Subject: “where ravens roost part 40” gay adult youth Nifty is a wonderful resource and needs to be funded to continue. I ask that you please donate if you fty/donate.html Contact me at jravencroft@protonmail, I welcome any feedback and would love to hear if you are enjoying this story. There is a lot more to come, so stay Tuned ! There is a website created for this story! The aim is simply to give readers a more dynamic experience. New content is being added all the time, and new chapters will be available on the website before anywhere ess/ Please give it a look JJ woke up spooned behind Pablo, he smiled and cuddled the smaller boy tightly to him which woke Pablo up. “Buenos días…” Pablo said groggily, “Oh..that means good morning” he added with a giggle as he yawned. “Is that your pene poking me?” he further added as he continued to giggle, meanwhile downstairs Roy talked to Ruth while he prepared coffee. “So did you have fun last night?” Ruth asked with a grin, “Oh let’s just say that was amazing” Roy replied with a laugh. “I’ll need you to help Bobby look after the kids today” Ruth said, “You got it Ruth, I’ll have Jasper to help too, I think it would be good for him” Roy said. They continued to talk while the coffee brewed and once it had Roy fixed two cups of coffee and joined Ian, Jasper, and Roxanne at the breakfast table. “Come on sissy we got to eat” Ian said to Roxanne as she sat in her high chair, “No…” Roxanne said as she fussed and whined. “All done!” she added which made Ian sigh, “Did you at least get something down her ?” Roy asked. “She ate the fruit out of the oatmeal, but that’s it” Ian replied, “I never had this much trouble with Hudson” he added. “I remember Michelle was a fussy eater too” Roy said, “All you can do is keep trying” he added. “Got to potty” Roxanne said, “Alright sissy brother will take you” Ian said as he picked Roxanne up into his arms and left for upstairs. “And how are we feeling this morning?” Roy asked Jasper as he sat a cup of coffee down in front of the teen, “Hmmm papi I’m tired” Jasper said and began to drink the coffee. “What time did you get to sleep? I know you kept going after I had to tap out” Roy asked, “As always papi I was the last one standing” Jasper replied with a grin. “You are too much” Roy said with a chuckle, “You know papi, we just showered but there’s nothing saying we can’t have another one and pick up where we left off last night” Jasper said huskily. “Not today, today we have been asked to look after the kids” Roy said, “Oh no no no” Jasper said as he wagged his index finger. “I do not do niños” he added, “Well you do today” Roy said sternly. “What about Pablo?” he added, “That is different, Pablo is mi little brother, mi rayo de sol” Jasper replied emotionally. “It will do you good to help look after the kids, as much fun as sex is it is only a part of your life Jasper” Roy said. “Besides if your only focusing on sex you miss out on things” he added, “Like?” Jasper asked sarcastically. “Well you want to talk about Pablo, Ruth told me that he and JJ made love yesterday, seems like something his big brother might want to talk to him about” Roy replied as Jasper’s face took on a shocked expression. “Who is this JJ?” Jasper asked, “The red head” Roy replied. “Oh I’ll go talk to Rayo right now” Jasper said angrily as he stormed off from the table and made his way upstairs. “Rayo?!” he called out as he reached the middle floor, “Aqui” Pablo called out from the bedroom to the right. “Rayo what are you doing?” Jasper asked as he flung the door open to see Pablo hovering over JJ’s dick, “Eh giving JJ a mamada..” Pablo said nervously. “Haven’t I told you that you are too little for all of this” Jasper said sternly, “Well I do it with you” Pablo said defensively. “Si but you can trust I’ll be gentle with you” Jasper said, “So is JJ, he’s my friend” Pablo said and JJ nodded his head. “And did you give him your butt yesterday?!” Jasper asked as he stood beside the bed, “Si” Pablo replied softly. “That’s it, I’m calling mamá!” Jasper said as he grasped Pablo’s wrist, “Why do care?!” Pablo exclaimed as he jerked his hand away. “You’re never around anymore” he added as he began to cry, “Rayo..I” Jasper started to say when Ian came into the room. “What in tarnation is going on?” Ian asked as he appeared, “Are you upsetting my little brother?” he added. “JJ is your little brother?” Jasper