When my husband came home from work – part 2

When my husband came home from work – part 2I’ve been married to Harry for s*******n years, we’ve one daughter, Katie, who I discovered has been borrowing certain personal items from my lingerie drawer. A while ago I “caught” her with my magic bullet. I had thought she was out, and when I couldn’t find my favourite clitoral vibrator, I crept into her room, to find if she had taken it. I had been left quite unsatisfied by my husband, who basically fell asleep, just as he had cum inside me, leaving me on the brink of a massive orgasm. I ended up in Katie’s bedroom, orgasming with my daughter. From that night on, I let Katie openly borrow my toys, and occasionally lay in my bed listening to her playing with one of my vibrators, while I played with myself. Being the wife of a lovely man that unfortunately spent most of his time abroad could be sexually frustrating. A couple of weeks later, Harry was due home from work again, but he was only going to be in town for one night, Saturday, as he had an early flight on the Sunday.Harry was due home early afternoon, so I figured I needed to put a plan into action. It was Katie’s friend’s birthday so I suggested she should bring her out, which would give us a free house for the evening, to catch up on our sex lives.I got up late that day, had brunch with Katie, and while she went into town to meet up with her school friends, I ran a hot bath. I lowered myself into the warm soapy water, and soaked for nearly half an hour, as I rubbed the suds into my soft skin, I could feel my senses tensing, my hand caressed the soap over my smooth skin, as I rubbed the lubricated water into my breasts I could feel my nipples harden at my touch. I ran my soapy hand down over my thighs, caressing my inner thighs, and softly touching my vaginal area. As my hand reached my clitoral hood, a slight gasp escaped from my mouth, I could feel a warm moisture building between my legs, I slid a finger between my labia, and gently pushed my vaginal muscles apart, allowing my finger slide into the opening. I shifted my body in the warm bath water, which gave me room to push my finger deeper inside my vagina. My long slim finger soon found the spongy area of my G spot. Within seconds of the caresses on my G spot I felt the rush of orgasm filling my insides. It began deep in the pit of my stomach, straining to find its way to escape my body. I felt my muscles tightening, from the tips of my toes, along my slim legs, my thighs and buttocks all tightening as one. The orgasm rushed to my vagina as it reached its goal a loud groan escaped uncontrollably from my mouth.I lay in the bath for a while longer, as my body returned to its normal state. When I got up I dried my body with a large white cotton towel, the scent of my orgasm still lingered between my legs. I began to sort out my hair, and put on my make up, as the front door opened. Harry came up the stairs, walking into our bedroom, as I sat naked at the dressing table. He was exhausted from travelling, kissed me deeply, lay on the bed and fell asleep. I continued to get dressed, a cream and floral satin bra and panty set, along with a white long Cotton dress, that often clung to my shape, and a pair of flesh colour pantyhose.I left Harry on the bed asleep for a couple of hours and went to prepare our dinner, a couple of steaks and a good bottle of wine. As I worked around the kitchen Katie arrived home to get ready for her night out. She showered and changed her clothes. She came into the kitchen, before she left, she was wearing a tight Tee Shirt top, and a pair of denim cut off shorts with black pantyhose covering her legs. She kissed me on the cheek as she was about to leave, she said “it’s a big night for Sal, and probably for you too Mom”, she winked and turned to leave.Harry came down the stairs as the front door shut, and we sat and chatted for a couple of hours over our dinner. We opened a second bottle of wine and made our way to the sitting room, like two teenagers, we climbed on to the couch and began kissing and fondling each other. I felt Harry’s hand slide up the back of my dress, lingering on my nylon clad backside his finger rubbing forwards along my clothed vagina. I could feel a wetness build up between my legs, as his hand snaked up my back to release the catch of my bra. Expertly he released the catch and I felt my breasts fall form their satin protection. Harry’s hand moved around to my stomach, and gently pushed under the nylon waistband of my pantyhose, creeping towards my panties and towards the goal of my vagina. All the time our tongues intertwined in our mouths.Just as Harry’s hand edged under the satin waistband of my panties, the sitting room door opened, Katie had come home early. We quickly parted and dived for separate ends of the couch, Harry grabbed the TV remote and put a sports channel on. Katie stood in the doorway looking a bit embarrassed, her friend Sal standing just behind her, looked as if she had been crying. I tried to fix my bra, without making it obvious, and at the same time I was trying to adjust my dress, which was half way up my back, revealing more than I would like.Katie