Subject: When Kelly Leaves, Chapter 1 This story is about two guys, Peter and Chris, who, despite having girlfriend themselves, have an affair without the knowledge of anyone. In this story specifically, Peter’s girlfriend leaves him and Chris alone in a sorority house; so they have sex. Kelly grabbed her winter coat off the coatrack as she walked to the front door. She turned her head to Peter and Chris, who were sitting across from each other in the living room. “Peter!” Kelly called. “I’m headed to help set up the frat party now. I’ll see you later! ” Peter looked over, “Okay Kelly, bye!” She waved at both of them before opening the front door and walking out into the snowy night. She closed the door behind her. Peter and Chris were alone in the house. Chris licked his lips and said, “Let’s do it.” Peter hurried over to Chris’s spot on the couch and hopped on his lap. Their lips immediately crashed together, and they made out for a few moments. Peter then dragged his lips onto Chris’s neck and began caressing the soft, yet rough, skin on his skin; Chris promptly hummed with pleasure, “Oh… Peter…” Chris picked up his hand and ran it through Peter’s wavy hair. He felt how coarse and bouncy it was. And, of course, it turned him on. Meanwhile, Peter put his hand on Chris’s chest and gently yanked on his shirt. But Chris then stopped mooching Peter on top of him. “Peter, Peter…” Chris said, “We shouldn’t do it here.” “Here? What do you mean?” Peter inquired, “We’re alone here, Chris. No one can bother us.” “No, I mean not on the couch.” Chris stated, and Peter stupidly realized. “This couch is too small, I agree.” Peter said, “Let’s go to Kelly’s bedroom. I’m sure she won’t notice. ” Without a second thought, Chris took Peter by the hand and quickly led him upstairs. They climbed up the stairs to the girls’ bedrooms while grinning seductively at each other. He fumbled at the doorknob of Kelly’s room, then quickly opened the door and hurried in. “Chris, I’ve been waiting all week for this.” Peter seductively said as he threw himself onto Kelly’s twin bed, “Now come on!” Chris slowly took off his fur coat and the pullover he was wearing underneath. He then hurriedly unbuckled his belt and hopped onto the bed. Peter struggled to remove his green turtleneck and nearly ripped off his white undershirt because he was so excited. Peter bared himself at the chest, which prompted him to unbuckle his jeans and throw gaziantep escort his pants off while Chris was undoing his shirt on top of him–neither of them could wait to de-robe and fuck. Finally, Chris and Peter were down to their boxers. Before they fully stripped, Chris couldn’t help but sigh as he made out with Peter and began to stroke his hairy chest. Peter lovingly wrapped his hands around Chris’s bare back and pulled him closer to his body. He moaned and stretched his neck back into the pillow. Not to mention, both of them had rock-hard members at this point. “Chris,” Peter beckoned, “I want you.” Sensual chills were shooting through both the men’s bodies as Peter continued to wrap his hands around his back and pull Chris even closer to his body. “Want me?” Chris said, breaking the kiss and directly looking at Peter with a sensual grin, “You want me?” “I need you inside of me,” beckoned a horny Peter. “I need your seed inside of me!” Chris looked down at his hard cock, encased in a pair of boxers. He quickly discarded them and let his bouncy, hard cock fall onto Peter’s thigh. Peter immediately reached for it and wrapped his grainy fingers around it as Chris sat back and opened his legs. “I need your cock.” “My cock?” Chris teased as he looked down. “Yes, Chris! Give me! ” “I knew you wanted this juicy cock.” Chris egged him on. It’s all I’ve been thinking about since the break started. Please Chris, give me that juicy cock. ” “Suck on my juicy cock.” Peter grabbed Chris’s member and quickly placed his mouth around the tip, and then took the whole thing in his mouth. He slowly began bobbing his head on Chris’s chest, which was met with *loud* moans. It wasn’t long before Peter started sucking on it and licking it like a popsicle. He tried to savor the flavor of his lover by carefully slurping the flavor out of his cock and licking it aggressively. Chris’s moans only became louder and more pleasant as he began face-fucking Peter. He put his hand on Peter’s head and forcefully fed him his chicken. The moist breaths and vibrations of Peter’s moans felt euphoric to Chris. He wanted more. But he realized that he was close to orgasm, so he signaled to the horny Peter to stop sucking his dick. Peter took his head off of Chris’s back and spit out a sour taste in his mouth onto Jess’s carpet. Chris knew what he wanted to do next, so he shoved Peter onto his back and opened his legs. Peter chuckled suriyeli escort in excitement as his asshole twitched, begging to be filled up by another man’s cock. Chris readied his