asked, “You darn right he is” Ian replied. “It seems like your little brother and mine are getting way too close” Jasper said, “I do not need him putting his filthy hands on mi Rayo” he added bitterly. “Filthy?!” Ian exclaimed, “Now look here, how do I know Pablo is even good enough for my little brother?!” he added. “Good enough?!” Jasper exclaimed, “JJ is lucky Rayo let him touch him” he added. “Come on little brother, we’re leaving” Ian said as he held out his hand to JJ, but JJ slapped his hand away and glared at him. “Come on Rayo, we’re leaving too!” Jasper exclaimed as grabbed Pablo’s wrist again, “No!” Pablo exclaimed as he once again jerked his hand away. “You’re just..you’re just a gilipollas!” he added, “You cannot call me that!” Jasper exclaimed as JJ and Pablo began to exit the bed. After they jumped out of bed JJ took Pablo’s hand and as they started to leave the room Ian put his hand on his little brother’s shoulder. JJ jerked his shoulder then turned around with tears in his eyes and shoved Ian before he took Pablo’s hand again and they ran downstairs to Ruth. “What is it dears?” Ruth asked as the two boys embraced her, “Our..big brothers..are being mean” Pablo replied and JJ nodded his head as both boys cried. “Now calm down and tell abuela all about it” Ruth said softly and Pablo told her everything that happened, “I’m so sorry, you stay down here with Mr. Roy and let abuela handle this” she added as she looked Roy. “I knew I should have followed him” Roy said with a sigh, “Come here boys” he added, Ruth encouraged JJ and Pablo to go to Roy while she left for upstairs. “What is this meaning of this?!” Ruth asked as she entered the room to find Ian and Jasper continuing to argue, “His little brother needs to leave mine alone!” Ian and Jasper replied about the same time. “Listen here, It is obvious the both of you love your little brothers very much and I commend you for that” Ruth said, “However you do not own them” she added sternly which made the two boys look at her then look away. “Ian I am the most surprised at you, you know this family believes in freedom, the freedom to love who you wish and konyaaltı sınırsız escort to express that love in whichever way you choose” she further added, “If JJ and Pablo have found something between them and wish to express their love physically as their brothers you should support them and help guide them” she continued. “So you two stay up here and do not leave this room until you have worked this out between you to support them fully, do I make myself clear?” she further continued. “Yes grandma..” Ian said, “Si” Jasper said softly. “Good, now where’s Roxanne?” Ruth asked, “I left her with John and Henry” Ian replied, Ruth left the room and shut the door behind her and walked across the hall. She smiled from the doorway as she saw John and Henry sat up in bed with Roxanne between them, the little girl giggled and laughed. “Everything ok in here?” Ruth asked softly, “Yeah grandma, we’re just playing with Roxy” John replied with a smile. “Yes, she’s a lot of fun” Henry said, “That’s sweet, you know you two might have kids of your own someday” Ruth said. “Maybe..” John said, “But Henry can’t have a baby” he added. “Well unless one can come out of his butt” he further added with a giggle, “No! You’re silly, that would hurt” Henry said as he joined in the giggle. “Well it doesn’t feel great coming out as a lady either” Ruth said with a chuckle, “But there are other means to have a child you know” she added. “When the time is right, I trust you will figure it out” she further added with a warm smile, “Is everything ok? We heard all the yelling” John asked. “Hard not to” Henry said, “Yes everything is fine, don’t worry” Ruth replied. “Do you want me to take Roxanne?” she added. “No she’s fine, let her stay” John replied, “Ok, well if you need anything I’m downstairs” Ruth said. “Love you both” she added as she turned to leave, “Love you grandma” John and Henry said as Ruth left the room. As Ian and Jasper sat upon the bed they looked at each other then looked away, “I’m” sorry” Ian said. “I’m sorry too” Jasper said, “It’s just” both boys said at the same time. “You first” Jasper said, “I just got JJ back” Ian said emotionally. “Where was he?” Jasper asked and Ian explained to him about his and JJ’s past, “Oh..that’s a heavy story” Jasper said. “I’m glad you two were able to