explained güvenilir bahis apologetically why they had arrived home early. Sal had decided that tonight was going to be the night she would lose her virginity, unfortunately at the club, she found her boyfriend kissing another girl. Harry and I agreed, they were right to come home, and did the usual parent thing of “when the time is right it will happen”. I sent Harry to the kitchen where he got a couple of glasses and he poured a small glass of wine for the two girls. Harry turned the TV off and we sat around talking as a group of adults, trying to make Sal’s birthday a bit better than her night had started. While we chatted Harry and I reminisced about when we were teenagers, neither of us were in our forties yet, so it wasn’t that long ago. We discovered that teenagers these days did more or less the same things we had done. After a while someone suggested we should play a game, I think it was Katie. She suggested a game of truth or dare.We all agreed on the rules, if it was a truth you had to tell the truth no matter what, but if you got a dare you were allowed 2 wild cards, so no one was made do anything inappropriate. And the final rule was, if one person felt things were going too far or too personal the game would end straight away.The game began, as we all sat in a circle on the floor, the first round was all truths, when did you have your first kiss, your first drink, where was your first date etc. I was sitting beside Harry and opposite Sal, while Katie sat between her dad and her friend. Sal was wearing a short cotton dress and her legs were clad in nylon, as she sipped her wine, just as Katie cracked a joke about my first date, Sal threw her head back in laughter. From my position I got a slight glimpse of stocking tops and wondered if Harry had got the same view.The rounds went on and the questions got a bit more daring. Soon the questions being posed to me and Harry were bordering on sexual. Harry was asked when he lost his virginity, I was asked who I had lost mine to. On about the fourth or fifth round, it was Katie’s turn to challenge me, I decided to go with a dare, and Katie thought for a couple of minutes. Eventually she spoke “Ok mom, I dare you to flash your boobs”. She blurted out as she cried with laughter. I couldn’t say no, but I had to be responsible, and replied, only if you promise to do the same if you are dared. Katie nodded in agreement. I unhooked my bra and pulled the top of my dress down to reveal my cream breasts to the room. The room was in silence. Harry moved first, he leaned over and gently kissed my nipple, which was hardening in front of everyone. As he moved away he laughed, and said, that’s why I married your mom. I put my boobs back in my dress and redid the catch on my bra. It was my turn to challenge Sal, so she picked dare, I thought for a while, and wondered how far she would go, she did have a wild card to get out of a dare, so I dared her to kiss anyone in the room on the mouth. Sal didn’t move for a while, I presumed she was going to call for a wild card, but after a couple of minutes she leaned towards the middle of the group, reaching out she beckoned at Harry, and kissed him on the lips. The kiss lasted about fifteen seconds and as both their mouths intertwined I could see Sal’s tongue slip into Harry’s mouth. Sal sat back into her position on the floor, however her position gave me a view of her stocking tops, the hold-up kind and I could just see the pink material of her panties between her legs.Katie picked a dare this time and Sal challenged her to flash her boobs. Katie blushed slightly and asked could she use a wild card, however Sal said no, “you made your mom do it now you have to do it”. Sheepishly Katie pulled her Tee Shirt over her head, revealing a black sheer nylon bra barely covering her well rounded young breasts. She unhooked the catch at the back letting the bra fall to the floor, her nipples were surrounded by puffy mounds of light pink skin with the darker skin of her nipple hardening in the cool night air.“Ok dad it’s your turn”. Katie picked up her shirt and bra, and threw them on to the chair in the corner. The dare was to flash her boobs, she didn’t have to stay topless, but there was no sign of her covering herself up. Harry chose a dare. He was challenged to take my dress off me and to suck my nipples till they were both hard. I nodded in approval, and he soon had my dress off my shoulders and my bra unhooked, within seconds of him beginning to suck on my nipples I could feel them both stand erect and proud. When Katie agreed the dare was over, I began to put my bra back on. Harry asked if I was ready for another dare, I agreed and he dared me to stay topless for the rest of the night. Katie and Sal complained that the dare wasn’t strong enough, so Harry changed it, that I should leave my bra off and take my dress off and wear just my panties and pantyhose for the rest of the game. I couldn’t refuse, so I stood up to remove my dress. Leaving me with little to cover myself.It was my turn and as Sal again picked a dare, I challenged her to flash her bets10 güvenilir mi boobs. She slowly unbuttoned the front of her dress, sliding her arms from