Subject: When Andy Met Jack-10 (M+/t, oral, anal) All the usual disclaimers apply. The following story is entirely fictional and contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between adult males and a teenage boy. READ NO FURTHER if you are under the age of eighteen or offended by such material. Please consider donating to Nifty fty). Let’s keep this site up and running! When Andy Met Jack – Part 10 With the school holidays at an end, I only had Saturday afternoons free to pursue my new hobby. George decided it was too much trouble to run me back and forth to the store on a Saturday afternoon, so he lined me up with a like-minded friend who lived not too far from my school. Stuart lived in a bungalow, like Owen, and was ultra-friendly. He was around the same age as George, but had very little hair on his head, and none around his cock and ball-sac. He was a retired music teacher, and quite well off. George told me he still taught a few private students, so boys could visit the bungalow without arousing any suspicions. He also liked to organize a “recital” or two every month. The “recital” euphemism meant that men and boys could get together for sex on a regular basis. “I have spoken to my students and their sponsors about you joining us next Saturday afternoon, Andy,” Stuart said, as he took off my school blazer. “Graham and Russell are both fourteen years old, the same age as you, so they might see you as a rival. They are the drums and flutes in our little ensemble – their bums are the drums, and their cocks are the flutes.” I laughed as Stuart pulled down my trousers and Y-fronts. I was now nearly naked in the man’s bedroom – my after school visits to the bungalow were now becoming a regular thing. “They are pupils from Sir John Cass,” he continued, “so you don’t know them from school. And thus no embarrassing moments in class on Monday morning. They are both horny fuckers, like you, so you will have to learn to share cock.” I laughed again as I clambered onto the stripped-down bed. “I’d like to play the flute, sir,” I said, as I spread myself out on the double bed. “And I like the idea of being a flute or a bare-arsed drum.” “Good boy! Now turn over and let me show you how easy it is to become a bare-arsed drum.” * * * When I arrived at the bungalow on Saturday afternoon, I was immediately introduced to the full ensemble by Stuart. Everyone was naked, bar me, and everyone seemed very pleased to see me. “Pleased to meet you, Andy,” Roy said. “I do hope to see more of you after your bathroom visit.” Roy was a good-looking man in his early thirties. In fact, he was the youngest man there. Stuart’s other guests, apart abidinpaşa escort from Graham and Russell, were all middle-aged men in their late forties and early fifties. Ben and Jim were Graham’s sponsors, and Baz and Brian were Russell’s sponsors. I had no idea what a sponsor actually paid for, but I liked the idea of having one, or two, or three. Graham and Russell looked real pretty in the nude, and didn’t seem at all unfriendly – even when I returned from the bathroom in the nude. “There you go,” Roy said, as he squeezed my right arse-cheek. “I knew there was some nice goodies to see under those drab clothes. Your arse looks so-o-o sexy, Andy.” “Yes,” Brian said. “His tom-tom does look sexy, but not as sexy as that four-inch flute. Just look how rigid it is. You could hang a hat and coat on it.” Several of the men laughed as Roy popped his head over my right shoulder to take a look. “C’mon,” Ben said, “let’s line the boys up and get them ready for a drum roll.” I looked around for guidance as Graham and Russell stepped into the middle of the living-room and stood side by side. I quickly joined them as they bent forward, resting their hands on their knees, and wiggled their arse-cheeks. “Three schoolboy bums, all in a row,” Jim said. “What a sight for sore eyes.” The tune the men played on our arses did sound familiar. It was a simple, well-known tune. However, it did hurt as it went on and on. I decided, there and then, that the flute was the only instrument for me. After the “warm-up” session, the men paired off to take care of the three hard-standing flutes. Roy and Stuart took care of my flute on the two-seater sofa. They played a pretty amazing tune on my rock-hard cock, and it didn’t take me long to recover and repeat the tune on their rigid stems. Eventually, I ended up on Roy’s lap. The three of us sat on the sofa and watched the floor show. Baz and Brian were making Russell bounce around on the carpet. The poor sod was having his ball-sac drained completely dry by the two men. They wouldn’t let him rest as he cried out for a break. Meanwhile, Graham sat between Ben and Jim on the three-seater sofa. He too was being wanked off by his two sponsors. “I never tire of seeing those two boys perform,” Stuart said, as he gently squeezed my thigh. “They can climax three or four times to my once, the jammy buggers.” Roy began to stroke my cock as we sat and watched the two boys being wanked off by their sponsors. I could feel his cock hardening and pressing against my arse-cheeks. I kinda knew it would end up inside my arsehole one day, so I wiggled my arse around to encourage adana escort it to grow. * * * After a short respite, Stuart decided to take a few photographs of me sucking cock. His camera captured