be reunited” he added, “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost Rayo” he further added. “Yeah and I’m not sure I’m ready to share JJ just yet” Ian said, “What about you partner?” he added. “I don’t want Rayo ending up like mi” Jasper replied, “Why do you call him Rayo?” Ian asked. “It means ray of sunshine which is he to mi” Jasper replied emotionally, “And why would it be bad if he ended up like you?” Ian asked. “I mean you seem ok” he added, “I started having sex at twelve, cruising public bathrooms for guys to suck off and fuck me” Jasper replied. “I don’t want that for Rayo” he added, “He’s only five and he’s already started” he further added. “Maybe I’m a bad influence” he continued as he looked away, “Well this isn’t a public bathroom” Ian said. “And he could do far worse than JJ” he added, “And JJ could do far worse than mi Rayo” Jasper said as they looked at each other and smiled. “I reckon we’re saying the same thing” Ian said with a sigh, “We love our little brothers” he added. “Si that we have in common” Jasper said, “Sissy and grandma are right, we don’t own them” Ian said. “We’re supposed to be their big brothers, I guess we really screwed up” he added with a sigh, “Si we are jerks” Jasper said. “You’re still the biggest jerk” Ian said with a grin, “No it is you that is the biggest jerk” Jasper said as the pair grinned at each other then chuckled. “So what do we do?” he added, “I reckon we have to apologize” Ian replied. “Si” Jasper said, “Are you ok if JJ and Rayo continue to have sex?” he added. “I reckon so, JJ IS crazy about Pablo” Ian replied with emphasis. “What about you?” he added, “If Rayo wants JJ I will support it if you will help me watch after them” Jasper replied. “Why shucks of course” Ian said which made Jasper chuckle, “You know I don’t do niños, but I have to admit you mi pequeño vaquero are cute” he added. “Maybe I’ll call you vaquero” he further added as he leaned in to Ian, “And if you’re lucky one day we find out just how much a vaquero you are and see if you can ride” he continued and kissed Ian on the lips. “Gosh” Ian said as he broke from the kiss, “What does vaquero mean again?” he added. “Cowboy” Jasper replied and Ian pouted at him, “Don’t you want to be mi little cowboy?” Jasper asked huskily as he started to fondle Ian’s dick. “Would that make you my horse?” Ian asked with a laugh, “No! You have just proven you are the biggest jerk” Jasper replied as he started to stand up but Ian grabbed his hand. “Let’s make things right with our little brothers, then maybe we play cowboy” Ian said with a big grin, “Si vaquero” Jasper said as he grinned wildly. When they got downstairs Roy sat on the sofa with JJ and Pablo, both still emotional. “I take you two have come to make things right?” Roy asked as he turned to look Ian and Jasper, “Si” Jasper replied softly. “Good then I will leave you to it” Roy said as he got up and left the room, Ian and Jasper sat upon the sofa either side of their little brothers as the two small boys cuddled each other. “Rayo” Jasper said softly, “No! You’re dumb, leave us alone” Pablo replied and Jasper forcibly pulled his little brother into his lap. “Why do..you care?” Pablo asked as he began to cry, “You..never play with me..anymore” he added. “All you care..about.. is sex..with the tios” he further added, “Rayo that’s not true” Jasper said. “Yes it..is” Pablo said as he rubbed his eyes and cried harder, “Eres mi sol, mi único sol” Jasper sang, “Me haces feliz cuando los cielos están gris” he added, “Nunca sabrás, mi amor, cuanto te amo” he further added. “Por favor no te lleves mi sol” he continued as Pablo looked up at him, “You..haven’t..sang that in a while” Pablo said as he began to stop crying. “I’m sorry Rayo, I never meant to hurt you, I only want to protect you” Jasper said, “I don’t want you to be like mi” he added. “Why? You’re the coolest brother ever” Pablo said, “You think I’m cool?” Jasper asked. “Si” Pablo replied as he cuddled into his big brother and Jasper wrapped his arms around him, “I love you Rayo” Jasper said and kissed Pablo on the top of the head. “I guess it’s my turn” Ian said as he pulled JJ into his lap as his little brother scowled at him. “JJ I’m konyaaltı türbanlı escort sorry” Ian said and JJ looked away, “Please..look at me” he added as he began to cry. “I just..can’t lose..you again” he further added and JJ looked