cock, but realized he needed lubricant. “Kinda awkward, but is there any lube?” Chris asked, embarrassed. “Oh yeah, Jess has some foot cream in here.” Foot cream? Yeah, I dunno. She says Marcia got it for her for Christmas. It’s on her dresser. ” Chris was confused, but quickly hopped off the bed and located the foot cream on her dresser. While he was doing so, Peter got a good view of his ass and, being so horny, he couldn’t help but begin to stroke his cock to soothe his horn-doggedness. Chris turned around and saw Peter’s hand wrapped around his cock, and now his whole body and cock were in full view of Peter. He was ready to explode. Peter couldn’t help but admire Chris’s naked body in full view. Everything he saw, from his forming abs to his overall physique to his handsome face and bold hair, made Peter’s heart scatter in excitement. Oh, so you’re jacking off now? Without me? Come on, man. ” Chris sighed sarcastically. “Be lucky, it’s you.” Peter sassed back. Of course it’s me. I can always tell when your cock stiffens up around me. ” “It does, and right now, it wants yours.” Chris grinned and clutched the foot cream container. He knelt on the bed and began lubing up his cock with the foot cream. Peter opened his legs more until his asshole was fully in view. Chris put the head of his member at Peter’s entrance. He was going to make a slow entrance, but Peter insisted on doing it immediately. Chris inserted his key into Peter’s entrance. He was now inside of Peter. He gently moaned. Peter, on the other hand, was about to die from his general euphoric feeling of a man being inside of him. “Ah… Chris…” he moaned as Chris placed his bare hands on his shoulders to keep in suitable form. Usually, Chris would have just slowly started thrusting and continually picking up his speed. But this time, due to Peter’s insistence, he began at a faster pace. He thrust fast inside of Peter. They both began to moan intensely. The clapping of Chris’s cock against Peter’s asshole was the only thing surpassing the loud, sexy moans the men were emitting. Because they were home alone, they carelessly moaned as loud as they pleased. Chris continued to thrust his juicy cock inside of Peter, and Peter was moaning rus escort loudly and joyfully. “Chris!” Peter moaned his name out loud as he jacked his rock-hard cock off. He repeatedly begged for more as he wrapped his hands around his cock and began masturbating himself to Chris’s thrusts into him. Words couldn’t describe just how amazing Peter felt. He never wanted the fucking to end. He wanted Chris to fuck him senseless for eternity. Maybe they could get married and ride off to a cabin away from the girls, where they could explore their sexual fantasies in the secluded woods away from all human contact to bother them. Chris was close to orgasm, but kept thrusting to maintain the moaning that so turned him on. “Oh… I’m close.. I’m close.” Peter cried out. “Me too!” Chris exclaimed, as he kept pumping away at his lover. The moans only grew louder and louder as they both grew closer to orgasm simultaneously. Chris couldn’t help but thrust even faster, which was heaven to Peter, as his big meat stick impaled him. In between the jacking off and penetration, Peter was about to climax, and his moans were evident of this. Finally, Chris couldn’t hold it anymore and shot his load into Peter. In what seemed like a chain reaction, Peter then shot his creamy, milk-white cum all over Chris’s hairy chest. They both moaned loudly one last time as they climaxed. Chris pulled his cap out and fell over on the bed next to Peter. The two of them panted for a minute before turning to look over at each other. Chris’s load spilled out of Peter’s ass and into Kelly’s bedsheets as he turned his head. “That was amazing.” Peter panted. “As always.” A cum-covered Chris boasted. “So… don’t tell Kelly or Marcia (Chris’s girlfriend) about this?” Peter asked dumbly. “Peter, you know this, of course not.” Chris rolled his eyes. Peter rolled over to Chris for a tender kiss, but then noticed how sticky he was. “Jesus, Chris!” Peter exclaimed, “You’re a mess!” “Thanks to you,” Chris said, as he got up and looked down at his chest. It was covered in Peter’s milk-white climax, and his cock was still dripping with his climax. I just want to do this all over again, but… I need to clean up.” Peter stated, then got up too. “I’ll use the shower, be right back.” Chris said. Peter quickly looked over to stare at Chris’s naked body, now soaked in his semen. Chris, again, noticed his staring. “You can never look at me naked, huh?” Chris said, breaking the ice. “Obviously, can’t you look at mine?” Peter stood up and showed off his partly cum-covered body. Chris took one good look. Of course I do. That’s why I fuck yours every Friday night at the sorority house. “Chris chuckled, “Love you, Peter.” “I love you, Chris.”

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