When A Man meets a Man: business travelers


When A Man meets a Man: business travelersBusiness travel can be a mixed adventure. Traveling to new places, eating out and meeting new people can all be exciting and fun, but they can also begin to grow old and boring as time passes and you spend most your time away from home, your family and your regular friends. I was working on an extended project with long hours in a small town with no entertainment or recreation. I was staying at a long-term extended stay motel that catered toward people in my position. The room was basic, tiled floors, with a toilet, sink and a standup shower, twin bed and a small kitchenette inside the cramped one-room area. There was no housekeeping, and if you needed fresh linens, you had to put a request on your door, and the items would be left in your room. At night the parking lot was full of trucks and most guys left before sunrise the next day. Three weeks into my stay I was bored and lonely for contact with another human. There was one guy who came and went around the same time as me each day. On the weekends I saw him up using the washer and dryer as well. We spoke briefly in passing, but that was about the extent of any conversation. On my third weekend, I was once again in my room for the majority of the day. I had run out to a store to pick up food and also picked up a case of beer. The store was almost twenty miles from my hotel, so I stocked up on soap and shampoo for the coming week and then ate at a Wendy’s. The weather was horrible, cold and snowing so I headed back after eating. It was still before noon and the day was going to be lonely and boring. At least I had the beer. Back at the motel, I was carrying my shopping items in when the guy I had briefly spoken to in passing offered to help me carry items inside. On the last load, I offered him a beer, and he gladly accepted. There was no chair in the room, so we both sat on the side of the unmade bed talking. Glenn introduced himself and said he had been here for a full month now. He was also working locally on new construction, and he was an electrician. Glenn told me he was happy to have somebody to talk with at the motel finally. Like me, most of Glenn’s work was alone, so he only had the television to keep him company. The tv had limited channels, so we sat with an old black and white film playing in the background while talking. There was a college football game on that afternoon, and I asked Glenn if he wanted to stay, I had bought a pan along with ingredients to make a pot of chili on the small single burner hotplate and told him he was welcomed to stay and eat with me. Glenn eagerly accepted and told me he also had a case of beer in his room along with a full bottle of whiskey he had purchased for the weekend. It was cold enough we left the beer outside the door. Glenn was roughly the same age as I was, both in our late thirties at the time. He was about an inch taller than me, and I would estimate about 190 pounds. Although we shared little in common otherwise, we both got along and hit it off quickly. Neither of us was sports izmir escort fans, but we put the college game on. I had the chili simmering, and we both were having a glass of the whiskey between beers. We had propped up the pillows and were sitting up both in the bed to watch the tv across the room. The hot plate had the room heated up with its small size, so after I got up to pee, I teased Glenn saying since there was no privacy and I had not packed shorts I might pull my jeans off and remain in my underwear. Glenn laughed saying he didn’t care; he teased that we had already seen each other’s dicks with the lack of a bathroom, so there was nothing left to the imagination anyhow. I sat back down with a cold beer and Glenn said he thought I was taking my jeans off. I told him I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable and he just laughed as he said he had thought about taking his off along with his shirt since it was hot, but he had not done laundry as planned today, and so he was commando underneath. I got up and pulled my jeans off my legs and then pulled my sweatshirt off. The air felt good on my skin as it was cool and I sat back down now wearing only my thinning tighty-whities. Glenn said it looked comfortable and he pulled his shirt off over his head and sat back. It was a little unnerving sitting in contact with another man on the bed now clad only in my skimpies, but the thought quickly passed my mind as we began to talk again about the game. It was already around seven in the evening, and I was feeling pretty light-headed from the drinks. I served the chili in the styrofoam bowls I had picked up, and we sat and ate. Glenn said it was good to get some food in his stomach and I agreed. Once we ate, Glenn got up and used the toilet to pee again and then walked back taking his pants off at the side of the bed. Glenn was now naked sitting beside me except for his white mid-calf length socks. Glenn said he was the sweat pants or gym shorts lounging guy and the pants had to go. I could not help but look at his body. He had very lite body hair on his chest and belly, but his pubic hair was shaved smooth. It was the first time I had seen a man with his privates shaved. Glenn’s dick was formidable looking. He was about 80 percent hard, but his dick was thick and meaty looking. His shaft and balls were darker than his pale white skin tone. I could not help but stare, trying not to be conspicuous. We continued to sit and talk as the games played on the tv. I finally had to get up to pee again as Glenn walked over to pour more Whiskey into our glasses. Glenn was staring directly at my dick as I struggled to start a stream due to my hard-on and feeling slightly embarrassed. I was keenly self-aware, but Glenn muttered, nice and then went back over sitting on the bed once again. I walked back over to the side of the bed and without thinking or knowing why I pushed my underwear down off my hips and let them slide to the floor. I was now sitting in the bed fully naked next to another man. The twin bed offered no room, so our legs and izmir escort bayanlar bodies were in physical contact with each other. Glenn was now fully