to look at Tommy, only he too wasn’t paying her any attention, just his plate, only he only had one hand showing. Slowly, to avoid notice, she slipped her right hand under the table to push his hand away, but as she did, Tommy just moved her hand aside and put his hand back on her creamy thigh. Once again she tried to move his hand, but he just did the same. So, she gave him a look to tell him to stop, but he still wasn’t paying any attention, just his plate. They continued pushing at each other’s hands under the table.

“Are you ok babe?” Carl asked suddenly

“Yeah honey I’m fine.” She replied as she brought her hand back on top of the table to show him it was ok. “Just a little cramp that’s all.”

She smiled at her husband, who returned the smile and nodded as he ate. Tommy’s hand was sliding up her smooth thigh painfully slowly, and yet all to fast, but Leah couldn’t stop him with her hand as Carl brought up another conversation and sat looking at her, if she moved her hand under the table he might check himself, and that would be disastrous. She couldn’t even tell Tommy to stop because even if she whispered Carl would hear, and looking did no good because Tommy wasn’t paying her any attention at all, at least he was with his hand as it slid to only a few inches from her pussy.

Leah clamped her legs shut tightly to stop Tommy’s hand from moving any further and would’ve glared at him if Carl hadn’t been looking at her. Instead she put on her best smile and continued talking with only half her concentration on what she was saying. Tommy tried for a while to push his fingers closer to his mothers hot pussy but her legs were too strong so instead, he pulled his hand from between her legs and ran his hand up the outside of her thigh, all the way up under her dress.

Tommy smiled to his mother when she looked at him, outwardly calm but her eyes flared, warning him. He just ignored her, knowing that she couldn’t use her hands to stop him as he ran his fingers to the top of her pussy. Leah shivered slightly as his fingers brushed the top of her panties but quickly she crossed her legs under the table, completely stopping Tommy from touching her. He smiled at her and just kept his hand resting on the top of her bare thigh under her dress, gently stroking her leg as he ate.

“Can you pass me a beer hon?” Carl asked a few minutes later.

Leah smiled lovingly at her husband as she got up and walked over to the fridge. Smiling inside smugly because Tommy had had to let go of her leg so she could move.

When she sat back down after giving Carl his beer Leah realised that she had sat down without crossing her legs and immediately closed them tightly but she wasn’t fast enough and Tommy’s hand quickly moved in and straight under her panties pressing his fingers against her pussy, but he couldn’t do anything because Leah’s legs had closed on his arm and stopped him from moving any further, but with her legs closed so tightly Tommy couldn’t pull his hand back from resting against her womanhood without her loosening her grip.

It was quite a situation, she was sitting opposite her husband with her son’s hand pressed against her naked pussy trying not to let him inside her while trying not to let her husband notice that anything was happening at all. She would have laughed if it had been someone else.

Suddenly as she was talking to her husband about getting an indoor pool, Leah felt Tommy’s hand moving. No, not his hand, his thumb, and he was moving closer to her clit. Before she could react though Tommy’s thumb found his target and roughly began to massage her naked clit.

Leah felt herself shudder and exhale heavily at how good it felt to be played with. Her legs still held his hand slightly, kaçak iddaa but other than reaching into her lap to remove his hand, there wasn’t anything she could do. So Leah sat at the table, eating her dinner with her husband, while her son was playing with her clit under the table.

As time went on, and Tommy’s thumb began to work more on her, Leah began to relax and she began to just let the pleasure flow through her, smiling at how good it felt and continuing to talk about why they should get an indoor pool to Carl. The more her son played with her, the more relaxed she got, until she relaxed too much and stopped tensing her legs. Immediately one of Tommy’s fingers sank deep into her ready pussy and Leah sighed audibly this time.

“You ok?” Carl asked

“Uh-huh” Leah replied and smiled at him, “Don’t you think it’d…” She continued the conversation, trying hard to forget the finger in her pussy.