up at him, “I really..screwed up today..as your big brother” he continued. “Please..forgive me” he further continued and JJ began to wipe the tears from Ian’s eyes then made a heart in the air with his fingers. “I forgive you big brother” JJ said softly as he cuddled into Ian, “Thank you” Ian said. “You talked!” he added and JJ nodded his head softly, “You talked!” Pablo exclaimed. “You..really..talked” Ian said as he began to cry again, “Now cut that out” JJ said. “My big brother isn’t a crybaby” he added as he smiled up at Ian, “I reckon you’re right” Ian said as he wiped his eyes. “Can someone clue mi in?” Jasper asked, “Oh JJ couldn’t talk before” Pablo replied. “That’s why he was mi Felipe” he added, “I still can be” JJ said as he looked across to Pablo and ran his fingers across his mouth like a zipper. “Oh yeah, isn’t there something you wanted to ask Pablo?” Ian asked, “Well yeah..but” JJ replied. “But what?” Ian asked, “What about your party? And saying happy birthday?” JJ replied. “You just gave me the best present ever so why don’t you ask him?” Ian said with a smile, “Ask me what?” Pablo asked and Jasper raised his eye brow at Ian. The two boys crawled off their big brothers laps and stood on their knees in the middle of the sofa. “Will you..er” JJ said as he turned back to look at Ian, “Don’t look at me little brother” Ian said. “What is it?” Pablo asked, “Will you er..” JJ replied. “Be my boyfriend?” he added nervously, “Boyfriend?!” Jasper exclaimed. “And you’re still mi Felipe?” Pablo asked with a giggle and JJ nodded silently, “Then si” he added as his face blushed then kissed JJ quickly which made him blush too. “No no no” Jasper said, “That is not how you kiss Rayo” he added. “THIS is how you kiss” he further added with emphasis he grabbed Ian, “Now wait a..” Ian started to say but Jasper kissed him passionately and Ian melted into teen’s kiss. “Oh I see” Pablo said and kissed JJ, as the two young boys tried to imitate the way their big brothers kissed. “I’m not sure how I feel my little brother getting a boyfriend before mi” Jasper said as he broke from the kiss with Ian. “How do you think I feel? Both my little brothers have boyfriends before me” Ian said, “But I’m happy for you Rayo, it means the sex you have is with love, so maybe you won’t end up like mi after all” Jasper said. “Zorro and Felipe” Pablo said, “Felipe and Zorro” JJ said as the two small looked upon one another and kissed again. As their older brothers watched Jasper noticed Ian look at him with a blushed face then look away. “Could it be you want another kiss mi pequeño vaquero?” Jasper asked huskily, Ian’s eyes closed as he leaned in to the teen and they began to kiss even more passionately than before. The passion of the kiss caused Ian’s heart rate to increase rapidly, as all rational thought was driven from his mind, replaced by lust and hunger. Without breaking from the kiss Ian pushed Jasper to lay back on the sofa and climbed up over the teen, his coltish legs straddled Jasper’s tummy as he let himself fall deeper into the kiss they shared. Jasper was surprised at the intensity of it all, it was almost as if Ian was attempting to devour him and he wanted more. Jasper’s lust and desire grew at a rapid pace to match Ian’s, as it did he rubbed his hands up and down the young boy’s back as Ian ground his boner into the teens tummy. Their two bodies melted together as Jasper’s dick rapidly hardened, as it did his fingers played in Ian’s crack and rubbed the young boy’s butthole which made him moan in response. In an attempt to continue to copy their older brothers, JJ laid down on the sofa and Pablo climbed up over him, like Ian was doing to Jasper, and they resumed their kissing. Being closer in size their boners rubbed against each others and instinctively Pablo ground his into JJ’s. With Jasper’s dick now at full mast, Ian could feel as it touched his butt and the teen’s fingers continuing to tease his hole. Ian desires had grown to a fevered pitch, he longed for Jasper’s dick inside him and quickly broke the kiss, he reached over the teen’s head and grabbed some coconut oil that was tucked down the side of the sofa. As they continued to kiss Ian opened the lid, he reached behind him and lubed up Jasper’s dick without the teen realizing what was going on until he felt his dick being slicked up. “Are you sure mi pequeño vaquero?” Jasper asked