me sucking on every cock in the room, including the boys’ battered and floppy stems. Roy kept a hand-held arc light pointing in my direction as I went from cock to cock. “Fuckin’ brilliant,” he said, as Ben covered my face with jets of sticky spunk. “Scoop some of it up with your fingers, Andy.” “And put it in your mouth,” Ben added. “Lick those fingers clean.” I laughed, and nearly choked, as the men cheered me on. My face was hit by two more loads of spunk that afternoon, and Stuart captured it all on 35mm film. “I’ll develop those two rolls of film tomorrow,” Roy said to Stuart. “The prints will be ready for collection on Monday. So drop into the studio around lunch time and pick them up.” “Excellent,” Stuart said. “Maybe we can persuade Andy to visit your studio, Roy. He’ll look good posing nude in front of your camera.” “Good idea,” Roy said. “He’s very photogenic, and looks super sexy in the nude.” After another respite, Stuart decided to hand me over to Graham and Russell for a while. The six men sat and watched me being put through the mill. My cock was sucked and wanked off by the two over-eager boys, and Russell took the opportunity to finger-fuck my arsehole as I lay on the carpet, sandwiched between him and his horny friend. They were clearly showing off, so I ended up being slapped around as the men cheered them on. The money I received afterwards did placate me a little; however, I still kept away from the bungalow for almost a month. That initial Saturday afternoon recital was fun, up to a point, but my battered cock and bruised ball-sac didn’t want to play anymore. * * * It was Roy that stepped in to patch things up. He stopped me in the street, as I walked home from school, and invited me to visit his studio. He had lots of “naughty pictures” to show me, so I reluctantly agreed. “I’m not going back to the bungalow,” I said. “Not when Graham and Russell are there. They beat me up, while you lot sat back and cheered them on. So fuck the lot of you!” “It was the green-eyed monster at work, Andy,” he said. “The boys were jealous of your good looks. And it did look as though you were liking the rough stuff. You should have said something.” “What, with Graham’s cock in my mouth!” I snapped. “Keep your voice down, Andy,” he said, as we walked along the high street. “You know I would have stopped the show if you had called out. Graham and Russell are always rolling around in the nude at Stuart’s place. adıyaman escort They like to wrestle and show off their sexy assets. That’s why no one stopped the show.” “I didn’t want to upset anyone,” I said. “So I kept my mouth shut …. around Graham’s cock.” We both laughed as we entered Burwell’s Studio. I had been photographed by Mr. Burwell several times: school photos, family portraits, etc., so I knew the man by sight. “Any new bookings, Alf?” Roy asked, as he ushered me to the back of the shop. “This is young Andy. He wants to see some of our more racy handiwork. Is that okay?” “Yes and yes,” Alf said. “Two new bookings for Saturday, and bring the boy in through the backdoor next time. That school uniform sticks out a mile, so tongues might wag.” “Sorry,” Roy said. “Andy’s cock sticks out a mile as well, so tongues will definitely wag if he appears in Bare Boys.” The two men laughed as I was shown downstairs and into the basement studio. * * * “This is our secret studio, Andy,” Alf said. “We get to do all our best work down here, so put your satchel down and make yourself at home.” “Would you like a glass of lemonade?” Roy asked. “Or maybe a beer?” “A lemonade, please,” I replied. Roy disappeared upstairs to fetch the lemonade. The studio was large and cluttered with lights and tripods. There was a double bed in the centre of the whitewashed room, with just a white sheet covering the mattress. I put down my satchel and sat on the bed. “You’re bound to find this one interesting,” Alf said, as he retrieved a photo album from a cupboard full of photo albums. “It’s filled with our standard “schoolboy sandwich” sets. I bet some of your class mates are in there somewhere.” I opened the album and felt my cock twitch. Three naked boys were lying side by side on a bed that looked remarkably like the one I was sitting on. The two older boys were smiling at the camera as they played with the boy between them. “That set is from Bare Boys, number six,” Alf said, as he knelt down and took off my shoes. “It’s a Dutch magazine, with a rather large circulation. It’s not available over here, but lots of London boys appear in it on a regular basis.” I was nearly naked by the time I reached the end of the album. The three boys that had appeared in the first set were seen here and there in the other six sets. Kissing and wanking featured large in all the threesomes, but no other sex was depicted. “Here you go, Andy,” Roy said, as he handed me a glass of lemonade. “Sorry I took so long, but I needed to close the shop. Still, by the looks of it, you and Alf seem to be getting along okay without me.” “Yes,” Alf said. “I just toyed with his stiffy for a minute or so, and off came his uniform. There was no hesitation at all, he was far too interested in the threesomes to stop me from undressing him.” I so wanted to look at another album, but the two men had other plans. – – – All comments welcome

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