the shoulder straps to reveal a pink bra covering her small breasts. Her dress fell to a pile around her waist as she unclipped the catch revealing her tiny cream breasts and her dark pink nipples. She threw her bra on to the chair allowing me a glimpse of the waistband of her matching panties still more or less covered by her dress.Katie’s dare was to remove her shorts, leaving her in panties and pantyhose, just like I was. Then Katie dared Harry to strip to his shorts, as he stood to unzip his trousers I noticed his cock was semi erect, and I reckoned the two young girls had noticed too. He tried to cover himself, but everyone had seen.It was my turn, but I decided to change the rules slightly, instead of daring Sal, I dared everyone to accept the next challenge. They all agreed, but I did stipulate that anyone could chicken out if they wanted before they heard the dare, however if they agreed to accept the challenge they had to complete the dare with no complaining. Everyone decided to continue, each one guessing that my dare was going to be even more daring than any dare so far. I dared them all, starting with Harry, then me then the two girls to strip naked, it had to be as sexy as they could manage, and they had to do it in full view of everyone. Harry went first, slowly pulling his boxers down eventually allowing his semi hard cock spring from the cotton material in full view of the room. I went next, pretending to give Harry a lap dance I removed my pantyhose and panties. The cream satin panties falling to the floor in the middle of the circle. Katie stood next, turning her back on the three of us, she bent over arching her back, she inserted two fingers in the waistband of her pantyhose and pulled the nylon material to the floor. Her bum in the air, now only covered by the black lace thong she was wearing. She pulled her panties down slowly, giving us all a view of her ass with her labia peeking between her ass cheeks. As she stepped from her panties, she turned to reveal her clean shaven vagina to her dad first then to Sal and me. Sal was last, as she stood up her dress stayed on the floor, she stepped out of it revealing a baby pink pair of panties with a lace trim. She danced rhythmically as she pulled the material, first from her ass, then she slid her fingers around the front of the gusset, a slight dark patch was visible in the material as her fingers freed the material from her vagina. She tugged and let the panties fall to the floor, standing in front of us all, with wisps of blonde pubic hair neatly trimmed highlighting her pubic mound.We all sat around the circle naked, when Katie decided she would dare everyone, the same rules were agreed and nobody decided to chicken out. Her dare was simple. Where we were sitting we should all masturbate for five minutes or until we reached orgasm. If anyone was close to orgasm and wished to continue they could. The four of us sat on the floor, and watched each other as we began to masturbate. Harry was stroking his cock slowly, paying a lot of attention to the glans just below the head of his circumcised penis, the redness straining in his hand. I began to pull my labia together, using my pussy lips to masturbate my clitoris, Katie had a finger deep inside her vagina, and Sal was rubbing her hand up and down the outside of her vagina. Sal came quickly, I could see her hand and thighs getting wetter with each stroke, her eyes were closed and her head back as she groaned as her orgasm took control. Her juices appeared to be flowing form her vagina as wave after wave of orgasm shook her whole body. Katie was close too, she now had two fingers deep in her vagina, pumping them in and out as quickly as she could, soon she was lying on the floor her hips raising to meet her hand as it pounded between her legs. She came with a scream her whole body in spasms as a rush of her cum juice flowed from her vagina. The sight of her cumming brought me over the edge, as I felt the recognisable contractions of orgasm build deep within. I gasped as first one then a second wave of orgasm shot threw my body.The three of us had cum in the space of a couple of minutes, but as my senses returned to normal I realised Harry was still masturbating himself. His cock straining in his hand, the purple head looking like it could burst. I smiled at Sal, “will you help him?”. Sal crawled over to Harry, she allowed a large wad of saliva drop to the head of his penis, using the palm of her hand she began to massage the lubricant into his skin. She stroked his hard cock, in her small hand it looked huge, as her tiny fingers could just manage to reach around his girth. Her strokes were slow and smooth. Katie knelt beside her, and watched her friend bring her dad close to orgasm. Katie’s hand reached to Sal’s cheek and turned her so they were facing each other, Katie moved forward and the two girls lips locked as they passionately kissed, tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. Katie’s mobilbahis free hand gently pinched Sal’s nipple. Soon a large groan came from Harry. A wad of his semen sprayed from the head of his penis. The cream landing across both Katie and Sal’s faces as they continued