when a fire burns! part 1

Cecilia Lion

when a fire burns! part 1This story is about two people meant to be together, two people with the ultimate chemistry.It was a rainy november in the town where he spent his college years. Many homework with cold and rain outside made him wanting to relax in front of the small fireplace on his appasrtment. One day while drinking red wine in front of the fire he received an sms! it was her .. his love from the past… the girl that broke up with him because she would leave to another country to study..their story goes on for many years…at first they were best friends… but as time passed other feelings came up… it was the summer they came closer to each relaxbet güvenilirmi other. the first kiss was like electric current for both… it was passionate, lustfull….like they discovered a new world full of love…at first he kissed her softly.. like he was tasting something unknown.. like the first kiss he ever gave to a girl. when he underatood the she was into it too it was like an invisible power moved their boddies. they became one.. they made passionate love. this summer went on with both of them in a cloud of love… romantic walks on the beach and then passionate sex under the stars… besides the sentimental relaxbet yeni giriş part of their relationships it was sex too tha drove the ‘hunger’ for eachother… massive orgasms for both with same tastes in bed.. it was like the best watch in the world worked perfect! but now lets return to the rainy night… it was ger wishing him happy birthday… after some chat she told him that she finished her studies she was back to her home and would like to pay him a visit. the memories flooded his mind and he couldnt believe that the girl tha left him and gave him so steong feelings of love and dissapointment wanted to see him again.. relaxbet giriş he invited her at his house as soon as possible…it was saturday night, the door bell rang… it was she in a very delicate silk maxi black dress… hair left down on the shoulders, light make up and a bottle of wine! they sat in front of the fireplace and started to chat about past years ! the convesration flowed show naturally like they have been talking all tha time…after te second bottle of wine finished she gently touched his shoulder while he was dizzy looking the fire.. she wispered ” did you miss me all this time ?” he looked at her and all he could see in her eyes was how he spent those years without her. he kissed her softly like their first time …. she responded..after taking off her dress he saw her flawless body… he thought she was even more beautifull.. he gently touched her breast… then kissed her in the neck…the seduction had began!

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