Soon Tommy added a second finger, and then a third, and finally all four, until he was quickly and roughly finger fucking her under the table. Leah bit her bottom lip trying to stifle a moan and opened her legs and slouched a little so that Tommy’s fingers had easier access to her pussy. He didn’t waste the chance and his fingers soon slid in and out of her quickly and deeply.

“We’ll get one I think…” Carl continued speaking but Leah was hardly listening. All of her mind was taken over by how good she felt.

She couldn’t believe this was actually happening, her son was finger fucking her under the kitchen table while her husband, his father, sat opposite her, and she was absolutely loving it. Then, she began to feel the flutters in her stomach, like fireworks ready to explode and she knew that she was going to cum, the only problem was, was that if she came she would moan at least, even though she felt like screaming, and there would be no way to hide that the moan was one of pleasure. She didn’t know what to do, all she knew was that she didn’t want Tommy to stop, not when she was so close. Then she finally found her saving grace.

“Honey,” She said, the words came out a squeak. She cleared her throat before carrying on. “Honey, what time’s the game on tonight?”

Tommy’s fingers continued to pump rapidly in and out of her and those butterflies were growing in her belly. So close! Everything seemed to slow down when she needed it all to hurry up. So close now!

“Shit!” Carl exclaimed as he looked at his watch, “Will you…”

“Sure, I’ll put it all in the dishwasher.” Leah interrupted him, anything just to get him out of the room so she could cum. Those butterflies felt like birds in her belly now! Almost there.

“Thanks hon.” Carl said smiling down at her. Leah was glad that she was leaning on her elbows on the table as he kissed her on the head and her body blocked his view of what was happening underneath the table. That’s it, it’s coming now.

As Carl left the room, Leah began to feel the electricity start to shoot through her body, it was coming and she would be very soon. She turned to look at her son as his fingers plowed relentlessly into her loving hole.

“You’re a very bad boy!” She growled lustfully at him and just as she heard the TV. go on down the hall she came and her entire body shook.

“Uhhhhhhhhh fuck yes!” She groaned as she leaned back against the chair and gripped the edge of the tabletop. She wanted to scream but there was no way she would get away with it. Instead she groaned loudly, her vision gone, all that existed in the world was the orgasm. Oh, it felt good!

As her senses began to return, Tommy withdrew his fingers, smiled at her and stood up to start putting the dishes away. Leah sat there, still revelling in the after shocks of her orgasm and watched him. After he had put everything away, Tommy slowly walked over to her, pulled her chair out, took hold of her hands and pulled her gently to stand up facing him and smiled smugly.

“Now it’s my turn.” He said and pulled her quickly to him, his lips mashing against hers and his tongue darting forcefully into her mouth.

Leah moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck. She had waited so long, needed to be fucked the same way that Tommy had fucked her that night a week ago, and she had held back. Now after that small orgasm, she needed it even more, and she didn’t care anymore if it was wrong, she was a very horny woman who needed to be fucked like a slut, and if her son knew every way to please her, well, she might as well enjoy herself.

Their tongues danced quickly and passionately with each other and Tommy’s hands quickly found her ass and began squeezing her and pulling her hard to him, Leah’s only reply was to moan loudly into his mouth and kiss him harder.

Then Tommy began pushing her towards the table edge and as her ass hit the edge she began to lean back, ready to lie down on the table, and then alarm bells rang in her head and she stood straight again pushing her son’s mouth a few inches away from hers.

“We can’t do it kaçak bahis here, your dad’s down the hall watching the game!” She said as she looked lustfully into his eyes.

“We can be quiet.” He said back to her, his eyes burning with desire

“Keep quiet? With your dick in me?” Was all she said as her eyebrows rose

He took the point, knowing himself full well that if they fucked she would scream in hot pleasure. They both stood there in each other’s arms desperately trying to think of somewhere they could go to fuck each other’s brains out.

Standing trying to think of what to do, the horny incestuous mother and son didn’t hear the phone ring in the den and Carl answer it. They were still standing with their arms wrapped around each other when Carl walked in with his jacket on.

