When Desire Strikes

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It’s a dimly lit bar filled with the usual sounds. Loud music, drunken laughter, pool balls being knocked around, and video poker machines. I sit at the bar and order a beer before letting my eyes wander around the room. I’m an average guy, medium build, dark hair and brown eyes. No girlfriend at this time after she left me for another about 3 months ago. My name is Hunter. I’m not much of a bar fly, I detest loud small places filled with drunk idiots, a trait I’m guessing was instilled by my father as he felt the same. I finish my sweep of the room and take a sip of my drink when I notice the door open. I see her walk in and am in awe of her.

Her knee high boots end with fish net stockings that go up under her mini skirt. Her slender hips meet her bare midriff and a glistening belly ring shines in the low light. Her mostly open vest has her breasts pushed up with ample cleavage and with a hint of glitter on her neck my eyes are hard pressed to continue onward. Her sharp strong jaw line and tiny lips match well with her small nose and almond shaped eyes. Her hair, which is equal parts black and dark blue, is in a very well done A-line style. Instantly my dick gets hard just from the sight of her and I continue to watch as she glides across the room towards the bar. She takes a seat a few down from me and crosses her legs as she pulls out a cigarette. She lights it as she orders a drink and the bar keep moves off to whip it up. She places her lips around the cigarette and sucks, the tip burning bright as she inhales, and pulls it from her lips, blowing the smoke out as she turns and looks at me. She winks, then smiles a wicked smile at me, and I realize that I haven’t stopped staring at her since she walked in.

I gather my courage and move to the seat next to her.

“Hi there. I’m Hunter” I say extending my hand to her. She looks me over in my sport coat, t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes with her brown eyes. She takes another drag of her cigarette and sticks out her hand.

“Hello Hunter my name is Melanie but you can call me Mel.” she said as she shook my hand. “Have a seat and chat with me. I’m waiting for some people to show up and could use the company.”

“Gladly.” I say as I ease onto the stool next to her. We chat for some time while the bar starts to clear out and I buy her a few drinks while we talk. She finishes her second cigarette, as well as her drink, then excuses herself and heads to the back of the bar where the restrooms are. I follow after her and stand outside the door to the ladies room. She exits the bathroom and stops in her tracks as she sees me. I grab her, kissing her in the dim hallway away from everyone else, and pull her soft tan body close to mine. She moans as my tongue enters kızılay escort her mouth and rubs along hers. I press her to the wall while her nails dig into my back. I move my lips to her neck, kissing and running my tongue up to her ear, as I hear her whisper to me.

“Mmmm god you taste good. I’ve wanted you to kiss me since you came up to me. Now I want to suck your dick. No one else is here and the bartender won’t be back this way. Now undo those pants so I can get my lips around your cock.”

I move a step back from her and undo my pants. I let them drop to the floor, along with my boxers, and stroke my 8 inch cock as I watch Mel. She undoes then opens her vest, letting her firm 36C breasts as well as her flat stomach out, then kneels down in front of me moving her panties down to her ankles.

“Oh fuck yeah baby suck my cock.” I say as she grasps me in her soft hand. She licks the tip, moving around it in a slow circle, then licks down to my balls. I close my eyes and moan when she wraps her lips around the head, sucking lightly, while stroking me.

“Mmmm your cock tastes so good!” she exclaims before she starts taking more of me into her mouth. I groan as I feel the tip of my dick hit her throat, I open my eyes, watching as she pushes me deeper into her, and feel my cock slide down her until her nose is pressed against my pelvis.

“Fuck yeah. Take that cock deep baby. Suck me hard and fast!” I demand as my fingers run thru her hair then grab a handful of it. She works up and down my shaft, covering my dick in her saliva, as I move her head faster and harder. My cock escapes her mouth with a pop, her hand stroking me hard, while she stares into my eyes. I reach down to cup her breast, digging my fingers into her while I massage it, flicking my thumb over her large nipple. As it gets harder I begin to pinch it, getting a loud moan out of her, then alternate between pinching and twisting them.

“Ooo baby suck that cock again, I’m going to fuck your face, get it all wet baby!” I roar to her in a primal way. She smiles up at me, puts her hands behind her head, and opens her mouth. I lose myself, grabbing her hands, and ram my cock down her throat. I pump hard into her, my dick slick with her saliva, as I slam her head down on me. She makes light gagging sounds but otherwise just looks into my eyes. It feels incredible and I keep thrusting into her. I pull out of her mouth, taking notice that her tongue is sticking out, knowing what she wants. I grab my dick with one hand, then tap her tongue with it before I slide it back in, fucking her face faster.

“Shit baby your mouth is so wet, so tight, and feels so fucking good around my cock!” I say, causing her to moan around kolej escort my hard dick. I let go of her hands and they fly to touch herself. One hand moves to her hairless pussy so she can start rubbing her clit while the other starts playing with her tit. She works up and down my shaft, shoving 2 fingers into her wet pussy, while she rolls her nipple with her fingers.

