What Happens on Holiday Pt. 02

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Somehow Kate managed to get down to dinner in a short denim skirt, thin strappy top and no bra. She either looked relaxed or slutty depending on your point of view. The thin top did little to hide her big nipples, a situation made worse by her lifting her arms and fiddling with her hair as she kept pulling it off her neck, saying she was hot. It certainly made some of the men hot under the collar, including Ahmed, our intriguing waiter who seemed to appear out of nowhere when we arrived in the dining room. Her mother, Sarah, just shook her head in exasperation but didn’t send her back to the room to change, much to the delight of the guys when we joined them after dinner. Kate was clearly enjoying the attention, it seemed that since she left Jens she was very much in the mood for more sex, which is how we came to be back in our room by 10:30.

The walk along the corridor, up in the lift and then to our door had been charged with electricity, it seemed to be sparking off her when she closed the door, locking it behind us. I was going to say something, but I didn’t get the chance as she launched herself at me, arms around my neck and lips locked onto mine. She kissed me like it was the last kiss either one of us would get, the slow sensual snog of the last two days replaced by a fiery passion as she crushed her tits into mine and rolled her hips against me. It was all I could do to stay upright!

Eventually she paused for breath and gave me a moment to recover before she started pulling at my clothes, her fingers fumbling at the buttons, torn between running her hands all over me and the desire to get me naked. My own heart now pounding with the thrill of her onslaught, so I pushed her away a little and undid the remaining buttons of my top, throwing it on the floor. She took the hint and quickly pulled her skimpy top over her head before cupping her tits and thumbing her rock-hard nipples as I reached back and unclipped my bra. She then pounced on me, pulling it down my arms before grabbing a firm handful of each of my boobs, squeezing them hard before sucking on my smaller but no less hard nipples. I fumbled with the zip of my jeans and was pushing them down but lost my balance and somehow tumbled onto the bed, Kate finally pulling my tight jeans off.

She was standing at the end of the bed staring at me with undisguised lust and I could not help but respond. I was on my back so I ran my hands slowly down by body, enjoying the size and shape of my boobs until my fingers were between my legs and I spread them wider as I gently parted the swollen lips of my pussy, scooping the moisture with the tips of my fingers over my clit. That drew a gasp from Kate and she quickly unzipped her little denim skirt, leaving her naked. She hadn’t been wearing any knickers! She saw my surprise and laughed, “If those guys had been able to drag their eyes away from my tits they could have seen some pussy…I kept opening my legs but they didn’t notice! Honestly Emma, it felt so dirty sitting there with no undies…and after this afternoon when Jens was so demanding, dragging me up to his room and fucking me on the balcony like he owned me, all I wanted was one of them to throw me down onto the carpet and fuck me like Jens did! It was all I could think about…well, apart from me and you that is.”

There was a moment’s hesitation on both our parts as we knew we were about to take our sexual relationship to another level. It was a voyage into the unknown and something I hadn’t thought would ever happen, but now it seemed the most natural thing in the world. In an instant a calculation ran through my brain and I pulled her down onto the bed, my own body twisting and moving so that my head was between her legs, so that my tongue would taste her first. That moment of calculation had made me realise that she was so excited, so horny, so desperate to cum that anything I did would probably work and my lack of skill would go unnoticed.

And so it proved. I pushed her legs wider and she gripped them behind the knee, pulling them wider still. This caused the outer lips of her pussy to part and with a silent prayer I flicked my tongue between them causing her to sigh in a way that was totally sexual. I carried on, thinking about what Jens had done to me the previous day, licking gently, almost not touching then firmly swirling around her clit, slowly licking more firmly and getting into a rhythm. She was getting louder and louder and she came with a wail. “Emmmmmaaa…ohhh fuck…Emmmaaaahhhhh…ahhhh…ahhh…ahhh” Anyone in the corridor would be in no doubt what we were doing, and in fact kept doing for the next two hours.