“I’m glad I have such a happy loving family.” He said and both Tommy and Leah jumped to face him going bright red. He smiled at them both and laughed. “What’s up? You two look like you’re lovers and have just got caught.” And he laughed loudly.

They both broke out laughing, nervously but Carl didn’t know that. They were both too busy trying to appear casual that neither noticed he was wearing his coat.

“Listen babe, the games been set back cause of some kind of technical problem, but Gary just called and asked if I wanted to go over and watch the game on his wall screen TV, so I’ll be back after the game ok hon?” He said and gently kissed Leah on the lips, smiled at her, ruffled Tommy’s hair and turned to walk out of the room.

Tommy and Leah stood looking down the hallway at the front door and waited until they saw Carl go out and the door close. Tommy then turned around to his mother and they both smiled at each other.

“Well that was lucky.” Tommy said, his eyes burning with desire again and he moved closer to his mother sliding his arms around her small waist. “When do you think he’ll be back?”

“Too soon,” She said wrapping her slim arms around her son’s neck and staring deep into his eyes knowing that the lust in her eyes made his eyes look like a candle beside a bonfire. “So let’s not waste any time.”

And with those words their lips locked once again, their tongues danced and once more Tommy pushed Leah back against the kitchen table, but this time Leah let herself be pushed down on top of it, and lying there Tommy climbed on top of her, pushing her thin summer dress higher.

And so, 10 minutes later, Leah and Tommy Bryton were both completely naked, joined as a mother and son should not be, and fucking each other as hard and as fast as they could on the kitchen table.

Driving his dick home into his mother wanton pussy drove Tommy crazy, especially as they were fucking on the kitchen table. Leah moaned from the feeling of her son’s dick in her pussy, screaming his name and begging him to fuck her.


Tommy groaned as his mothers naked tits slammed against each other again and again. She looked so hot, gripping the table for support and fucking him back with fast thrusts of her own. Her thin waist made her already big tits seem huge, her long black wavy hair spread across the table and fell over the edge, the bobble holding her pony tail up pulled out in lust. Her pussy sucked harder at his dick, trying to milk his cock, harder than her mouth had sucked him that night in the office.

Tommy gripped his mother’s tits as he stood on the floor, pulling her to the edge of the table and began to fuck her with long, fast and very deep strokes.

“OHHHHHH! UMMMMM! FUCK! YEAH BABY, SQUEEZE MY TITS! OH! SQUEEZE MY TITS AS YOU FUCK ME!” Leah screamed in lust as her legs locked tightly around her sons waist. He complied completely and the table began to move as his dick pistoned in and out of her, blurring in its speed. “FUCK! OH FUCK! YEAH! YES! YES! OH FUCK YEAH! OHHHH BABY! DON’T STOP PLEASE DON’T STOP! OHHHHH! YOU’RE SO FUCKING AMAZING! OHHHH YOU’RE SOO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU DAD! OHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCK MOMMY BABY! FUCK YOUR HOT MOTHER! SHE NEEDS YOUR COCK ALL THE WAY INSIDE HER! I WANT YOUR CUM!”

Her dirty groans and moans continued when she wasn’t screaming incomprehensibly. They fucked hard for another 40 minutes on the kitchen table, mainly with Tommy lying on top of his mother and nailing her hard into the pine table top of the Bryton family kitchen table.

Leah growled and begged and screamed for her son to fuck her more and more. Her pussy tightening as his pleasure-giving pole slammed hard back into her. Grunting from the power of each of his thrusts, they both were in heaven.

Finally, after almost an hour of non-stop hard sex, Leah’s body shook violently in an intense orgasm, screaming wildly her back arched and she came so hard she thought that she would never walk again. Tommy also came, once again deep in his mothers hot pussy, shooting glob after big glob of his sticky white cum deep into her wanton lust hot pussy and deep into her unprotected, married and incestuous womb.

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