as he forcibly broke from their kiss. “I don’t want to hurt you” he quickly added, “You aren’t the first horse I’ve ridden partner” Ian replied huskily as he got in position, “Or the biggest” he added with a grin as he began to sit down on Jasper’s dick. “Then I will be your wild stallion” Jasper said then gasped when his dick entered inside Ian which caught the attention of JJ and Pablo, the little boys watched their big brothers and smiled. Pablo grabbed the discarded lube and slicked up JJ’s boner as the two boys grinned wildly at each other. Pablo then took his place above his boyfriend and lowered himself down slowly, as he did JJ held his little boner and watched it disappear inside Pablo’s butt. When Pablo felt the tip of JJ’s boner enter inside him he gasped and smiled, there was no discomfort, just pleasure and warmth for them both as they enjoyed the sensations. “Montame mi pequeño vaquero” Jasper moaned loudly and as he did Pablo began to bounce up and down on JJ’s dick which had the little boy’s moaning in unison with their older brothers. JJ fought to keep his eyes open so he could watch Pablo, as his boyfriend’s hole brought warmth and pleasure to his dick, the sight of Pablo warmed his heart. JJ reached his hands up and gripped Pablo’s upper thighs which made the little boy briefly open his eyes, the two boyfriends exchanged a warm smile before they both closed their eyes as the pleasure mounted. “So good” Ian moaned as he bounced up and down rapidly on Jasper’s dick till his legs started to hurt and his pace slowed which Jasper noticed. “Lay down mi pequeño vaquero” Jasper said lovingly as he rolled them both over without uncoupling and brought Ian to rest on his back. He lifted the young boy’s legs up and rested them on his shoulders, which lifted Ian’s butt off the sofa as he took over humping. In this position Jasper konyaaltı ucuz escort was able to push even deeper into Ian, the young boy moaned louder the deeper Jasper went, and gasped as his magic button was being hit on every stroke. In a continued effort to copy their big brothers, Pablo climbed off and the two boys grinned at each other as they got into the same postion. JJ loved this as he was able to pound down deeper into Pablo’s butthole, he watched his boyfriend’s face as he quickly picked up pace in which he thrust. As the sound of moans and skin slapping skin filled the room, “Oh Dios mío” Jasper moaned as he felt his orgasm build. “Don’t stop… partner” Ian moaned, “Please..don’t stop…uhhhh” he added as his body started to shake. “Oh…oh …oh!!” Ian screamed out as his boygasm hit, his butthole clamped tight around Jasper’s dick, and as the orgasmic contractions gripped and released it, the teen was sent over the edge too. “Si..Si..Si!” Jasper called out loudly as he started to cum deep inside Ian, his dick pumped load after load of teen cum deep inside the young boy. As it did he felt his head being pulled down forcibly as Ian wanted or needed to kiss, the two boys riding out their orgasms together kissing deeply, their tongues dueled and explored each other mouths, their hands running through each others hair. JJ and Pablo kept going till JJ stiffened up, he squealed loudly as his dick pulsed for all it was worth inside the warm confines of Pablo’s butt. As the feelings washed over JJ his body went limp and he collapsed onto Pablo, as he did Jasper felt the sofa move behind him and saw his little brother trapped under JJ. He sat up which caused his dick to fall from Ian’s butt and gently lifted JJ and laid him next to Pablo. “Conseguir tu hormigueos Rayo?” Jasper asked softly, “No hermano mayor” Pablo replied. Jasper lifted Pablo up and laid him on top of Ian, the little boy’s head rested on Ian’s chest and his little butt above Ian’s softening dick. Jasper smiled at his little brother, his ray of sunshine, Ian wrapped his arms around Pablo cuddling him tight as Jasper kissed his way down his little brother’s body before taking Pablo’s boner into his mouth. The little boy gasped and held on to Jasper’s head as his older brother he worshipped sucked his dick, and Ian kissed the little boy’s neck as his hands ran all over Pablo’s body. Before long the little boy began to squeal as his tingles flooded his body, as Jasper lifted off he used his tongue to wag Pablo’s boner back and forth as it pulsed until it began to soften. Jasper then pulled JJ to