I licked her to another noisy orgasm before moving up the bed until we were kissing, and she was licking her juices from my face and lips. As we did my hand was between her legs and two fingers quickly slid knuckle deep inside her. I moved them gently in and out, using a circular motion as I did so (it is something I do to myself so it seemed a good idea) and when we broke for air from another endless kiss she looked me in the eye and nodded, and I took that as my cue to sincan escort work a third finger inside. I have only ever taken two and although she was squirming Kate was obviously enjoying being stretched and seemed to like me being quite rough with her, a point she proved when she was close to cumming and once more directed me to rub her clit hard, until my hand was a blur and I was putting the full force of my arm into the task before her third orgasm exploded within her.

Girls are always more tactile than boys, we hold hands and we give cuddles and kisses, so moving to this far more intimate stage was not the leap it would be if I was a boy. I think that we are often closer as friends and look to please each other in many ways, and It is something that comes naturally to us. Having taken pleasure from me it took until Kate got her breath back before with a gleeful “My turn!” she was kissing and licking her way down my body, sucking my boobs, flicking her tongue into my belly button, tracing the line of my pubic hair, licking and nibbling at my inner thighs before she slipped her tongue between the sopping wet lips of my pussy.

I closed my eyes as she finally got to work, teasing and probing, her thumbs holding me open so she could penetrate me with that darting tongue of hers causing my juices to flow like a river which she enthusiastically lapped up. It didn’t take long before I felt the familiar waves of pleasure build inside me and I came, groaning and shaking, my orgasm rolling from one peak to another as she kept up the incessant, rhythmic licking of my pussy and clit. If I thought that a boy doing it was good then this was ten times better, she seemed to know instinctively when to pause, when to go harder, when to change the angle of her attack. It was incredible, I was begging her to stop but really, I wanted it to go on forever!

I’m not sure how many times I came before I managed to drag her by the hair back up to me so I could look in her eyes as I kissed her, tasting my juice on her lips, wrapping my arms around her and feeling that wonderful feeling of satisfaction from mutual pleasure. I heard a noise in the corridor and glanced at the clock. It was now midnight, and our mothers – with, I assumed their chosen studs – were going into their room. We both stifled a giggle as we waited to hear what would happen next. It didn’t take long before we could hear Sarah groan and a bed start to squeak as she was obviously being fucked. Not hard enough though as she was soon demanding more “Harder, harder you bastard!” I heard my mother laugh and say “You dirty bitch Sarah” before there was another bed squeaking.

We were giggling by now, but it was pretty erotic nonetheless. Kate then rolled on top of me, parting my legs with hers until our hips were together. She gently moved around until her pussy was locked onto mine, her clit and mine touching. She started to grind down and move as if she was fucking me. It had the desired effect and I grabbed her tight little bum and pulled her harder against me, sparks of pleasure now shooting through my pussy as for the next 30 seconds we found the perfect angle and both came at the same time, our lips locked together to stifle any noise. Not that it would have mattered as the noise from the next room would have drowned it out anyway!

We didn’t say anything, we just lay together cuddling and touching before we drifted off to sleep, exhausted, and in my case, more sexually satisfied that I had ever been before.

In our passion we had forgotten to close the curtains in our room and were woken early by the sunshine of another beautiful day. We still had our arms locked around each other and greeted one another with blissful smiles and gentle kisses. I made us a coffee and we sat in silence, both thinking about last night I’m sure – well I certainly was. Our exertions had left me sticky from sweat and other fluids, so I said I was going to take a shower. The cubicle was quite big and once I was in, enjoying the warm water running over me, Kate opened the door and joined me.

There was nothing to say, we both knew what was going to happen and it did. We washed each other’s hair, soaped each other all over, touched and teased every part of each other before Kate, ever the aggressor, had me pinned against the wall, her fingers working up a lather in my pussy until I came to a wonderful orgasm, my shaking legs barely able to keep me upright. I then did the same to her and if it had not been for our mothers knocking on the door, I think we would have just got back into bed and stayed there all day!

After breakfast it was out to the pool as normal, everyone seemed to be quite tired as the late nights and alcohol were beginning to take their toll. Kate and I were at the end of one of the rows, a little way from the others. It was a very hot day and we were drinking plenty of soft drinks and the bar staff and waiters were coming around offering water and encouraging us to drink. I wasn’t at all surprised when Ahmed, the intriguing waiter, appeared with a jug of water and some glasses and tandoğan escort knelt down in front of us. He poured us some water and put the glasses down in front of us.