“Yeah finger your wet pussy baby. You like sucking my dick while you play with your pussy? Holy shit you are so fucking hot!” She moans harder, increasing the speed of her fingers, twisting her nipple in her hand. I push her head down, making her deep throat me, as her tongue slides out and licks my balls. I work her head on my shaft, thrusting deep into her, her hands going crazy on her body.

“Mmmm, god you need to fuck me, like right now!” she says when I withdraw my cock from her mouth. “Pound my pussy with that great cock of yours Hunter!”

She gets to her feet then backs against the wall. I wrap my arms around her ass and lift her as I kiss her deeply. She locks her legs behind me before guiding my dick into her warm pussy as I lower her down.

“H’oh my god! Holy shit! Fuck you feel amazing in me!” she screams as I thrust up into her. I bounce her on my dick while pounding back in her.

“Yes! Ohhhh fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she cries breathlessly, tightening her grip around my neck. “I love riding your fucking cock!”

“Shit baby you’re so fuckin warm! Oh yeah even as wet as you are you’re pussy is still so tight! It’s fucking amazing!” I say biting her ear lobe.

“Mmm doesn’t matter how much I fuck I always stay this tight! I don’t know how but I’m…oh fuck yes…I’m not complaining.” comes her reply.

“I’m not complaining either Mel. I could fuck your pussy all night. A million times and a million ways.” I say to her increasing my speed.

“Yes, yes, yes, YES! Oh my god! Keep fucking me like this and I just might let you.” she says as she runs her hands thru my hair.

“I’m going to fuck you from behind. Would you like that dirty girl?” I ask as I pin her to the wall, staring into her eyes, while we both breathe heavily.

“Mmmm,” she purrs, “I think you know I’d love that big cock of yours coming in me from behind.”

She unwraps her legs before I set her down. She twirls around, making a slight show of it, and leans over sticking that perfect ass of hers out to me. I move in behind her, lift her skirt more, then grab my dick in my hand. I put the head in, letting her warm and wetness cover it, then place my hands on her hips. Suddenly she bucks back and drives my dick deep into her. I dig my fingers into her as she laughs and moans while she fucks my dick.

“Fuck yeah, ankara escort you’re one crazy girl huh? Oh man fucking you is so incredible! I can’t get enough of your pussy!”

“Yes! Fuck that pussy. Fuck it hard. Make me cum all over your hard cock. Oh yeah keep fucking me! Don’t stop!” she says as we slam into each other. Fucking hard and fast. She looks over her shoulder at me with pure ecstasy in her eyes. I move my hands to her tits, holding them firmly, using them to help thrust into her.

“Yes! Play with my tits. That’s it twist my nipples as you fuck my wet pussy. Mmm god yes!” she gasps out. With one hand she reaches between her legs and starts massaging my balls.

“Yeah you like being fucked like this? Huh? You want to be fucked by my cock so you can cum on it? Keep playing with my balls baby. Feels so fuckin good.” I say thru gritted teeth.

“Oooohhh fuck that’s it! Right there! Yes keep going,” she says moving her hand to her clit and rubbing it fast and hard. “Oh baby I’m going to cum! Oooooo god I’m going to cum all over your cock! Yes! Yes! YESSSS!”

She moves her hands over the top of mine. She grips hard and goes silent for a heartbeat as she tenses. Then her body shakes and she screams out loud, I can feel her juices coating my cock, as her orgasm rips thru her. I continue to pound into her while she cums, fucking her thru it, until her moaning has stopped.

“Holy fuck baby! That feels so amazing. God now I want you to cum on my tits. Cum all over them. Let me feel your heavy, thick, warm load all over my chest baby!” she pleads to me.

“FUCK!!!!!!” I cry out as my climax builds. I pull out, she instantly turns around, moving to her knees again. I stroke my dick inches from her chest as I feel it coming. “Oh shit here it comes baby! Take my big load just for you!” I launch a huge load of cum and it splatters on her tits. I jerk harder and faster while watching it as it happens. A second, third, fourth, and fifth load covers her tits. When no more comes out she takes me in her mouth and sucks me dry.

I pull my clothes up, collapsing against the wall, and watch in amazement as she rubs my cum into her tits. She stands, placing her panties and skirt back in place, then closes her vest up completely without cleaning herself off. She smiles, moving toward me, and kisses me deeply.

“I want to have you on me all night. I want to feel you drying on me. Then when I get home I’m going to finger myself thinking about you on me.”

Gobsmacked I stared at her blankly.

“Mel, I’ve got to see you again, give me your number or something.” I plead to her.

She kisses me again, “No numbers. I’ll see you around stud.” she winks as she walks off.

“Meeting your friends now?” I call to her.

She stops and gives me that wicked smile again.

“I was never meeting anyone here.” she blew me a kiss as she walked off.

I’m definitely coming back to this bar again!

The End

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