lay on top of him as he laid next to Ian and Pablo, the little boys held hands as they laid on top of the older brothers, as everyone enjoyed the happy feelings that filled them with love and warmth. “What was that song earlier?” JJ asked, “Oh” Jasper said. “Go on Rayo” he added, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” Pablo sang. “You make me happy when skies are gray” he added, “You’ll never know dear, how much I love you” he further added. “Please don’t take my sunshine away” he continued to sing, “Gosh” Ian said. “Beautiful no?” Jasper said, “Wow I really like your voice” JJ said. “Thank you” Pablo said as his face blushed, “When I used to cry Jasper sang that to me” he added. “Si” Jasper said, “From the moment I first held you, you became mi Rayo” he added emotionally. “I’m sorry if I have been a selfish jerk lately” he further added, “I just want my big brother back” Pablo said. “Then you will have him” Jasper said, “And now we both have found something more” he added. “I think JJ is good for you Rayo” he further added emotionally, “And he’s very cute, no?” he continued with a grin. “Si” Pablo said with a giggle, “Muy” he added with a giggle. “I think Pablo is good for JJ too” Ian said smiling, “Glad you approve big brother” JJ said with a giggle. “You and Jasper should become boyfriends” he added, “Yeah!” Pablo exclaimed. Ian and Jasper looked at one another, “Nah I don’t think so partner” Ian said afterwards, “He still has some growing to do” Jasper said. “But he will forever be mi pequeño vaquero” he added, “And you will forever be my horse” Ian said. “Stallion!” Jasper exclaimed, “A magnifico stallion” he added. “Still a horse partner” Ian said with a laugh as all the boys broke out in giggles and laughs. It was then they heard the sound of crying as they looked to the doorway to see Ruth and Roy stood there with a towel in his hands. “I do hate to disturb you boys” Roy said and Ruth left in tears, “But these are brand new sofas” he added as he approached. “Hey wait a minute!” Ian exclaimed as Roy wedged a towel up under his butt, “Can’t have you leaking, if you haven’t already” Roy said with a chuckle which made Ian blush. “Is grandma ok?” Ian asked, “She’s just happy to hear JJ talk” Roy replied. “We both are” he added emotionally, “Hi Mr. Roy” JJ said. “I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that” Roy said, “Jasper why don’t you take everyone up for a bath, then afterwards we can all sit down together” he added. “Si” Jasper said and stood with JJ in his arms, as Ian did the same with Pablo and tried to keep the towel pressed to his butt, “Maybe you were right papi” he added which made Roy smile as he watched the boys leave the room. In the family bathroom Jasper ran the bath while Ian sat on the toilet to expel the rest of the cum, and everyone got in after he was done. “So are you going to tell me little brother why you wouldn’t talk before now?” Ian asked as he began to wash JJ. “Because foxes don’t talk” JJ replied, “But you ain’t a fox” Ian said. “But I was” JJ said, “In the dark place” he added. “I remember you trying to tell us something about that” Ian said, “What is the dark place?” he added. “When I was asleep” JJ replied, “You mean the coma!?” Ian asked and JJ nodded his head softly. “It was really dark and I was so scared, I couldn’t wake up” JJ said, “I remember crying a lot then ma and pa came but they were foxes like from my book” he added. “Then I became a fox too” he further added, “Was I there?” Ian asked. “No” JJ replied, “I wish you had been” he added sadly. “Then when I woke up, it was like I couldn’t talk” he further added, “And when they told me everybody had died..I didn’t want to” he continued sadly. “I was happier being a fox” he further continued, “Gosh little brother I had no idea” Ian said. “I don’t remember anything from my coma” he continued, “You’re lucky” JJ said. “I’m glad you’re talking now” Ian said, “Me too” Pablo said. “I really don’t understand what’s going on but it is good you are talking JJ” Jasper said, “My big brother made me want to talk” JJ said with a warm smile. “Now you know you ain’t really a fox right?” Ian asked, “I don’t know, a Zorro and a Zorro, maybe it was meant to be” Jasper said with a grin. “I don’t follow partner” Ian said, “Zorro means fox in Spanish” Jasper said with a smile.

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