What Momma Don’t Know..

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Commenters please be honest he made me feel free because he wanted my badness, he craved it. I craved him. I loved the way he would trail his mouth from my ear down my neck, how he was content just seeing me naked. I wanted him to tie me down and fuck me. He made me feel better about being myself. For all of Todd’s faults, he appreciated women who knew what they wanted. In some ways, he taught me to take as well as I gave.

There was no shame between us, only lies. I never knew him, nor did he know me. We pretended to be friends for the sake of the game, but we were not. He was a mentor, who would field any sex question with ease. I wanted to know everything about the underground S&M scene. I had started to explore my submissive tendencies, and he didn’t make me feel like a fucking freak.

There was büyükesat escort one big problem. He was married. In my defense, I didn’t know. However, I had not bothered to ask. I felt guilty when he told me, and was really torn up about it. I just was not willing to quit. I am not a quitter, and I had a jones for this guy. I fucked him, and when I did, I did not care about anyone’s feelings. Emotions have little to do with sex in my estimation. My boyfriend was not happy about it, but he was not yet willing to entertain the idea of monogamy. I wanted to get fucked every chance I could.

Once, we walked to the gas station about a block away. We had been hanging out with some mutual friends, and were going for snacks. On the way back, he pulled me behind a doctor’s office. I was çankaya escort not wise enough to object.

“Do you want me?” He panted in my ear as if he had just run a marathon. I didn’t respond, at least not verbally. I grabbed his cock through his tight jeans. He threw me against the wall, turning me so I faced the bricks. He pulled my panties off and shoved them in my purse. I was so close to coming I could taste it. When he pressed himself against my ass, I could smell his cigarettes. His voice turned to gravel as he growled in my ear. This was insane…what was I doing? I tried to turn to face him, but I was wedged in. Just as well. I didn’t want to stop, anyway.

“Please, Todd. Fuck me. I can’t take it!” His fingers rolling over my soaking clit was more than I could stand ankara escort quietly. When his hands left me, I felt cold. I was so crazy for the man that I couldn’t regulate my own goddamn temperature. I waited, trembling, for some kind of sign. Finally, I heard the sound I was waiting for!

The crack of Todd’s zipper was like manna from heaven. Before I could form coherent thoughts, he was grabbing my hips. As he slid into my cunt, my hands braced the wall. Only that kept my face from being pushing against the wall as he fucked me hard and deep, and just the way he wanted to. We were in harmony, and every desire I had was met in him. He rode me until he came, and when he grunted my name, I had one of the best orgasms of my life. I grabbed ineffectually at the bricks, trying to keep a grip on the building. I didn’t want to fall.

Trying to keep the smirk off my face was harder than I thought, as was walking. Something in me was satisfied, and I was ready to move on. Todd had fulfilled his purpose. The thrill of the chase was gone. I knew I could have him. I didn’t want him anymore.

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