Then he said “Do you remember that I said I had an idea for how you could entertain yourselves when your mothers go for their sleep in the afternoon? Well, I thought we could play a game, a sort of ‘open the box’ game. Do you know what I mean? You open a box and you don’t know if you have won a prize or it’s empty?”

I nodded, unsure exactly how that would help us.

“Well,” he said “Here are two room cards. They are for rooms 500 and 501 in the block where your German friend was. There are no numbers on them, they are master cards, each will open either room. At four thirty this afternoon I will be in one room and my friend Anil will be in the other. If you come into the room, you must do exactly as we say. I’m sure you know what that means don’t you?” His smile was a mile wide by now as he saw the looks on our faces.

“Emma, if only you want to play then either Anil or I will be disappointed. Kate, if you join in then we will both be happy. If neither of you want to play then that’s ok, you can continue to enjoy each other’s company. And don’t worry about your mothers, I have their phone numbers and call them when you are going back to your room. You didn’t think they went to sleep alone did you?”

My jaw dropped as I took in what he had said. I looked at Kate and her face had the same shock as mine. So, our mothers were having sex in the afternoon as well as at night. The guys must have a rota! Another implication was that he knew what me and Kate had been doing, he must have been outside our door at some point. More than that though, he was suggesting that we go and have sex with him or one of his friends later on!!

He had been holding the room cards in his hand, but he now put them down, one on top of the other, next to the glasses, before with a final smile and “I hope to see one of you later.” He got up and walked away without a backward glance.

I think at first, we were too stunned to talk, we just looked at each other. Then we started at the same time “He must be mad…we would never do that…we can’t…who’s Anil…the cheek…and the cheek of our mothers…he must have been outside last night.”

Then there was a pause. “We are only here two more days…it is exciting to think of…we didn’t know Jens any better than Ahmed and we went with him…I will if you will.” This last thing said almost simultaneously, both daring the other. With a grin I reached down an picked up a card before tucking it under my towel on the sunbed. Kate then did the same before we both burst out laughing, loud enough to get disapproving looks from everyone else around the pool. God, if they knew that we had just agreed to go and fuck a couple of waiters at half past four then they would have really disapproved!

We were both a bit quiet after that as the enormity of what we had agreed to do hit home. I’d had sex before with boys I had only just met (on an old sofa in the garage of a friend’s house at a party a couple of weeks before we come on holiday for instance) but they tended to be boys my age or a little older. In this case Ahmed was twice my age and if it was Anil, well who knows? Against that fear was the thought that he must have done this before with other girls as he had been so slick in arranging it. If I started to say ‘no’ and screamed, then I was sure someone would hear. I knew from listening to our mothers that the walls were paper thin. Then there was the sheer dirty excitement of doing it. Just like going up to the room with Jens, it was now or never, a chance to do something that was unlikely to come our way again.

We really didn’t talk about it again. We had lunch, dozed in the sun or cooled off in the pool and watched the clock. As normal, once the clock struck four our mothers and some of the guys disappeared – we know knew what for – leaving us alone by the pool. The time dragged agonisingly closer to four thirty. By 16:20 my heart was pounding. If Kate had said anything I would have agreed to stay where we were (I later found out that she felt the same) but at 16:25 I dragged myself unsteadily to my feet. I felt sick and dizzy, a combination of fear and excitement raging through me, my blood pounding in my head. As I took a few deep breaths, picked up the room key and straightened the towel I was also aware of the blood pounding in my pussy and I knew that I was as wet between the legs as I had ever been.

We found the lift, went to the 5th floor and stood side by side, room key in hand. I quickly bent my head and kissed Kate on the cheek, whispering “Good Luck.” As I did so. With a silent nod to each other we touched the cards to the card reader, watched the light go green, pushed down the handles and went into our separate rooms.

The curtains had been half closed but it was still plenty light enough to see the guy sitting on the bed in his boxer shorts. It wasn’t Ahmed so it must be Anil I thought as he got up and walked ankara escort towards me. “Hello Emma.” He said, his smile lighting up his face. “Glad you decided to come. I’m Anil. Ahmed is next door. Is Kate next door too?” I nodded which caused him to smile even more broadly. I looked more closely and realised that I had seen him before, working in the bar. He was about 30, dark olive skin and short close-cropped hair. He looked quite nice, certainly not repulsive by any means.