to kiss. A second wad shot from my husband this time landing on Katie’s breast, the semen dripping from her nipple as Harry collapsed on the floor.Nobody moved or spoke for a few minutes, eventually Katie moved, she crawled over to me and kissed me on my mouth, then she lifted herself so her young breast was level with my mouth, she offered her nipple to me, Harry’s cum still hanging from the puffy nipple. I gladly accepted, licking the cum clean from her body, holding the cum in my mouth, I began to suck on Katie’s nipple, feeling it grow to my touch. Then raising my body I allowed the stream of my husband’s cum fall on to her tongue. Katie swallowed.By this stage Sal was sucking on Harry’s penis making it hard again. His hand was buried between her legs as he fingered her damp pussy. Sal had her legs spread as wide as she could get them and Harry’s large hand slid up and down the length of her vagina. His penis was soon standing to attention as my fingers were rubbing Katie’s clitoral hood. Harry pushed Sal on to the floor, he lifted her legs. The fit slim teenager looked like a rag doll in his large arms. He parted her legs wide and directed his penis towards her virgin opening. He prodded at the pinkness visible beneath her pubic mound. Slowly her labia parted as if to welcome the intrusion. The head of his penis slowly disappeared between her vaginal lips, she gasped slightly and adjusted herself, she slowly allowed his full length inside her body. He pulled her so her hips were resting on his thighs, he slid his penis almost all the way out of her, and slowly pushed back in. soon Sal was beginning to orgasm, as his penis was pushing deep inside her she was grinding her hips against the hard intrusion, as he withdrew to the edge of her vagina she was trying to push herself hard back against him. Her muscles were tensing, her legs locked around his shoulders. Her hands were held tight in his as her hips seemed to be held up only by his penis, impaling her. As her orgasm subsided her limp body freed itself from him her small cream body lying on Harry, motionless. Her virginity lost on a night of passion with a man twice her age. Her vagina gaping wide open, its juices leaking on to Harry’s thighs. Katie moved and touched her friend on the shoulder. The signal was understood by Sal, she lifted herself from Harry and rolled towards my open legs. Sal’s tongue brushed against my labia, gently pushing the lips apart, her small soft hands pushed my thighs apart allowing her better access to my moist vagina. Her tongue darted in and out, mixing her saliva with my love juice.Katie was kissing Harry. Her arms locked around his neck as their tongues played with each other. She pulled herself up on her father’s shoulders and I watched as she positioned her own vagina above his penis. I watched as the dark head disappeared between my daughters thighs. She gasped as his manhood prodded, what must have been her soaking vagina. As she lowered herself onto him, he let out a slight moan. Her hips slowly reached his thighs as she straddled him, his penis now fully inside her. Katie began to lift herself back up, using his strong shoulders as leverage, then letting her whole body fall hard on his manhood. Soon Katie was bouncing madly up and down on the penis I knew so well. The penis that had created her with me. Katie was beginning to moan, she was begging Harry to cum inside her.Sal was still tonguing my vagina, her tongue darting deep inside my wide open vagina. One of her hands was pinching my nipple gently as her other hand caressed my clitoris. Katie’s friend was bringing me close to orgasm, as my husband seemed to be getting close to his. Katie was rapidly bouncing on his erection. As my body began to convulse with my orgasm, Katie was crying out, her pelvis was grinding on Harry’s penis, as he groaned. His face contorted as his load shot inside Katie, both their bodies dripping with sweat, her body shaking uncontrollably on top of him. My own muscular contractions still pulsing through my body for what seemed like several minutes.Sal was the first to move, her face soaked with my cum as she kissed my mouth, saying thank you for a wonderful way to lose your virginity. Katie was still impaled on her father, as she lifted herself off him, his penis quickly softening audibly popped from between her legs, father and daughter still deeply kissing. They both came over to me and Sal, taking it in turns to deeply kiss both of us, till we all lay in a pile of naked bodies on the floor, until Sal decided she should make her way home. Harry decided to drive her home, while Katie and me went to shower, I spent a long time soaping Katie’s body, and with both a soft cloth and more enjoyably my mouth, made sure she was spotless clean both inside and out.When Harry eventually got home, he found me and Katie in my bed, and by the look and smile on his face we both silently guessed, Sal had brought him in for a coffee or something. Before we all drifted off to sleep both Katie and me made sure Harry was “clean”, with Katie falling to her slumber with Harry’s semi hard penis still in her mouth.

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