aroused and fully erect as was I. It was awkward, we both tried to make small talk about the game and the weather, but it was evident we both were focused on looking at each other’s bodies. Glenn said: “Maybe I should go back over to my room and give you some room.” He did not move as he said this and remained seated next to me. “Yeah, I probably ought to get some sleep soon,” I replied to him as I remained seated. “I hope you don’t take this wrong, you have a really great ass. I mean for a guy. It is really hot though and I have had to try hard not to touch it.” Glenn said. ?There was a silent pause, and Glenn continued, “You have to forgive me, I am not usually like this. It has been almost three months since I was home and had sex with my wife.” I laughed nervously as I almost stuttered replying: “I know what you are talking about, me too.” I looked at Glenn’s hard dick as I spoke and I wanted to take him in my mouth, to taste him. I fought the urge to lean over and finally continued saying: “I don’t care if you want to touch me.” I rolled over to my side and then over onto my belly exposing my butt cheeks to Glenn beside me. Almost instantly I felt Glenn’s warm hand gently rub my cheek. Glenn massaged me gently at first, almost like a feather flicking over my skin. As I heard his breathing deepened Glenn’s touch became more firm and solid. His touch felt so good I was moaning softly under my breath from the sensation and did not want it to stop. I felt Glenn run his fingers down and along the crack of my ass, going a little deeper between them with each pass. Glenn had got up onto his knees on the bed beside me as he was now using both hands to knead and rub my ass. My moaning became audible, and Glenn grabbed my cheeks and spread them apart as I heard him mutter “god that’s fucking hot.” I could feel the cool room air hit my exposed anus. For the next half hour, Glenn rubbed, caressed, kneaded, playfully slapped, and spread the cheeks of my ass. His finger circled around my anus and pressed against it. Several times I thought he was going to push inside, but each time he lightened the pressure and moved. I felt Glenn move and straddle my upper thighs as his cock now rested on the crack of my ass, and he rubbed my back and butt cheeks, spreading them and teasing me with his hard cock. I felt him press the head of his cock against my hole applying light pressure, but each time he moved away rubbing his swollen rigid member between my cheeks. “I want to be inside you so bad,” Glenn muttered as he continued rubbing against me. His cock felt like a steel rod, hard and rigid as he poked me. I told him we needed lube if he wanted to fuck me. Glenn asked: “Are you sure it is ok? I have some lube in my room; I can go get if you are sure.” I told Glenn I was ok and if he wanted to try to fuck me, I was open to it. He got up and threw his jeans on and ran out to his room. izmir bayan escort He returned a moment later with a bottle of Jack-Off Jelly. He said he hoped this was ok and then pulled his pants off and stroked a little onto his hard throbbing cock. I could see ample amounts of pre-cum oozing from the slit on the head of his dick, and his cock was glistening. Glenn pulled me by the legs over to the side of the mattress as he raised my legs up and pushed them back over my shoulders. This opened me up giving him complete access to my hole. As he held my legs upward, he used his free hand to stroke my cock a few times and then he applied some of the Jack-off jelly directly to my spread rectum. It felt cold, and he massaged it around and then pushed his finger inside me making me pull away slightly and clench down. “Damn your tight!” I heard Glenn say as I adjusted to the invasion. With my ankles on his shoulders, Glenn pressed inside me and began thrusting. It took me a minute to adjust but started to feel pleasurable. I could hear the sound of our flesh slapping together as Glenn took my cock in his hand and started stroking me while he commenced to cum very deep and vocally. Glenn has his entire eight-inch length buried deep inside me as he loudly repeated how tight my ass was around his cock. He continued to stroke my five inches until I shot my own load up hitting me in the face and chest. Glenn stayed in my room for roughly an hour after we both had cum. He kept telling me the sounds of my intestines rumbling and squishing filled with his cum was driving him wild. I finally told him I needed some privacy since I needed to use the bathroom and he thanked me and left for the night. Glenn came back over on Sunday and asked if I was alright. I told him I was great and that I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent. We sat and had leftover chili and then Glenn told me he had not ever sucked another guy’s dick but wanted to try it out. I lay on the bed after pulling off my pants, and Glenn gave me a blowjob. Once I was done, I returned the favor and sucked him off. He commented that he always imagined cum would taste awful but that he did not think it was terrible at all.It was a snowy day again, and all the vehicles were covered, so we sat in my room talking. I had a digital camera with a video recorder along with some DVD’s I had bought along. It had a small flip out screen that was not very big, but I showed him some pictures of my wife and then a few homemade videos of us having sex. This got us both hard again, and Glenn ended up fucking me doggy style from behind with me leaning over the sink in the room. He had left his jack off jelly, and this time he lasted for about ten minutes before he again came very vocally as he slapped my ass while emptying his load inside me. The walls of the motel were very thin, and you could hear somebody peeing in the next room, so I knew that probably everyone in the place knew what we were doing. During my stay, I had heard other people having sex but never saw any women, so I guess it happens more than you think. I was in town for five more weeks, and Glenn and I became close. Most nights we ate together, and sex was regular between us. After I left we remained in contact through email for several months but eventualy lost contact.

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