What my man told me about last night

What my man told me about last nightMy ex and I have recently reconnected and realized the things we have in common…one of them being that we love porn. I had the profile first and invited him to share and what you see in our favorites accurately reflects what turns each of us on. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the same state (we’re working on rectifying that) and he has a roommate He’s bi-curious, which is sexy as hell to me and the following is what he texted me about last night. Up until last night, there hadn’t been anything sexual between him and the roomie but I am SO hoping that this changes that :)so… everyone was leaving after the New Year’s Eve party and I started playing madden… as I did my roommate went to take a shower…. I wasn’t really kaçak iddaa paying attention but something caught my eye and he was standing there stroking his big hard, dark dick (my roommate is 6’4″ and he’s dark all over, until you get the pink head of his big dick)…. I was shocked so I asked him what he was doing… I guess my face made him second guess himself… and he said, man my bad… I didn’t realize you were still in the living… he then told me it had been a while since he last came because of how late I’ve been staying up and he was planning on watching porn tonight on the big TV to make up for lost time. He figured I’d be passed out from drinking at the party… I told him I understood… I usually have to bust at least twice a day… I kaçak bahis then asked him what kinda porn he liked… he said he liked watching a girl get gang-banged… so I told him to put on the one he likes and we can watch it together,.. he then smiled and said he’d liked that.. he put a dvd in the dvd player and we started watching… about halfway through the first scene he asked me if I was ok with him taking care of himself… I told him to have at it… I was still watching the video until he got really into it, moaning and spitting on his cock… the sound of him stroking himself filled the room and I found myself watching him and not the porn.. he then turned his head and looked at me and smiled… he then asked if I wanted to join him… all güvenilir bahis I did was drop my pants and pull out my dick.. I started stroking my cock when I looked back at him and he was staring at my cock and then he came like the vine you sent me… I started stroking my cock even faster and he rubbed his cum all over his cock, leg and balls…. he spread his legs so I could see him playing with his balls and that’s when I came…. I had my eyes closed as I came kinda hard and when I opened my eyes he was kneeling in front of me and asked if he could clean me up…. i just nodded my head…. and be grabbed my hand and started sucking on each of my fingers like each one was a dick…after he was done he got up and went to his room and I went to mine…this morning, he said we should do it again…when we do, I’ll let you know.I’ve asked him to pretty please video it when it happens. no promises that we’ll post it but if we don’t, you can expect a full report from us on what went down :-*

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