I held my hand out to shake his which even then seemed absurdly formal given that I had come to the room so he could fuck me! He laughed and took my hand anyway, holding it tight as he led me to the side of the bed. He pushed his boxers off before he sat down on the edge of the bed, his thick cock being semi hard already.

I was just standing in a daze I guess when he told me to take off my bikini. I reached behind me and unclipped my top, my tits springing free of the confines and into his waiting hands and mouth. He gently caressed them, lightly thumbing the nipples before sucking them deep into his mouth. After a few moments he broke away with a curt nod towards my bottoms and I dutifully slid them down my legs and off. His hands reached forward and were filled by my curvy bottom as he kissed my tummy and hips, circling his kisses around my pussy.

Next he eased my legs apart, making me shuffle my feet wider so that I had to put my hands on his shoulders to avoid falling. It was in this position that he began fingering my pussy, bending his head to suck my nipples as he teased and probed my most intimate part. God, I had been in the room less than five minutes and I was naked with two fingers deep inside me, on the verge of cumming with a guy I hadn’t even spoken too yet! I shut my eyes and bit my lip as he continued to pump and probe the wet hole between my legs. God, it felt dirty but in a good way and I held tight as my orgasm washed over me.

He pulled me down and I was quickly on my back. I expected – wanted – him to enter me but instead he straddled my chest and spat on my tits before wrapping them around his cock, pushing them tight as he fucked the soft flesh. I had done this a few times and although it doesn’t do a lot for me, I knew that the boys liked it. After a few strokes he let go of my tits and took my hands and placed them on the side of my boobs so I could hold them as he moved his body further forward. He had a nice cock, thick and almost black. He was clean too, no trace of sweat which was nice because he was soon pushing it against my lips.

I opened wide and his hot meat filled my mouth. He held the back of my head and almost fucked my mouth. It was not the most comfortable position for me, but I have been sucking cock for a long time and it wasn’t the first time in that position. Anyway, it didn’t last long before he was sliding down my body, spreading my legs and pushing firmly into my wet and very very willing pussy.

He started very slowly, carefully going deeper with each thrust until he was completely inside me ‘balls deep’ as the boys would say. He then began to fuck me with long strokes, almost pulling out before going all the way again. He was obviously controlling himself, making it last. I guess he didn’t get to fuck a 18yo English girl every day! Eventually he started to speed up, driving hard and deep inside me causing the bed to shake. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and thought he’d cum in me like that, but he suddenly pulled back and was half kneeling, pushing my thighs wide as he looked at his cock pumping into my pussy. I craned my neck forward until I too could see my soft brown hair, pink pussy and his almost black cock pumping in and out. It looked very erotic and my hand slipped down and I frantically rubbed my clit as he started fucking me at top speed. He started to cum but kept on going long enough to help my furious fingering bring me to another orgasm.

He collapsed on top of me, kissing my neck and shoulders as his cock began to shrink and I could feel his spunk dripping out of me. Of all the things I thought we would do on holiday this wasn’t one of them, but it had been fantastic! I thought of Kate and hoped that Ahmed had been as good as Anil had been. No doubt she would tell me all about it later when we were in bed together, a thought that brought a twitch to my pussy.

Anil’s phone, which was on the bedside table, bleeped and he reached over and picked it up. He read the message and then rolled off me, picked up his boxer shorts and went to the door. I started to say something, but he turned and put his finger to his lips as he carefully opened the door.

I could hear that the door to the room next door was opening too and as he slipped out into the corridor, a smiling Ahmed came into the room, naked with his boxers in his hand and his semi hard cock swinging as he walked towards the bed. I had swung my legs onto the floor as Anil was leaving and was now sitting on the edge of the bed. It was the perfect height for Ahmed, who stood in front of me and lifted his cock to my lips. “Your turn now Emma.” He said. I didn’t hesitate, I opened wide and sucked him into my mouth, conscious that his cock had just been fucking my best friend’s pussy. Could this get any dirtier? I sucked him for all I was worth and soon he was fully hard…well I thought he was, but he just kept getting bigger!

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